Aston Villa - Delaney Attempts Peacemaker Role
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Delaney Attempts Peacemaker Role

Mark Delaney has tried to calm the unrest surrounding the Gareth Barry debacle, by attempting to get fans to see it from a players point of view.

Apologies to those who thought I meant he was off to Afganistan.

Former right back (remember one of them) and current voluntary Academy coach has said it would be 'crazy' for Barry to turn down repetative and persistent advances from the Scouses.

Speaking to the Mail, the 32 year old said:

"Gareth is the 'main man` at Aston Villa and has been for some time.

"He is definitely a top-four player and is definitely an England regular. He has been Villa`s best player for the last four or five years and I am surprised it has taken this long for a big club to come along.

"When that knock on the door arrived it was Liverpool and they are an unbelievable club.'

It's fair to take the point that Barry has been one of our most consistent players over the last few years, but I'd disagree on best player.

We also need to remember a few seasons back there was a caste iron offer from Pompey, and most likely a very acceptable one given the previous regime - yet Barry stayed.

Like it or loathe it, although personally I don't see Liverpool as a step up in the way I'd consider Arse, Chelsea or Man U to be a step up given the potential for our growth, they will be in the Champions League, and it's likely we won't be for at least the next two seasons.

"I have not spoken to Gareth but he will be 28 in February. These are his 'twilight` years. If he goes he will win trophies and if he doesn`t go it will be crazy for his career.

"He has to give it a go. If he can`t go the opportunity may never arise again. Liverpool might not ask again.

"He has to grasp this with both hands. This choice is Champions League and England with Liverpool or the InterToto with Villa."

Really I think that should read Champions League/bench warming and England with Liverpool or England and the Intertwobob this season with Villa - but maybe it's me.

"Martin O`Neill knows Liverpool are a bigger club than Villa. It hurts me to say that as a Villa supporter through-and-through. The club mean a hell of a lot to me. If he (O`Neill) didn`t say he would have done the same as a player he would be lying. Anyone would.'

I'm not sure, I remember Nottingham Forest being quite successful themselves. But yes Liverpool are a bigger club than us at the moment, living on historic reputation rather than true recent successes - although obviously their cabinet is a bit fuller than ours over the last decade.

Doesn't mean it will be the same over the next 24 months does it?

"Randy Lerner could probably match what Liverpool offer Gareth in terms of wages but this is not about money.

"And the reason Martin has probably reacted like he has is that he knows Gareth will be hard to replace.

"It is unfortunate for Villa but these things happen."

If it's not about money then where is the transfer request, and the public announcement explaining to the fans his feelings?

"Gareth has been as loyal as any Villa player. The thing is, I cannot see them breaking the top four in his time.

"They exceeded all expectations last season. But can they do it again? I don`t know.

"If Gareth has a bad season in terms of form, or he gets injured, then there is no way Villa will get 18million.

"He loves Villa, as I do, but for his career this is the right move."

I don't know if we can, but what is a better bet is can a struggling Liverpool who were less than convincing in most games last season hold off the emergence of the likes of Villa, Pompey, Everton, a resurgent Spurs, a non imploding Man City and keep fourth spot themselves next season.

11 points difference between Liverpool and Everton, and 16 between us and them - that's only a few games, a few wins and how many did we throw away last season!

The gap is not as big as some would hope.

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The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday July 1 2008

Time: 3:44PM

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Shut up Delaney another Villa player i thought a lot of and not any more what is it with these ex players, keep ur mouths shut unless its positive. Liverpool ARE NOT BIGGER THAN US ONLY MAN UTD AND ARSENAL ARE IN THIS COUNTRY.
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01/07/2008 15:53:00

what are u on about delaney. Not all players would give up playin for a club they are worshiped at and are the current captain after being there for 10 years. Also it is the club that has given him first team football and cemented his place as a first team regular in the England squad. Villa are moving in the right direction and Barry knows exactly what MON is tryin 2 do here, how can anyone condone his comments 2 the press about O'Neil.. the man that was fundamental to getting him in the England team and has only ever spoke of him in the highest regard. I along with many other fans think this is a mistake and Delaney I thought you had a bit more class and common sense than this!!
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01/07/2008 16:03:00

The gap isnt that big, and when you think they stole 3 points from us at Villa Park and a point at Anfield last season thats 3 points they clawed from us. If they hadnt got their late goals in them matches, we would have been 10 points behind. If we beat them next season thats 6 points won by us, 6 points dropped by them, that take the gap to 4 points, its that simple!!
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01/07/2008 16:07:00

