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Villa WILL Spend This Summer

Must be a quiet week in the press as they are all quoting General Charles Krulak and the comments he makes in the forums he visits.

They are just re-iterating what we've been told all along, that Randy Lerner will back the manager in the transfer market and do all they can to bring in the players that Martin O'Neill wants.

That is the key, despite some suggesting the money isn't there, it is the manager who has to name his targets, it isn't the board who focused on signings last year of Zat Knight or Marlon Harewood, the manager asks and the club try to get. What would we all prefer, that Randy started buying who he wanted? Actually, judging by the nervous approach by MON, maybe yes!!

Sky Sports say that Randy and MON have spent 40million in the last 20 months but questions have been raised with such a poor January window with only Spurs winger Wayne Routledge - yet to be played - incoming.

The General said recently in our forum thread: Click Here
'I absolutely don't know how often I need to say this goes again. We, the Club will spend money!! We have spent money!!'

'We have NO desire to be a 'mid-table' Club...we absolutely want to be in Europe and, in fact, want to compete for the Premiership every year. That is what we want!!'

'Simply put, we are building a 'total' Club....a training facility, a stadium infrastructure, a Youth Program, a Reserve Team and a winning First team.'

Adding, 'Aston Villa Football Club is a treasure...not something to be treated as a toy...or something that is to be guilded by 'gold.' Simply put: We will spend money and there is no artificial ceiling...but you can darn well count on the fact that we will spend that money on players who will fit into our system and will last.'

