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May I Applaud The Vital Villa Subscribers?

Like so many other Villa supporters I have followed the Barry Saga from the beginning, when Benitez first indicated that he had an interest in signing Barry and he, silly man that he is, allowed his head to be turned by that news and by Gerrard sounding off about him as well.

Yes, they were out of order making their approach for Barry the way they did, and insulting to our great club.

But then they expected Villa to do as they have in the past and 'roll over'. Not this time however, MON and Randy are made of much sterner stuff than the posturing
self-congratulatory Ellis and so, quite rightly, MON has said, 'You want a
player who is contracted to this club then you pay our valuation'.

It is as simple as that.

But that is not what this article is about, it is simply this: from the time Barry's article appeared in the NotW and Murph's excellent article in response appeared on Vital Villa, like so many of you I have read and re-read the articles and the many comments that we Villa supporters have
made about the situation.

There is pain and hurt expressed and disappointment is clearly there, mainly at Barry's disloyalty and stupidity at allowing himself to be persuaded to make such a very silly comment at this stage of the negotiations for his transfer.

There is also a lot of justifiable anger
at what Barry has done and the insults he has aimed at MON and Randy and
at Aston Villa.

BUT, and to me this is the important part, regardless of the hurts we all feel, there has been little or no viciousness and bile
poured on the man. Many of the subscribers have tried to be measured and reasonable in their response and have written constructive comments in, generally speaking, good well written prose.

Strangely, the intended recipients of Barry's services in the future, the red scousers, seem to be more aggressive and rude in their comments about us, the genuinely aggrieved, than we are, overall, about Barry and them.

Yes, I know I have had to use a number of adjectives, such as 'overall' as qualifying words because one or two subscribers have let their feelings run away with them a little, but that is really small beer.

Overall, as I have said, the response from so many of you has been measured and reasonable and well expressed. It makes me proud to be a Villa supporter and a subscriber to Vital Villa when we respond the way we have when, in truth our Club and its leaders have been grievously hurt by
the actions of one that we had taken to our hearts.

One thing is for certain, Barry will not be held in anything like the esteem at Anfield
that we held him in. He may be wearing their shirt, but it will take him a long time, if ever, to become one of them. He will always be seen as a turncoat and therefore unreliable.

By - Obediah

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The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday June 30 2008

Time: 4:15PM

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what disappoints me is that he went to the notw to announce this. I bet they paid him a small wedge aswell. On top of not handing in a transfer request so to get abit more cash. Gareth why oh why. Although i have to say mon has handled himself excellently his position has been clear throughout. Does anyone else think that pool are not going to meet our valuation. play the waiting game, accept a lower bid or keep him its a toughy
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30/06/2008 16:43:00

Here here. Top article. I think for the first time in a while we are in such a good position as a club that our response as fans CAN be reasonable and rational. As Villa fans we have had reason to be bitter and a bit cynical in the past but now things are on the up and in that context we can view the Barry saga with some perspective. We are one of the few teams that have remained in the premiership since its inception. We have a great manager and by all accounts a good board. We are not in need of finance and we are not in debt. In the past Barrys antics might have been condemned but with a trace of jealousy. Now we can rightfully see Barrys actions are just plain stupid. Villa fans are not jealous or being petty. We are simply saddened that someone we all respected and cheered on for ten years has turned his back no all that for a slim chance at Champions League football - which all in all might add up to a couple of games if Liverpool go out or Barry sits on the bench. In a world where Footballers seem like nothing more than pin headed celebrities, Barry seemed like a breath of fresh air. Anyone else choking now?
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30/06/2008 16:54:00

To be honest with you aron, I think liverpool thought we would roll over and give in to them. They were not expectng us to actually fight back, as in the past a top 4 club has come and walked with what they wanted. But as the above article points out, we are not a club like before, we are not going to roll over to them, we dont need the money, we are in the process of building a winning team. And Barry leaving makes no difference to that at all. The first time I saw the Liverpool lined to Barry I was angry and upset, but in hinsight, who cares, leave him go as his true colours (RED) has shone through and we really get to see the kind of person he really is, we all have ambition, we all want a better future, but I think he has just thrown away the biggest thing he had in his career and feel he will be gutted this time next year!!!!! He will be looking AT us with envy and thinking if only I had stayed!!!!!!
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30/06/2008 16:56:00

the fact is that Villa dont NEED the money from the Barry transfer, so we can hold out for the manager's valuation while pursuing targets of our own. I think MON will just let Rafa sweat about getting his man. He might as well forget who Gareth Barry is and set up his squad for next season, and wait for Rafa to offer a reasonable amount
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30/06/2008 16:58:00