Disappointing we really don't need another opinion on this. As diplomatic as delaney is trying be, he is treading on thin ground as we still employ him (as a youth coach altho not sure). Not too sure how many other businesses would tolerate their employees advising their best assets to leave.
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01/07/2008 16:07:00

Hang on here I can see why Liverpool might look like a step up but to say that if Barry goes there he will win trophys is madness they are not in the same class as Chelsea, Man U or Arsenal and so as long as they are around and Liverpool still think of themselfs as A TOP 4 TEAM ON THE SAME LEVEL AS CHELSEA, MAN U AND ARSENAL THEY WILL KEEP GOING BACKWARDS we know we have to advance and so thats our aim but the pool aim to high and keep failing if the pool win a major trophy next season I will eat my hat.
Tallaght Villan
Report Abuse
01/07/2008 16:32:00

So it's ok to slag off the manager is it? I always quite liked Delaney as a defender but thats the worst effort of defending a buddy i've heard. I think it said ,more about Delaney than anything else. We looked after him during his injuries and now he's on the pay roll as a coach. Mr delaney has just shown the same loyalty as GB. Please feel free to leave by the back door.
Mister Mick
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01/07/2008 16:53:00

Come on guys, get real; Liverpool are a bigger club than us in every possible sense... sure we didn't finish a million miles away in the league but they played their reserves in most Prem matches! I think Barry is a total d**k for bleeting to the press, and i'm pretty gutted that he's going, but you can't blame the guy for wanting to leave.. I think Delaney's being fair enough to be honest.
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01/07/2008 16:57:00

This is all about how Barry and the scousers have handled the situation. We do understand the allure of the Champions League. We do not understand badmouthing the manager and running to the tabloids. It seems quite clear to most that Liverplop don't have the cash and need to sell Alonso to get Barry. Gareth should see this, shut up, and be patient. But he hasn't and has shown himself to be a bit of a prat.
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01/07/2008 17:34:00

As seems as he works for villa perhaps he should keep his sheep shagging mouth shut.I have no problem at all with barry leaving especially for 18 million ,its the way he has gone about it that *****es me off. ie slagging off the The club and the manager who got him back into the england setup in the newspapers.Instead of being respectful about it ie mellberg.
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01/07/2008 17:45:00

Mark Delaney has COMPLETELY missed the point. Most realistic Villa fans are not angry with Barry because he wants to leave Villa Park - for whatever reason, sound logic or not. We are angry (very, very angry) because of the continual and worsening attempts to manipulate a move away from Villa park whilst (a) not being honest enough to put in a transfer request. (b) still expecting his 'loyalty' bonus (ha!), and (c) dragging our club through the gutter (press). Get real, Mr Delaney - we aren't stupid, we just expect people (and especially those with more money than they can shake a stick at) to act with a modicum of dignity, honest and integrity - and not to treat us like idiots.
Report Abuse
01/07/2008 17:51:00

Now the Scouse scum are after Keane from Spuz. They are getting worried looking over their shoulders and are buying their 2 main contenders for next years 4th spot captains and will probably have them both on the bench just so we can't play them. Money talks and Champs League = money. Wonder if Delaney got paid for his contriutions to the mail.
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01/07/2008 17:56:00

the highest Liverpool have finished in the Prem: 2nd the highest Villa have finished in the Prem: 2nd At least we are a club with integrity, who dont tap players up, or ruin the careers of upcoming stars. Mark Gonzalez, Mark Kennedy, John Welsh, Ritchie Partridge, Bruno Cheyrou, Sinama-Pongolle, Antonio Nunez, the list is endless... They are a buying club that lets players rot. If you are a Liverpool fan you must be bored of the same old season in and season out, and you probs support them because you were an 80s glory hunter or because you just jump on the bandwagon. Coys! I love how the real football fans who follow foriegn leagues, and have quality knowledge of historical and absurd football facts are the ones who support real teams, where the fans have importance and follow their club because it was a calling from their heart and not because of glory.
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01/07/2008 19:04:00

Delaney is dellusional. He is missing the point. No one at Villa said he can't leave they have just said match our asking price. It's not just about his career its about our club.
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01/07/2008 19:22:00

