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Oh Gareth What Have You Done?

It seems that Martin O`Neill hasn`t really spoken to Gareth Barry much, and naturally our club captain has reacted in a graceful, mature and dignified manner as usual.

Actually, no he hasn`t, he`s gone bleating to press.

A "furious" Gareth Barry has now broken off from his summer holiday to speak with the News of the World about the lack of communication between himself and Villa boss Martin O`neill, over the Liverpool transfer saga.

In a move that clearly sets the perfect example of how not to behave as a £40,000 a week footballer, Barry has done some tapping up of himself, whilst at the asme time alienating what few fans were still hanging onto that hope that he`d turn around and commit himself to the Villa Park cause.

It appears that once picked for England, and Rafa Benitez said he was interested, Mr Barry`s head had been turned from regular run-of-the-mill Villa star, to some form of superstar status usually seen by lesser team squad members who have attracted the interest of Chelsea (Ben Haim, Wright Phillips and Steve Sidwell, here`s looking at you kids!)

Barry told the paper:

"It`s seven weeks now since the season finished but while the gaffer`s found time to be a pundit for the BBC at Euro 2008, he hasn`t found the time to speak to me.

"But have Villa offered me anything to try to persuade me my future is at Villa Park not Anfield? Not a thing."

Why should we offer you anything Gareth? You were already one of the highest paid players in the club and had what could be described as a fairly bog-standard season. You haven`t proved to be that star that your ego seems to have inflated ever since you managed to pick up the captains armband for England, lasting a whopping 20 minutes as Capello & Co. faced the international footballing powerhouses that are Trinidad & Tobago.

"Unfortunately, it`s now too late. It`s all pointless. I want to go and that`s it."

Good, get your bags packed sunshine, as soon as Liverpool stump up some real cash, you can be on your way. Just don`t dare attempt to claim that you have been "misquoted" by the newspapers eh?

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The Journalist

Writer: Murph Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday June 29 2008

