Aston Villa - MON furious Over Barry Bid
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MON furious Over Barry Bid

Martin O'Neill has hit out at reports from Scouse land that Liverpool have lodged a £10 million bid for Gareth Barry.

Speaking on the official site, the manager said:

'We're trying to build a side here and we're not a feeder club.'

O'Neill confirmed that contact had been made, but said that the carried reports were wide of the mark.

'Gareth Barry still has two years of his contract left to run and from my two years experience of working with him; he's not one who would be wanting to break contracts lightly.

'Liverpool haven't made a straight cash offer. They've made an offer involving a mish-mash of nameless player exchanges.

'I'm particularly disappointed to hear that business is being conducted in public and I just want to be clear on this: We're trying to build a side here and we're not a feeder club.

'We want to be trying to challenge. At some stage we want to get to the position that this football club once held. That will demand an awful lot of effort. It will take a supreme effort and it will take very, very good players.

'I don't want to be in a position of letting really good players go. Gareth Barry is a really good player who still has two years left on his contract.

'I haven't discussed these things with him yet. At some stage obviously I will do. But the day before probably our most important game of the season is not the time to be discussing it.

'It's particularly disappointing to find out that Liverpool have carried the story in their local paper. It's certainly not the way that the Liverpool of old conducted business. I prefer to do things with a bit or privacy and a bit of confidentiality.

'So that's particularly disappointing, especially at this time, we've got two important games coming up. Liverpool's season might effectively be over as they've qualified for the Champions League and their interest in this season's Champions League ended a couple of nights ago.

'I'd rather be waiting until the end of the season before I discussed things.'

I wonder if the FA would consider this a case of attempting to unsettle a player and tapping him up via the press.

It's a disgraceful way of doing business, but seriously why would Barry leave us to go there?

They have shown their colours by taking this to the press and Martin O'Neill's thoughts on that are perfectly clear for all the read, but Barry is a professional, why would he swop us and move to a club that behaves like that.

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The Journalist

Writer: Mike Field Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday May 2 2008

Time: 2:14PM

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To be fair if we finish 5th we aren't a million miles away from Liverpool anyway in terms of league position. So its hardly a big step up! And 10 million is a joke when compared to Carrick and Hargreaves!
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02/05/2008 14:21:00

Well said mart.
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02/05/2008 14:21:00

It'll all come down to Barry, if he wants to go what can we do apart from get the highest possible price for him. If anyone can convince him to stay it's MON. But if Liverpool keep acting like this then it's going to be easy to keep him. Liverpool will be in tumoil over the summer I guarentee
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02/05/2008 14:23:00

'We're trying to build a side here and we're not a feeder club.' Classic quote.
The Fear
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02/05/2008 14:26:00

I'd say he is worth more than ten million. I hate this big four thing, the way they think that because he 'only' plays for villa of course he will want to play for liverpool. If i was gareth barry i would stay at villa as they are going about this building a side the right way, slow and steady not like citeh and liverpool approach wanting success straight away. i also agree with neilav182 liverpool will be in turmoil this summer.
durks de rover
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 14:27:00

You have to love Fieldy's assumption of bad faith with "They have shown their colours by taking this to the press" here when it is arguably more likely that Barry's agent has run to the press in order to try and get a better contract offer in the summer. But he does have a tough decision to make as it's unlikely, if we are being realistic, that Villa will reach the Champions League while he is an active player. And don't kid yourself that the UEFA Cup is anything more than a joke - the damn flute players are in the final, after all.
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02/05/2008 14:27:00

this saga is gonna go on all summer now unless garteth barry comes out and says he wants to stay. i'll be gutted if he left for lpool they are predominently underachievers and got lucky winning that champs league in 2005. He'll be on the bench. grrrrr i reckon MON could have tom jones in a fight
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 14:28:00

Oh, by the way, told you the previous reports were rubbish, you heard it hear first on Vital Villa!
The Fear
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 14:29:00

Barry isn`t worth more than ten million give us crouch,alonso and 9-10 million and we have got the better deal.
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02/05/2008 14:31:00

With two years left on his contract and Liverpool about to go through a very difficult period with regard to their owners etc., Gareth would be better off taking a "wait and see" approach. Villa are bound to get him tied into a more lucrative contract over the summer and with us being"on the up" and Liverpool facing an uncertain future, there's only one decision he can make isn't there?
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 14:36:00

Is it me but I thought the transfer window did'nt open until 1st August. Disgraceful way of conducting business by Liverpool smacks of arrogance ,they need to remember they are being left behind by Man Utd , Chelsea and to some extent Arsenal and being rapidly caught by the likes of us and Everton
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 14:40:00

Transfer window doesn't open until August 1, but clubs can sign players whenever they want. It's just that registration cannot change outside of the transfer window. Spurs showed the same by signing whoever his name is to replace Berbatov a week or two back.
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 14:43:00

Lets see how the media spin this, so that like all the other stories "MON is happy to lose Barry", the papers make me laugh they take one quote from an interview and make it into more than what was actually said. Idiots
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 14:48:00

I think if this is the way liverpool continue to do business we should automatically bump up the price to them. I hope barry sees through the way they're run as an organisation and stays at villa... I really hope he does.
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 14:52:00

I bet Mr Lerner is going to sort all this out.
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 14:54:00

As I've said, prove Liverpool went to the press and not Barry's agent. After all, Barry would have more to gain from it being known than Liverpool - it would help him get a better contract, while it bumps Liverpool's price up. Think Occam's razor - entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem.
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 14:56:00

