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Don't Tarnish Villa Fans By Minority

What a great pity that a tiny minority have managed to drag Villa fans names into the gutter this weekend and that the incident is being blown out of all proportion.

The club unfortunately sold tickets for the Arsenal game to all comers instead of giving the season ticket holders and regular away fans the usual first call on tickets - a mistake I'm sure and one that hopefully won't be repeated.

Anyway, a very few 'fans' taunted Arsenal fans over the horrific injury Eduardo picked up in their game last weekend v Blues leading to some Arsenal fans reacting furiously and being ejected.

When asked Martin O'Neill said 'If that is true, then I am desperately disappointed by that' and Arsene Wenger said 'unfortunately there are no limits to either intelligence or stupidity'

Some Arsenal fans have been generalising against us all and I have to be honest, I don't think it is right to tarnish all Villa (or any other) fans with the same brush, this isn't the majority of fans and most I'm sure wish Eduardo a very speedy return to the playing field where he belongs.

I would also point out that ALL clubs have these sort of fans, Arsenal included. For instance three Arsenal fans are suing their own for the songs sung against Spurs about the Holocaust.,,2200772,00.html

Hopefully Arsene's comments about no limits to intelligence or stupidity count for those examples as well, I am sure they do.

It is a shame that this is being discussed instead of a good game!

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday March 2 2008

Time: 12:35PM

Your Comments

you knob ... all that BS just so you can put 2 links that have nothing to do with happened yesterday. Have you ever thought of writing for the daily mail? are you so dumb you dont see the irony in your last sentence?
He is pointing out that your fans cant claim to be innocent of these types of instances! In fact them chants are 10 times worse than singing about a footballer breaking a leg!
By putting those two links he is pointing out that its unfair how some Arsenal fans are generalising all Villa Fans with the minority from yesterday, when Arsenal have a simular set of fans who like the sing contraversial chants. Its abit of the Pot calling the kettle black (or however that saying goes lol). It wasn't good, and the majority of Villa fans are dissapointed to see this happen, it would be a great shame to see our great away support this season tarnished by one incident. I just wonder had this happend agains't a team like Blackburn or Bolton, would the media would be making such a big deal out of it?
It was not too long ago that Arsenal fans used to expose themselves on the Underground to "prove" they weren't Jewish, often in front of women and young children. The thought of them getting annoyed by chants about a player who is being paid massive amounts of cash is bad enough, but when added to the memory of their antisemitic history and their introduction of the most vile of football songs into the country, it's hard to have any sympathy.
The Real Neil
Too right. Eduardo is alive. He sustained an injury in the workplace. The chants were in bad taste, sure, but Arsenal are the last club who should be complaining about what is sung on the terraces!
I think that statement is a little unfair, if Arsenal did in fact have a racist pot and or a black kettle then the Arsenal fans should not be tarred by the same brush (who is probably also foreign), within every percentage of people there are idiots and most Villa fans will be as disgusted if not more as they also tarnishing our name so as the article points out, don’t be so quick to judge on a small minority’s actions.
You are trying to claim there has never been a time in Arsenal's history when more than a tiny minority of fans belittled the extermination of 7,000,000 people in order to attack Spurs? It happened.
The Real Neil
I'm not a knob, I'm a massive knob. Please give praise where praise is due. NO, the links were to show that as much as some want to take the higher ground and blame us 'all' there are elements with all clubs.
The Fear
exactly the point deano_t. I've seen some posts on sites today blaming all when it is just a minority at all clubs.
The Fear
I was there yesterday and think the minority did let us down, unlike the team, i agree with Fear don't judge us by those morons
Damn, just had an email from an ex, apparently I'm not a knob, massive or otherwise, I'm a little****. :o)
The Fear
and the last sentence??? how do you explain that?
how do I explain it? Because it is a shame that this has become the topic of conversation and not the game, I considered whether to do a quick article on this or to 'hide' from what happened, I decided to answer the rubbish some have been posting generalising. Not sure I particularly need to justify myself for publishing anything I want in fairness but wanted to point out that the vast majority of Villa fans don't think that way + there are elements at all clubs. Where am I wrong in either stand point?
The Fear
not at all ... just dont be a hypocrite about it ... you are perpetuating the whole debate.. in my opinion, for additional hits.
These Arsenal fans and their holier than thou attitude. Its getting old already.
Heard at Arsenal in September 2007

