Aston Villa - Liverpool In For Barry? Forget It!
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Liverpool In For Barry? Forget It!

Vital Villa had a rumour in our forum on the 10th April that Gareth Barry was wanted by Liverpool (the rumour went on to suggest we'd be looking at getting John Arne Riise and Peter Crouch as part of the deal).

Today The Sun have caught up, not bad lads, just 5 days later. They have an article by Shaun Custis saying that Rafa Benitez is desperate to lure the Villa skipper to Anfield and that they would be prepared to pay 12million for him.



Get out of town.

How could our captain and now England international be worth so little?

As voiceoftheholte just said in our : forum thread (click here)

'If we were to comment on every transfer rumour we would be here all year, let alone all day. In simple terms, Barry goes away with England and trains and talks to other quality players. If Gerrard thinks he is quality he would have told Benitez. So yes it is plausible for Redscouse to want Barry. Yes they are likely to have more of an attraction in terms of European Football and possibly wages. But that is never the whole story.'

Adding, 'As for the 12 million quote, that has been put out by someone at Liverpool to set a benchmark. Villas response should be that we are a buying not selling club and that infact, we are considering a 15 million bid for Gerrard and Crouch. Silly I know, but they started it. I mean 12 million for Barry?? With the money sloshing around football now lets start at 25 million + Crouch. Every player has his price but you make sure that the price only favours the selling club.'

Well said voice!

Liverpool, forget it... and that goes for Chelsea as well!

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday April 15 2008

Time: 9:51AM

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12mill is very little for Gareth Barry but if Liverpool offer around 16 for him then he should go. What a player he is.
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15/04/2008 09:53:00

he would look rubbish in red anyway! :o)
The Fear
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15/04/2008 09:53:00

Every player has his price but it would be a very very bad message from Villa if they let our captain leave.
The Fear
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15/04/2008 09:54:00

GB is intregal to everything MON is looking to achieve. The team is built around him. IF, and it is a very big IF, we did sell him it would have to be for nearer 20m, BUT even with unlimited funds where would we find an adequate replacement? Under no circumstances should we sell, unless of course, the player WANTS to go. At present why would he? Champions League - Yes, BUT Liverpool are a club with serious internal problems at the moment. Villa are a very settled and happy club under the stewardship of Lerner and O'Neill. A club that is defeinitely on the up. GB is a legend here, plays every week and an England regular. Would that be the same at Anfield?
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15/04/2008 10:10:00

Barry will go if Liverpool come knocking. The chance of Champions League Football will be too much. Gerrard has already stated that he enjoys playing with Barry in the England set up. With 2010 just around the corner GB will need to be in the shop window, what better place than against the elite of European club football? However I believe 12 million is not enough to gain Barry's services. A figure nearer 16 would be more appropriate. We must not sale cheap as we have none so many times before to satisfy the buying club and the player concerned.
still skeggy
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15/04/2008 10:12:00

he wont go, give him 80k a week for the next 4 years, he deserves it. he will finish a proper legend for us.
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15/04/2008 10:13:00

Id consider swapping him for Gerrard if they through Crouch, Risse and Torres in with the deal, other wise I'd say forget it.
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15/04/2008 11:44:00

The chances are that, if we continue the progess that we have made this year into next season, by virtue of some judicious transfer dealings, we will be replacing Liverpool in the top four. So why should GB go from a 'going up' team to a 'going down' team? With the right wages for GB Liverpool will be a no-no, anyway, after next season we will buy Gerrard.
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15/04/2008 12:11:00

benitez may leave liverpool in the summer so this dosen't mean much.
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15/04/2008 12:17:00

The idiot who wrote this article is as bad as the idiot who started these rumours. Liverpool "on the way down" ? A team who have just beaten Inter Milan home and away, who have just dumped Arsenal out of the Champions League, who are in the semi finals of the champions league for the 3rd time in 4 years, who have the best recored of any team in Europe in the last 4 years. On the way down? Clueless. Yes Villa are on the way up but that isnt hard considering how crap they have been for the last 10 years.
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15/04/2008 12:36:00

trader, where in the article does it say Liverpool are "on the way down"? I'd hush up a bit, mate. It makes no sense to quote things that haven't been said.
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15/04/2008 12:47:00

trader, are you a liverpool fan by any chance?
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15/04/2008 12:47:00

