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Would You Accept Barry If His Move Collapses?

Vital Villa asked, in a poll suggested by romanianvillain,

Will David Bentley be at Villa Park next season?

According to the press today NO as they are saying Blackburn and Spurs have agreed a 17million fee involving Paul Robinson. It remains to be seen if Villa also go for him or not!

51% voted No, 28% yes, 18% unsure and 3% totally unbothered.

Our latest poll, suggested by johnmurphy3112 is slightly more contentious and asks if the Gareth Barry move doesn't happen, would you accept him back? For me it is a big yes, why not? Sidwell and Barry in the centre, Young one side, Bentley or Milner the other. Sounds like a good midfield to me, especially with Petrov as back up!

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday July 14 2008

Time: 10:42AM

Your Comments

It would be a fantastic midfield if Barry stays, I would welcome him "back" to Villa Park in time for next season. Let's just get him in training and fighting to regain our respect.
I'd welcome him back too....but he'd have to eat a MASSIVE slice of humble pie, and apologise to both his manager, and the fans - both of whom I think have been let down badly by his attitude and comments in recent weeks....
I would take him back, he is a good player and although he has done this very badly am sure an apology will go a long way with a fans including myself, after all its aonly like going for a promotion you dont get. I think his captaincy should go elsehwere though.
Only if he shows his commitment by signing a 2 year contract extension, then we know he wants to be here!
Yep, agree with all the comments made. I'd take him back too as I do wonder whether he's been badly advised by his agent as much as anything. He's still a fantastic player and if we can improve the rest of the squad why shouldn't he be playing Champions League football next year in a claret and blue shirt. On the Liverpool front I so want them to go out in the qualifying rounds!
Silver Fox
I'm afraid the damage is done. I'd have liked to see a Barry/Sidwell midfield but, it would take a massive pr circus to forgive GB. One that I'm pretty sure Alex Black is not capable of. I think you would always question GB's future loyalty and at every window we'd be expecting him to go. Time to move on. Hope Arsenal romours are true. I'd like to see GB go anywhere but liverpool.
Mister Mick
As is usually the case, the options on the poll are fairly black and white. It doesn't say anything about him grovelling to the manager and supporters and issuing a formal apology for the way he's thrown everything back in our faces before being allowed to play again. And i'd like to know who the 13% are who think 'he is still our captain fantastic'. Have you been living in a small box, locked in a cellar somewhere in Austria for the last 3 months???? Get a grip.
**Sorry I meant 11%**
farmer_dan, i think GB has already proved contracts don't mean that much to him. Apart from any loyalty bonus that may be gained.
Mister Mick
Can I add that the loyalty bonus he would probably get NEEDS to be hand delivered staright to Acorns by Barry himself. There is no way he deserves it even it he stays...
More importantly would MON accept him back. I think not. Especially after Berger being forgiven only to stitch him up again with the comments RE: Barry going.
I clicked UNSURE for the reason being, what will his attitude be like? We saw how he played in the last couple of games after his head was turned. If I knew he would come back as the Gareth Barry we all loved then yes, but I'm not sure we will.
I don't think it will happen but he still has the opportunity to say he's made a right royal balls up and apologise, after all his big mate a L'pool, Mr G, did exactly the same a few seasons back when he'd all but signed for Chelsea
If he did stay, he would have to sack his agent but then again you can bet that he has a contract to work with him for the next few years which can't be broken as easily as a footballer's!!!!
You are probably right Villan444. Nice one. But in general why not? What is the option - give him away, let him rot? none of these help Villa at all. If he doesn't go, there is really only one option.
Mister Mick, you are completely right and as a result, I'm glad I selected "No, he has burnt his bridges" I was at the Wigan game, expecting a great performance and basically Barry's attitude and effort ruined the day for me and my Girlfriends first ever football match!
it would take one hell of an apology, but to be honest, i dont think that would be enough. i just want him gone, and us to use the funds on some good replacements
Thw Wigan match was when he was thinking about options. If he stays, it means he has no options apart from to get on with his job and fight to keep his England place from the Villa midfield. If he stays, he will be fine I'm sure!
I am in Camp "cross with Barry" but... was watching the highlights of the 5-1 blues drubbing and his face throughout that match shows he was always a true villain. I would be happy whatever happens now. I think he just needs a new agent and a spine.
I wonder if Barry still feels that Chubby Spanaird loves him most. Over a week and still no offer. If he wants to start rebuilding bridges he has to start with MON. Trouble for Barry is he made a personal attack on MON and I for one am not going to pressure him into forgiving GB. After all MON has done exactly what we all wanted in this and stood up to Liverpool. If MON is happy to flog him for 18m then thats fine by me regardless of how GB feels.
Mister Mick
I would accept him back. As far as his attitude goes, he would now have to work for his starting place, rather than be first name on the sheet. This would then show how much he wants to play for us.
Get him out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out out!
