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The Hokey-Cokey Is Frustrated

Oh dear, not sure how this will go down with Martin O'Neill. The last player to have a moan was Thomas Sorensen and we all know what happened to him!

Nigel Hokey-Cokey has told Sky Sports that he is happy to be doing a job for the team but admits he is frustrated at being a jack of all trades after being moved about recently as a utility player.

The former West Ham captain, it appears, wants a settled position.

'I am doing a job for the team. Whether I am at right-back, a holding midfielder or in a more roaming midfield role, I will do whatever is asked of me. It can be frustrating as I cannot always get consistency into my game - I have played a lot of positions. It is slightly frustrating, but I am happy to make sacrifices for the good of the team. I always enjoy playing and making the fans happy.'

He added, 'It is a learning curve - a good learning curve - but the way I see it, we are looking at an exceptional situation and we want to finish as high up the league as possible.'

Actually seems fair enough but I always think comments like that are better in the managers office than the press?

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday April 9 2008

Time: 4:16PM

Your Comments

trade him for mcann
isnt hokey cokey a dance for the over 60s
i thought his name was reo coker??
Get rid of him he's a waste of skin. Can't pass, can't tackle, needs an age on the ball. Then tells the other players what to do. Without doubt one of the worst players i have ever seen in a Villa shirt. Crap player.
Crikes Jinksy, tell it as it is! I have to agree though, I've yet to see any magic from the Hoke. And if he's gonna start moaning, give someone else a chance.
So having payed in two positions all season, DM and once at RB, he is suddenly a utility player that can't settle, " It can be frustrating as I cannot always get consistency into my game - I have played a lot of positions." What a waste of space he really is. As I have said many times before, put Barry DM and get a box-to-box midfielder or a creative midfielder along-side him. Coker can be back-up for barry and/or RB.
Villain Of The North
Sorry but our bad run came when Barry wasn't playing well & without Barry we havn't got a midfield. Coker is a rubbish player & i can't believe MON still picks him.
He picks him as he has few other options, if Barrry is not playing DM, Maloney is too attack minded to have a secure MF. As we all know, Petrov has been shockingly bad most of the season. The only other senior player we have is Coker so he gets picked by default. It might not be a bad idea to swap him and Gardener around though as Gardener is a much better box-to-box player than Coker and Coker can tackle, is faily quick and has bags of energy which are important attributes for a RB. Sad that he can't trap a ball or pass though but hey, we have no RB so I guess beggers can't be choosers.
Villain Of The North
He should be left back....on the team bus.
Agree about Gardners a top player. This season has been wasted for him & that a shame. Hopefully the penny will drop & Coker will be on his bike.
jinksy are you are hammer by any chance?... reo has played some bad games for us, but for the most part he has been very good. i remember a certain game against liverpool where he looked world-class. we have not had a midfielder with his battling qualities for ages.
dun read too much into this guys. from what Coker, said, or exaggerated by papers, i dun see him moanin. Hes a quality player and i wonder if Coker haters been watching the same Villa side that i did. We have a crap GK, but why havent we concede too many goals? Fantastic back 4 you say? not really. Coker have been doing all the dirty work to cover the defence and i for one am grateful we had him. i lost count on the number of times Coker have saved Laursen/Mellberg/Davies/Knight asses. hes fast and robust and an ideal player to cover for our back 4.
He's not as frustrated as I am having to watch him! Hes so lucky to be picked every week! We got rid of McCann and then go and buy his twin! Worst player in the squad by a mile , even Zat could play that role better than him!
By the way Jinksy is not me before anyone asks but he obviously sees the same player as me unlike some ! A talentless waste of space!
I dont he's moaning too much,I think he's a good player.
Seems like he's been taken out of context to me
I think I've been watching football too long. Time was when you used to slag off the other team's players and root for your own. These days it looks like you do the opposition's job for them and kill your own players off, one by one by one ...
ric112 - Been a Villa season ticket holder since 1986 went to my 1st game in 1971 aged 3. So get you head out of your arse and take your rose tinted specs off. Coker is a ***** player i would love to be saying how brilliant he is but the truth is he isn't brilliant or even average he's a rubbish player.
Villan57 - Spot on apart from Mcann is a better player by far.
Gurk - I haven't a clue what games you have beemn watching? I've lost count the number of times coker has pased the ball to the other team, fell over his own feet 7 tried to blame someone else. The he bangs on about playing foe England..........Ha ha ha
reo coker? Where did you get that from matt28? Nigel Hokey-Cokey is his name. :o) I think he could prove to be a very good player for us, he is still only young and has bags of potential, when he is on his game he is 'on' his game. Some very harsh fans about! lol
The Fear
I'm a bit of a fan (mainly due to his cocky attitude), he breaks up the play for us and has bags of energy. He should get more (any!) goals. The problem is, as has been higlighted in this thread, there's no competition for places, MON sticks with the same team and therefore he's an automatic choice. Salifou and Gardner are considered not up to the mark.
I think we'd swap him for a couple of Everton and Pompey's class midfielders.
Doesnt sound all that negative. But as said this is for him and MON to discuss, not for our ears.
I think the guy is the difference between last year's team and this year's, and we know that we've improved as a team by virtue of our league position. I will not have this Reo Coker slagging off anymore. When we've been down in games, which we have been plenty of times, i am of the belief that he's the leader that gets the players heads back into the game, cos it certainly isn't barry...sure, barry plays some great games, but he doesn't get the team going on the pitch verbally, that's Reo Coker. And i can bet you that Reo Coker saves us goals so many times with his tough tackling in the final third of the field...i can guarentee that strikers hate playing him when they know they're not going to be allowed loose touches. This is joke to blame Reo Coker, and i know the first criteria that you have to achieve in a Villa shirt is giving 100% and i guarentee he gives well more than that, and more than any other player on the pitch. He's what, 23? Give the guy a bloody chance!
