Aston Villa - The Gareth Barry Saga Continues
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The Gareth Barry Saga Continues

The Barry saga continues!

The News of the World, a bastion of truth and detail in the footballing world say that the 'pivotal game was overshadowed by the £10m transfer bid' for Villa skipper Gareth Barry. There was NO £10million transfer bid, a bid did go in but it offering players we have no use or need for!

They also imply that the weeks events unsettled the player. He certainly wasn't at his best yesterday, in fact it was the worst I've seen him play. He did however, apparently have time to meet his agent after the game, hopefully this issue will be put to bed VERY quickly one way or the other, there is no way Villa need this to rumble on all summer.

I can't take to this unsettled talk, I saw on Vital Blackburn earlier in the week Benni McCarthy saying he'd been unsettled by the interest from Chelsea. (Chelsea Talk Unsettled Me)

FFS, GROW UP little children. All these over paid and worshipped players have to do is put on the shirt and give 110% for 90 minutes playing football. Most (all?) fans would give their right arm to be in that position!

Blood pressure pills taken, I'm back to being chilled...

The People meanwhile say that the 27-year-old Villa captain will sign at Anfield - a club in disarray (well, I said that, not the People!) - for £100 000 a week after choosing to link up with Liverpool boss Tom Jones mini-me rather than Chelsea boss toad of toad hall. They claim the players offered for Barry were Peter Crouch, John Arne Risse or Jermain Pennant. According to this report Barry has already decided he is leaving and we'll sell him for around £12million. Add a few million and they might well be right. He told people yesterday he hadn't made up his mind but...........

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday May 4 2008

Time: 10:28AM

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Be interesting to see how this develops. Hoefully he'll give a clear indication after the West Ham game so that the situation doesn't rumble on. Fingers crossed he'll stay at Villa but I fear his head has now been turned. Hopefully not, I can't see him liking the rotation system and not playing each week!
The Fear
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04/05/2008 10:34:00

They'll be rumour after rumour until he either signs a long term contract declaring an undying love for the club, or leaves. We have the same with Arteta every year.
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04/05/2008 10:38:00

i just can't see him leaving. its more like villa fans have had their heads turned. the future is bright at villa.
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04/05/2008 10:47:00

I've got a very bad feeling he's going. If that's the case then he might as well get on his bike now. We don't want players who don't want to be here. The thing that is really annoying me is that 2 season's ago he was an average prem player and now with MON's help and support he has become one of the best centre midfielders in the prem and has won his England place back. Where's the thanks and loyalty to MON and also to us fans? Even when his form was poor a few seasn's back we were singing "barry for England" Even if he doesn't go why make comments saying he's not sure where his future lies? He's captain of a up and coming team and he's in his testimonial year!? There seems to be no loyalty in football nowadays!
In MON we trust!
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04/05/2008 10:54:00

Barring a last-minute change of heart I've been reliably informed that Barry's going, going...gone after the West Ham match. Bad move I reckon, but good luck to the lad, if he wants CL footy so bad. Let MON use the cash to re-build. In Magic Mart we trust!
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04/05/2008 11:27:00

Why does anyone expect loyalty?Get real and stop being emotional over a bloody footballer he`s playing for villa because he is paid too not because he loves it,it`s a sport and it`s his job if he goes so what he will be replaced if he stays then great i`m not going to lose any sleep over it,if he wanted to stay he would have said i am happy at villa but he said i have to be selfish and think about myself so obviously he is letting other clubs know he is willing to move.Good on him i couldn`t give a thor we are going places with or without him just get it sorted out one way or another.
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04/05/2008 11:30:00

Like everyone I have been thinking about this - and the more I think about it the madder I get. Ok he has his career to think about. I understand that. But its 'about medals not money' Oh really? I thought really winning medals was about striving for something and going through the pain, like taking a team from nowhere and then winning something. Not moving to a team that is close to achieving so you can get a medal in the first year. That isn't really winning a medal. Its called almost instant gratification. Randy and Co. are striving to win a medal and if that is Barry's desire then he should do it properly. Also at Villa he is the centre of the club. At Liverpool he won't be. He will be at least second best to Gerrard. Different position entirely and, for me, the money won't make the difference. Sorry, if he goes, and I agree he needs to decide quickly, it will be a shame for Villa and a big own goal for him.
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04/05/2008 11:38:00

Once again it seems we are going to get bent over and screwed on the fee. £18million minimum in my opinion! For christs sake he is keeping Carrick and Hargreaves out of the England side!
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04/05/2008 11:49:00

10 million and crouch and he won`t be keeping hargreaves out of the england team for long don`t worry about that.
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04/05/2008 11:53:00

be gutted if he goes, think he's been our engine for years, but I guess we all have to remember, no player or manager is bigger than the club, we've survived departures before, we will again!
The Fear
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04/05/2008 12:23:00

Perhaps the New influx of Cooperate Ticket Holders in the Trinity’s 400 seats will convince GB the Club is now moving in the right direction. We should be so Excited!
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04/05/2008 12:50:00

if he wants to go he will. IN which case we should tell Anfield they must stump up £30m and no less. If they can take the ***** out of us re. Carson well they same is true for us. Tossers
Report Abuse
04/05/2008 13:30:00

just came across a couple of hilarious things. the liverpoodle bid may have been "voronin, riise, and 2million"!! or "riise, pennant, and 7million". but the most interesting was the bid being leaked to get a war happening with other clubs. i smell an agent.
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04/05/2008 13:39:00