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday March 31 2008

Time: 12:01PM

Your Comments

Cue much scepticism, scoffing and conspiracy. Though I personally love the way the General talks about the club. A big thankye to him from me. C'mon Martin, just go nuts.
MON has proved what he can do with the few resources that he has. Now spend, spend, spend. PS. If the general or MON have difficulty in spending money I will be glad to help out ;-D
David O'Leary would have got us into the Champions League with Randy's millions.
I personally don't think its about spending big money! I feel that the clubs between 5th and 12th will always struggle to attract the right players. The top 4 will get the pick of the crop, The bottom clubs will get players for the task (survival) that leaves no world class players, not many great players, a few good players, and loads of mercenaries. So until Villa can improve there stock by gaining Champions league football regularly we will find ourselves scrapping with everton, blackburn, man city, pompey etc for the few decent players looking to make a name for themselves.
Agreed evo, problem is he wouldn't have enough left to pay next years wages and would bankrupt us.
DOL is such a great manager he's been out of work for 2 years!!!!!
Perhaps with Berson, Djemba-Djemba, Drobny, Sorensen, McCann we could also be challenging for the championship sponsored by Coca-Cola. The ground would be half empty and we would be listening to Odreary talking about the bad luck involved in spending a 100 million and still not winning a trophy! great days, great manager
So what if Redknapp signed him for West Ham as a boy. You can say that on every thread... oh you have, but the fact is he wanted to leave *****e Hart Lane and if MON wants to attract players then he has to go out and get them, not wait for for a month during a transfer window hoping to get a last minute bargain, which he then never plays. As for O'Dreary's at least he signed Laursen! What would we be saying if he had signed Salifou, Routledge, Knight, Harewood and Petrov?
Hoss The Villain
It's all about getting cup football nowadays, nothing else. We can't persuade anyone decent to join us over say Spurs or Everton if we haven't got Europe. Hoss - Defoe didn't want to join us he wanted to join Portsmouth instead, they are a better team. The players nowadays have more money than they can deal with. The targets MON wanted weren't for sale in January or didn't want to join us. We may have to sell a few of our assetts (wheel and deal) to get some of our targets in (because they won't sit on the bench).
I didn't realise you knew Defoe well enough to have discussed it with him.
Hoss The Villain
Hoss, it's obvious - if I was Defoe I'd have joined the better team and that's Portsmouth (at the moment). Persuading the best players to play for us is nigh on impossible without anything to offer, wouldn't you agree? If was just down to money, we'd have signed a whole host of quality.
Defoe went from a team doing well in Europe to Portsmouth who aren't in Europe. He also went to a team who in January were in 9th place when he could have joined us in 4th place.
Hoss The Villain
wads done is done. maybe not getting defoe is a blessing in disguise, but we havent un-disguise the blessing (lol?)
Doesn't change the fact, he didn't want to join us, like a few other players recently.
So you're argument above is now changing. He simply didn't want to join us, nothing to do with Cup football or Europe? Then it is MON not being able to persuade a player that Villa are good enough? You also said at the start of the season that the Cup competitions were pointless as it was a top 4 team that would win them all, another prediction down the drain. Football is a funny old game but unless you take your chances and take risks you'll get nowhere. Lets hope the 5 year plan we are all hanging our hat on is better than the 5 year plan Pompey, Spurs, Blackburn, Everton, City... all have.
Hoss The Villain
I've noticed that in recent seasons, some of our fans are deluded into thinking that we should be a more attractive prospect than Everton, Blackburn, Spurs and Portmouth - we aren't any better than those teams, some would say at the next level down. That's why Europe and a great cup run is vital for us in the next 18 months. Unfortunatley we haven't attacted the quality of players I'd hoped for. Newcastle, Citeh and Boro will all be sniffing round the second rate targets with inflated prices in the summer.
Hoss, just stirring a bit of debate, I must admit I've contradicted myself through the season and on this thread! Typical fan I suppose! Although the FA Cup has been treated with disdain by the top 4 this season; using it as a back up plan for a failed CL campaign, despite what hear fron the BBC. I'm really frustrated as the next man regards the transfers (I'd heard rumours that the Defoe deal was done). The difficulty is relating to the modern day players phyche - under-educated, materialistic, egotistical, extremely well paid.....
Where does he start. I think goalkeeper and striker are the most important.
I think you'll find that most of your transfer predictions over the last couple of years have deluded most fans on here into that assumption. I have never had any delusions and have written a number of articles in the past questioning fans expectations. However, you, like many other fans have forgotten the true meaning of football and have come under the media spell of this illustrious 'top 4' and hierarchy structure of the league they portray. The media prey on the coverage they can suck from stories and the Clubs want to maintain the status quo. However ambition can get you a long way and even though the Club speaks of it a lot, the signings have shown none. I have no regrets for thinking that the club I have followed all my life can win things; I just regret the attitude from fellow supporters that we should have no expectations because this is what the media wants us to believe.
Hoss The Villain
Oh... and I was just stirring a bit of debate ;-) everyone praises the messiah when it goes right... but he has to live by the sword! If we start defending him when it goes a bit pair shaped then what does that say about us?
Hoss The Villain
