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Your Shout For Barry

In todays Birmingham Mail there is a call to arms to all of us of the Claret and Blue persuasion to let Gareth Barry know that Villa Park is best.

The Mail want us to write, email, phone, send morse code or smoke signal our need for 'Villa's Heartbeat' to remain where he is.

For the past few years, his Barryness has been the backbone of our side, conducting himself with the consumate proffessionalism that
got him an England Recall after years of being ignored by the national side, finally returning due to Steve Mclaren.
We need to remind him that his England chances could be damaged by warming the bench at liverpool, whereas his name is the first on O'neills team sheet. the transformation at Villa sets a precedent amidst all of the takeovers with Randy Lerner happy to step back from the spotlight and allow the club to thrive with no egos making the back page.

Villa are on the up and I for one want Gareth Barry to stay and finish the job.

If he does go, at least theres something else we can blame Mclaren for!

Make your thought known here -
Email Telephone: 0800 138 2555 (freephone). Write to: Your Shout, Sports Desk, Birmingham Mail, Weaman Street, Birmingham B4 6AT.

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The Journalist

Writer: bobbyfett  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday May 19 2008

Time: 5:14PM

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If he stays he stays, if he goes he goes, I aint begging.
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19/05/2008 17:48:00

Must admit, I tend to agree jonah, it is a priviledge to play at Villa Park for the mighty Aston Villa. If the manager and owner can't convince him that his future is here, then fine. Would hate to see him go, he's been my favourite player for years, but fans should not have to get down on bended knees, we do our bit already!
The Fear
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19/05/2008 18:00:00

why not? he is worth it. if he stays i can see us catching liverpool. i hope he knows that as well.
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19/05/2008 18:13:00

Johan.. Well Said! ii Ent Really Bothered If He Goes But Would Be Good To See Him Stay! If He Livez,, It Well Be A Waste Of Talent,, Liverpool Wont Have Nowere To Play Him! PeaceOut
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19/05/2008 18:17:00

Hope he doesn't read these previous comments gents. Our captain should have our total support whenever, where ever. We as a club made him the player he is today and he has repaid us by giving 100% in almost every game (noone plays to their full ability all the time.) He is irreplacable otherwise the likes of the Scousers would be after this someone else. I know Villa still lives on even if he goes but the man knows every inch of grass on that pitch after 10 years here and he is consistently our most reliable, adaptable player. He has played leftback, centreback and every midfield position this year. Other than Essien, there is noone as good in this role.
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19/05/2008 18:32:00

Villan444,, ii No Were Your Comin From, But ii Cant See Him Staying,, ii Would Like To See Him Stay,, But Itz Dragged On So Much Now,,! Itz A Good Job Villa Should Be Bringin In Sidwell =] Good Signing..
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19/05/2008 18:40:00

I don't disagree with a word you have said Villan444. I hope he stays too, in fact I have been saying to anyone who will listen for weeks that I think he will. None of that changes my original post though, he will either stay or he will leave. If he doesn't know how villa fans feel about him by now he never will, and I repeat, I for one will not be begging him to stay.
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19/05/2008 18:55:00

Barry Is 1Player! It Takes A Hole Team To Play,, 1Player Ent Nothin Nothin Special.. Villa's Last 3 Season,, 1st Season.. 16th 2nd Season.. 11th 3rd Season.. 6th And Nxt Season.. 1st :D Itz Gotta Be.. Every Season With Betterd Are Place By 5 :D
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19/05/2008 19:26:00

looks like lpool dont have the dosh anyway...
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19/05/2008 19:26:00

I would like him to stay but his agent will be stirring the ****e and promising a bumper pay day elsewhere. Although I do remember a situation with Gerrard a few years back and the next season he was lifting the European cup. just imagine barry lifting the UEFA. It could happen
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19/05/2008 20:03:00

Its WHOLE team Blitz not HOLE team .... isnt anyone else gonna back me up against this idiot using txt speak on our board ??? Barry will stay i feel, MON needs to show is intent on signing some good player instead of all the talk and excuses of last close season or else i fear Barry will leave if he see's no quality signing ASAP .... oh sorry ... i mean as soon as possible.
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19/05/2008 20:05:00

Couldn't agree more TVR. It's hard work trying to read text speak where every word starts with a capital letter!! Anyway. I would like GB to stay, and I am sure he knows already that Villa fans want him to stay.
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19/05/2008 20:22:00

NO TEXT TALK in article comments or on the forum please gents, that is one of only a very few rules we have here! To View Rules Click Here
The Fear
Report Abuse
19/05/2008 20:30:00

yes but if he leaves there will be a hole in the whole team tvrwhitey! I'll get me coat... !
The Fear
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19/05/2008 20:31:00

I wish people would stop saying that if he goes to Liverpool he'd just end up warming the bench. I believe, and I'm sure Barry himself believes, that if he did move to Anfield he'd get in their first choice 11 more often than not and telling him that he's not good enough to get in the starting line up for the big games isn't exactly the nicest thing to say to someone. If I read was him and I read some of the comments written I think I'd go just to prove them wrong
Report Abuse
19/05/2008 20:53:00

Blitz, I've got to ask, what exactly is useful about typing with a z instead of an s at the end of words such as "itz" and "livez (?)". I understand to an extent typing phonetically and skipping letters to the end of shortening words, but that particular one is just stupid, and actually more difficult to type.