Yah Trader, but they can't do much in The Champs league if they're not in it and although they will be in it next season through their finishing place, there was a time not so long ago in the season where it looked like they may be out done by Everton and possibly a few other teams. Who can say they will manage 4th next season with Everton, Villa, Pompy and Man city pushing them? Next season its likely that there may be a few other teams in there as well. Newcastle could well be in the running this time next year. The top 4 won't stay the top 4 forever. I think Barry will stay so long as we get a few players in before next season.
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15/04/2008 12:58:00

I think trader was rederring to Obediah's comment. Liverpool are unfortunately a giant compared to us and 12million is the price of an above average midfielder yet to prove himself on the big stage. If we sold him that would surely mean Petrov and Reo Coker in the middle.
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15/04/2008 13:01:00

I don't want to think about that
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15/04/2008 13:19:00

I am aware trader was referencing Obediah's comment, but he did it while criticising the article which makes no such claim. To anyone who is willing to let Gareth go for 12/15 million, I'd like some of what you're on please.
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15/04/2008 13:21:00

It is boll-ocks.
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15/04/2008 13:23:00

I love garteh barry i really do...but(that word again)...we NEED an attacking midfielder!!! If we get a bid for aroung 15 million i would accept it and use it in a position we need most(hence why big john comes short all the time). If we had 15 extra mill to spend and used it on van der vaart and milner it would be good buisness...Hmmm...did you all see barry giving the team talk before the bolton didnt...o im sorry reo coker was doing a real captain is already waiting!!!
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15/04/2008 13:25:00

Van der Vaart's a good player but I'd rather keep Barry over both him and Milner
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15/04/2008 13:28:00

Me also, although Milner would be a fine addition
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15/04/2008 13:33:00

I certainly wouldn't be overly surprised to see Gareth move on this summer, in fact I've been bracing myself for it for quite a while. At 27, the lure of competitive european club football, particularly Champions League, must surely be a big attraction for Gareth, and who could blame him? He probably thinks that its now or never. No, I wouldn't be at all surprised if we see a very different 'new-look' Villa next season, a new look Villa minus our current Cap'n Fantastic.
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15/04/2008 13:54:00

im with glen. ive been seeing Barry playing for the first team for nearly a decade! and he needs european football+a few medals. if we do not qualify for europe this season, be prepared to see a new captain next season. maybe Coker? haha.
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15/04/2008 14:34:00

I'd take a cash plus Xabi Alsono swap
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15/04/2008 14:34:00

Have to agree with many, I can see GB moving on.....for all the promise, we cannot as a club give him what he can get at Liverpool (whether Benitez is there or not) As Chelski have been reportedly sniffing the ante and quality of those looking at him has been upped since Spurzz last summer. Loyalty is commendable and GB has given us that in spades, surely he could not be blamed for chasing glory, at whether we like it or not a bigger club than Villa.
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15/04/2008 14:58:00

Carson, Crouch and Rise for Barry? I wouldn't let GB go for anything. Where will we replace him? Sidwell, good but not good enough. Bentley - possible. Bullard, again good but not as good as GB. We are lead to believe that finances are NO problem. Randy appears to be waiving shirt sponsor money for a great cause - Acorns. IF MON wants a player and more important the player WANTS to come I am 99% sure that Randy will bank roll the purchase. Our problem is not affording world class players but attracting them without European football to offer. Selling GB would be a big mistake for however much money, cos we don't need the money WE NEED QUALITY PLAYERS.
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15/04/2008 15:02:00

good point danelmonks, heard a few saying we should sell him at the top of his value etc also.
The Fear
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15/04/2008 15:03:00

I dont know , part of me saying no he should stay but the other Part of me is saying would it be such a bad deal? Maybe we do need more creativity in midfield to compliment Young on the wing, add a bit of variety. I'd be happy either way, Barry has given great service to the club, but mind you if im getting thousands of pounds a week I wouldnt leave ;-) I dunno i'm sitting on the fence, see what happens, but lpool is in turmoil at the mo, all that will be needed to be sorted out, and i'm not just talking about Benitez, I mean the owners ant and dec and cat deeley (Parry) none of them might be there, new owners, manager's have different ideas quantities of money and players they would like. Its the media struggling to fill column inches, we'll just have to wait for transfer window.... speculation and transfer window! grrrr it annoys me
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15/04/2008 15:27:00