We hold the power. Redscouse are to all intents and purposes, bankrupt. It is not that they don't want to meet our valuation, the truth is they can't. Not without unloading Crouch and/or Alonso. It is not a tough decision in most peoples eyes. We don't sell until our demands are met. Simple. The lack of money at Redscouse, the in fighting by divided owners (despite publicly saying they are friends again), the still potential takeover by DIC (which is a power sharing agreement where decisions are made by a committee) could really destabalise them should it happen, means they are struggling (although there are still many clubs that would happily be in their postion). Football has a very thin dividing line between success or failure. For example should redscouse put their summer investment into buying Barry, but then suffer a serious injury to Torres they could struggle to even get in the top 6 next season, such was their reliance on 1 players goals last season. They were not in the position that we were last season, where several players contributed a reasonable amount of goals. As a club we still need several players and the Barry saga must not be allowed to stand in the way of this or be used as an excuse. However providing we hold our nerve, with Chelski losing players/changing Manager, Arse losing players potentially, Manure possibly losing Ronaldo and the 42 goals he contributed, next season may bring about a few surprises. I think Barry contributed 9 goals (5 pens and 4 from open play but I am happy to be corrected). Take that out of our team and replace it with 18m and I am sure we will be stronger for it, providing the money is spent wisely.
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30/06/2008 17:16:00

Well said, I agree and I feel this does show Villa and us Villa fans in a very good light but were have all been able to take comfort in comparing the people who Villa compared to the people who run Liverpool as like the fans Randy and MON have come across very well where as in the words of Johnny Giles on the Irish radio show Off The Ball "Rafa has been a disgrace" I know that is a slaging but there his words not mine that combined with how the Villa youths played last season may have made us think losing Barry is not the end as the young Villans coming up look to be able to replace him in the long run.
Tallaght Villan
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30/06/2008 18:04:00

*Comparing the people who RUN Villa* Plus think about it Barry has to be let run midfield forcing Petrov and Reo-Coker to play the holding role now, Nigel was an attacking midfielder when we bought him and Petrov plays as a Defensive-Attacking Midfielder so both have to change there game to play with Barry, I think if we sell him and bring in a Defensive Midfielder we will see a new Petrov as good as the one we saw on his debut and well Reo-Coker s doing great so far out of position so imagine him in his proper role we could get two players better than Barry just from selling him.
Tallaght Villan
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30/06/2008 18:17:00

It's all very well taking the high ground on this, but at the end of the day (?), Liverpool won't offer more than 13m. Barry may have to stump up the cash himself.
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30/06/2008 18:38:00

Good point Tarzan. If Barry is so desperate to leave and cash-strapped Pool remain 5m short of our valuation, then let Barry buy out his contract. The more I read about Barry's childish utternaces, the more angry I become. Expecting MON to spend every minute of the summer trying to persuade him to stay at VP merely highlights Barry's ever-expanding ego. MON - do us all a favour: hit Barry with the maximum fine possible and strip him of the captaincy. And if his impending departure still isn't sorted out by the time the squad returns for pre-season, let him train with the juniors.
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30/06/2008 19:07:00

Everyone is assuming that he will end up at Liverpool. I fthey don't pay he doesn't play. What happens if he is still at Villa for the intertoto? If he plays in that then won't he be cup tied for the champions league?
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30/06/2008 19:10:00

Leave him to rot for a few months and see how he feels by the January transfer window.
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30/06/2008 19:10:00

erv2005 & voiceoftheholte i understand what your saying. But i think liverpool expected us to put up a fight, which is why they used underhand methods. They then put in 3 useless bids to make them look like they'r making an effort. However i agree that we shouldn't lower our value. But i can't see scouse paying 18 mill. So I'm getting the feeling that barry will still be at the villa next season, and i'm not sure i want to see him in our claret and blue again
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30/06/2008 19:15:00

Gareth Barry is a ****.
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30/06/2008 20:00:00

I'm angry at his betrayal, But i rate Gardener he has the potential to be a good attacking midfielder and make us forget all about the little twerp.
chris the villan
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30/06/2008 20:39:00

I've been thinking similar for a few days now, what if?.... Liverpool don't offer the asking price or Alonso doesn't move on and they haven't got the cash? If Barry has to stay does MON play him or leave him to rot (and I don't mean in the reserves 'cos our reserves are excellent and far too good for him), we don't want to loan him out if he gets to the last 12 months of his contract he can buy it out and leave Villa out of pocket, if he stays, will us the fans accept him back and support him?! I think it's time for MON to cut a deal with the scouse doley's, maybe cash and a couple of there better players because I can't see MON allowing him near the squad after his outburst. Then if I was MON I would go on a spending spree (wisely as only he does) and bring in some real quality to knock the doley's of their comfortable perch, Liverpool aren't the liverpool of old, they are in turmoil, backroom unrest, no money, a new stadium they can't afford and a manager who is worried for his future, the mighty Villa are so opposite of them and under MON we will go from strength to strength.
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30/06/2008 20:46:00

They were offering equivalent "hubcap players", reverves. Not even Riise, Pennant or Crouch. I mean would you accept Carson plus 3m for Barry? Because that's their price. I think this Barry issue may go away if we get a goalkeeper, defender and right winger in soon.
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30/06/2008 21:45:00

I'm only mad about his performance vs. Wigan
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30/06/2008 21:47:00