I may be on my own on this and i'm prepared for the backlash but if GB stays and fights for his place and says sorry and acts like a good boy, it will have fa to do with his love for villa. It will just mean rafa has treated him like a whoare and dumped him like a one night stand Never really meaning it when he said 'Off course I love you.' and 'I'll ring you'. It just means he's got no choice cause no-one else wants him. Remember how Southgate talked he's way out of VP cause we could'nt match his ambition. He ended up having to go to M'Bro cause he talked himself into a corner than found out no-one wanted him.
Mister Mick
I will never forgive him, want him gone or rotting in the reserves, I dont think MON will take him back at all.
Erv you are being ridiculous. Go watch his face in the Blues game and try and chill out. He was a good servant. Just a bit of a thick twit.
Thank God that Southgate went Mick, he might be trying to manage us now. You are right about Barry though, he would only want to leave in Jan anyway and for much less as he could buy himself out if he wanted to. Can't see him signing another contract which would be the the only solution.
I would have him back only if the signed a new 4 year deal.
DVall. Can you come off the fence and let us know what you really think. In or out mate??! :o)
The Fear
People forget players are staff, it is us who are the fans. He wanted a move, big deal, he either will get it and will have earnt us a lot of money after 10 good years, or he doesn't and remains a Villa player, the same decent player he has always been.
The Fear
Excactly right Fear if you could do the same job you are doing now for another company but get paid twice as much and get to go on more holidays abroad everyone of us would snap it up. He isnt in the worng because he wants out, he is in the wrong because of the way he did it. We all make mistakes and if he apoligises I will be behind him as long as he wears our badge.
I wonder how many MUTD fans are currently "cutting their noses off to spite their faces" regarding Christiano Ronaldo. The simple fact is, if we want to win we need the best players we can get and Barry currently falls into this category. He is am employee and if the sale falls through he would be an idiot to do anything but give 100% effort even if it's fro his own selfish reasons (again I site Ronaldo as an example, does anyone really believe that Ronaldo every really gave a **** about Manchester United or its fans?). Do we want to be winners or do we want to have foolish pride. Pride is good but only if it is a pride over achievements and history, otherwise it is foolish and destructive.
Villan Of The North
I really need to start proof-reading my posts before hitting the "submit" button.
Villan Of The North
Nice post VOTN, and I completely agree. All of our players are employees of AVFC, and just like in any industry, an employee will at the very least consider a move to another company if he gets a better offer. Barry should have been more diplomatic, but we cant blame him for going for a better-paid job.
I think he can stay only by signing a new long term deal for the same amount of wages as he gets now else i'd look to ship him out for 15m to any other team that is not liverpool and liverpool can pay 18m if they want him
He's off, but Liverpool won't sell us any of their players in exchange, as they consider us big rivals now. The hold up is over the Finnan fee nothing else. I'm sure they value him at riduculously high amount. There's the same ridiculous scenario happening with Keane at Tottingham
Does anyone else think that Finnan is too old for us?
32 and a fair few injury problems. Good defender when fit and so maybe short term solution? Age and experience does help the younger lads after all. (But yes!!!)
The Fear
Finnan is highly regarded, Dennis Irwin, Gary Neville, Winterburn went well into 30s.
I disagree FEAR! - I wonder if Barry would ever get over not going to Liverpool after making it so plane that he wants to be close to his friend and confident SG. Employees or Staff as you call them do get unsettled from time to time but those that are full of their own self importance never get over not getting their own way. I would be surprised if Barry played for Villa again and even more surprised if he was the Barry of old. Mind you if he did stay I wouldn't mind and then it would be up to him to maintain his England spot. (Cover for left back me thinks)
I have no ill feeling towards Barry but would like to see him move on now.
chris the villan
Sorry as the Barry transfer saga moves into the "No one give a flying s**t" It all so very poorly manager by player, agent and Liverpool, can anyone really care now. Dragged on longer than one of Robbie Savages injury limps.
Come back to us GB and all will be forgiven,just apologise and say you diced with the devil but now have clarity of mind,UTV xx
If the dirty, filthy scousers cough up the 18M (which they won't as it looks like Alonso's move is falling through) then I will gladly make sure I am there to help Barry pack his bags and even give him a free ride to merseyside. Then we can get the conspiring little **** out of Villa Park for good. You can keep your dvd, you can keep your signed shirts and you can keep your loyalty bonus and you can shove them all up your traitorous little ar*e. This club will be bigger, better, faster, more dangerous and more competetive without him so let's stop dwelling on the past and get rid. What day do the bin men come?
My concern is, if he does stay isn't it clear he doesn't want to be here? Look at Henry in his last season at Arsenal - he just waited a year to jump ship and never really tried too hard all season. I would be concerned Barry would do the same, although if he proved me wrong I would be delighted.
The Usual Suspect
We have to be realistic, he would then try to do a runner in January. We would risk losing ALOT of money by keeping him. His heart is not Claret & Blue anymore, he had his chance of fulfilling his potential and blew it. Sad I know, but it's all over for Barry and I think he knows it.