jinksy, yeah, he does have a bad touch with the ball, infact it was terrible. but his other job is what makes him shine. he does all the breaking up dirty work but because if his poor passing, noone notices him. at the end of every game, people will be blaming Coker for not making that important final pass which would result in a goal/great chance. if only he can pass like barry, im sure that coker would be a world class all action midfielder.
Glad to know that you won't have this slagging off AMON. Pitty you don't have any say in the matter.
Villain Of The North
He certainly hasn't won the Villa Park regulars over, thats a fact.
well i think he does win a lot of tackeles in the middle!! the opta stats say he does the most tackles in the premier league!! the frustrating thing 4 im sure all villa fans is that when he does have chance to go forward he does look a bit clueless! im sure this is a confidence thing! i would b quite interested how we get on rest of this season if we play barry - reo coker - petrov and give the legend ashley young a free role!! he was awesome at bolton!! lets not get on each others backs remember who we have got a week sunday!! up the villa!!
Luckily they banned hot potato's as I would be throwing them at him, especially if he gets on the right wing.
Hoss The Villain
Hasn't Hokey been played out on the right wing also? On this seasons form he is easily our 2nd best midfielder. Gardener for me is no where near mobile enough and Petrov the less said the better this season (Bolton aside).
He is a Makelele type player (win the ball and then pass it short and simple,) problem is that he wants to travel with it or try long balls neither of which he is any good at whatsoever. And do we need that type of player as we don't play 5 in midfield????
Haha, @ VOTN...sorry i wrote that late last night when i was just angry that so many people were getting on the guy's back, when as far as i can see he's been brilliant this season...of course he can't be all things to all men, but he does well wherever he's asked to play, those postitions are RB, DM, CM, RM for those of you who say he's only played in two positions. The fact that everyone's criticising him, when the reason for his outburst was to say that he hasn't been able to play to his best because of the position changes just shows that you've completely missed the point.
The Cokester has missed the point. Its a team game. He wants to be our captain and England captain at that. Gardner has played those positions and is better in all but the defensive midfielder. ME,ME,ME. He should be seen and not heard.
Other than his media skills, which are poor, Nigel Reo-Coker is awesome. He has done well for us this season and even when poor he has not been dire. Add into this he is obviously not playing a role he his comfortable in and you have to ask what would he be like playing a in a role he likes playing in! And this hasn't come out the blue. he has said all along he is doing a job and is happy to do that while the squad needs it. But we all know that hopefully the squad will not remain this threadbare and then we can start playing players in their best roles. Also, there is no-one who can really challenge for nigels place this season. Once we get someone (Diarra-like) that can keep him on his toes then we should start seeing Nigels best. But for HEAVENS SAKE get off the guys back! Its like someone let a hoard of whinging old women out the home!
Poorly-worded article and headline - Is this site a version of The Sun???? Why didn't the headline read "Reo-Coker happy to play anywhere for the team." Or "Reo-Coker on Learning Curve - Understands Importance of Team." This is a player who works his socks off every game, does the job that nobody else wants to, and says nothing but positive things about the fans and the club. Yet you pick up on one small comment from an interview (where he is expressing his wish to be successful and do whatever he can for the team) and berate him! Mr. Fear, you bear the responsibility here for sinking down to the same level I'd expect from the gutter press.... This is a Villa fans site, not one where we should expect to see headlines that grab the attention - especially when they are attacking one of our own.
the world is a critic gm. Is your article comment posting a version of The Star?!??! :o) He said he was frustrated, he said he isn't able to get consistency, and that is what is reflected in the quotes. There is no attack on the player at all in my article, just his quotes and I say above (not that it matters what I say) what he says is fair enough. If you think that is an attack, then gawd help us when I'm on one of my rants. Get a grip gm for goodness sake, and of course headlines are done to grab attention, what do you think the point of them is? I've read it five times and can't see a single attack on him. Blimey!
The Fear
oh and for the record, I'm not a hokey cokey knocker, I think he could develop into a very good player for us.
The Fear
The headline left him wide-open to be attacked, and is not even close to being a reflection of what the boy is trying to say. The quotes you refer to are a very small part of what he says.... The only thing your headline does is stir up the "I go to Villa Park every week, so I'm entitled to boo/attack the players" crowd.
Nige still has a lot to prove. Rare glimpses are simply not good enough. I'd say he has under-performed this season, and overall his showings have disappointed me.
Its not the first time that Nige is telling everyone that will listen what he thinks gm. Haven't heard comments from Mellberg and he is playing rightback. (he is leaving though.) He shows great promise but you have to be better than just a grafter who runs in circles, wins the ball then gives it away again.
I'd love to know how many of you who think he's good actually watch him? He's a poor footballer for 8m that is for sure. His first touch against Bolton was to give the ball back to them after Petrov had won it with a good tackle and that sums him up! some of you need to study him a bit more me thinks!
Not at all gmvillan, members have their opinions, most of the opinions in the article comments don't match mine but he said he was frustrated, the headline says the same. Just can't see where you think my article attacks him when I say his quotes (that make up most of the article) are fair comment. I can't be held responsible if some of the fans don't like him (as is evident in this thread and others). Even if I'd put NRC is the best thing in the world ever, you'd still have had the same comments. Should I delete other peoples opinions and only keep my thoughts and yours or should we allow freedom of speach? It is nothing at all to do with going to VP every week, you are reading things into it that just aren't there. Seriously, there is nothing in that article about me attacking NRC, he is one of the players that fascinate me the most, he came with a mix rep from West Ham, was superb for the England U21s last summer and has been mixed this year but when he is on, I think he is really ON and could become a real asset.

