Aston Villa - Robinson Keen On Villa Move
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Robinson Keen On Villa Move

Ok this is probably more speculation as there are no direct quotes but 'sources close to the player' have said he is making all the right noises.

I'm not sure what noises he is making, groans of ecstasy maybe or maybe he's running around White Hart Lane shouting 'I'm a goalkeeper get me out of here'. I really don't know.

So please don't ask - but apparently he's making them.

The Evening Mail have carried a story based on sources 'from London' who claim he is ready to tell Martin O'Neill to come and get him.

Robinson has been rumoured to be a long term target for O'Neill but interest was ramped up a gear or two over the last 24-48 hours. A meeting is planned between manager and player BUT has yet to be finalised as O'Neill has other potential deals to juggle.

The meeting also needs the official go ahead from Spurs, which if given would imply we could sign Robinson for a snip at around £5 million.

IF and it would be if, he can regain his form, confidence and return to the type of performances that made his name at Leeds and Spurs in the early years, it could quite easily be the signing of the season.

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The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday June 26 2008

Time: 3:29PM

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Hasn't this already been front paged? Robinson ain't good enough we need Boruc, basically.
still skeggy
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26/06/2008 15:36:00

abc - Anyone But Carson ..... I say go get him ... just needs a return of confidence, 5 million is not a lot really in todays silly tv money
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26/06/2008 15:41:00

Was never a bad goalkeeper imo. Made a few mistakes, had a dip in form just like every other goal keeper out there. Worth a punt at 5mil, and def can't be worse than carson.
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26/06/2008 15:48:00

Gets my vote. Lets get it done and move onto the next one or six signings we need!!
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26/06/2008 15:51:00

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26/06/2008 15:52:00

Robbo is a local hero in my home town and well liked but all who know him, a nice lad and good keeper, get him signed. Boruc - 15mil, Carson 10mil and Robbo 5mil. Give me Robbo, and get that Guzan we keep hearing about!!
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26/06/2008 15:52:00

Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc Boruc No one else will do
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26/06/2008 15:52:00

I agree, lets look at our goalkeepers over the last few seasons....ok done that, now we know Robinson might have a confidence crisis but he'll look at our goalkeepers too and think, well sod it i've not got much to live up too, so the pressure is off, plus add MONs ability to bring the best out of players i think it is a right bargain.... I used to play in goal, and its hard if you constantly have the pressure of messing up, cuz you are thinking, "don't mess this up" rather than oh thats where the ball is.... If we do get him, i hope we all get behind him and get his career back on track and not have the doubters like we did when we signed the Hare...
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26/06/2008 15:54:00

All you Boruc fans, did you watch his games for Celtic this season? He made only slightly less howlers than Robinson, but the Bhoys still love him? Go figure
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26/06/2008 15:59:00

Boruc is not all that and a bag of chips. I doubt he would leave the comfortable nest of the SPL anyway (why leave when there is a guarantee of European football and a 50% chance you'll be league champs every season?). Get Robbo-good deal at 5 mil. He's got something to prove-get him.
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26/06/2008 16:05:00

Robbo is worth a 5 Million pound punt! That Gordon guy of sunderland we looked at earlier in the season ended up being very average and to think we offered 8 million plus..........shocking!
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26/06/2008 16:19:00

Robbo is obviously keen.......hes also keen on pies but MON should sort him out........MONS great on Match Of The Day.........class!
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26/06/2008 16:45:00

I can not believe we are even having this debate. Robinson has a good kick and errrr that is it. His ability to dive for shots straight at him and make them look like good saves is remarkable. However when he genuinely has to dive, he usually gets no where near it, and the only times he does, the ball gets parried straight back into danger. He can not command his defence. His command of his box on free kicks and crosses is that of a Sunday league player. It is nothing to do with confidence, he is woeful even when playing at the top of his own very low standards. He was truly awful at Leeds, but brilliantly well marketed by the club and his agent, to ensure Leeds got top dollar during their firesale. Have a look at the 6 goals Spuds conceded against us last season (might as well look at the other 60 odd goals as well + God knows how many in the the previous 2 seasons) and then say you would welcome Robinson in goal for us. I think not. If he wasn't dropping crosses, he wasn't coming for them. His command and positioning of his defence for free kicks was not even Sunday League standard. He is truly awful. 25 of the goals conceeded by Spuds last season would have been saved by almost every other keeper in the Pemier League. We are all entitled to opinions but I am certain those that like Robinson have not studied the goals conceded by Spuds since his arrival. He was unfortunate with the miskick against Croatia (it could have happened to any keeper) but since then the spotlight has been on him and he has proved beyond doubt, that he is not up to the task as a Premier League keeper, let alone international one. Signing Robinson will hold this club back for years. We should not be going for the goalkeeping cast off for a club that concedes as many goals as Spuds have since he has been in goal. We should be forcing the hand of a club who doesn't want to lose their keeper, in the same way that Redscouse are doing with us with Barry. Foster, Boruc and Friedel should all be on M'ON's wish list. The only wish list that Robinson should be on is ours and that means wishing he doesn't get any where near our club. We are all doooooooomed I tell you, if he does.
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26/06/2008 16:48:00

