Aston Villa - Ferdinand and Sidwell and England
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Ferdinand and Sidwell and England

Jesus it's Curtis Davies overload in the news today - here, speaking to the Evening Mail, he believes that Anton Ferdinand and Steve Sidwell will improve their England chances by playing for the Villa.

Ferdinand is believed to be on our wishlist and has been linked a fair few times this summer, and as for Sidwell it's believed a deal is almost as good as done, we are simply waiting for him to meet with the new Chelsea boss, sort out some compo and make sure he isn't wanted.

Davies believes both players would flourish at Villa Park and really catch Capello's eye.

"I know Anton - I played one game with him for the Under-21s and he`s another good, English player.

"I`m sure he`s looking to get England recognition as he`s always been one who has stood out as a young, English defender and I`m sure he wants to take the next step.

"Martin O`Neill seems to be trying to nick all the best English players and he`s (steve Sidwell) another - I think the manager`s trying to go for the first all-English squad in the Premier League!

"Steve would be a good signing if he does come. I`ve been reading while I was away that he wants to talks to Felipe Scolari to see whether there`s any future for him at Chelsea, which is fair enough.

"But he would be a good signing for us and he`s another one of those English players who can push on with us in Europe and hopefully push on into an England squad."

For those who wondered about the loan, tax deferred transfer of Davies and when, if and how it happened officially - will be pleased to know his permanent move to Villa went through today and he's officially signed a 4 year contract.

Despite his move only being completed today, Davies is unworried by the thoughts of another centre half coming in.

"It`s known through the squad we need strengthening as we`ve only got 17 fit professionals which makes us one sub short.

"In football you have to overcome any competition to reach the top so when someone does come in, I will happily welcome them and try to displace them when I`m fit.

"If I start worrying about who`s going to fill my position I could feel down.

"If someone comes in, I`m not worried because I have confidence in my ability and I have to try to keep them out."

Davies also expects to see Martin O'Neill's wheeling and dealing over the summer to pay off in the next few weeks.

"I think it`s a case of sooner if someone is in danger of getting snapped up. But there`s no rush really.

"In my own case, it wasn`t sorted out until deadline day on August 31. It`s been a long summer with Euro 2008 being on and I`m sure the manager has been looking at a few players out there when he was doing his TV work.

"But it`s more about getting the quality we want rather than rushing in and taking someone because they`re available.

"That`s what this manager does well. He`s very shrewd and spends the club`s money as if it were his own.

"It`s good because you see Chelsea and they have unlimited funds so they spend over the odds on a player.

"I`m sure the manager has a budget but he wants to spend it shrewdly and bring in the top-class players that we can for the money."

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The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday July 2 2008

Time: 3:44PM

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good to see he is not afraid of a little fight.. Laursen is first choice, and if Ferdinand came, the 2. choice would be given to the better performer of them 2..
Report Abuse
02/07/2008 15:49:00

Don't rule out Zat Knight either - his attitude is very good and he won't be far off the pace.
Report Abuse
02/07/2008 16:17:00

at least we are finaly seeing players talk about the prospects of good players coming in rather than our old has beens talking of players leaving
Astonian Villan
Report Abuse
02/07/2008 16:39:00

How is what Davies said about Ferdinand and Sidwell different from what Gerrard said about Barry?
Report Abuse
02/07/2008 21:58:00

I have to agree there we go mad when other teams players talk about our players,zthis is still not as bad as what Gerrard did.
Report Abuse
02/07/2008 23:11:00

why not?
Report Abuse
02/07/2008 23:23:00

Good point JD! I think it is bang out of order any player talking about another player that is under contract to another club. Curtis needs to get back on the pitch and away from journos hanging around Bodymoor Heath.
Report Abuse
03/07/2008 03:42:00

Nope desperate Liverpool fans 'calm dowm'.

Davies never once said I want my bestest mate to join the club in an unscripted interview. He said, with names of recent links, they would probably enhance their England prospects playing for a club with England prospects.

Pick his words - at any point does he say I want Ferd and Sidwell to join, because they are my mates.

So JD and Rawlie please try again. Completely different statements, but nice try.
Report Abuse
03/07/2008 04:06:00

In fairness this is not news, any player leaving West Ham will Improve his chance of playing at a higher level.
Report Abuse
03/07/2008 08:12:00

mike_field, Davies saying that Ferdinand and Sidwell would improve their England chances if they sign for Villa is the same as Gerrard saying that he'd like barry to sign because he's his mate. Both of them talked about other clubs players, and both of them can be accused of tapping up.
Report Abuse
03/07/2008 14:58:00

Yes they both would, it's a fact - point out where he says I want them to sign for Villa because they are my bestest mates.

It's not the same, if Davies had gone much further and put more of an emphasis on they would improve the club, be good here, it would've got closer to the line I grant you. But it doesn't.
Report Abuse
03/07/2008 15:26:00

Davies is basically saying that both Ferdinand and Sidwell would improve their England chances if they sign for Villa. He's giving them an incentive to sign for his club, and that's tapping up other clubs players, same as what Gerrard did.
Report Abuse
03/07/2008 16:06:00

Which they would, it's a fact. We are a club becoming known for good young English talent. Repeating yourself doesn't make it tapping up though. Incentivisng certain transfer for players isn't tapping up. Tapping up is when you open attempt to unsettle by stating club B wants you when you haven't sought permission from club A.