SORRY FOR THE LONG RANT - ITS BEEN A WHILE SINCE THE LAST POST SO WANT TO GET THIS OFF MY CHEST!!! I think there is a real chance Barry and maybe even more players will have their heads turned. In my opinion the Big 4 and several European sides will of course be looking at Barry, Young, Agbonlahor, Carew, Laursen, Bouma etc. I know that the likes of Laursen and Carew have long contracts but what does that matter nowadays!! We have performed excellently this season and the Young Players PFA nominations and England squad selections for Young, Gabby and co are a nightmare in terms of upping their profile and attracting the big guns. Now half a dozen or so of our players would be BIG signings for Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal etc. - not since Yorke and Bosnich have many of our players be seen in that light! The only way we can hold on to these guys is to finish 5th this year and get European football, increase the wage structure at the club in line with the top 4 and give the players higher salaries and most importantly get a few big-name signings in ourselves as soon as possible in the window - if MON waits until 31st Aug again Young, Gabby and Barry could have moved on!!! If we want to be a big club we need to think big. Think of Sir Alex last summer - Nani and Anderson were not drawn out affairs, either was Tevez other than the whole ownership issue, if Hargreaves hadnt been injured that would also have been wrapped up quickyly - we couldnt even wrap up the Reo-Coker signing properly despite being the only club with genuine interest as far as I know. Sir Alex KNEW who he wanted - and went and got them. Rest of squad were content!!! If rumours are to be believed our scouts are worldwide so get looking for players and get them in asap!! I hopw MON knows the GK and RB he wants next season and we get them signed by 1st Aug not 31st!!!
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15/04/2008 15:41:00

If we're gonna sell we need to bring someone in of equal or better quality, other than that the red scouse can ***** off!!
Report Abuse
15/04/2008 15:43:00

no apologies needed for long rants deano, long absenses from the site however are a different matter. HOW COULD YOU!??!? lol
The Fear
Report Abuse
15/04/2008 16:13:00

i like my post better, it makes sense
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15/04/2008 16:40:00

If we could get Sidwell in I'm sure he and Barry would be awesome together and that is the type of partnership that might make him want to stay.
Villain Of The North
Report Abuse
15/04/2008 16:53:00

So we have competition for him? ;)
Fan of Blues
Report Abuse
15/04/2008 17:22:00

can we bring romario outta retirement? was still top scorer at the age of 42 ha ha
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15/04/2008 17:37:00

I think Liverpool have much bigger fish to fry, they've secured CL for next season and are a massive club. They'll be after real class from Europe (like Torres). We need Europe, it's a catch 22 situation, there's no other reason why we've applied to the Inter Toto. Decent players will move on from us and/or not join us unless we have Europe. end of. I get lampooned for keep saying this. The Coker transfer and most others are drawn out for teams outside the top 4, as decent players want European competition on their CV and the extra cash. Many City have won a couple of games now, so it's vital we finish above them.
Report Abuse
15/04/2008 17:49:00

Barry is real class tarzan.....I couldn't agree more with Deano's post. Pivotal moment for our club this......we should not be seen as a club willing to sell our best players.
Report Abuse
15/04/2008 18:54:00

Cant see why you should be 'lampooned' for saying that tarzan. I think every Villan out there knows that without competitive european club football to offer, we'll have great difficulty attracting and/or keeping the better quality players. Its common sense.
Report Abuse
15/04/2008 18:56:00

id only accept around 20 million for barry, 12 is just a plain joke.
Report Abuse
15/04/2008 19:19:00

Couldn't believe it when I read it but I'd be very happy to see him at Anfield, but I wouldn't put put it past Rafa to put crouch in with the 12million aswell. Can't understand it but Croucnie seems out of favour with the boss and may well come down to that. I really wouldn't want that.
Report Abuse
15/04/2008 19:36:00

If Barry wanted to leave fair enough but i certainly don't want to see him go, I'm quite surprised to see how many of my fellow villan's don't seem to mind the idea.
chris the villan
Report Abuse
15/04/2008 19:46:00

Like others on here I could see Barry leaving for someone like Liverpool. 12 mil is having a larf U paid 18 mil for Carrick which puts Barry in the 20 mil bracket at least.
Report Abuse
15/04/2008 20:26:00

A lot is riding on our qualification for Europe, would Barry and others want to jump ship so quickly? I like to think not, but I am a glass half full type of guy, would Barry want to be just another midfield option at a club with leadership problems or stay and be the Captain of a team on the up, with a respected manager, the adulation of the faithful and the chance of becoming an all time great and record breaker at Aston Villa. yes I am biased, but maybe he is the type who likes to be the big fish in the small pond, or maybe he will give us another season and see how the land lies.
Dion the villan
Report Abuse
16/04/2008 00:47:00

I wish the little git would sign out when he's finished : )
Report Abuse
16/04/2008 00:49:00


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