Aston Villa - Players Back and Now For Some Signings
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Players Back and Now For Some Signings

Martin O'Neill welcomed the players back to Bodymoor Heath yesterday and promised the signings would soon come.

Speaking to the players and outlining his vision for the season, as well as no doubt covering the Barry debacle, O'Neill was upbeat and promised the players he would 'bring in the reinforcements needed to help (them) next season.'

Villa are currently 3-4 players down on last seasons number, so it's imperative O'Neill brings in not only quality but numbers this season.

We did get lucky in the last campaign with injuries and suspensions, we can't run that risk again especially with a European offering on the cards.

Speaking on the official site, O'Neill said:

'We're hoping to try to add to the squad. The players did fantastically last season but we had the smallest squad in the Premier League and we wouldn't want that to happen this season so we're going to address it.

'If Gareth had decided to stay we were still going to address it. Now it's even more important to do it than ever.

'It's the time for anticipation now. Players are back for pre-season training and with the European Championships out of the way it's obviously all systems go for everyone.'

In obviously what is a throwback to the Barry situation, he continued:

'That's not to say that people weren't busy during the summertime. I went out and did some games for the BBC. I was working there for two or three days in the week then coming back and working here.

'So it was not as if I spent three weeks out in Austria - not that I should have to explain myself to anyone other than one person at this football club.'

A veiled dig, not so veiled at Barry's claims?

'Naturally it's an interesting time for us. We've got competitive football very early on in the season - namely the Intertoto Cup.

'My normal build-up would be a wee bit more leisurely, getting players into it and building into it. But here we have to try and get into competitive mode very early on.

'We're not back much earlier than a lot of other clubs. If we'd not had the Intertoto Cup we'd have come back early next week.

'Now we've got to get ourselves together, get our preparation ready for the 19 and the 26th of the month. We'll have a couple of days this week and then we're heading off the Switzerland next Tuesday.

'We've managed to fit in another game next Thursday night - against Moustapha's old team FC Wil. Then we've got Zurich on the Saturday night. It's all about gearing up to the Intertoto matches.'

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The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday July 4 2008

Time: 3:28PM

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Nice to hear that "we're hoping to add to the squad".
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04/07/2008 15:33:00

Lets just hope he doesnt spot most of his buys when touring switzerland, the standard there is appalling
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04/07/2008 15:40:00

Does anyone think MON willl sign the 8/9 quality players that will be needed to play a potential 50-60 games next season? He'll probably take a gamble again and only sign 4/5 players but I trust his judgement.
Report Abuse
04/07/2008 15:44:00

Hope Barry goes soon as this is dragging and i believe we wont start spending big until he gone. We then should the money we get for Barry and buy David Bently.
Report Abuse
04/07/2008 15:53:00

Why would Bentley want to come & play for a team that sells it's best players? We'll get the player that has to make way for Bentley's arrival. In other words cast offs.
Report Abuse
04/07/2008 16:08:00

Nice to hear your positive outlook? a little support for our great manager would be nice now and again... he wont let us down..
Report Abuse
04/07/2008 16:16:00

Jinksy remember villa didnt want to sell Barry it is he who is adament he wants to leave. So no matter what villa say or do he wants to leave so you have to sell him as its no good keeping a player who doesnt want to play.
Report Abuse
04/07/2008 16:35:00

I don't think Barry going will effect players coming to av as he, his agent and that chubby spanaird have engineered the move. I think that standing up to them will be seen as a positive. Possibly this saga has helped take the pressure off MON as usually I and many others start to worry that he doesn't do enough to attract big players to the club. Truth is, if we don't sign people in next 72hrs the pressure will be back on big time as we leave for switzerland and edge nearer to the inter toto.
Mister Mick
Report Abuse
04/07/2008 16:41:00

Kentvilla i agree but the facts are we are slling our best player & top players don't come to teams that do that. So we have no chance getting Bentley. In my oppinion MON should have said Barry is not for sale full stop & made him get on with it. No that is sending out a positive message & not letting Liverpool come & pee on our roses.
Report Abuse
04/07/2008 16:42:00

MON has said many times GB wasn't for sale. That's why things got messy. 3 people namely, GB, his agent and the chubby spanaird didn't get their own way so they threw their dummy's out the pram.
Mister Mick
Report Abuse
04/07/2008 16:49:00

Jinsky: Why don't you follow Barry up the M6? I totally understand fans have opinions and there free to voice them, but I have read a number of your post and I have read nothing but negativity! Why? That's if your a Villa fan at all?????
Report Abuse
04/07/2008 16:51:00

So does that mean Manure won't be able to attract any top players if stepover stepover fallover Ronaldo leaves?
Report Abuse
04/07/2008 16:55:00

very true Mister Mick. At the start of this MON quite clearly stated that he was not for sale. It is Barry and his agent and even more so mini tom jones who casued all of thus. If Liverpool decide not to pursue this after Barry has burnt his bridges for them, when they knew all along what the asking price was then i think it's a disgrace. Barry is not my favourite person at the moment but if Liverpool don't pay the price then they have ruined his career and hung him out to dry
Report Abuse
04/07/2008 16:58:00

You can't blame Liverpool for Barry's foolish behaviour. They did however try to unsettle him, But Barry is a big boy with his own mind. He made the error of judgement himself!!!!
Report Abuse
04/07/2008 17:03:00

Maybe that's what it took to see his true colours. It would've probably happened in the near future but with another club.
Report Abuse
04/07/2008 17:04:00