Time: 2:08PM

Your Comments

Let him go, he will be the one who will regret it in the seasons to come.
Yes. Let him have his wish and go. Its crystal clear that he wants to leave. Accept 15 + mil and let him talk to the scouse. Before any more damage is done
He says seven weeks since end of season and 'gaffer' not spoken to him.... I recall a meeting he supposedly had in the begining of June with MON and RL. He said originally 'untill a bid is accepted I have no decision to make' Well no bids been accepted but you have made a decision - LIAR BARRY! Why would MON ring the agent saying he would ring Barry then not do it? It's lies from someone and I finger the agent in all of this. A last ditch attempt to get away as Plop have made it clear they will need meet our valuation. If you're that desperate Gob*****e put in a written request and wave good bye to you bung!
assuming its true
oh gareth, looks like you will be warming our bench or liverpools now, why dont you donate some of your own cash to liverpool if you are that desperate to leave, then perhaps they will be able to bid an acceptable amount for your services
I think I've said this on five different forums (forae?) so far. This appears to be Scouseland "divide and conquer" tactics. Think about Gareth Barry and the way he has conducted himself in the past - this report is so far out of character I don't believe the interview ever happened! Because of the newsworthiness of the story, it has been picked up by all and sundry and reported as FACT. I could be wrong of course but the fact still remains that he's contracted to Villa and until the club accept a bid for him, he'll remain at Villa. Nothing's changed. Just mind you don't get hit by a red rattle flying out of the pram!
oops - bridges burnt and all that!
we could allways keep him and make him honor his contract ... if liverpool dont want to pay what he is worth then we should keep him for two years and then let him go for free it will cost us big money to replace him . and if he doesnt play 100% for us he wont get a game for the mighty ENGLAND .. well that one option anyway i think what he is doing is forcing the gaffa into selling him
It shows once again that footballers, however talented, seem to be bears of very little brain. Biting the hand that feeds him before he has another to do the same, is stupid in the extreme. Plus there is no guarrantee that Benitez will match, or come near matching, MON's valuation of the player so he may not end up at Liverpool at all. With Lampard reportedly going would GB go to Chelski, I wonder? Or is it the scousers or nothing for him? In which case it may be nothing. How sad.
what a muppet. haven't Villa offered him £70k a week to stay? Plus, after telling the manager that he wants to go, why the hell should we offer him something to persuade him to stay. bored of this, get him out of our club. He needs to check the loiverpool message boards, they don't want him and i reckon Rafa has realised that and cooled his interest.
Isn't it dissapointing when people's true colours finally come through and they're not the person you thought they were. It's like when you discover Father Christmas doesn't exist, or you find your first pubic hair. Suddenly you realize life will never be the same again.
haha nice cyprus, nice analogy. the fact that barry is now trying to make MON look stupid is unfathomably ridiculous from someone who most people consider an intelligent footballer
hehe cant wait until the euro 2008 final later on tonight to see what O'Neill has to say - Linekar always puts peopel on the spot like that.
godzvilla "I think I've said this on five different forums (forae?) so far" So that's how it is! you told us we were the only one, that you loved us and we would be happy, I suppose you told that to all the other forums as well, you know things can never be the same between us now, don't you, I'm disgusted, don't know how you could do this to us.....and as for you Villan-in-Cyprus "Father Christmas doesn't exist" how could you say such a thing, today is a bad day for the moral fibre of Vital.
To be fair Murph unless Barry has developed a case of the chavs that's not his 'normal speak'. It also comes direct and unfettered from the News of the World, often recycled as toilet paper and with an accuracy standing of a weather forecast. I'm Victor, and I don't believe it.
Good article Murph. Well done. I've submitted a poll on GB - get it up there now!!!
Barry sounds like a man thats been manipulated by his agent. I read today that his agent told him to expect calls from MON on a number of occasions but the calles never happened..... Hmmmmmmm He's had no contact since his meeting after englands trinidad game hmmmm maybe because MON and Randy told him they wanted him to stay and how important he was to villa and he threw it back in their faces saying he wants to join liverpool. why would MON call a player that dosent want to play for the club? Why should they offer him a new contract he only recently had one and he's got another 2 years left on his current deal. no one player is bigger than the club and MON is showing this. If he offered every player a new contract everytime someone else wanted to buy them then villa would go bankrupt. Just look at Ronaldo, madrid say they want him man u insist he's going no where and not getting a new contract either saying no one is bigger than the club. next thing Ronaldo says he wants to leave and then manure decide they are going to offer him more wages (on top of his est £110,000 a week. Now that tells me they have no back bone. Barry can easily be replaced it's no great loss i say hold out for 18 million or ask for a straight swap with both carson and crouch.