To be fair he is a much better keeper than we had last season, just a confidence problem, oneill would help him find his previous form, i think for the amount of money mentioned he would be worth a go.
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26/06/2008 16:53:00

Wish TuBBz was around, I'd love to know who he wants as goalkeeper, don't think I've seen any mention of it from him! :o)
The Fear
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26/06/2008 16:56:00

Agree with VOTH, even our saviour MON can't save this lost soul. Boruc looks worth 10 mil bid ASAP
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26/06/2008 16:56:00

Agree Eircol, he is being written off for some blunders but he is a good keeper, far better than Carson (which isn't a major shock, Carson is only really just starting and hasn't the experience)
The Fear
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26/06/2008 16:57:00

The freindly with Zurich is rumoured to be an agreement as part of a transfer?
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26/06/2008 17:11:00

Just a rumour before i get slaughtered...
Report Abuse
26/06/2008 17:12:00

Eircol, shut up with ur rumours already. if u wanna post rumours, do it in the forums. and feel the wrath of the members there :D
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26/06/2008 18:09:00

abc! lol
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26/06/2008 18:42:00

5 mil is a snip for a keeper with euro and world cup expericence + a handful of uefa games behind him. wonder if the holte end will make a song for him?
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26/06/2008 19:05:00

Lets get him, I remember going to wembley, losing because of calamity james and joining the get rid of calamity club, time has moved on and so did james, wish he was still with us now, keepers tend to get better with age, robinson will come into his prime in the next two years and I hope its with us. O'neill will get him back in the national side too.
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26/06/2008 19:16:00

Carson looked good til he lost all his confidence in a certain England/Croatia match and got hammered by the press and opposition fans. Didn't see O'Neill able to help him recover why should he help Robinson
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27/06/2008 06:08:00

Come on robbo join in the fun down at villa park.
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27/06/2008 10:12:00

I'd much prefer Borac and Guzan. They both look excellent from the little I've seen.
Adam Deuce
Report Abuse
27/06/2008 10:37:00

voiceoftheholte has summed up exactly what I have been saying all season. He IS the reason why Spurs concede so many goals. 5 million for him, while we get Gomes from PSV is top business considering we only paid 7million for Gomes. Unfortunatley Robinson is just a keeper that likes to make saves look good and he cannot handle free-kicks, crosses, bounces up at him etc. Good luck with him, hopefully now hes gone we can see how many goals Spurs concede now :)
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27/06/2008 11:05:00

I have to disagree with you Fear old boy. It is not his blunders that are a problem. All keepers make blunders. Some more than others. It goes with the territory in these days of no back passes and faster and more deceptive ball swing. Robinson fails to get near shots that most other keepers would save routinely. These are not highlighted as blunders, but it is why several of the players that I know have ALL said that Robinson should be avoided at all costs. We are all entitled to opinions and yours goes with several people who use this site. Mine is based on looking at a review of nearly all the goals conceded by Robinson since he first came to the fore at dirty Leeds and hearing the views of players who have played with and against him. His reputation is in tatters and we will look like mugs by giving him any route into Villa Park. I would actually pay not to have him, he is that bad. I think that Dazspurs, who I presume watches him regularly, sums it up nicely.
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27/06/2008 12:27:00

voiceoftheholte haha dont even get me started.i am a spurs fan through and through and the day robinson joined us i was so happy and its exactly what we needed to take the club forward.he was not woeful at leeds he had agility,passion and bottle.nowadays he a fat lazy s**t.this would be such a bad signing for you,everybody on here who is making the comments saying lets go for him will end up eating there start with on crossing robbo is non existent,he doesnt command anythig in his box.on free kicks your meant to stand the other side of the wall robbo hides behind the wall and leave a straight forward pass into the net just like the carling cup i dont know if youtube will only show his good bits but check it out and you will e suprised just how bad he is.the saves he makes look good other keepers will make look easy and thats the difference.he never dives full stretch,he has this strange technique which iv not seen on any other keeper where dives backwards where as another keeper would just save slightly to the side.this is coming from a spurs fan who absolutely loved robbpo and now rate him as one of the bottom 5 in the league.thank god were getting rid of him and 5m wow.i wouldnt even have him as backup
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27/06/2008 12:50:00

less of the old voice, I do have feelings you know! :o) Reviews seem to be so mixed on Robinson, suppose time will tell... gulp!
The Fear
Report Abuse
27/06/2008 12:55:00

Even David O'Leary is pushing him towards Villa Park. Guess that means we're lumbered with him now then, no avoiding his arrival. I remain unconvinced, and very concerned.
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27/06/2008 16:37:00

we don't need Robinson, we need someone who is already pulling in the saves at his current club. fair enough he won't be the worst gamble, but there are so many other better keepers worth going for. also... why the hate for Carson, i thought he was quality for us despite a couple mistakes he pulled off some stunning saves. I would love to have Scott at Villa for 6 mill
Report Abuse
28/06/2008 17:36:00

Carson and stunning saves holte_ender8? No disrespect meant, but are you sure we're talking about the same guy here. I think we can count on one hand the number of saves Scotty made all season, and even then, none of them were 'stunning'.
Report Abuse
01/07/2008 21:34:00


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