Oh, and I get what is being said by some, but I'd be gutted if Barry left, he is a fantastic player, and not easily replaced.
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19/05/2008 21:07:00

If a player needs to be begged then 4uck him.
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19/05/2008 21:27:00

Go, stay do whats best for your career, we woould all move jobs for thousands of pounds more a week, why people think Barry is any different to any other employed person is beyond me.
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19/05/2008 22:16:00

Do you know what, I'd give a LOT for GB not to move on, but I'm buggered if I'm going to back any campaign launched by the Mail. One minute they're deliberately misquoting MON in an attempt to provide a headline to an otherwise fairly routine story, and then they 'waving the Villa flag'. I hate newspapers even more than politicians. They make me puke!
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19/05/2008 22:47:00

Ohh well, I well write normal just for you guy's seeing as were all Aston Villa fan's. I have to say 'You guys all worship GB to much'! Don't get me wrong, GB is a brilliant player and the heart of are team. If GB leave's I think Sidwell would make the perfect replacement, not in the 1st season, but in the 2nd season. He cI also think MON is the best manager we could possibly have.
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20/05/2008 02:09:00

Clicked enter by accident.
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20/05/2008 02:10:00

Ohh well, I well write normal just for you guy's seeing as were all Aston Villa fan's. I have to say 'You guys all worship GB to much'! Don't get me wrong, GB is a brilliant player and the heart of are team. If GB leave's I think Sidwell would make the perfect replacement, not in the 1st season, but in the 2nd season. He could also be a future Captain and I also think MON is the best manager we could possibly have, plus he got the best out of GB.
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20/05/2008 02:13:00

I wrote him an email from the states.
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20/05/2008 04:04:00

It all comes down to ambition and money, he wants to play for a big club with CL football and get well rewarded for his efforts. Three things he is never going to get at Villa. Rather than being a big fish in a tiny, tiny pond he will now have the opportunity to step up.
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20/05/2008 07:13:00

I hardly see Liverpool as a step up, being as they are in complete disarray and with their own captain wanting to leave, not to mention their Tom Jones mini-me of a manager likely to be shown the door at any moment. Why leave a long established truly big club like villa for that shower of *****e who we will be finishing higher than next season anyway?
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20/05/2008 07:21:00

I kind of agree with Blitz and I think a "massive" club like Liverpool has nice deep pockets and should be made to pay through the nose.
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20/05/2008 07:45:00

Perhaps he should start telling martin o`neill why he wants to stay and why we should keep him,we are aston villa not swindon we shouldn`t be begging players i want him to stay of course but i doubt me sending him an e-mail kissing his arse will make any difference.
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20/05/2008 08:49:00

If he goes then he is one Judas ******** !
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20/05/2008 08:54:00

LOL at British84 ! What have Swindon got to do with it ? Im a Swindon resident
Report Abuse
20/05/2008 08:55:00

We all have our crosses to bear chap : )
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20/05/2008 09:08:00

Guys, there is a big difference between begging and showing a player some support. at the end of the day, as Jonah says, if he goes, he goes, these emails aren't going to necessarily change his mind, but as villa fans, we should reiterate our appreciation for him.
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20/05/2008 09:08:00

Show him support? Surely having 40,000 fans chanting "Barry for Villa" at the Wigan game, tells him all he needs to know, like many i am not begging, if he is not already convinced he should stay at Villa then he can leave, but Liverpool will not pay the 18mil asking price, so this is all pretty pointless isnt it?
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20/05/2008 09:48:00

Its not just us as fans if Barry is not able to see that it is MON who has made him a great player then he is making a mistake. Barry used to be our best player because he was surrounded by poor players thats not the case now and he has stepped up. However that is due to the coaching and management of MON and his team and if he left they would replace him without a problem. But I am not sure he will leave, Liverpool have no money and none of their players would be suitable in a swap as for me they only have 2 really good players. Barry will decide for himself but if he goes to Liverpool he is swapping a club which has a stable manager, an owner who is totally committed to the club, year on year investment in not just new players but facilities. He would be leaving all of that for a club which now rivals Newcasstle as being the laughing stock of the prem.
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20/05/2008 10:11:00

With all due respect he is a great player, but if he thinks or the local press think that begging him will change his mind then he is here for the wrong reason. If he's goes he goes, if he stays he stays, But gareth what ever you do do it quickly. if your going! it was nice to have had you and I for one wish you well in the future. If your staying! sign your contract and get your head down and do your job. I think GB owes us, not to mention MON and RL. So show us the respect we deserve and make your choice...
Report Abuse
20/05/2008 12:13:00

For some reason I sort of expect him to stay but I've started to think that maybe if we got Chelski in on the bid seeing as Fatty Lampard could be off. We could get them to pay silly money and then maybe MON would sign some players? Blitz what was all that typing anyway? Is that a thing? GB doesn't owe us anything, at the end of the day he could be looking at his last chance to get a big money deal and he's probably thinking that could be quite nice for when he's finished playing. If he goes it will probably not turn out as well as he thinks but you never know, him and Stevie play pretty well together for England and maybe he could move Mascherano out of his place
Report Abuse
20/05/2008 13:25:00

I have heard several rumours that he handed a transfer request in on Friday, anybody else hear this? As this is within AVFC it has not been leaked....unlike some clubs internal affairs.
Report Abuse
20/05/2008 14:23:00

If Lampard does leave I think GB is far more likely to go there, I would be far happier to see him go to Chelsea than those Bankers on Merseyside.
Report Abuse
20/05/2008 14:31:00

Gareth's mind is no doubt already made up. I believe that he'll go, and I'll wish him well, whether it be Anfield or wherever that he ends up.
Report Abuse
20/05/2008 19:21:00

Well if you'r right lets hope we get some more than decent money for him, I think we should take the ***** with his valuation, especially if Chelski want him.
Report Abuse
20/05/2008 21:18:00

Barry will stay, shame on you glensider, you should know better at your age.
Report Abuse
21/05/2008 08:41:00


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