everyone keep your panties on. fight the blues, not your fellow villans! All of us are frustrated with the past few results (and damn well should be) Sure I blame MON for not getting someone like defoe when we clearly could have. Especially since he is putting it in the back of the ole onion bag game after game (god knows we couldn't buy a goal now) We need to rally as a club and finish strong. There are no games now that aren't winable. Even everton. I think if we show a good run in towards the seasons end we can salvage inter toto and attract some key players to come play for the villa. Players are smart. They can see where this club is going and that we're just dead tired and don't have the resources to keep the good form up at the moment. Perhaps you'll find people who want to be there from the begining when Aston Villa becomes a powerhouse again. Everyone stop getting under eachother's skins and start coming together. Forget United, forget pompey forget everyone else and what they're doing and concentrate one what we're doing. Let's quitely win the rest of our games and hold our heads up. Up the villa!
You stupid fool.
Hoss The Villain
Hoss, I'm a bit offended, that you think I've lost the true meaning of football! I have genuinely watched us since the '70s, but become a sniping cynic! Living in the South East for 17 years amongst plastic scousers and mancs hasn't helped. I agree we should be ambitious, but think we aren't taking enough risks in the transfer market - we haven't got a top drawer player who can change a game. I also think some of our fans have looked a bit silly recently, they expect routine wins against the likes of Everton, Pompey and Spurs, you just set yourself up for permanent disappointment.
LA Villan, I know its sunny out here, but "players are smart" - pull the other one! What risks should we take in the transfer market then? That's what it boils down to. MON is "conservative" in his approach. We could have shelled out 20m on Darren Bent, 12m on Craig Gordon? 10m on Bellend? 14m on Hutton? - would we have been a better team? I'm using inflated prices assuming we'd have to have outbid our rivals. I think this is the multi million dollar question.
I'm glad you are only a bit offended :-) I never take a win for granted but never expect us to role over and die because we are playing a team of so called greater status.
Hoss The Villain
No loan deals please ;-O
I think you'll find we have spent a fortune on mainly last minute panic buys and flogged of the nucleus of the squad too cheaply and easily. Now will you all go to bed, it's way past your bedtime.
Hoss The Villain
We rolled over and died against ManU in the warm up! All the fans I speak to are scratching their heads in terms of who we should buy. Curtis Davies for 10m I say!
Hoss the sun is out in LA man. It's helped my post Arsenal depression! MON has got rid of mainly average players and replaced them with mainly slightly above average players! I'd love to see him buy four 15m players. But who?
Interesting seeing that Citeh have gone Pete Tong quicker than us? Earlier in the season our fans were jealous of Sven.
How about we have the first team winning and let the rest follow :-)
How are Portsmouth capable of attracting players over us ? How does that happen again ? It doesn`t make any sense so i have to think there is a fundamental problem with how we are conducting transfer negotiations over many years.
4 players i agree here is my list RB - Boswinga RM - Farfan AM - Van der Vaart (if possible) ST - Crouch Although the mexican Dos Santos from barcelona is rumoured to be leaving?? take a gamble MON!! I agree with LA we need to pick ourselves up and win 5 of the next 6 games and at least challenge for 6th place if we get this i would be quietly happy with our season. At the end of the day we are 3 quality players short of challenging. The problem is we will never sign a player like Torres or Ronaldo!! Up the Villa
i 4got our keeping crisis!! expect MON to buy Guzan and robinson in a cut down deal where he will re-discover his form :-)!!
The fact Hoss is Defoe didn't sign for us, That could be because we didn't try to sign him!!!! So why do we have to have this debate endlessly about a player that we showed no interest???? Why dont we start a thread that we are going to sign Ronaldo, then when we dont we can have even more pointless debates as to why we didn't!!!!!!!
Oh yws Hoss as for the Redknapp signed Defoe as a boy.... It's a fact!!! How many times and how many clubs have tried to drag him kicking and screaming away from Spurs? Answer.... Plenty, and who got him? Redknapp!!! I think there rests my case!!!!
I don't know who we will sign but I am hoping for a genuine quality central midfield player to play alongside Barry. I think Barry's game has suffered in recent weeks because of the dross he has to play alongside. Get some quality in there and Barry will be a better player for it.
"As for O'Dreary's at least he signed Laursen! What would we be saying if he had signed Salifou, Routledge, Knight, Harewood and Petrov? Hoss The Villain" or Young, Coker, Carew, or managed to keep Gareth Barry at the club? you carry on focusing on the negatives, or to quote you "you stupid fool" debate the point, everyone knew and knows that Defoe wanted to go back to Harry, that's a dead point.
I'm with Jonah. We need a Boss CM because, all to often this year, our midfield has been bossed by the opposition.
Well said Steff....
I can concentrate on whatever points I want too Steff, because that is the whole point of a forum, whether you like it or not. You won't find me slapping you on the back and saying "well said" as I pull my brown nose out of your bum though. We can all be sit back and be satisfied with the way the Club is going if you want but I believe mistakes have been made at times and Im not afraid to point them out as I see it. As for saying you stupid fool that was alight hearted comment to someone I was debating with last night, so keep you nose out of my business :-)
Hoss The Villain
Mose21 - you've come up with some interesting options. Anyone else have a punt? I'm rubbish at seeking out those hidden gems (like our scouts!). Should we cash in on Barry or NRC? Not creative enough.
