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The Barry Saga Rumbles On

The Liverpool Daily Post say that Gareth Barry will be kept waiting on his 'dream move' to Anfield because Liverpool are set to tell Martin O'Neill to 'get real' over the valuation. Err, haven't Liverpool just turned down a 9 - 10million bid for Peter Crouch? Get real! Apparently O'Neill is now refusing to deal with the Anfield outfit and has left contact to Villa director Paul Faulkner. O'Neill says his valuation is similar to the 18million Liverpool paid last summer for Javier but Tom-Jones-Mini-Me Benitez doesn't agree due to the age difference. Yawn.

The Daily Post goes on to say: For the first time, Liverpool have admitted that they fear that the stalemate could last much longer than they’d hoped unless a compromise can be reached and Barry now faces the prospect of having to report for the start of Villa’s pre-season training at Bodymoor Heath.

Shudders. What a terrible prospect to have to turn up to one of the best training facilities in the world to train for one of the true bastions of world football. I could go on a ramble now reminding those ignorant to Villa that it was our very own William McGregor who founded the league and set the template for what followed but I won't as all you get is the same old 'my club is bigger than your club' rubbish back!

I was arguing the toss with a reporter yesterday, he was saying that Barry would definitely go now he has said he wants to leave, I disagreed and said he'll only go if Liverpool pay the price that Villa want. Randy Lerner and Martin O'Neill are not the sort to be bullied into doing something they don't want to and they have the best interests of Villa closest to their hearts.

Oh and some berk called Jonathan Fear was quoted on Sky Sports News yesterday as saying if he or anyone else leaves, things will carry on as 'no player is bigger than the club'. That reminds me, I forgot to ask for my 25 000 fee. Damn.

