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O'Neill Doesn't Think Barry Should Move

Not a surprising headline given what's been going on the last few days, but simply put, Barry can win just as much here.

Speaking to SSN, the manager was quite clear about the so called understanding of ideas that Tom Jones has peddled to the press.

'Gareth has two years of his contact left to run.

'It was pretty interesting that apparently there was an offer in for Steven Gerrard, I believe from some Italian team.

'The first thing Liverpool came out with was that Gerrard has a number of years left to run on his contract, so there you go.

'We might just come out with the same sort of message. We will do our utmost to do so and that's what the fans would like.'

Fans will remember in the press conference O'Neill effectively stated he wasn't sure what other language goatee might understand No in.

But there you go - desperate people just don't listen eh.

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The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday May 11 2008

Time: 7:18PM

Your Comments

Liverpool didn't say that Gerrard has a number of years left to run on his contract, this is what we said, " The idea is complete rubbish, fantasy, there has been no approach and no bid. O'Neill still throwing his toys out of the pram I guess.
By the way, this is what Gerrard said this week, I cannot see myself ever leaving Liverpool now, and what I would dearly love is to lead this club to the next level that I believe we are capable of reaching." I notice that Barry didn't say someting similar regarding Villa, what does that tell you?
that gerrard is a puff.
Read what Barry told the oficial site 2 weeks ago. If you do insist on coming on here, try and get your facts right when you do so.
PMSL los_angeles_villan
Villan Of The North
jonah, My facts are more right than your manager's, and if Barry said that he'll stay at Villa then why O'Neill is acting the way he is?
Gerrard has never even left Merseyside other than away games and that was on the coach. Barry was a Spuz fan as a youngster and isn't so Royston Vasey like with hair growing half way down his forehead. He wants to discuss the situation with his manager and if we hadn't made Europe today he would be on his way 100%. Rafa is the one throwing his toys around after the Klinsman discussions. As for coming out with what he did before the season had finished, absolutely disgraceful.
MON is acting such because you guys have had an approach turned down then have gone to the papers. Although not strictly illegal, it is basically tapping up. Have you ever left Merseyside JohnDoe, most scousers are living in a bubble and have no idea what the rest of the world thinks. Carra World Class??? next you will be saying that without Gerrard and Torres you wouldn't be fighting relegation. tut-tut
Typical f***ing scouser, his manager tries to unsettle a player contracted to another club and when That player's manager objects the scouse ******** comes on here mad-mouthing him.
Villan444, The Liverpool Echo isn't the mouth piece of Liverpool, they tend to speculate on the players that we want to sign, and they get it more wrong than right. They speculated that Liverpool wanted to buy Barcelona's LB Abidal for 8 mil recently, something that the club subsequently denied. The Barry's bid speculatuion was confirmed by O'Neill, not Liverpool. He's the one who talked about it in the press, not Rafa. You won't find any quote from a Liverpool official discussing Barry before O'Neill confirmed the bid. My guess that, with Arsenal and Chelsea also interested in Barry, he wants to start a bidding war on him. That's why he's acting the way he is.
jonah, How did I bad-mouth Barry?
jonah, Sorry, you ment O'Neill. How did I bad-mouth him? He got his facts wrong when he said that Liverpool said that Gerrard had a number of years left to run on his contract after Inter's bid when we said that there weren't a bid in the first place. Is telling the truth bad-mouthing now?
Agreed he wanted to start ahead of the pack and he had already initiated contact 20 days ago or whenever it was but the season hadn't finished yet. This happened just after you guys were knocked out of the Champs league and were guaranteed 4th place but we had lots to play for and the press leak was not very gentlemanly to say the least. If you think it wasn't leaked and MON wanted to spread the word to unsettle his captain then ???? Can't see why Barry would want to go there anyway. Liverpool play the most boring anti-football ever. The backpass rule was outlawed because of Liverpool and you haven't won a league title since....
Villan444, The bid was before we went out of the CL, and we weren't guaranteed fourth position then. As with our boring football, we're the top scoring English club in all competitions, scoring 119 goals in 59 games, an average of two goals each game. It's true that we haven't won the league in a long while, but it's still better than Villa. When did you last win the league, or a trophy for that matter?
What does all competitions mean. How can you compare a team who is in Europe to one that isn't. We have scored more goals than everyone in the prem bar Manu're and Arsenal. The paper talk was after you left Europe although the interest was clearly before hand. RE: last trophies won 1996 worthless cup, this is down to the tightness and blinkeredness of our previous owner, Doug Ellis who thankfully sold us to a real good guy in Randy Lerner ( who will bring the good times back ) and ignored the advances of your American cock of an owner (who will bankrupt you) who turned to you as a second or possibly third choice..
We're only four goals behind Villa in the league, and we didn't have the luxury of playing one game a week for most of the season as you did. If you qualify for the Uefa cup next season we'll see how you'll do in the league after playing in Europe midweek.
With Barry we will do well. Without only McGrath knows....
With Barry we'll do well, and without Barry we'll still do well. Nobody is irreplaceable, as we've all seen over the years, both at Villa and with other clubs. Remember everyone's shock horror that Henry was leaving the Arse? In my opinion they have a much better team now than when he was last in it. And remember Villa before Yorkie left, and before Platt left - it was all doom and gloom then too. Chill!
Sorry, meant to add two other points: (1) If GB does leave (and I genuinely hope he doesn't), it will be interesting to see how many games he starts and how long he stays in the England team. Look at what moving to 'top sides' has done for certain players in recent seasons (hands up those who remember Steve Sidwell!); and (2) if we really want to be a 'big club' again, we have to rise above being a one-man team. Nobody should be bigger than the club. That's something I always used to admire about LFC, but they seem to have lost it now, along with their dignity.
