Aston Villa - Those Villa Cast Offs & Dead Wood
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Those Villa Cast Offs & Dead Wood

Those Villa cast offs and dead wood

Its been an interesting nay incredible couple of weeks for some of those Villa cast offs, so maligned on this site by some.

As one of those fans who always feel sad when players who have done time with Villa leave for pastures new I often mentally flag up when they hit the headlines and cast a wry smile of satisfaction. Its like today when Wrexham beat Chester at Chester 2-0 and Brian Little was on Sky smiling away at finally getting his team back into contention, it made me feel good.

It all started with Albion's Kevin Phillips getting another goal and the Best player in the Championship award, good for him. This evening he gets a chance at joining all the other Villa rejects in the FA Cup semi finals at Wembley.

Yesterday Milan Baros was at fault for gaining a penalty for Portsmouth that put the mighty Manchester United away on their own pitch. Did Sir Alex think that would happen when they beat us at Villa Park in the same competition. I doubt it. So Baros will be going to Wembley again.

He won't be alone, today I saw a super strike from Peter Whittingham to put Cardiff past Middlesbrough, so he'll be there along would you believe with a keeper called Peter Enkleman, unbelievable.

Young Davis scored for Rangers in Europe and seems to be doing OK up there, he's now looking to be in a Scottish Cup final too along with his European exploits.

Talking of European exploits good old Gav McCann scored a goal in Bolton's draw in Europe, so he and Samuel will get another game in Europe at least. They'd better watch their PL performances though, Megson does have a nasty habit of relegating sides.

There is life after Villa Park for some, even the much maligned Moore might find himself alongside Phillips at Wembley you never know.

Of course with Villa being on target for 4th and with the 5 year plan its hard to see where we have suffered by the absence, but its good to see, that such much maligned players are after all still in with some chance of glory.

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The Journalist

Writer: avfc48 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday March 11 2008

Time: 10:39AM

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Can I ask for a bit of respect from those that usually don't read what is being said and just slate the article due to the author please. To disagree and debate is what the site is for, not for personal slanging matches.
The Fear
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11/03/2008 10:41:00

I Fear am one of those who is not a huge fan of AVFC48 but I feel that even our grumpiest fan has been making some valid comments in recent weeks, and this article is brilliant. Nice to see a softer side of the guy, and totally agree, I love seeing the former players doing well post-villa. Never thought I would be saying this but credit where it is due, welldone 48, a brilliant article!!!
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11/03/2008 10:54:00

Quite right. It is incredible really, that so many ex-Villa players, deemed not good enough for the club are now playing in Europe or the semi-finals of our most prestigious cup competition. I don't regret letting any of them go, although I gaze fondly back at some performances from most of them, but it is amazing that all of those players are now playing on the stages we want to be at, for (with all due respect) lesser clubs. Cardiff, WBA (who I'm enjoying at the moment by the way), Bolton and others. Not sure whether the title of this article is ever-so-slightly tongue in cheek, but I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments '48.
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11/03/2008 11:19:00

Davis a flop at Fulham (now playing in a sub-standard league), Bolton getting relegated with McCann and Samuel, Phillips in a lower league, Hughes getting relagated with Fulham, Baros looking totally unfit, Hendrie not getting a game in the Championship, Cahill getting relegated, Ridgewell possibly getting relegated. MON is a complete genius.
Report Abuse
11/03/2008 11:22:00

excellent article again 48, maybe for some of these players they have found where they are better suited than AVFC for various reasons. Think KSarge could do with looking a little deeper into his own comments. Davis may well have found his place, goodluck to him. Bolton maybe relegated but McCann and samuel have a chance of some glory before this happens although niether have held down a regular place due to injury etc cahill has arrived to late almost to help Boltons plight. i wish them well. Hughes having made 20 appearances for fulham seems to be enjoying regular first team football and Baro's may well as AVFC48 says, although unfit have a chance of lifting a major throphy this year. Ridgewell is looking a good player in a crap side IMO and won't spend long in the championship.
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11/03/2008 12:33:00

Good article, most points had made me feel disappointed that we have so many expats in Europe and FA cup semi-finals. Nice to see a positive slant on it though. Our boys will be in Europe next year anyway. Who has found 48's log on details.
Report Abuse
11/03/2008 12:53:00