"We've got Cesc Fabregas, you Yids are scared of gas",,2200772,00.html

Holier than thou after that? Shocking.
The Real Neil
Actually, that was at White Hart Lane, which is probably even worse.
The Real Neil
nothing at all hypocritical in what I'm saying. The thing was blown out of all proportion, the same as other fans actions often are and the majority are being tarnished by that and following from that it is a shame this is being bandied about instead of talk of the football. That said, you might see from this site (and trust me, I don't need the hits, I have a life) we have 10 articles about or relating to the match including the preview and quotes late last week) and 1 about this incident. Now get some perspecitive!
The Fear
Having sat above the villa fans yesterday and listened to what was a very large 'monirity' singing the songs, I can only descride them as scum. The brum fans showed some respect last week even though they had a player sent off. A large group of villa fans went out and within a week wrote and distributed a song for the game. How sick is is that. Villa fans moan about the amount of injury time added after a villa player is booked for time wasting. No one is coming out from Villa looking at this and condemning it, rather they are saying everyones is at it. I dont Wenger was saying there are too many intelligent people in the villa fans...
What some Villa 'fans' did yesterday was without doubt unacceptable, ceatharlach, but you simply can't say that 'no one is coming out from Villa ... and condemning it'. Read every other threads on this board about the game yesterday and you will see comments doing just that - condemning the culprits. As for 'writing and distributing', you only need one idiot to write a song in the week and distribute it on the train/coach. It ain't rocket science!
Fair enough Bob, but to actually witness it was one of the most sickening things I have seen in a long time. I am just amazed some thought this was a good idea and others followed, be on the train or otherwise. Its dishearting to see villa fans complain about injury time that can be justified, and simply blank this.
Like I said yesterday ive always enjoyed the banter ive had with you guys on this network and I understand all clubs have these idiotic fans however........the majority not the minority of the away fans wher singing this song. I was sitting yards away from them and it was pretty distasteful stuff, ur a great club with a very good young team, a great manager and a good owner, i really hope this was a 1 off and you dont morph into the midlands version of spurs!
Iceman - rubbish, where i was stood most people were telling them to shut up, most on here have said it was wrong, i'm sure you have the same element of idiots at your club - for example the ones throwing coins at us last season and this...but like Wenger you probably didn't see this
It's amazing really that a great Villa performance is dominated by what the fans sing in the stands?????? In addition it was Arsenal's off day Not the fact we bullied them we were techniqually superior and our tacics destroyed there free flowing style... like I said it amazing!!!
Hypocrytical Arsenal fans. No set of supporters can claim that their own fans don't sing horrendous songs about the opposition. Arsenal about Gas Chambers, United about Hillsborough, Most teams about Munich. It happens, most don't agree with what is sung and most don't sing it but we all know it goes on. To the Arsenal fans complaining, do you tell your own fans to shut up when they sing about gas chambers ? Do you go onto the Spurs site and apologise for your own minority of fans ?
You can deny it was the majority if you want but I know (and our match reporter Little Dutch) it was the majority, so much so one guy tried to run into your section for a punch up! I think its a topic for discussion because its very much out of character for your support to stoop to these levels.
Bloody hell, abolsoutely ridiculous from you (select few) moaning Arsenal fans. Double standards springs to mind. I think you should stop moaning about the chants. It's pretty obvious its the minority its difficult to police, what do you want villa to do have a look at the fans hymn sheet before they enter the ground? you can sing this but you cant sing that its too offensive for the minority on the vitalarsenal football network who seem to think every villa fan is the same. Just shut the hell up and talk about football
but this article is related to the chants so we can talk about the chanting can we not? Like I said if it was the minority fair enough but it wasnt. If you want to talk football Im happy to give you all the credit you deserve, best team to play at the Emirates all season.
I know but i was looking at the football related articles and you gunners kept cropping up moaning about the Eduardo song, so i came on this article to give a non football related comment. When you got a bee in your bonnet you dont half milk it for all its worth.
Arsenal fans-Unpleasant comment by a minority of villas support which deserves condemnation but Wenger is one to talk about the limits of stupidity following his reaction to Taylors accidental challenge which led to death threats from arsenal fans to taylor.Nobody died last week. Eduardo will be back, the victims of munich will not, but that dosent stop arsenals fans chanting about munich. Then we have the anti-semitic arsenal chants about the holocaust. Everyclub has a minority
I'v just read what the chant was and its not in good taste but that really is pretty tame to the racial abuse and anti semetism that is sometimes chanted, by again MINORITY NUMBSKULLS,,there is not getting way from these people
Its sad really, arguments like this just add fuel to the fire. If the people who make these chants are ignored they will stop.
The bloke is still alive and going to play again. I have heard worse. Sticks and stones etc. And then we have the self proclaimed eternally persecuted Jewish complaining on this article. It was definitely in poor taste and by no means am I condoning it but there are more important things.
agreed 444
