Aston Villa - Martin O'Neill On Wages And Gareth Barry
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Martin O'Neill On Wages And Gareth Barry

Gareth Barry really is the topic of the week, or is it month? Lets just hope it doesn't drag on throughout the summer, I'm not sure any of our nerves could handle it could they?

Martin O’Neill has admitted in the Express & Star that Gareth Barry's stock has risen dramatically but he will do everything he can to keep him and our other top players at Villa.

The Villa boss said: 'He got into the England squad, then he got into the England team and he’s there on merit and he’s in a really fine position.'

He says he has to talk to Barry and his advisors in the summer as the chairman and him want to keep the best players.

The Villa boss refuses to worry about paper reports, agents or even other players, such as Steven Gerrard who was quoted saying he'd like Barry at Liverpool.

He also knows some of our other players who have performed well this season might be knocking on his door for new contracts but says he's never seen a player who has played badly come to him to ask to have his wages reduced..... Nicely put!

In another report he seems to be refuting the claim that there is a wage ceiling at Villa,

'If someone is worth something here and he’s doing so well, to reward him by either putting him above or alongside his peers because that’s where we stand at the time, I haven’t got a problem. I would set out the same principle at every football club.' Adding, 'The players know me by now and they know if they’re doing brilliantly, they don’t need to walk into my office – I can foresee these things. I will be looking at all these things with the players who have done so well. It wouldn’t matter if they signed last year – I will look at it again.'

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday April 23 2008

Time: 1:50PM

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Gerrards a *****er, if would break my heart to see barry in the dirty reds for contracts, young IMO has deserved a bunk up! love the wages reduced comment LOL
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23/04/2008 14:02:00

yeah seriously **** off gerrard
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23/04/2008 14:05:00

to be fair our players have done similar, think JC was quoted the other day about Peter Crouch. They all do it!
The Fear
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23/04/2008 14:07:00

the positive thing with regard to all this 'barry speculation' is the position the club are in right now. not just in regard to the manager, owner, facilities, et al....but we sit in 6th spot on the ladder, and if form has anything to do with it, we may be 5th come sunday evening. that is a true European football position, and sure it isn't the holy grail of the champs league, but it is close. point being is it close enough for Barry? it may be, and if you include the other positives, i think there is a real possibility he'll stay. and anyway, after that truly dire reds/blues semi final, he should stay so he captains a team that is flowing and growing!
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23/04/2008 14:09:00

Its different when its about our players fear ;p
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23/04/2008 14:10:00

well put leftfoot, i think when it really comes down to is he'd prefer to stay here. i know pool and chel are more or less guaranteed champs leasgue football every season but i seriouisly dont see GB being classed as a regular starter for either. just against grade b opposition, if u know what i mean
Report Abuse
23/04/2008 14:12:00

true benham, and Barry would be aware of this surely? Captain of a resurgent club or bit part extra?
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23/04/2008 14:22:00

Just read a very good article by Oliver Holt of the Daily Mirror on the Barry situation.Seems like Barry's agent could be agitating behind the scenes and also reports that Randy Learner was'nt best pleased about his comments last Friday.Also says that Barry's success in the last 2 years both with Villa and England can be put down to St Martin's arrival at Villa and he would be foolish to leave.
Report Abuse
23/04/2008 14:27:00

Not too sure that cash alone will be sufficient enough to keep Gareth at B6, should we fail to automatically qualify for the UEFA Cup. Give Gareth guaranteed competitive european club football and assurances that quality players will be arriving this summer, then I genuinely believe that he would be delighted to stay here. At the age of 27 though, he quite rightly has to consider all options, particularly as he deserves to be plying his trade on the european stage. Over to you Martin and Randy.
Report Abuse
23/04/2008 14:34:00

You might get Sidwell as his replacement if he does leave.
Fan of Blues
Report Abuse
23/04/2008 16:30:00

Why is it, the same people who criticised Matt Le Tiss for preferring to be a big fish in a small pond rather than a normal fish in a big pond are now saying that Barry would be foolish to throw away being a big fish in a small pond to be a normal fish in a big pond. I want him to stay as much as anyone else and I believe that with European football, the arrival of some good players and the continuing presence of MON he will do but for goodness sakes, lets not get so desperate with our arguments as to start with that bollox.
Villan Of The North
Report Abuse
23/04/2008 16:52:00

Sidwell would be very welcome along-side Barry but not as his replacement.
Villan Of The North
Report Abuse
23/04/2008 16:53:00

dont compare to our barry :(
Report Abuse
23/04/2008 16:53:00

Aston Villa like any other club is about the fans nothing more nothing less. |Not the players, nor the manager, or even the owner. its about the fans. If Barry goes then so be it. W will replace him. The list is endless the players that was icons at the Villa, that left or retired. They were all replaced and so will Barry if he goes.
Report Abuse
23/04/2008 17:22:00

Holt summed it up in the Mirror it has MON who has turned Barry's fortunes round and if he left his form and England place would suffer as a result. I hope he knows that deep down and can see that here he could be part of something special. The other point about Liverpool is their boardroom situation which would put most people off. However if he goes I agree he could and would be replaced and we would move on.
Report Abuse
23/04/2008 18:18:00

I am really scared by all this and Barry is the last player I want to leave. He is the Soul of our Club. And to be honest I think he might actually leave!!!!! If he does leave, does this not show us that we arent the club we thought we were? We are not going to be pushing for 4th spot!!!! We are not goin to be getting the players we want? I am so scared and hope I am wrong and this blows over and we get the players in the summer, we all crave a Superstar or something to show the rest of the league, yea we might actually have to fear the Villa this season or we better watch the Villa this season. I DONT WANT TO BE AN ALSO RAN FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!
Report Abuse
23/04/2008 18:58:00

Bottom Line is if these rumours were, for example, 'Gareth Barry is being linked with a summer move from Liverpool to *insert big club here*' the money involved would be a substantially greater amount than the 12million we're discussing here.