Why did gareth go to the news of the world? ooohhhh £. Why has he not handed in a transfer request? £ cha ching. Barry you've now lost me. if/when you go and return to villa park in red colours i won't cheer your name nor boo. Just silence. You deserve nowt. 18 mill or the reserves for the year
The club doesn`t need to offer him anything to persuade him,He is under contract to the club for another 2 years.If he wants a transfer hand in a transfer request don`t slag the club and manager off in the papers,What an ungrateful**** o`neill is the one who has got him back in the england side.Its all about his ego as he let slip a few times there.Gareth you are not that good son, ***** OFF!!
Why should Villa offer him more to stay? He's already got a contract. I once had a lot of respect for GB but not anymore. What a tw*t.
i read today that apparently Villa will accept 15-17 million if rafa benitez 'promises to pull out of the running for David Bentley'. But do you really think we could trust the man???!!!! HA. Hurry up and get rid of Barry. Take 15 million and run before anyone realises its massively overpriced. I wonder what the odds are on Liverpool going out in the qualifiers!!!
Let the Judas rot!!!!!!! He is just like all the rest money grabbing Cnut!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is what O'Neill said early last month, "Obviously trying to keep Gareth Barry at the football club will be the most important thing that we're trying to do in the summer. "A player of Gareth's undoubted quality and ability would take some replacing, so keeping him at Aston Villa is as important as anything we do in the transfer market." _______This is what Barry's saying today, "“Villa kept saying they wanted me to stay but I have not heard from the manager for weeks. The last time we spoke was just after England’s match in Trinidad at the start of June. And that’s it. It just made me think that he and the club were just saying one thing in public but were not really bothered at all about me in private. “What other conclusion can you reach? It’s seven weeks now since the season finished but while the gaffer’s found time to be a pundit for the BBC at Euro 2008, he hasn’t found the time to speak to me." " But have Villa offered me anything to try to persuade me my future is at Villa Park not Anfield? Not a thing.” " The club have contacted my advisor, Alex Black, a few times and told him that Martin O’Neill (right) had something important to tell me. They said that Martin was going to call me. “But every time I was told to expect the call it never materialised. I found that hurtful and disrespectful. All that told me was that I was being messed around by my club and by my manager. If you say you are going to call then you should call. “And if you say you want me to stay then you should prove it." Make up your own conclusions.
You lot keep barry, no liverpool fan even wants him, what is benitez doing going in for him. Keep alonso screw barry. i really hope he stays with you lot.
As a few have mentioned above, Barry has two years of a contract still to run. I believe that MON and Randy are both men of principle, which may mean that they choose to make an example of Barry. I know that it's a lot of money to refuse (13, 15, 18ml) but what a wonderful opportunity it is to set an example to the rest of the over-paid, over-rated, ungreatful so called superstars! I wonder what the likes of someone like Brian Clough (RIP) would make of it all! Anyway, stick him in the reserves and show the rest of the football world that we won't be messed around.
barry is such an ungreatful little PR!CK, villa have made him what he is and this is how he repays them..... to be honiest i agree with EZLFC we dont want him..... why would we want players that talk about their club and manager like that to the press.... just asking for trouble.....what i think has happened here is barry plays for england a couple of times we make our interest known to him and he sees champions league football and a top 4 side and he sees the big ££££'s signs in he eyes. barry we dont want you and i hope villa kick your a$$ in to the reserves....
We don't need helpful hints from Liverpool fans telling us what was said and not said by either party, Barry himself said there was "no decision to make". But now he wants a new contract, even though his main motivation was to play in the Champions League and nothing to do with money. Barry wants his dream move with his boyfriend, so he's welcome to it, all Liverpool have to do is stop penny pinching and pay the fee that we are demanding for a player that has 2 years remaining on his contract. Then your club, and your new player can all go and bleat to the press as much as you want, your suited for each other.
I've lost all respect for GB now, how dare he disrespect MON, the man who put him where he is now. We need to get rid of him ASAP, but I really hope MON has some class act to replace him (Thomas the Hammer) would be acceptable to me. I'd like to see MON spend big and really go for it, buy some players people will turn heads at and say Villa mean business (I know we'll have to pay over the odds and change our pay structure). GB will look good warming Rafa's bench and cleaning Gerrards boots. I have great faith in MON and think time will show GB made the biggest mistake of his career. But MON needs to do some good business and soon.
Why let Liverpool & Barry come & ***** all over our Roses untill we let them have their way?????? Tell him to get on with it he's going nowhere & send a message out the the fans that Villa are not a selling club & no player is bigger that this graet club of our. Then tell barry to get on with it or rot. Simple.