Gareth owes us nothing. Good luck to him, on whatever route he decides to take. I suspect he's off, I have done for a while, but like others have said, we'll pick ourselves up and move on. Important summer ahead for MON, he has to rebuild and further strengthen, to ensure that next season brings further growth, development, and progress. In twelve months time we could be facing the same scenario with Ashley Young, unless we ourselves are competing on the european stage.
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04/05/2008 14:05:00

If he stays - great, but a major factor in this this will involve smart investment and vision from MON during the summer. The concern now is will Villa be able to attract the high caliber players needed to fulfill this, especially if the blue side of merseyside grab the European slot.
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04/05/2008 15:26:00

I would obviously like us to sign Barry, he's a great player but I would understand if he stayed at Villa. Maybe its got nothing to do with this, but I do find it strange that we are playing our last game at Anfield today and Peter Crouch isn't even in our squad, curious!
bring back kenny
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04/05/2008 15:38:00

If barry wasn't intending on leaving as much as we don't want him to go, with all this speculation he would have said he wouldn't go. I'm not saying he's made his mind up to go, but it seems pretty clear there is something pretty concrete in this rumours at liverpool. It'd be such a mistake if he did go.
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04/05/2008 16:05:00

Barry Should think hard. Platty was just talking about how Torres should be thinking of leaving liverpool for a big Club like Manu I would be happier for him to go to Chelski they may always be out of our reach.
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04/05/2008 18:13:00

I Better say why The *****ty way pool have conducted themselves using everyone to Tap up & unsettle barry Gerrard the press. Also we had to pay £2m just to loan there doggy keeper yet they offer a miserly £10m for Barry At least there club are looking for players we will wait to see whats left again
Report Abuse
04/05/2008 18:17:00

I do think there is as much chance of this being agent talk whipping up a move as there is it being Liverpool. Or even both!? Also Gerrard tapping up Barry in the press recently, not good but then, we see our lot do it as well. Tis footie me thinks!
The Fear
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04/05/2008 20:44:00

i know this may come across as stupid, but what the hell am going to say it anyway counteract the offer if mon has got the money and support of the board put 50mill bid in for gerrard and torres yes i know its mad bit 50mill for 2 players is a lot of wedge but it almost garantees you champ league football
super lionel martin
Report Abuse
04/05/2008 21:24:00

McGrath, Yorke, Platt, Taylor, Merson, Mellberg, they all moved on and so did Villa, if Gareth wants to be an unused fish in a stormy pond let him. Perhaps he should ask Rafa who will redscouse's manager next season, or how they will repay the loan they had to buy Torres and Mascarano that comes due this summer? The talk is they will be losing 8 first team squad players, to misquote a Villan who left VP for Anfield he might be joining them on the crest of a slump!
Report Abuse
04/05/2008 21:25:00

oh and they can have there dodgy keeper back aswell for nowt
super lionel martin
Report Abuse
04/05/2008 21:26:00

agree with waldorf don,t think scousers have got money to buy him outright thats why there trying to unload there garbbage on to us as well as getting them of wage bill
super lionel martin
Report Abuse
04/05/2008 21:30:00

Look, he's contacted for another two years, he's going to look a right arse - saying he wants this and that. For 10m I'd ley him rot in the reserves. I believe there's something fishy about the Carson deal
Report Abuse
05/05/2008 05:34:00

We hold the aces here.
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05/05/2008 05:35:00

I think GB is going and i have for a while! now it depends on who the baggage is to quote super Lionel, it also depends if Chelski come aknocking, and lets be honest they have got some cash!!!! then there's ManU they might show an interest. But if the scoucers are the only one in the market lets screw them! because they have been concistantly around the top 4 for the last few years, and in my opinion the only reason for them not achieving league success is the rotation policy. So IMO there squad aint bad so lets exploit there yearning for GB and releif them of some of there stars!!!! So MON lets make a possitive from what appears to be a negative. At the moment that is.
Report Abuse
05/05/2008 08:34:00

just look at MON's reaction to the bid being made public. GB will stay at villa
Report Abuse
05/05/2008 10:49:00

Does Barry really score that many goals and get that many assists (bar corners, penatlies and free kicks) to be our midfield playmaker??.........Lampard, Gerrard, Fabregas are the types of players we need. They're not easy to come by, but all came from youth teams and cost peanuts. Sidwell who definately has an eye for goal given the chance would be a good replacement IMO.
Report Abuse
05/05/2008 11:06:00

Tarzan's got it, we have 2 years on him. If he wants to leave tell him he's free to go when his contract runs out, they are playing dirty whoever they are if its agents or Liverpool I don't know but **** the lot of them. 10/12/whatever the bid actually was its not worth it. He wants to win medals, I hear our reserves are pretty good these days.
Report Abuse
05/05/2008 23:42:00

No Rafa rejects! We dont want 'em, and definitely dont need 'em. If Gareth wants out, and cant be persuaded to stay, then fine, he should be allowed to move on. But lets get 15 million or so for him. No part-exchange makeweights in the shape of Pennant, Crouch, or Riise.
Report Abuse
06/05/2008 02:24:00

I'd take Pennant, Crouch and Riise IF Barry decides to go. They aren't makeweights, they are decent players and that would be an ok deal really!?!
The Fear
Report Abuse
06/05/2008 09:28:00


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