Davies didn't say they should both sign, would be welcomed, that Villa are interested in them, that they are his bestest mates and he really wishes they were here. He stated the obvious, Ferdinand would increase his England chances and so would Sidwell, but he at no point said they should sign.
Report Abuse
03/07/2008 16:14:00

He is saying that they should sign to improve their England chances, why else would he be talking about them in the first place?
Report Abuse
03/07/2008 16:26:00

Because he was asked as both had been linked. So instead of saying they should sign, he played up the club as being full of young England potentials and took that line - perfectly within Regulations. He didn't overstep the mark as say I weally weally want them both here.
Report Abuse
03/07/2008 16:29:00

He said they would be good signing for Villa. If he was asked about them he should've said that they're other clubs players and he has no comment about them, not to say that they would improve their England chances if they sign for his club, that's oversteping the mark, similar to what Gerrard did.
Report Abuse
03/07/2008 16:35:00

Lots of players would be good signings, not the same as saying they should sign. So no mark overstepped. Again for fear of repeating myself Gerrard said he wanted his bestest mate and England buddy to sign for the club he played for. He weally weally wanted him to. If Gerrard, albeit badly timed, had simply said he is my friend, and he would be a good signing for Liverpool the timing would've been bad given the bids but that's technically tapping up. But he didn't, he wanted his friend to join him - that is a completely different spin - I would say don't you agree, but you obviously don't.
Report Abuse
03/07/2008 16:43:00

Actually what Davies said is worse than what Gerrard said. Gerrard said that Barry is a good friend of his, and he would love it if he signed for Liverpool, and that's after O'Neill confirmed our bid for Barry,not before. Davies disrespected West Ham on two fronts, first, talking about their player without permission from them, and without any confirmation from either club about Villa's interest in him. Second, saying that Ferdinand had a better chance of being an England international if he played for Villa and not West Ham, imagine your uproar if Gerrard said something similar about Barry.
Report Abuse
03/07/2008 16:54:00

No element of please sign for Villa though - therefore no tapping. The England element is fact for both players.

Couldn't apply in reverse Barry cemented England position for us, England wise he gains nothing by a move to Liverpool.
Report Abuse
03/07/2008 17:07:00

Thre is an element that you should sign for Villa to improve your England Chances, therefore tapping up.
Report Abuse
03/07/2008 17:16:00

You read that into it, it was not said. Not tapping.
Report Abuse
03/07/2008 17:18:00

"You read that into it, it was not said" Even the article writer came to the same conclusion as I did, this is what he wrote, "Jesus it's Curtis Davies overload in the news today - here, speaking to the Evening Mail, he believes that Anton Ferdinand and Steve Sidwell will improve their England chances by playing for the Villa." "Davies believes both players would flourish at Villa Park and really catch Capello's eye." Davies is saying sign for Villa and improve your England chances, it's pretty obvious.
Report Abuse
03/07/2008 17:27:00

I do know what I typed, however my spin is my spin. Davies still didn't say that directly did he. Inference and how you read it is one thing, but it still doesn't change the fact Davies never once said please join.
Report Abuse
03/07/2008 17:35:00

No he didn't say please join, but he said they'll have better England prospects if they do, and that's tapping up, it's obvious.
Report Abuse
03/07/2008 18:00:00

Exactly, and whilst he didn't say please join it's not tapping up. He stuck to the facts, they both would (for different reasons) have more a chance and gaining England recognition if they moved to a club like Villa. But he didn't say move to a club like Villa, I want them here etc etc. Stating facts is not tapping up.

Which is why I said above, IF Gerrard had just said he's my mate and I think he'd be a success at Liverpool - those are facts. Gerrard didn't though, he went over the line and talked about wanting him to sign.
Report Abuse
03/07/2008 18:12:00

Saying that they'll have better England prospects if they join is tapping up, even if he didn't say please join, and it's not a fact that they will gain England recognition if they moved to Villa, it's an opinion, and not a valid one, in fact it's an arrogant one. Ferdinand could just as easily be an England international while playing at West Ham.
Report Abuse
03/07/2008 20:26:00

They will have better England prospects, nothing arrogant about that. Villa are becoming known for youthful England potentials. Ferdinand at West Ham, no real disprespect but until they get their act together properly it's doubtful. Sidwell at Chelsea, yes reserve football always helps international prospects doesn't it.

Not tapping up unless you encourage the move, or are you of the opinion that everytime a manager serves time as a pundit they are tapping up players of two teams in one go but uttering the words - he had a good game!?
Report Abuse
03/07/2008 21:10:00

It's not the same, saying that they'll improve their England chances if they join your club isn't like saying that this player had a good game as a pundit. You're giving them an incentive to join your club, and that's tapping up.
Report Abuse
03/07/2008 21:30:00

By the way, imagine if a manager who's serving as a pundit said that so and so player would improve his England chances if he joins his club, what would the reaction would be?
Report Abuse
03/07/2008 21:47:00

No worse than a manager/pundit praising and implying he really likes this player.

If a manager said it about a player in the Championship it would be a moot point because it would be true. If a manager said that about a player in an international match, it would be irrelevent as he's already in the national team.
Report Abuse
04/07/2008 14:43:00

And if a premier league manager said it about a player in the premier league?
Report Abuse
04/07/2008 23:10:00

I'd take both Sidwell and Ferdinand, both would add a lot to the current squad. We have some major rebuilding to do this summer. A top six spot again next season is looking a long way off right now.
Report Abuse
05/07/2008 12:22:00

Ferdinand and Curtis, now that could develop into a pretty strong central defensive partnership.
Report Abuse
05/07/2008 12:23:00

I don't think he needs to worry about Ferdinand taking his place.
Report Abuse
06/07/2008 21:35:00


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