Sorry about the spelling mistakes but i think you get my drift.
Judas. Nuff said.
jake findlay
Gutted. Always thought GB was an example of a true professional and clever guy, showing respect towards our club, the only club which believed in him throughout and made him what he is now... So wrong :(
Bye bye Barry, Barry bye bye
MON could always make Barry parade around in the new kit when it gets launched on 7th July. LOL....
Talk about propaganda!
What a *****er. What has happened to loyalty in modern day football? These disgraceful actions are all over the place in English football. Adebayor for us, Ronaldo for the Mancs, and Barry for you lot. I hope they all get what they deserve...nothing!
I get the impression hat Mr Barry may be the subject of several boos if he gets onto the Villa Park pitch in red this coming season. All very unnecessary as he has done so much for us in the last 10 years. All very sad really. But as they say, once you have made your bed....
One Olof Mellberg, there's only one Olof Mellberg!!
If Barry is such a big star why aren't the other "big" clubs around europe clambering for his services? I don't blame MON for going to work for the BBC , at least he is out looking at players rather than sunning himself in the carribean as other premiership managers have done. There have been very few transfers yet , so let's wait and see what this week brings. I predict a flurry of activity once Euro 08 is over. With only 3 weeks to the intertoto we need players in this week, and those who want to go out of the door. I have doubts if the NOTW story has much fact in it , other than it's part of the Anfield propaganda machine. Red tops together.
What's going on in football these days? It seems as though every Vital site is telling tales of disloyalty and greed. Very disapointing.
Im glad he's exposing himself for what he is.his comment about the club offering him nothing to stay is priceless.
Definetely agree with you, HolteEnder43. Arsene Wenger has spent the whole Euro as a pundit for french TV and his players are not complaining about it...
I am affraid I saw this coming a long time ago. I for one was never taken in a Mr GB! He is just like any other greedy footballer. I think MON has played this like a world class conductor plays an orchestra, with grace, poise, experience and maturity. He has sat back and let Liverpool colectively and Barry dig this huge hole for themselves. Barry is "well f****d" now because Liverpool, we've established are SKINT so Barry's dream of playing alongside his best mate, may have to be put on hold unless all the scoucers have a whip round and Rafa pools his tips he gets from waiting on tables.
Dont sell him unless liverpool pay the 18 million or offer us straight swap for carson and crouch. I'd love for him to leave and then liverscum not qualify for the european cup and us to win the UEFA or even better for him to see out his contract and for us to qualify for the european cup and then not offer him a new contract hahaha
have to agree with gappy65 according to the official site MoN says a meeting was held.The club are playing hardball.
i say leave him out of pre season training then only sell him on the last day of the transfer window so he'll not be fit for weeks and prob wont get picked for the first qualifier........tossa
For anyone tempted to believe Barry (and JohnDoe lol!) about who is guilty here, ask yourself the question that all good detectives ask: cui bono (who gains)? Aston Villa would have nothing to gain from a lack of communication. It is clear - even from the crap that JohnDoe quoted from the NoW - that Barry was told very clearly at his meeting with MON and RAL what the club were prepared to offer an under-contract player. It is also clear that whatever they offered would not have been enough and that his mind has been made up from the start - he simply didn't have the guts to say so. Unfortunately for him, the club have not simply caved in over the price LFC offered, and there isn't exactly a rush for his services from the other Champs League boys (wonder why?) It is also clear that the Scouse fans are not that thrilled with Tom Jones' move for Barry, and that the goateed one has cooled his ardour. Barry can now see everything slipping away and ending in disaster for him UNLESS he can get Villa to sell at a price that LFC can afford (peanuts, anyone?) Hence the pressure, via the press, on MON and Villa. Except it has backfired. Nobody connected with Aston Villa believes a blind word of what he is saying. Barry is now acting like a man who has been caught having an affair, but doesn't want to lose half his house and hasn't got the guts to tell his wife he's leaving. So he's going round telling all their mutual friends that it was his wife's fault really. Coward. For God's sake put in your request for a divorce, Barry, and pack your bags.
mon hasn't kept anyone who has so much as hinted about wanting guaranteed football or talked about needing to move on to fulfill ambition etc(ask cahill) so dont think he was ever going to entertain the idea of keeping gb he's just playing the game to get what he/villa want out of the deal