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday June 26 2008

Time: 10:03AM

Your Comments

Oh this is news to me, I was told it was a done deal. Maybe BBB and Jonah were right, maybe Villa are not the walk overs that 99% of the fans in the forums believe us to be. Unless they pay up, which they wont, Barry is not going nowhere.
Villa told to get real over 20m for Barry, I think Liverpool should look at there own house 10m for Carson ? when Spurs only want 5m for Robinson.
Barry isn't going anywhere until the Sidwell deal is concluded. And even then the Scousers will have to get real and cough up at least 18m. Shame we missed out on Riise...would have liked to have seen him at VP...otherwise the only other Pool player I'd like to see in claret and blue is Torres. Has Magic Mart suggested a straight Barry-Torres swop deal ? Maybe he should...Just to further wind up mini-Tom Jones if nothing else...
We don't need to keep Barry to attract top players....I would like us to keep Barry nonetheless.
Carrick: 18.6m, Hargreaves: 17m, Mascherano 18m, Essien 24.4m, Makele 16.6m (signed when aged 30), Wright-Phillips 21m, Modric 16.6m. There's probably more if was bothered about sifting through soccerbase for a bit longer. The point is, top class players are expensive, and the high teens are what a top class midfielder costs. Benitez knows that decent players cost this much because he's paid it already with Mascherano and Torres. He paid almost 7m for Pennant for goodness sake, and he's somewhat 'soiled'. I don't think the get real accusations should be coming from Liverpool, the Villa fully justified in saying that back to them. The problem isn't that Varry's not worth it, it's just that Liverpool are clearly skint. Of course, if Liverpool can't afford Barry then may I suggest Steven Davis from Fulham.
Don't know what happened with the 'Varry' thing above, I seem to have come over like a Korean dictator in Team America?! "So rownree, I'm so rownree..."
Villa fans want 20 mil for Barry because he's an England international, and come up with Carrick and Hargreaves as examples, yet they scoff at Rafa's 15 mil valuation for Crouch, who's also an England international, when Bent, who's not an England international, was bought for 16.5 mil by Spurs. Why being an England international increases Barry's price and not Crouch's?
lorenzo is right, we've apparently had a 15m bid for bently turned down, ok he's younger than barry, but not as good, experienced or has had as many caps so for me 20m for barry is fair, I don't think he'll go (because they cant afford him), and if he does stay I'm sure he'll be playing champs league football in the near future. I really believe we'll be on Liverspuds shoulder this season, and barry may be relieved he stayed. ps Would still like Bentley and Sidwell in as well as Barry.
It's quite simple. Barry is under contract at Villa and at risk of repreating myself, repeating myself, we can ask whatever the **** we want for him. So, my tubby Spanish friend, i suggest you give your trap a rest and show us the money!!!!
JohnDoe. Fine. If Liverpool want 15m for Crouch, 10m for Carson that is THEIR perogative, but they have to accept that we want at least 18m for Barry. I used to have a lot of respect in how Liverpool FC was run. Not any more. Just because they have little money they cannot expect to sell at top prices if they are not also going to have to buy at top prices. Pay up or no go.
Oh yeah, and while i'm at it, who the hell is the face behind tribal football?? I could do with them next time i'm on an Op tour cos they spin some of the greatest yarns i've ever seen...never a dull moment!!!
JohnDoe - compare the amount of playing time Crouch got last year vs Barry and you'll get a feeling for the relative importance of the players to their respective clubs.
krfeskivilla, It can be argued the other way. If Villa want top price for Barry, they should pay top price for players they want to buy.
Lorenzo - "if Liverpool can't afford Barry then may I suggest Steven Davis from Fulham." - - I've not laughed so much in a long time!!!! Brilliant.
YatesyVillain, Crouch would be the main striker in most other clubs in the league, the fact that we have a better forward in Torres and played with a one forward system most of last season doesn't diminish Crouch's value.
We should also point out to JohnDoe that there is a MAJOR difference in the situations with Barry and Crouch. LFC WANT to buy GB whereas AVFC (the holders of his contract) don't want to sell him, and LFC WANT to sell Crouch whereas nobody wants to buy (not at their price, anyhow). To put that into real world terms, if I WANT to sell my house, I have to decide whether the highest offer I receive is enough to make it worthwhile moving. On the other hand, if somebody WANTS to buy my house when I don't particularly WANT to sell, they're gonna have to offer me WAY over the odds. Simple supply and demand. Take it or leave it, LFC. Take it or leave it.
BobTheBuilder, your analogy doesn't apply. Unlike your house, which doesn't have a say in the matter, Barry wants to leave Villa, and that diminish his value to you.
John Doe... Barry wanting to leave Villa makes no difference to Lerner & O'Neil. The price remains the same!
If the only reason crouch got so few games last year was liverpools 1 man up front tactic, then how did Kuyt get so many games? The reality is that Crouch is a bench warmer who's never really had a run in a team apart from when he lost a relegation fight with southampton. Gareth Barry has been possibly the most consistant performer for the Villa over the last 5 years and has also been arguably Englands best player in the last 12 months. Peter Crouch's england career hit a peak when dancing like a robot, in a friendly against Jamaica I think.