My point being that we are not going to be able to replace Barry for the money we will make from his sale. Regardless of whether we can afford to add on the extra, that is poor business. I don't want to lose him at all, but if we must I want top dollar. However, no one in the big 4 will pay said dollar for a "utility player". But if he wants to go.... This is the definition of being held to ransom, and I would hate to lose our current captain, and talisman (despite what some my have tried to rationalise) in such a way.
Report Abuse
23/04/2008 19:04:00

Sidwell over Barry! For *****'s sake. Barry will leave, no doubt. Each story is worse and worse. I take it as a stab in the back to MON as MON is the sole reason for turning Barry's career around. When Barry leave he will be proving yet again why the big 4 are never broken into. The rest of the league is just some farm system until their ready to break into the top 4's reserves for a chance at champions league football. Hate to break it to ya Barry, but Chelsea are the most boring lot in the league and Liverpool just aren't that great. Best of luck but can't say I'll root for ya when you leave. And this is coming from someone who's looked up to barry for years.
Report Abuse
23/04/2008 19:42:00

sir dennis, no shock that an agent would want a player to move, greedy gits get more money that way don't they?! Agree with Villan of the North, le tiss was happy with his career and place of work, he was a hero there and never had massive pressure. Sounds ok to me!
The Fear
Report Abuse
23/04/2008 20:27:00

We're not boring....... we're just having some difficulties on the pitch, that's all! ;)
Fan of Blues
Report Abuse
23/04/2008 21:21:00

Barry wants a bigger stage . Simple as that....
Report Abuse
23/04/2008 22:55:00

Not that my opinion is worth anything, but I think he will decline as a player if he goes. He is successful here because he is one of the best we have. A few games on a bench and I'm not so sure. When he has played for England the next game for us is not as good as usual and I am not sure he can maintain the high standard required elsewhere.
Report Abuse
23/04/2008 23:00:00

Im not sure anyone will pay the 18-20 mil we're entitled to for him.
Report Abuse
23/04/2008 23:49:00

Why are ppl talking about Barry's agent trying to orchestrate a move away from VP? I thought Barry's agent was Ian Taylor. Why would Ian Taylor want to see the captain of the side he has supported all of his life and played the best years of his career at leave? Money? Surely somethings are more important? Surely IT can see what MON has achieved in 2 years? Surely both GB and IT can see that The Villa are once again Mighty. We CAN and WILL break into that top four with some shrewd buys providing we keep hold of the players we have - AY, GB, GA, ML, JC, WB, NRC, CD, dare I say it even SP. There is only one club in the top flight who we've struggled to get tp grips with this season. MU. 1-4 and 0-4. Apart from that we have drawn with Arse, 'Pool & Chelski away. We CAN beat Everton on Sunday and if we do I believe Barry will stay. He can take Villa into Europe and become a true legend of this famous old club of ours. I believe Barry will eventually obtain the record for most amount of appearances in a Villa shirt. Forget the "Barry For England" chant at our remaining games. Surely it has to be "Barry For Villa".
Adam Deuce
Report Abuse
24/04/2008 00:04:00

Oh and btw who else felt the same pride I felt at the new mosaic sign which now adorns The Holte End. RL I thank you for making our stadium beautiful again.
Adam Deuce
Report Abuse
24/04/2008 00:06:00

one more reason to win on Sunday. If we win, we have europe and GB stays. If we lose, we have toto, but GB goes.
Report Abuse
24/04/2008 02:51:00

I'm so nervous for Sunday!
Report Abuse
24/04/2008 03:18:00

I wish Barry would read this :
Report Abuse
24/04/2008 03:50:00

"big fish in a small pond" ?? This is Villa, come on ! We may not have had the success in recent years as the "big 4" but we're not a small pond, ornamental lake or puddle ! Did we not take 4 points off Chelsea this season, including an outstanding game at the Bridge ? Were we not on top of Arsenal at their yard for most of the game ? Haven't we caught up with these lot significantly since MON took charge ? And by the way, his England career taking off again was really down to Sven leaving and Sir Gareth being given a place on merit, first by some bloke who got sacked and then Capello.. Barry was a great player for Villa before the last 2 years ! I seriously hope he doesn't go, of course - he's Villa's engine at the moment, and we're on the up thanks to a team with him at the centre. Why would he want to leave that for an uncertain chance of actually *playing* European footie with one of the few teams above us ?
Report Abuse
24/04/2008 08:46:00

Adam according to the article in the Mirror Barry's agent is Eric Black the same agent that has 'masterminded' Alan Smiths (remember him?) last two transfers.If I was Barry and looking at that track record I would certainly think twice.
Report Abuse
24/04/2008 09:08:00

the mirror article is spot on!!!
Report Abuse
24/04/2008 11:11:00

official site has gareth barry: 10 year DVD. Looks like that's a wrap ladies and gentlemen. enjoy liverpool.
Report Abuse
24/04/2008 19:19:00

Frigg me some of you lot are pessimistic defeatests. Get a grip, he's gone nowhere yet and Liverpool are not allowed to make any official approahces yet so nothing is decided. If he goes, then so be it but lets not give up the race before it's even started.
Villan Of The North
Report Abuse
25/04/2008 08:59:00

Just paper talk. Stevie G is just worried that they won't be playing Champions league in a couple of years as the Villa will overtake them
Report Abuse
25/04/2008 10:14:00


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