Fair play to MON for coming out and telling them how it is rather than letting it lie in the papers so they can twist it however they want.
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 14:57:00

its important we keep him, cos the likes of Young will think hang on i thought MON is trying to build summat whats the point
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 15:08:00

its made me angry as MON points out lpool ' s season is over already qaulified , villa have yet to qualify what a ***** take! arrogant *********s, i dislike them even more now
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 15:26:00

Funny thing is, Liverpool, by finishing 4th have to qualify for the Champions League and this is not guaranteed to be against some small town club from Lithuania. It could be against the Liverpool equivalent from Italy, Spain or Germany. Should they fail they could be in the UEFA Cup with us (providing we qualify). Wonder how Gareth would feel if that happened?
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 15:29:00

Well, to answer that one, no player of Gareth Barry's ability or higher would be happy playing in the UEFA Cup. It's a woeful competition - look at this year's final!
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 15:42:00

Dear Rafa 10m oh you are a caed arnt you. Tell you what being as when the dust settles on who owns the club yo uwill be out of a job, why not sell us Stevie G for 12m, call it your resignation letter if you like.
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 16:28:00

DerryVillan: Prove Barry's agent went to the press and not Liverpool.
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 16:46:00

londonderryvillan: dont reckon you wouldve been so against the uefa cup when celtic got to the final under MON a few years back funny enough,bet you were crying into your pint when celtic got beat to be fair. also you seem to be very anti villa in nearly everything you say. how the ***** do you know it was barrys agent? and why would he go to the liverpool echo were the story originated from and not just one of the birmingham papers?it would still have got the same coverage and if barrys agent is anything like his client he would surely have a bit more class than that or barry wouldve seen threw him years ago and not stuck with him.lastly,do you think barry is very happy or over the moon this has came out the day before are most important match of the season??? are you a closet liverpool supporter or something because there are plenty of them as you know from here (northern ireland). this absolutely stinks of liverpool doing their business threw the press and being completely amateur like their owners and anybody that disagrees with that,take your liverpool tinted glasses off!!!!!! UTV
Belfast Villain
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 17:27:00

I would love to see Barry and Gerrard playing together week in week out, only in claret and blue and not red. At least Gerrard would get to play every week and not suffer from rotation.
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 17:46:00

Why would Liverpool do their business through the press? Leaking this to the press would only invite other clubs, like Chelsea and Arsenal, to bid on Barry, which would only drive his price up. How is that in Liverpool's interest? This is what Rafa said when he was asked about Barry in today's press confrence, "I read about a lot of names and different players in the press. I also read about my own players, but we do not have any comment. We continue working and that is it."
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 17:46:00

Derry Villan, Occams razor states that one should not multiply explanations beyond the simplest. There is no need to submit the "Barrys agent" hypothesis because the "Liverpool unsettling" hypothesis is explanatorily satisfactory. Unless something comes to light about Barrys agent, the Liverpool unsettling account satisfies Occams razor. So there. (walks away wondering why he bothers)
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 17:58:00

Oh and PS, Transfer window opens July 1st not August 1st surely DV?
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 17:59:00

Well said MON. He's certainly not prepared to see us have our noses rubbed in the dirt by the likes of the scousers. Certainly very bad timing to leak this story to the press. Surely the transfer window opens immediately come seasons end simonbigron? Thats always been the case in previous years.
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 18:07:00

simonbigron, Barry would know about Liverpool's bid without having to read about it in the press, so if Liverpool wanted to unsettle Barry, just their bid is sufficient. So the "Liverpool unsettling" hypothesis is not a satisfactory explanation, the "Barrys agent" hypothesis is.
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 18:10:00

Well that's shoots your other argument down then JohnDoe, about it 'alerting other clubs.'
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 18:18:00

jonah, Knowing about a club's interest about a player is one thing, knowing the actual amount of the bid is another. Why would Liverpool leak the amount of their bid? It would lead to other clubs simply out bidding us.
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 18:20:00

End of the day they're interested regardless of what Rafa says or bids. They want him full stop.
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 18:40:00

They'll try and offer Carson and/or other cast off rubbish as part of the deal. Straight cash only. We've had enough rubbish playerrs off the top 4. If they sell decent players its only to the continent.
Report Abuse
02/05/2008 21:41:00

We will be challenging liverpool for fourth next year if we build our squad up. Fuc**ng p**cks
Report Abuse
03/05/2008 07:19:00

neilav182s' comment up the top says it all and i completely agree. if Barry WANTS to go, then we have to really cash in. Liverpoodle acting like this is studid and amateur and will only bring bad feedback. wonder if it is related to losing to chelsea?? like a spoilt brat throwing a tantrum. "now i want Bar-ry!!"....
Report Abuse
03/05/2008 11:40:00

I personally dont think Raffa will be the manager of Liverpool next season, dont think any chairman would sanction a bid for a player on behalf of a manager who aint going to be there. This is not the way a reputible football club conducts it business, through the press. It up-sets the player and has a detrimental effect on the rest of the team.
Report Abuse
05/05/2008 07:10:00

People keep takling about Barry's agent. His agent is Ian Taylor so I'm lead to believe. WHY would one of our biggest fans and legendary players be encouraging one of our best players to leave. That's bull****!
Adam Deuce
Report Abuse
06/05/2008 10:15:00


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