JD: Firstly, if no LFC official talked to the press, why was MON having to confirm or deny whether your club had made a bid? This wasn't the press just fishing - they had heard some solid chatter from the grapevine, and that only came from one place. I'll give you three guesses where but it wasn't B6. Are you honestly telling us MON started this himself because we want to get rid of Barry? Forgive me but that really is bloody daft. And who was your man talking to when he said "O'Neill knows my idea and I know his", and implying they had had a continuous dialogue for the past weeks? And what about all the chat about players we might be swapping? More total crap from RB. As for "You won't find any quote from a Liverpool official discussing Barry" - of course you won't. That's the whole problem. This was clearly a sneaky leak from the LFC tapping up machine, making life difficult for GB, which diminished our performance against Wigan, which pretty well made sure we wouldn't be in the UEFA cup so you had more chance of getting Barry. Which is why we're all so p****ed off with your club. Comprend?
yeah its all liverpools fault that you didnt beat wigan.
well that's completely relevant....
John doe; what you going to do when Liverpool is pulled apart form the boardroom outwards? Why would Barry leave a club on the up, in a stable condition financially, and not too far from liverpool, who in my opinion are unstable at every level. Then there is the issue of the rotaion policy, why would he want to play for a club that rewards good form by a seat on the bench ??? There Mr doe are some questions I would like you to offer some explanations to. If you would be so kind!!!!!!!
Everton are a far better prospect than Liverpool. They are the team going forward in that area of the country..
These are the same scoucers that threatend Gerrad with violence because he dared to think about leaving for Chelsea. Jokers !!!!!! If Barry leaves for Anfield in the summer it will make finishing fourth and pushing liverpool into 6th spot all the sweeter...
BobTheBuilder, I gave an example of Liverpool being linked to Barcelona's LB Abidal by the Liverpool local press something that Liverpool subsequently denied. Like I said before, they get it more wrong than right, and Barry's speculation had no quote from a Liverpool official, it was only confirmed by O'Neill. Rafa never said he had a continuous dialogue for the past weeks, he said that he called O'Neill 20 days ago and discussed Barry's transfer with him. O'Neill himself said that Rafa offered a mishmash of Liverpool players in exchange for Barry, so he knows what Rafa's idea was, yet he denied knowing his idea's later on. Also, why would Liverpool help Everton reach the Uefa cup? and if you think that reaching the Uefa cup would prevent Barry from leaving Villa and go to a club that will play in the CL then you're the one who's being daft. O'Neill is the one talking crap. He talked crap when he said that he didn't know Rafa's idea, where the mishmash of Liverpool players quote came from then? He talked crap when he said that Rafa said that they had a continuous dialogue for the past weeks, Rafa never said that. He talked crap when he said that the first thing Liverpool came out with was that Gerrard has a number of years left to run on his contract after Inter bid for him. We said no such thing, in fact there was no bid from Inter. I can only presume that he's doing this just to put pressure on Barry so that he won't leave, which is pretty pathetic if you ask me.
Lets be honest JohnDoe your clearly a passionate Liverpool fan! We are equally passionate about Villa. We will naver know who said what to whom and when, who leaked to the papers etc. But Martin O'Neil does his business behind closed doors as a rule (which can be frustrating) because as fans we all want to know who we're signing. So going by O'Neil's track record I tend to believe him. The Flip sign of that is Liverpool tend to air there washing in public. Take the Board room antics as an example. Also I seem to remember a public bid for Hienze (excuse the spelling). So based on those theories I think I'll stick with MON if you don't mind!!!!
gappy65, Spurs were a club on the up, they finished fifth the past two seasons, where are they now? With regards to the rotation policy, the spine of the team, like Torres, Gerrard, Macherano, Carragher, and Reina, doesn't get rotated. As with the boardroom conflict, that will be sorted this summer, one way or another.
JohnDoe are we talking about Spurs or Villa?????? Villa are on the way up. Lets just hope for the sake of all Liverpool fans the man who buys them in the summer has plaenty of cash! because he has to pay off the current crop of directors, pay off the huge spiraling debt problem and buy players...
Oh yeah and build a new ground. that my friend is a big ask!!!!! But I admire your confidence, reckless thou it maybe, but I admire it none the less.
The Heinze situation was totally different. His agents were the ones who offered him to Liverpool, and they said that they had the approval of Manu, and the player himself said that he wanted to move to our club. Rafa never discusses transfer targets in public, whenever he's asked about who we would sign, he always says that we have a few targets, never mentions any names. I gave Spurs as an example, they thought that they will break the top four monopoly on the CL places before the season started, and they finished 11th, and they're closer to you than you are to us. Consistency is the key, will Villa be consistently good in the next few years? only time will tell.
I Think the question is will Liverpool be consistent enough to hang onto 4th place? There is a lot of issues at Liverpool that could derail the whole opperation. It was evident that the problems were having an impact on the players not so long ago. Will they manage to put all the issues to one side and concentrate? That is the big question. when I was a boy Liverpool was a Bastian of the english game. This is not the Liverpool that I grew to admire.
Out of the supposed 'Top Four', Liverpool are realistically the one outfit that the chasing pack of clubs should be able to catch. While admittedly on the european stage they have a record second to none, on the domestic front, considering the cash they've splashed in recent years, they have very little to shout about. I hope that Gareth stays, but the lure of Champions League Football may well prove to be too attractive an offer to turn away from.

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