Ksarge1 sums this article up. Transfers are part and parcel of football , and you can not go through life with what if's . In my opinion Phillips, Baros, Davis , Whittingham , McCann , Samual and Hendrie were all suplus to requirements for one reason and another but they can do a job for others. I feel the replacements for every one of these players are better than those departed (maybe with the exception of Petrov) and is why we are in the top 6 rather than near the bottom. MON is a good judge of a footballer , his record proves this. I feel disapointed that due to the FA cup biased / fixed draw that we get Manure every year, we could also have been a Wembley for the semi-finals.
Report Abuse
11/03/2008 13:09:00

Nice article but well summed up KSarge.... that really is the true perspective on the situation. Nice to see them enjoying some level of success, but it's not the kind of success we craved achieving at villa.
Report Abuse
11/03/2008 13:12:00

Its interesting in an article where I mainly highlighted the little success some past players are having several use it as another justification article of O'Neill's transfer policy. Why are you fans so insecure about O'Neill ?
Report Abuse
11/03/2008 13:53:00

I would guess that is because you addressed an issue that involves the decisions mon made and justifying the fact that he got rid of these players. Yes, the article is sentimental but it was KSarge who aptly pointed out the true predicament of the teams these players are now playing for. I'm not entirely sure why you needed to bring in anything to do with insecurity, that comment seems a little provocative if you ask me.
Report Abuse
11/03/2008 13:59:00

MON is obviously a fantastic judge of Dead wood within a football team. We have to salute his transfer policy out of Villa Park, and in to Villa Park - no question. The results and league table speaks for itself.
Report Abuse
11/03/2008 14:00:00

The only thing that is insecure are these ex players premiership status. The 48 is back!!
Report Abuse
11/03/2008 14:54:00

The only thing I would criticise is the use of the term 'cast offs'. Players move on for many reasons and, in many cases, the club has little alternative but to let them go. In some cases, players simply get an offer they can't refuse (eg Melly), or want guaranteed first-team football immediately (Davis, Cahill). Players move on. They are not dead wood, and the club would do itself no good by keeping unhappy players. Like avfc48, it cheers me to see somebody who has served Villa well doing OK (eg Kevin Philips at the moment). Let them go in peace.
Report Abuse
11/03/2008 14:56:00

Villa Rejects, Villa Rejects....its part of the fun!
Report Abuse
11/03/2008 15:01:00

Those players have all moved on, that's part and parcel of football, fortunately so have we. Nice to see them enjoying a little bit of success, but in truth there's not one player mentioned who I think we'd still want here at B6. Good moves for them, and indeed for us. Its not avfc48's articles that I find fault with. He often provides a well thought out opposite view, and that, we all should welcome. My beef with '48 is his constant attempt to belittle fellow members, while twisting others comments, and introducing false statements supposedly uttered by other members, merely to verify his comments. If he was to curb that attitude, then I'm sure his comments and views would be better received. As for Luke Moore by the way, I'm sure he's cup-tied. Maybe not?
Report Abuse
11/03/2008 15:04:00

im glad that Davis moved to Rangers. he deserves some silverware to be honest! sign him up Gers!!
Report Abuse
11/03/2008 16:06:00

in all fairness these players have only moved to a club already in europe i.e. cahill mccann and samuel spring to mind. They have contributed a little in progressing. Phillips never really did it for villa and always will be championship player, ridgewell is very average. Deadwood all of em even changed my mind on Cahill, he looked woeful the other day agaisnt someone, caused a penalty free kicks just plain clumsy! well done MON just need to get rid of petrov we'll have a strong nucleus of a squad to further improve
Report Abuse
11/03/2008 16:17:00

There are rumours Cahill will be called up by Capello. He is the only "out" that i have disagreed with. All of the others were sub standard. Our squad is far stronger now (Perhaps not in numbers but certainly in quality) than it was 2 years ago. It pleases me to see old players doing well, but we were still correct to let them go.
The Usual Suspect
Report Abuse
11/03/2008 16:51:00

Nice one Glensider - as soon as i read the article i was not surprised to see Fear jumping in with a protective measure for his mate - i think it's a cheek for him to underline 48s articles like this and only serves for us to feel even more strongly about our opposite views when posted. Fear, you honestly do lose credibility when you underline 48 like that - a simple warning to those who DO maliciously attack is fine but not a precursor to response as yet untyped! You make the site feel as if its members are children. Sorry to rant but this is the way I feel.
Report Abuse
11/03/2008 17:08:00