The obvious result of this is that he is gone, he won't be playing for us next season. That dissapoints me as both Villa and Barry indivually have made great strides this season. We need to concentrate on getting the right amount for him quickly, letting him get off to the land of the shellsuit and get a suitable replacement in quickly - all the hard work that has gone into generating positive momentum this coming season with ollys great gesture, european football, acorns sponsorship etc will be lost if this gets dragged out. Mr O'Neill, I applaud your stand against Rafa's dirty tactics to unsettle Barry but get him out the door and show the other "jewels" in the crown (Young, Gabby, Davies etc) that no player is bigger than this great club of ours and anyone not wanting to be a part of this can go.
BobTheBuilder, So what's you're saying is that Barry is lying in his comments today, and that's from a player who's conduct in the past doesn't give a hint that he's this type of player, as all Villa fans kept on telling us before today. My guess is, and it's only a guess, that O'Neill knew from the beginning that Barry's going to leave, and all this crap about trying to keep Barry at Villa is just an act to try to raise his price, and who gains from this? What O'Neill didn't expect is that Barry would go public with the lack of communication between them.
your a sad to$$er JohnDoe get a life and stop spending so much time on your computer,there are so many forums with 1000 word articles of your crap just stop talking please.Barry and Liverpool have been desperate from day one and MoN has played them both brilliantly.
JohnDoe, I would expect Martin O'Neill and Aston Villa to do exactly what they have done: state the deal they are prepared to give Gareth Barry, straight and up front, and then WAIT for the player's response. That's the way your club used to do business in days gone by. No player bigger than the club, make your offer and the player takes it or leaves it. The problem is that Barry runs to the press and contradicts himself. He says it isn't about money and then moans that Villa aren't on the phone offering him more. He KNOWS what Villa's offer is. If he isn't happy, he has to put in a transfer request. There is only one reason not to do that - back to the money. He wants his cake and eat it. Why not go back to your own board and check how many of your mates even want Barry. I'll wager there aren't many.
We dont even want him, that should be the first point. Stay at villa, especially now as you can see he's a greedy bast**d.
Bob, I would rather keep Alonso than buy Barry myself, but that's not the point. You're saying that Barry knows what Villa's offer is, well Barry himself says, if we believe today's quotes, " But have Villa offered me anything to try to persuade me my future is at Villa Park not Anfield? Not a thing.” He says there has been NO OFFER from Villa, so it's either he's lying and he only saying this to pressure Villa into selling, or he's telling the truth and O'Neill didn't offer him anything. I'll ask again, is Barry the type of player that would lie? Pking, O'Neill's brilliance alienated his captain with the way he played him judging by today's quotes.
Really harsh guys. Barry has done us very well, sometimes looking like the only one who cared. His performances last year won some rave reviews Murph. A lot of people wanted Barry to come out and say what he thought so lets not jump on his back now. Good luck in the future Gareth. You are certainly not a Judas and there is nothing wrong with wanting to make a bit of money with one transfer in what is a short career. Thanks for the memories, I enjoyed watching you play and appreciated your efforts.
This is just a sideshow and really is down to money, there's no loyalty in football nowadays. The rubbish touted in the press is just GB and his agent totally avioding him putting in a transfer request nothing more nothing less (he'd forgo millions I reckon). JohnDoe - O'neil was always going to alienate his captain if Liverpool won't pay over 12m? He wants to join you and play Champions League. So what. Until I see a formal transfer request, I'll believe none of this rubbish.
2 good seasons,Good luck liverpool unless you revolve your team around him he is *****.*****er.
complete cock - get rid. i hope he rots and gets burgled in *****typool.
JohnDoe you really are a sucker for tabloid bull. Weeks ago O'Neill conceded the loss of Barry live on BBC, so for Barry to say now that Villa haven't done enough to keep him is laughable. Why bend over backwards to keep a player that has made it abundantly clear he wants to go? The real truth of this story is that he is your player but you're too skirt to be able to afford him. All this BS in the papers is liverpool fc trying to get Barry on the cheap, and Barry's agent trying to force the move through before it falls apart. If your club want him so bad, then pay up. As for your question, is Barry the type of player that would lie? The answer is, we have seen a totally different side to Barry since the Wigan game when your classless lot
The Usual Suspect
Lol - I wasn't finished! I continue ... when your classless lot tried to unsettle him before our season was over. You can have him, but you can't afford him until you sell three other players.
The Usual Suspect
Bye Barry. Least you can go bin dipping with "Stevie G" on a saturday:) Roll on August 30th, because youll hear a noise you have never heard from our fans towards you before. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
we are the Villa boot boys BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