feel free to have a go at me for things I have said but do not put words into my mouth that I've not said or read into things how you want to just to have a go.

Not sure many will be returning to this article as it is now off the main run of articles, but I'd be fascinated to know if anyone else thinks I'm attacking NRC here because if I am, it is certainly news to me. I find this quite bizarre, especially being compared to the tat of the Sun.
The Fear
Nice to see someone sticking up for Nige as he is one of our own and does try hard but no need to blame someone else for all the comments. Maybe we should be called AVFC United ;-D.
No Mr Fear I think you are very kind to him! Diplomatic as ever! I just think he has no talent , even his fan's don't think he's anything other than a Digger! A breaker up of play etc. If you actually watch him closely he avoids the ball like the plague and rarely wins anything ! As for stats we almost matched Man Utd at old Trafford if you go by stats!
Fear, i appreciate that you haven't had a go at Reo in this article, and all i see in the comments is people putting their thoughts across well and forcefully. I really think any criticism is unfair, but that's why we have these boards, so that we can discuss our views and concerns about how the club is performing, and i can only assume there is no smoke without fire, so he can't be performing as well as i think he is.
I NEVER said that you were attacking him - please read what I wrote - I said that a poor choice of words and headline left him wide open to attack (a fact) when he was actually expressing the wider view that he was doing his best for the team and was hoping that the success could be continued. That is EXACTLY what the gutter press do - take one small sector of an interview and use it in a headline to create controversy... As I said earlier, there were numerous ways that the headline could have TRULY reflected the boys thoughts. To Villan444's point ....Mellberg has expressed EXACTLY the same concerns about being played out of position, even to the point of expressing his wish to play in the centre of defence at Juventus as being a factor in his decision....
GM, its alrite. But im afraid this article is sinking faster than MONs glasses. And thus, i am gonna take this opportunity to attack you. *stab-stab*
a poor choice of words by NRC then gm, he spoke of his frustration and the fact that moving about means he can't get any consistency in his game. Gareth Barry said similar many moons ago when he was chopped and changed. It isn't negative what they are saying, just factual if that is how moving around makes them feel.
The Fear
NRC- unsung hero? Superb showing at Derby.

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