Apologies for the copy and paste but this was my thoughts on the subject going back a couple of weeks to a previous article. "I may be going against the grain but I think that we should give Barry a little slack. Difficult I know, as everything is a little raw at the moment. I know he is the club captain, best paid player, first name on the team sheet blah blah blah. However he has given us 11 years brilliant service and is going to make us a shed load of cash. I understand the arguments for staying at VP and the reasons for not going to a club who supporters rob and kill there own fans for the price of a match ticket. In the cold light of day though, in the short term (and a football career is short term) it is understandable why he has made the choice even if most of us disagree. If you are working as a builder on 500 a week and your pal says "come and join me on 1000 a week, we are just about to get a massive new job, and you may even get to work less and be able to sit on your arse most of the time", most people would jump at the chance. That is all that Gareth has done. The mistake he made was the comments to the paper. He was badly advised and came across as a spoilt brat. We should forgive this one error and remember 11 good years and 18 million. I still naively hope it all falls through, Murderpool fail to come up with the cash and Gareth apologises for his comments and signs an extended contract at VP".
the stuff about players just being staff and anyone would take the same job with extra money and more holidays is total rubbish! Football is a completely unique industry and NOTHING like anything else in the world. Sport in general is the only job in the world where someone can earn such rediculous amounts of money with absolutely no qualifications of intelligence or business skill. The are millions of other factors than just money, many of them are the fans on this site and beyond. Do you really think if a player came out and said 'its just a job and im moving for the money' they would be left socially alive by the press?? Even if it were true they wouldnt do it! The fact is that probably 20-25 million people in this country alone dream at some point in their lives of becoming footballers, and for these people to say it is just a job is an insult to us all!! Most people change jobs if their circumstances change, for example if they want to move to a bigger house or start a family etc.. dont tell me Gareth Barry NEEDS to move to liverpool because he could not possibly survive on te money villa pay him at the moment!
Sounds like the politics of envy to me samd577. If you need no qualifications, intelligence or business skill why is Barry being accused of a lack of intelligence? And why for that matter why don't the supposed 25 million dreaming of being professional footballers, get off their arses, stop dreaming and start doing. If it is that easy to be a professional footballer then why don't all these dreamers become one?? Whatever the rights and wrongs, and whether we agree or not, Barry sees a move to Murderpool on bigger money as career progression. Most believe both he and Murderpool have gone the wrong way about it. So do I. But I would still like him to stay. But if he goes 17m and the ex blue nose (or 18m cash) is enough to more than soften the blow.
Let me guess voiceoftheholte, you were one of the 6% who voted "Yes, he is still our captain fantastic". I normally agree with most things you say, however my view on this is that there are still the odd few out there (6%) who are probably so devastated by the betrayal, and that's exactly what it was, that they simply refuse to believe it. In the minority's eyes, Gareth Barry is still the golden boy who was given some bad advice. Yes Gareth Barry is an idiot, but he's not a complete fool. He would not have put his name to those comments without realizing exactly what he was doing. If Barry is such a devoted lad and full of loyalty who is only interested in improving his game and playing at the top level, why- I mean WHY has he still not handed in a transfer request? Greed. As far as I am concerned, the last 11 years stands for nothing. If your wife cheats on you and decides to leave, do you say "that's ok honey, you've been loyal to me for 11 years thats what matters". No, i'd probably shoot her. I agree with samd577 in that football absolutely can not be compared with a 'normal' job. He's had plently of opportunities to act like a man and failed at every hurdle. Barry has taken the p iss out of you and your beloved club and you seem fine with that. I'm not.
Voice - i don't think the 25million people dreaming of becoming footballers haven't done so because of a lack of intelligence or business skill or not "getting off their arses" as you so sweetly put it. It might actually have something to do with, you know, skill. Sporting skill has always been the one area where intelligence and qualifications don't stand for anything, and you can make lots of cash. Rooney would be on the dole if his wife working at Tesco if it wasn't for his skill. Your argument on that point is a little lacking. Barry has undone a lot of his reputation. It isn't just Villa fans that have noticed either - ask around. People think he's a bit of a to55er after that rag article.
The Usual Suspect
* & his wife
The Usual Suspect
I'd certainly welcome him back on board if he decided against moving elsewhere, and opted to commit his long term future to Villa Park, but more importantly, would (a) MON want him to remain at Villa Park after the infamous outburst, and (b) would Gareth himself want to do an about turn, and remain at a club where just a few short weeks ago, he so wanted out of?
Its all hypothetical though really, as I think when everything is considered, there's surely no turning back now?

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