It does Kuffit. If you don't sell him this transfer window, you risk him leaving at a lower price next year, or even for free two years from now. Do you think that Barry will sign an extention of his contract when Villa didn't sell him when he asked to leave?
lorenzo, Kuyt played mostly as a right winger, not a forward.
Just face it JohnDoe your beloved Liverpool are SKINT!!!!! thats why they are pricing Crouch and Co accordingly... To raise revenue to enable them to purchase the likes of Barry. I personally think Crouch has been treated harshly by Rafa.
Joh Doe...Who knows what the future may bring. In 2 seasons we may have achieved something of note (would be a welcome change) and Barry may want to stay. Unlikely you may say, but the fact is you want him, we have him and until Liverpool come up with the cash to pry him out of our hands, he stays. whilst 15m + would be nice, having one of the top English midfield players at our club for the next 2 years at least would also be good. we don't need to sell as we aren't desperate for the cash...can you say the same of Crouch etc?
Kuffit, who knows indeed. In two seasons you might be unlucky with injuries, as you were lucky last season, and not even finish in the top ten, and your prized asset might leave for free.
I suppose Kuyt playing as a winger would explain why he got about the same amount of goals last year as Martin Laursen last season, but I'm sure that he'd prefer to be playing up front. I find it quite funny how a team that are supposedly wealthy are trying to sell bit part players for big money, are trying to buy top class regulars on the cheap and at the same time are having to make peice-meal gestures to their fans about the ground they promised them but can't afford to build. It's comedy genius rivalling faulty towers.
The difference is that Crouch is in the last year of his contract. (I think I'd read that somewhere) Therefore how can it be justified for 15M?
AMS78, even so, does that reduce his value by almost half? If that's the case, then Barry would be worth less than 10 mil next summer if he doesn't sign an extention of his contract, which is another reason that Villa should sell him now at a more reasonable price, like 14-15 mil.
I think it's widely accepted the length of the contract remaining has a direct effect of the value. I would imagine Barry's value would be less next year and clubs sell so they don't lose their players for nothing the following year. Look at the value Henry went to Barcelona for. Most would agree it appeared undervalued when compared to Spuds buying Bent for the same price.
AMS78, Henry signed an extention of his Arsenal contract in 2006, and was sold just a year later. His undervalued fee had nothing to do with the length of his contract, his age was the main facter I think.
JohnDoe, the point was the opposite, I'm not saying that Crouch isn't worth more than 10m (one year on contract too) BUT if that is the case, + the Javier fee, then we don't need to get real over our clubs fee for Barry. We dont' need the money so don't need to sell him. Also, having seen your new away kit, grey really isn't Barry's colour so I'm sure the deal is off (see, I'm in touch with my feminine side!)
The Fear
What JohnDoe seems to forget is that Crouch was at Villa, so we Villa fans do know more about him than he gives credit for. Truth is he is a good striker, but he is likely to join a club outside the top-8, who cant afford 15mil, therefore the transfer wont happen. Also if Barry stays he will continue to be professional, as he said himself he has a lot to lose at Villa. Liverpool think they can bully other teams into submission, well they cant, like you want to slap pricetags on your players, other teams are allowed to as well. You wont let Portsmouth pay less than your valuation, well my friend please enjoy a taste of your own medicine. Life is unfair sometimes.
If Barry has 'asked to leave' JohnDoe then why hasnt he put in a transfer request?, surely thats how a player asks to leave? Not leaks by an agent hungry for his fee or a press that have made up its mind that Barry should be at Liverpool?
Now theres a point DudleyPhill, maybe the papers make things up!!
DudleyPhill, I think you're in denial. Your club confirmed that Barry wants to move to Liverpool in a statement "Gareth Barry has stated in discussions with our manager he would like to leave Aston Villa to join Liverpool," Also, Barry's agent said that Barry had asked that he is allowed to leave Villa to join Liverpool. He didn't put in a transfer request because he doesn't want to lose his loyalty money.
The Fear, Mascherano is more than three years younger than Barry, so Liverpool will enjoy his services for a longer time than they would from Barry, hence the fee.
The same applies for Manu and Carrick.
The Carrick point should be behind the Mascherano one.
think everyone has to accept that football's really just a business for those in charge of the purse strings. all the tedious wranglings over valuations amounts to nothing more than a standard negotiation. why would any club accept an opening bid if more could be on the table. it's emotive for the fans but essentially just commercial posturing over-hyped by a media starved of home interest in the euros. ultimately think we'll get barry for slightly less than you want and we'll sell crouch for slightly less than we want
JohnDoe face facts unless Liverpool can match the Villa asking price then this is not going to happen, he is worth every penny of the 18 million banded about. Liverpool have bid 10/11/12 million of which I and all Villa fans see as an insult. I get the feeling that you guys have very little money to spend? Am I right?