MON is building the team, we all know its not the finished artical but he is in my humble opinion putting the spine together. Carson I hope will be the building block at the back (not convinced though) Laursen and Wilf, Barry and NRC ... Young and Carew theres seven just need another 10 :-)
Cash in on Barry tarzan? and sign who exactly?
Well Hoss This is me pointing out your mistakes.... it seems you like to be vocal and make comments to and about poeple from a distance? Am I correct???? But It seems you like to point out mistakes. But when poeple comment about you , you dislike it. Are you so vocal when confronted by a person or is yet another case of behind the PC bravado ?
What we have is a good back up squad. We now need a quality first team 11. Barry, Young and Laursen are the only ones good enough.
The very fact that as a club with supposed serious intentions of becoming a top six outfit, we surely have to splash some serious money this summer, doesn't mean that we will. MON and General Krulak are making the right noises, but then again we've heard this sort of talk before. Action gentlemen, action.
What are you on about Gappy??? I think you may have lost the plot a bit old lad. I don't think I have abused anyone from behind my PC. I was simply debating with Tarzan and LA Villain the point of view I have over the club. Then you and Steff butt in a day later and rubbished what Ive said. This is something you do on a regular basis when people make criticisms of the way the club is run. I simply came back to the disparaging way you replied to my views, not the other way round me thinks. If you dont like my point of views fair enough. I would be happy to see some articles you have written to back up your views, like I have written in the past
Hoss The Villain
Hoss; I think calling me a brown because and a nother disagree with your points is a personal attack, would you? also you called someone a fool again because they dare to disagree with your point! You are totally within your right to have an opinion and right to voice it! But I think there also needs to be an element of realism put forward. Which I think I do, if you disagree there fair enough. But the stock in the Villa was very low when MON took the reins! it is taken and will continue to take a long time to rebuild that stock to where we were when we won the league and european cup all those yeras ago. It annoys me when fans are convinced that just waving a cheque book will get you any player on the market or not on the market. It dosen't work like that. When we have established ourselves in the top four then maybe we can rebuild with the quality the fans are conviced we should be bidding for, but until that time we will be fighting it out with the Evertons, and blackburns etc for the signitures of the few players that want to make a name for themselves. Like i said previously the top 4 get pick of the crop, the bottom clubs buy to survive. the middle tear are in limbo with regards to the players available. That is just a fact! If you disagree thats fine but think on a little before you spout about who we should buy!!!! ie Defoe.... etc
If you read my comments; I said and LA Villain knows what I said was a sarcastic remark not a personal attack, but again it only seems to be you that has a problem with it no one else. As for signings I have never advocated an open cheque book to buy success but unfortunately you only pick and choose to respond to certain comments made on here. As for Defoe, you said the same comment about him on here as you made on 2 other threads so why the surprise when people respond. As for the personal attack you made on me "to think on a little before you spout". That is a bit condescending when that is my opinion you are rubbishing, seems to go against how you want people to debate. I say a lot of good things about the club but also have some negatives; I dont see that as problem. For me, MON and Randy have progressed the club in the right direction but on the way he has spent a lot of money and has sold a lot of players. So far he has had a couple of good signings, but the number of average buys is starting to mount up for people to start questioning his ability to attract players of any quality. Time will tell if I, like a lot of other people are wrong on this but questioning this is not a problem with most people. I have never said we should have bought Defoe, I use it like many others as a failure to attract the right sort of players to the club. I have also never said that we are as good as Portsmouth, Everton etc but you like to tarnish everyone with the same brush if they have a negative view. A different point of view to yours but well get over it and still support the Villa.
Hoss The Villain
You certainly want to believe these bold statements of intent from within the club, yet we've been disappointed so many times in the past twenty five years or so.
I have read your comments Hoss, maybe I am the only one who has the backbone to respond to your sarcasim. or shall we just call it low wit!!! Yes maybe I did repeat myself about Defoe and your comment was noted!! But it still dosen't alter the fact that my statement was true!!! As for the matters about the club I see things with a positve eye, I know where we were 25 years ago because i was there, and i know where we went in the years following, now i am seeing a progression with or without world class signings. If anything MON is a victim of his own success at the Villa. Due to the progress in a hort space of time. I believe if anyone will take Villa forward to where they were MON is the man to do it. Oh yes I dont tarnish poeple with the same brush just those who deserve it. You see Hoss we live in a McDonalds, we want it and we want it now, trillion pounds worth of debt culture. and unfortunately some football fans approach it the same way, if were not successful lets buy it!!! Here's a question for you I often ask poeple, Would rather win a million pound or earn a million pounds???? Think about the philsophy of the question and the answer!! It sums up and divdes the whole of society....
No; that is too deep a question for my brain, but I would do both if it was possible. It's not so much how much money you have or make it is what you do with your life, with or without it.
Hoss The Villain
I think we agree on something Hoss at last!!!

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