Villa are back for pre-season on Thursday apparently. Would think a nice 2 weeks fine for GB and training with the reserves for the forseeable will make sense... Can't see Liverpool suddenly giving us what we're asking just cos GB has mouthed off in the NoTW. If anything they'll see that it has strengthened their hand for Villa to accept a lower bid. How about a swap with Alonso. Don't think he's gone to Juve yet!
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30/06/2008 23:11:00

I posted this on Liverpool's Vital already as well but I feel it's an important point in the direction Liverpool are heading in. This is all so pointless. Take Barry already. I agree it's been needless tension between fans because recently I've found myself despising Liverpool fans more than Manure (no thanks to JohnDoe) but besides Mr. John "know it all" Doe, it's not the fans I really hate, it's the fact that ever since Benitez has come in he's been trying to transform a historic english club into a club that should be playing in La Liga. All you guys want is to be linked with Spanish players. "Bring in David Silva, bring in David Villa!!" Do you guys even know what country you live in and what club you support? It seems you've forgotten your roots and that's what's made Liverpool gone down in my books. With Scolari at Chelsea it will eventually be Portugal vs Spain when you two play and that's something I don't care to see. Have some pride in your country, bring some better players up in your youth system, and stop cherry picking the best english players from other teams only to sit them on your bench.
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01/07/2008 02:45:00

Cherry picking best english players?? you must have us confused with chelsea or manure... Liverpool first and foremost for us, we have pride in our team liverpool, be they full of english, spanish, african, japanese, it doesnt matter. And if you want to have go at our youth system please do some research beforehand, and you'll clearly see what has been achieved in the last 3 years, been completely revamped, and been walking away with nearly every prize recently.
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01/07/2008 03:48:00

Great article in the Times today by Matt Dickinson,at last a balanced view.....Liverpool are welcome to a new substitute but pay the money.
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01/07/2008 07:22:00

I think MON should rest Barry on the bench for the rest of his contract. Footballers must learn to respect their employers
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01/07/2008 08:18:00

I agree Poncho, leave him on the bench while we contest the 4th spot with the Red Scouse!!!!
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01/07/2008 08:24:00

I think potentially, if Villa wanted to, we could ruin his career over this. An entire year sitting on the bench would shatter his England chances and his fitness would be in an awful state. So much so that I doubt even Fulham would be interested (no disrespect to Fulham). And after all, it's not like we're short of a few bob. Should we really do this to a player? Considering the consequencies of selling him to Liverpool, ie; strengthening a rival club, proving that Villa are a feeder club etc etc . . . I believe this is necessary for the good of the club. Banish him to the Doug Ellis Stand for a year then he can buy his contract out. Fine him 2 weeks pay and leave him to sit it out and think about what he's done. AND strip him of his loyalty bonus.
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01/07/2008 09:54:00

I have just realised that MON will do exactly what VIC has just said, it makes sense if Liverplop do not meet the exact money then Barry will be in the reserves all season, quite litterally. He will lose his England credentials and MON is the type of manager to do this, as soon as a players Ego takes over he will take a leap out of Brian Clough's book and banish him just like Sorenson. Brain clough did this to Jenson for the cup final having been the best Forest player all season (apparently due to the over infated ego) to bring him back to ground with bump. perfect.
Report Abuse
01/07/2008 11:10:00

Alot of what you guys are saying is true, but if Barry stays and ends up in the reserves he will lose he england place, his sharpness, his fitness but most of all villa will probably lose millions on his transfer fee when he eventually does go, I trust in whatever MON decides to do with him, but personally I want him to go now, he's no good to us. I'll struggle to cheer for him if he carries on playing for us, we'll get peak price for him now, if not in cash maybe Crouch, Pennant, carson, or as someone mentioned earlier a deal involving Alonso, he would love to do some damage against the doley's, and from what I can see of other forums the fans don't want him to go.
Report Abuse
01/07/2008 13:23:00

Loan him to the FILTH!
Report Abuse
01/07/2008 17:45:00

Won nearly every prize recently, oh except the Academy everything this year. Drooler. Go and do some research with that jobsworth JohnDoe, he loves a stat or 2 or 3, he's like Ariston.
Report Abuse
01/07/2008 19:15:00

Article by Oliver Holt, says it all really.
Report Abuse
02/07/2008 10:56:00

You can applaud me as often as you like Obediah. No problem from me on that score. You can even send me donations if you so desire. Good article sir.
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02/07/2008 16:38:00

Agree with you about RL and MON. If the scousers thought that they could ride rough-shod over us as clubs did all too often in the past, they were very much mistaken.
Report Abuse
02/07/2008 16:40:00

Obediah you should submitt more articals. :-)
Report Abuse
03/07/2008 08:19:00

Col8 and glensider, I thank you for your comments. I do hope from time to time to offer more probably like this an observation on human behaviour rather than the intricacies of football, per se.
Report Abuse
04/07/2008 23:10:00

Fantastic article, dunno why I didnt see it befoe.
Report Abuse
10/07/2008 16:54:00


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