I agree with BobTheBuilder, no problem with a player wanting to leave but why not be honest and put in a written request, though for me a verbal request would be enough to cancel the loyalty bonus. The timing is everything, instead of slagging off our manager and belittling our club, perhaps they should be on the phone to the footballing giants of mersyside encouraging them to get their act together and put in a sensible offer? This is simple now we don't want him, the club are willing to sell for a named price and the mega club haven't got the dosh to pay, so like good scousers they are trying to rob us, PUT UP OR SHUT UP RAFA, or gareth buy out your contract, pay us the compensation we are due for you choosing to leave two years early, and P**S OFF
Report Abuse
01/07/2008 19:24:00

I thought Delaney was a solid defender and a good servant for Villa. However, I suspect there was a reason behind John Gregory refering to him as Mr Bean. LOL...
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01/07/2008 20:41:00

With Liverpool now interested in Keane and Barry I wonder if the grand plan is to weaken Villa and Spurs and thus cement Liverpool's top-4 place! Let't face it Barry and Alonso are not a million miles apart in terms of standard. Liverpool are in no place to challenge ManU or Chelski with or without Barry and Keane. They are playing for cups and CL. In my opinion the gap between Manu & Chelsea and Arsenal & Liverpool is getting bigger and 5,6,7 place are catching up.
Report Abuse
01/07/2008 20:52:00

We really don't do ourselves any favours sometimes in terms of the credibility of some of our comments - particularly " on historic reputation rather than true recent successes". Come on guys...! They've won the Champions League quite 'recently' in my eyes. Liverpool are undoubtedly a bigger club than us in pretty much all respects (although they're not acting appropriately in recent times). They set the target as something we should aspire to take over. So until we pass them rather than clinging onto "we were only 16 points behind them" then we should put paid to that argument once and for all. I personally can't blame Barry for wanting to leave - agree that he could have handled it a lot better, and like BTB I can't for the life of me understand how he's expecting to still receive his loyalty bonus - he's basically demanded a transfer, so he should do the decent thing and stick it in writing.
Report Abuse
02/07/2008 06:33:00

I think Liverpool and Man Utd are the two biggest clubs in the country. There aren't many that can attract Torres and keep Gerrard. They may have only finished two places above us last year but that gap is enormous (I'm not saying we can't catch up). If you really think we are the same size as Liverpool then why are we saying that our influential captain who is guaranteed games will be a bench warmer? We're the same but our best player can't get in their starting 11?
Report Abuse
02/07/2008 06:33:00

also 18 points is 5 more wins and many people think we already over-achieved last year. Turning 5 losses into victories and keeping our previous record is another massive task.
Report Abuse
02/07/2008 06:35:00

AVFC_WSM - very valid and interesting point, and we should be looking to do the same - i.e. look at signing the likes of Bentley, Cahill, Dunne, Ashton, etc....
Report Abuse
02/07/2008 06:35:00

I can't honestly believe that everyone believes we are a club on the up at the moment. As things stand we can't even fill the subs bench. MON has to start working overtime to sign half a squad of players. Not only this we need quality or the only direction will be south. This said then if Liverpool don't stump up the cash then Barry has to play in the intertoto cup. If he refuses then I'd put in the reserves just like Davis the season b4 last.
Report Abuse
02/07/2008 06:45:00

Sorry, did I just read the Villa are a bigger club than Liverpool?? Or was i just seen things?? Liverpool or Man United are the biggest, and by a country mile, 8 european cups out Englands 11 says it all with Forest(2) and yourselves the other winners. A bit of realsim must come to the fore here lads, honestly! Barry is a good player who wants to better himself, I as much as the next guy would love to see player loyalty on terms with the likes of Gerrard and Carragher, Terry, Neville, Scholes, Giggs etc. These are true heroes and idols for their clubs. Le Tissier is a genius. But unfortunately money talks and that the way the cookie crumbles
Report Abuse
02/07/2008 15:37:00

Thanks for your opinion Delaney, but I don't recall anyone asking for it so mind your own business. You still driving that Peugot 206?
Report Abuse
02/07/2008 16:21:00

Delaney should be stripped of his part-time academy role at Villa Park. Whatever his personal opinion of the Barry situation, he should keep quiet if it means by speaking out that he's another voice suggesting that Barry move on. Its a ridiculous state of affairs.
Report Abuse
02/07/2008 19:21:00

I think Mark has just proved once again what we all know... footballers are pretty thick, wonder if he tied his own bootlaces
Report Abuse
02/07/2008 21:20:00

I think Delaney should now be fined 2 weeks wages. MON, over to you???
Report Abuse
03/07/2008 16:07:00

he's a**** - being still involved with villa he should know when to keep his mouth shut.
Report Abuse
10/07/2008 16:53:00


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