Speaking of which, I don't think Barry has a particular interest in Liverpool, just in money and CL football. It's just that Liverpool are the only CL club to show an interest.
Report Abuse
04/07/2008 17:07:00

gappy65, v.true gb is a big boy and i hope for his sake he does make it up the M6 where SG will welcome him with open arms before the chubby spanaird sticks him on the bench. But..... I'm still blaming liverpool. They have def. played their part in this. Gb, that agent monkey and the pool are all to blame. Unfortunately for him GB is just the most stupid.
Mister Mick
Report Abuse
04/07/2008 17:11:00

I'm affraid Champions League was an excuse of convinience. It sounds better than I want to be with my friend or I'm a greedy B*****d. In my opinion I think Villa play as team better when Barry is not in the side! That's not to say he's a great player but I just think we play as a team wothout him...
Report Abuse
04/07/2008 17:15:00

well said Gappy, negativity is all we here from one or two, have faith...
Report Abuse
04/07/2008 17:18:00

Blackburn could accuse us of a similar thing after Gardner publicly advising David Bentley to move to VP. Not quite the same, I know. But people in glass houses and all that.
Report Abuse
04/07/2008 17:19:00

So what happens if mini Tom Jones decides to pursue other interests and Gareth comes to his senses and works out what a prize tw*t he has been ? Is he not worthy of another chance ? I for one still think he is a great player and could still be an asset for this club, even if he has been a tit !
Report Abuse
04/07/2008 17:38:00

AVWhite; Have you ever heard the expression "Loose lips sink ships" well Mr GB is an example of it. I actually think that GB's possition at VP has became untenable, He should have been very sure of the move before being so vocal about the club that are currently keeping him in lifestyle to which he has became acustomed. For him to stay a VP would take a huge amount of soul searching and apologies both personally and publicly, even then the fans would find it very hard to forgive.
Report Abuse
04/07/2008 17:55:00

The move is a done deal. Build a bridge and all that. Liverpool are playing silly buggers because they want evryone to know that they are the mighty pool and no one gets the better of them. They will pay and GB will be just another musical chair at a club that act big but just can't cut it for the cash they spend. What happens to tthem if UEFA cut CL places to the top 3?
Report Abuse
04/07/2008 19:05:00

I still think we should bring on Barry as a sub for the last 30 seconds in the Intertoto Cup. Would that not mean he is illegible for the CL?
Report Abuse
04/07/2008 19:12:00

The whole Barry ''saga'' could really galvanise the whole squad.Us against the world!
Report Abuse
04/07/2008 19:23:00

So by your reckoning, Jinksy, nobody would sign for ManUre if they sold Ronaldo, and I guess nobody has moved to Arsenal since they sold Henry, Of course, nobody will move to Spudz after they sell Berbatov, nobody will go to Chelsea when they sell Drogba!! Sorry, but your logic has more than a few holes in it. In today's game, players move more or less when they want to. Get used to it. Even ManUre are suffering from clubs after their players - does that make them a 'selling team'?
Report Abuse
04/07/2008 19:25:00

Can I just say this thread is about the players being back and now for some signings.....Barry's gone whether now or 31st aug. can we talk about Ashley, wow what a season he had can he do it again? can Gabby get even faster? Wasn't Laursen outstanding once he got fit? Cant wait to see about anything but barry he was the past, lets starting geeing up the boys we have got, showing them our support and letting any potential new villa player now that villa fans give their all for the claret and blue army and the players who wear it with pride, passion and respect. **** barry now let's move on.
Report Abuse
04/07/2008 21:15:00

Well said johnmurphy3112.
Report Abuse
04/07/2008 22:48:00

yeah i think we should all be galvanized about the GB situation and forget the guy. so right on jm3112, support the talent we have at Villa, which is quite deep. how about all the new deals for the young guys recentley? nice.
Report Abuse
04/07/2008 23:35:00

leftfoot is right has anyone ever heard of a club offering a whole squad new contracts, and remember MON is very careful about who he offers contracts to, and he's given out 12!!! what does that tell you about the future of villa? get your sunglasses out...the future is bright.
Report Abuse
04/07/2008 23:53:00

Report Abuse
05/07/2008 02:34:00

Good to hear we`re hoping to try to add to the squad and hoping to address the situation,i reckon at some point in the future when the wind is east and hope is upon our souls we`ll actually purchase or loan a player,maybe.........if it`s possible......
Report Abuse
05/07/2008 05:52:00

like MoN said "Hope to try" nice way of saying we will sign one or two players maybe
Astonian Villan
Report Abuse
05/07/2008 12:44:00

Bye Bye Barry! I agree with John Murphy lets concentrate on going forward! Ashley Young will im sure continue to improve his stunning pace movement and skill. i feel we need to give him some help and sign a good right winger! either Bentley, lennon or schweinsteiger would be great additions!
Report Abuse
06/07/2008 16:01:00

As Gareth Barry returned for pre season training?
Report Abuse
06/07/2008 21:33:00

Barry should stay.......
Report Abuse
07/07/2008 13:21:00

I know that signings will come, I have to keep the faith, but I certainly had hoped that one or two new faces would have been onboard prior to the pre-season games getting underway. Its frustrating, almost to the point of being a concern.
Report Abuse
07/07/2008 14:15:00

I even question whether Sidwell is the done deal that the media would like to have us believe. There has to be competition for his signature, simply has to be.
Report Abuse
07/07/2008 14:19:00

Sidwell deal is all but done, verbal agreement with oneill just waiting on severance from chelsea.
Report Abuse
07/07/2008 15:04:00

Not much to do with the topic, but pictures of the new home & away kits are available on the official website for those who are interested. THe home kit is nice, but I don't like the away kit as far as I am concerned :(
Report Abuse
07/07/2008 15:22:00

Why haven't we bid for Crouchy?
Sali Salifooooou
Report Abuse
07/07/2008 19:06:00

Because He's Wack!
The KFC Kid
Report Abuse
07/07/2008 19:14:00


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