Astonian Villan
KSarge1, I have no idea how much money we have to spend. Hicks just came out and said that Rafa will have money to spend this summer but I won't believe it until, or anything else coming from the Americans, it happens.
Is this the John Doe show? No-one on here agrees with you mate. You have already made all these points on a couple of other articles and no-one agreed with you then either (even your fellow scousers.) As Astonian Villan says YAWN
Look if you went into a shop and harped on about a dvd or something being too much, you would be laughed at and told to pay up or leave.... Villa is a company and know what they want for him, saying he wants to leave has an effective, it does, its why we're willing to see if you come up with something acceptable, if he didn't want to leave you'd just get told not for sale....Barry can't afford to sulk as his England career would be on the line and if he plays crap all next season he'll end up at Fulham, as there will be a new form midfielder on the i'm guessing Mini Tom Jones won't be in charge come christmas...
At teh end of the day JohnDoe, it doesnt' really matter what you, me or Rafa etc think, if our club have a valuation on Barry that they want to stick to, they can. Yes, he is 3 years younger, point accepted. But then Crouch has 1 year left on his contract, that devalues him as he can go on a free next year BUT again, what you, me or anyone bidding for him is irrelevant, if Liverpool dont' want to sell him or want x for him, that is their choice, they can't then call us (if indeed they have as this is press talk as far as I can see) unrealistic in our valuations. Some clubs value players so as not to sell them. If I was Villa I'd tell Barry he can't go anywhere until next summer anyway. (Emailed you by the way on a Vital Liverpool related matter)
The Fear
Good article, I totally agree That Jonathan Fear can be a pillock!! :o)
John Doe, your club simply wants it both ways, as per usual. You played the same games with Heinze, and you failed to get him as well. You have asked a price for Crouch (who I repeat you WANT to SELL) and you have rejected a lower bid. Fair enough. But in Barry we ALREADY HAVE a player who we WANT to KEEP - a totally different situation from LFC and Crouch. You either come up with the money or walk away. If you decide to walk away and Villa 'lose out' by getting less for Barry next year, that's no skin off your nose. He isn't your player (yet), so his price is not yours to set.
Barrys going and thats that.........thanks and all that but you wanna go so bloody go.......12 Million is a good deal for him. Get money now and spend. Jesus i hate this Barry crap. Sod off and go play with Gerrards C**K. LOL
I take offence at the 'can' part to that Reddi! surely after all these years I've earnt the right to a 'is' ?!
The Fear
"your club simply wants it both ways" so do yours Bob. The Fear, I've recieved no email from you, are you sure you have my email because I don't remember giving it to you?
The Fear, forget my earlier post, I just saw your email. Will try to answer the questions today or tomorrow.
JohnDoe, you seem like quite a decent, respectful chap, but please don't defend your bearded arrogant twot of a manager - he is asking top dollar for Alonso at around 16m. If he's selling him, and looking to buy Barry then presume if he's not a complete idiot (ahem) and he's aiming to buy a better player as a replacement. If Barry is better, then MAYBE he should cost more than Alonso? Just a thought.
Either that or we should sell Harewood for 6m and buy David Villa for 4.5m
The Tedium of this story is enough to make you loose the will to live. The only good thing is to watch JohnDoe endlessly defend his manager and club regardless of the facts. In JohnDoe's world, Rafa is the fountain, the all seeing oracle, the sage of all knowledge. unfortunately the only thing Rafa is short of is cash! You see JD I would love a Zonda, but i have to make do with my DB9. Do you understand my very poor metaphor.? Liverpool are linked with all and sundry but cant afford any it seems!!!! LOL
YatesyVillain, I think if you ask Liverpool fans, myself included, most of them will tell you that Alonso is better than Barry. I don't think Barry is a direct replacement for Alonso. Alonso is a holding midfielder who plays mostly in front of the defense and tries to start our play with his passing, Barry is more offensive minded than him, and more versatile, which is why Rafa wants to buy him in my opinion.
Do not care about barry anymore, this is getting real old. Sell him already, only for the right price that is of course. 17-20 mil sounds about right, because we probably wont be buying anyone till this mess is done and dusted
Sooner or later, tomorrow or next week, next month maybe, but definitely before August 31st, GB will be out of here. He wants out, Rafa wants him, and we as a club wont hold on to an unhappy player.
johndoe yet again you come on to our board spou ting why villa should roll over and let the weakest of the so called big 4 take one of our best players .no problem barry going to man utd the arse or chelski but you are the team everton spurs ,villa are going to challenge next season you ain,t a big team anymore everyone knows your skint get over it
super lionel martin
Barry will do a good job at Anfield, he'll fit in well. Hate to say it, but its a fact. Just want him gone asap now, i.e., as soon as Benitez can come up with the cash.

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