Personally I thought Baros was useless when he was at Villa now he is off to Wembely with Pompy thats all changed and I think he is amazing best player we never had. I never found out how he did in the Champions League when he joined Lyon..... anyone?
Report Abuse
11/03/2008 18:08:00

he warmed the bench did baros, prob spent his time lookin down at his boots than watching the match
Report Abuse
11/03/2008 19:34:00

not that bothered about your opinion on my credibility, you'll find I defend all posters and contributors, you know nothing of me so know nothing of who my mates are, avfc is a contributor, I've never met him but respect his opinions and right to express them. What I'm doing is asking the ignorant to move along and not pass comment. Those that want to read what is being said then disagree are totally and utterly fine, I often disagree with his point but argue them not abuse them. I'm just slightly fed up with some slating certain people having obviously not for one moment considered what has been typed. Now have a horlicks or ribena, make sure your homework is completed and get to sleep, it is well gone your bed time (and yes, that is tongue in cheek just in case you should feel even more agrieved by my massive error in asking for a bit of respect as a precurser to what usually follows). Pah, kids, who'd ave em.
The Fear
Report Abuse
11/03/2008 21:43:00

Oi JF. I hope your not aiming that at me or there will be severe trouble! lol
Report Abuse
11/03/2008 22:27:00

Have to agree with koolbill on this one. Having read comments and threads by avfc48 for longer than is probably advisable it is clear that his only purpose for posting on here is to boost his own self esteem. He always fails miserably and this "article", if that is what it is, to me seems to have no worth from any footballing point of view. All it does is just stringing together things about former players that anyone with a vague interest in Aston Villa would know already. Players that avfc48 pretends to have great affection for yet has decided to call cast offs and dead wood in his opening jumble of words. Words that I have heard no one associated with the football club every use to describe these ex-players.
pongo wearing
Report Abuse
11/03/2008 22:58:00

Look people avfc48 is like the simon cowell of the vital network love him or loathe him he gives us entertainment which we all pass comment on. Some of his articles in the past have fallen short of the mark and is quite a cynical chap but it gives us all summat to do to state our opinion it is quite funny seeing everyones reaction, very passionate! I suggest avfc48 changes his name to MARMITE48 it's a more apt name for him, love him or loathe him it's your choice.......
Report Abuse
11/03/2008 23:47:00

You could be right that avfc48 should change his name krisvilla but although mine would suit him he can't have it!
Report Abuse
12/03/2008 08:59:00

avfc48 must be something of interest- he has already generated 27 comments!!
Report Abuse
12/03/2008 12:13:00

There's no doubt Fear does a good job babysitting some of the people who post, and if someone puts forward an article he will publish it. AVFC48 is entitled to his opinion and sometimes does put forward a good point or 2. The response to his strangely biased views normally unites the rest of the Villa faithful so it is maybe constructive although not intended.
Report Abuse
12/03/2008 12:50:00

Villa Rejects Villa Rejects oooaah aaaoooh
Report Abuse
12/03/2008 14:41:00

I haven't lost any face Fear, far from it. As for pretending to be tongue in cheeks than coming back with a sound view then you have shown yourself up. I have posted here to 48s in the past and you have DIRECTLY posted a reponse sating "I can assure you AVFC48 is a villa supporter" please don;t tell me now that you've never met him...As I clearly requested, reprimand people when there comments are posted and nopt before hand and as for Col8, I know the dynamics of a website, I have launched a major site for a multinational bank and rolled out an Intranet training package in the process so need no heads up, thanks. Agree about Baros though ;-) On aparting note, Fear, enjoy your Bitter and Scratchings, ah moderators, who'd have them...rhetorical.
Report Abuse
13/03/2008 14:23:00

I'll run the site how I see fit, if you don't like then I'll just have to live with that fact. FFS, talk about a mountain over a frigging mole hill. Surely there are more important things in life that a comment I left on a bloody web site? Jeez.
The Fear
Report Abuse
13/03/2008 14:29:00

As for Milan Baros, I rated the guy, still do in fact. Wish we still had him, or someone like him, at VP right now.
Report Abuse
14/03/2008 07:00:00

I'm sure you will. I'm ready to move on now, you? P.S. Thought Baros was rubbish at Villa but we need better service for our strikers from NRC, his last pass is awful.
Report Abuse
14/03/2008 08:35:00

We need to score MORE, and concede LESS.
Report Abuse
14/03/2008 11:41:00


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