All a bit odd. I agree with some comments that it doesn't sound much like Barry speaking in the quotes, so there could be a bit of journalistic licence going on. In the end though it's easy to believe that with pre-season around the corner and no sign of a deal, someone in Team Barry thought it was time to raise the stakes. A shame, but that's 21st Century football. I don't agree with the view that Barry was only average: he certainly went AWOL sometimes, but then the whole team underperformed. Replacement and possibly reorganisation is going to be important. Unless there's a big change he's definitely going to get the treatment when he returns to Villa Park which is also a shame. Not sure how my Barry-smitten 11 year old is going to react to that. So my message to Mr O'Neill is ... photogenic buys only!
Supermansfoot, you're obviously a very forgiving individual, for which you should be applauded. However, I believe the vast majority do not share your sentiments. This is a perfect example of a player genuinely believing he is better than the club and he is trying to shame Aston Villa (your club) in an international newspaper for his own gain. I think a minority of Villa supporters, yourself included, are so taken by this perception of Barry being the blue-eyed-b
Supermansfoot, you're obviously a very forgiving individual, for which you should be applauded. However, I believe the vast majority do not share your sentiments. This is a perfect example of a player genuinely believing he is better than the club and he is trying to shame Aston Villa (your club) in an international newspaper for his own gain. I think a minority of Villa supporters, yourself included, are so taken by this perception of Barry being the blue-eyed-boy that you are refusing to accept that he is simply not the man you thought he was. I don't blame you for keeping the blinkers on, i'm sure the hard truth will eventually sink in that you have been deceived. But Mr. Barry should remember one thing, the house always wins.
JohnDoe - Barry clearly IS that kind of player. His outbursts are full of inconsistencies. For instance, he states that his move is about Champions League football (right now), but then tries to imply that he would have stayed at Villa 'for the right package'. It is an indisputable fact that there is NO way for him to get CL football at Villa (right now), and he knows that. He is therefore lying if he implies - as he has - that he is 'trying his best to stay at Villa but the club won't play ball'. Face facts, even your own fans already mistrust Barry. That should tell you something, if you cared to admit it.
Lets look at the facts, we are never going to overtake any of the top 4, FACT, I know it hurts, but give the lad a break he wants to play at a higher level, he has been a good servant to our club.
'we are never going to overtake any of the top 4, FACT' What sort of pessimist are you, veltman? My god, well what's the point then? We may as well give up now shall we. It's people like you that are the reason other clubs don't take us seriously. FACT. If our own supporters have no belief in our own ability, then why should the players, the manager or Randy Lerner. None of us are expecting miracles and the majority of us on here are level-headed, but comments like that are just uneccessary and makes us look stupid to the rest of the league. The only part that 'hurts' me is knowing that Villa supporters like you exsist. FACT.
And further to my last, 'give the lad a break he wants to play at a higher level, he has been a good servant to our club.' Play at a higher level? Barry is only playing at the level he is (Internationally- the highest level you can play at) because of the mastermind that is, Martin O' Neill. Who he has just unleashed a scathing verbal assault on in the media. And for what? Good servant lol. A very highly paid servant who now thinks he is a million times better than he is. Are you actually his agent in disguise?
no I am not his agent and don't talk to me about being a proper fan I have had a season ticket for over 20 years. I consider myself to be a very level headed fan who looks at facts and does not get carried away with emotional sentiment like you. The fact is that if liverpool or one of the top 4 came in for MON he would jump at the chance to go to a higher level FACT, so he cant blame barry for doing the same. Liverpool have won 5 european cups and been in 2 finals and a semi final in the last 4 years, they are playing the game a much higher level, it pains me to say it but we can not compete - get used to it, the last thing we won of any note was the league cup in 1996.
If Everton can break the top 4 so can Villa FACT !!!! Villa,Spurs,Everton,Man City and Pompey all have the potential to really be in amongst it in the coming season THE GAP WILL CLOSE !!!!!!!!!! :)C,MON YOU VILLA BOYS !!!!!
Everton breaking into the Top 4 was not sustainable FACT, they did not even qualify for the competition proper and got knocked out in the qualifier, so what was the point, just went to prove that they where not good enough to be there. I am not making my judgment on sentiment, we are miles away from being a top 4 side, with the ability to compete in the champions league, because thats what it's all about, being able to compete with real madrid, barcelona, and inter, can you really see us getting a result away to any of these sides, if ANSWER IS NO then we are not a top 4 side and never will be.
I think we should all get real about where our football club stands in this country, we are a feeder club to the top 4, accept it. We are miles away from the champions league.
Veltman, you are obviously not a Villa fan. I could tell you that I have had a season ticket for 40 years but you don't know that I am younger than that, so anyone on here can speak from the incorrect orifice. If Liverpool hadn't won the previous year to finishing 5th, thus getting into the Champs League via some new ruling then they would have lost a lot of money and possibly players and they may not have been the team that they are today. Everton would have had different opposition in the qualifying round (not the semi finalists) and may have been bought by a Billionaire and who knows. Obviously its all IFS & BUTS but you can say never say never. P.S. You shouldn't say FACT so much either while I am in the process of correcting you. P.P.S. The sky is blue FACT
Ok Veltman, you have your opinion and I have mine. All I can say is i'm glad it's not you giving the team talk in the dressing room.
my god villan you are f***in thick, what sort of argument is that ifs and buts, come on try and string a proper sentence together kid. maybe you should stick to the boy band forums. I will reiterate my view. 1. we are a feeder club 2. we will not qualify for the champions league 3. our best player will leave to join liverpool 4. Agbonlahor will go to man u next season 5. MON is more interested in media work than improving the squad All FACT
1. We obviously aren't a feeder club, otherwise Barry would already have gone. 2. We won't qualify for the Champions League tomorrow, next week or maybe even next season. But it WILL happen. Never say never veltman 3. Barry is not our best player, Ashley Young is. 4. Agbonlahor was born in Erdington, is a Villa fan and is now playing for his boyhood club and fulfilling his childhood dream. 5. Correct me if i'm wrong, but i'm sure we just finished 6th in the league, 11th the season before and 16th the season before that and you're critisizing MON?
veltman - are you avfc48 in disguise? You speak as though the Top4 have always been the top four and always will, but this is simply not the case. Ten years ago Chelsea were a smaller club than ours. In a couple of years when Ferguson retires Man U will fall from grace. For all we know in 10 years QPR (With their billionaire steel barron owner) could be in the Top4. You really are short sighted and a right whiner. There is no reason why we can't break into the Top4 with the right investment and sound management. Don't pretend you can predict the future - you can't, you're just a small mind in a large world.
The Usual Suspect
Maybe Villa should employ veltman as the player's welfare person, so he can meet and greet all the new arrivals and tell them what a wonderful club this is and how we're on our way up, and how they'll be noticed by Fabio Capello as soon as they're in the famous Claret & Blue. We could even use him to attract potential new players to the club. They'd come flocking to VP! ha ha ha
Do you even go the match "Villan-in-Cyprus"? I bet you don't, bet you watch half a dozen games a year on the TV, typical internet warrior, you make me sick, get real and accept the situation why are you living in make belief land. Agbonlahor was born in Erdington, I know I am from Erdington and the novelty of playing for your boyhood club does not last, money and the desire to will trophies will overtake the boy, he will be gone this time next year you mark my words. "The usual suspects" are you for real "man u will fall from grace" they will be able to compete for the worlds best players every year due to their massive support. I have a few fans that sit by me in the match that are a bit brain dead but you are taking the F*ckin *****. I hope no other fans are reading this, they would be p*ssing themselves laughing at how delusional you lot are
I haven't logged into this site and after reading the likes of veltman I'm glad I hadn't. We won't ever break into any top 4 while we are willing to sell our best players. Once we keep hold of them we will have a chance. News for you - the top 4 won't be the same top 4 forever. Whether we're in it remains to be seen - if it did happen you'd be moaning "we don't deserve to be in this"
Steve W
hook line and sinker you stupid ugly brummie F**kers I just came here to see how thick you where. And once again you villa fans have not let me down, bored of you now, cant wait to see your best player playing for the reds next season. Hate brummies because whenever I go to villa park the atmosphere is crap, get behind your side and you might have a chance of finishing in the top 10, thats all you are a top 10 club, accept it. Will post a smug "Ha Ha Ha" once Barry has signed for the most successful english club. there is a reason barry wants to play for us, its because he knows you will never be a top 4 club and your fans are *****. FACT
I thought as much - just another stupid scouser. Go back to your bankrupt little club and dream of the glory days, your club is the most likely to drop out of the big4 you muppet.
The Usual Suspect
With Liverpool now interested in Keane and Barry I wonder if the grand plan is to weaken Villa and Spurs and thus cement Liverpool's top-4 place! Let't face it Barry and Alonso are not a million miles apart in terms of standard. Liverpool are in no place to challenge ManU or Chelski with or without Barry and Keane. They are playing for cups and CL. In my opinion the gap between Manu & Chelsea and Arsenal & Liverpool is getting bigger and 5,6,7 place are catching up.
20 games a season veltman, home and away. Go and f u ck yourself.
Let me get this right, you're from Erdington and you support Liverpool. Ha, who are you kidding?
He's shown his true colours thats what he's done. Finally had the balls to make public his intentions. Mr Goody Two-Shoes is no more.
MON and the club have handled this whole sorry mess superbly. We have refused to be pushed around. A very nice change compared to the Doug Ellis era.

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