It was not a minority yesterday, I sit miles from the away fans and heard it clearly. However, JP makes some fair points, there are some bad chants that we have been tainted with (which I mention in my report). The only point of correction is that those three fans aren't suing for songs about the holocaust, it is to do with the general term 'Yido' being used. It's a case that cannot in any way win and the three should be counter sued for wasting court time. Though I agree that we shouldn't use the blanket term.
Little Dutch
Real Neill, I was at the Tottenham away game and I can tell you that chant did NOT go up at any time. We chanted Fabregas' name, that was a complete invention of some sicko fromthe Times. I won't deny in the past that some Arsenal fans have sung similar songs, but I've been to WHL about 12 times now and have never heard Holocaust chants. Though I have heard the word 'Yid' used too much.
Little Dutch
And rotter, the death threats to Taylor were from Croatia fans.
Little Dutch
Little Dutch, you believe what you want, any noise at your place would sound loud, when you equalised was there anybody left in the ground, i think you are makin this into more than it is - it was out of order and we have all said that - what you should concentrate on is going out of your third cup competition in three weeks and Man U taking top spot from you in the next few weeks
Have to agree Little Dutch, no chance of winning, especially as Spurs fans themselves (who by the way had a minority singing in praise of Taylor yesterday!) call themselves Yids and Yid Army.
The Fear
Anyway onward and upward, good luck for the rest of the season, interesting times in the Prem.
The Fear
Not a case of what I believe Cowans, I've told you honestly what I've heard at games I have been at. You make a fair point about our home fans, the amount who left was a disgrace and I shouted at a guy in myrow who left in injury time, ultimately they got what they deserved because they missed the goal. I'm not making too much of it at all, it was out of order, but all teams have isiot fans. What was disappointing was that a hell of a lotof the travelling Villa fans joined in. But it doesn't taint the fact that Villa are a club on the up.
Little Dutch
Unluck yesterday, thought you had them.
And also by all means defend yourselves and a lot of you have made fair comments, but don't just make up lies to back up your arguments, singing about Munich and Hillsbrough? Rotter, you know as well as I do that you have no knowledge of Arsenal fans ever doing that en masse, but you're just mudslinging desperately. Bottom line, there are a lot of idiots that get into football stadiums, but nobody in their right mind should imagine for a second that a few idiots represent an entire club.
Little Dutch
get over it arsenal fans it happens. He'll make a full recovery he's already walking on crutches. maybe if your fans made some noise you wouldn't here the away fans. 55000 home fans in there saturday
great point mr beck all i can see on my screen are the words of the venga boys, get over it, you are worse than your diving players.
Bye the way, you have jammed us out of 4 points this season. See you next season, when you will have a great big problem against an even better Villa.
onwards and upwards for the villa.
I like Arsenal fans they always seem like a sound bunch,but I think theyre developing a bit of a persecution complex at the moment.The team is having a wobble and its another thing to complain about.Insensitve chants being made at a football match?Im stunned.
also the equaliser was within the time allocated by the ref so we need to stop moaning about that.
Little dutch your fans are no better than anybody elses, get over it. Eduardo is a young well insured millionaire footballer who is alive and will play again. Your misery was made complete well before when you were stuffed by spurs and then man yoo in 2 cups that venga couldnt give atoss about because he wanted the p.l and the c.l. By wednesday you may well only have the p.l and my money is on chelski finishing second behind man yoo. Blame venga for your troubles
Arsenal fans are soooo enlightned we can only learn from them.
I think Arsenal fans get it from their manager, he moans everyweek about players getting in arsenal players faces, but he's managed over 72 red cards there, double standards mr wenger! *****ing me off all this complaining, now im complaining its like the lurgy contagious!
Look guys, we all have moronic fans in our clubs. I tried to resist dwelling on this thing after last night but there's a few things I'd like to say, sorry if someone's said it before. (1) LD wasn't even remotely hinting our fans were "better than anyone else's". (2) I on the other Villa thread asked a fellow Gooner not to generalise just because a few hundred Villa fans taunted Eduardo. We know that's a minority but sadly quite loud at our stadium where home noise only comes in patches. To be honest I thought 55,000 should have been able to out-sing those sickos but that sadly didn't happen. But I guess that's the way it is sometimes at a big London stadium full of corporate customers alongside with fans. So if those who sang those chants were a minority among Villa fans, those who generalised anything were an even smaller minority among Arsenal fans. (4) That's just one thing that Arsene Wenger got asked post-match, where he said many other things. He said that behaviour's stupid, end of. To single out that one quote and say he "keeps moaning" is exaggarating too. (5) Whether Eduardo's recovering well is beside the point. Nobody deserves any song like that and both managers condemned it and rightly so. What, if he's walking soon, you could sing sickening songs about his horrendous injury now? No matter what you thought of that tackle, the guy himself deserves respect and only respect. (6) If you don't fall for that 'persecution complex' thing blown up in the media, fair play to you. Because judging from what I saw in the subscriber's content from Arsenal, from which the press took content to do many of their stories, mostly, like 70% of the time they, like I said above, single out one Wenger quote and sensationalise things in the theme of 'Here we go, Wenger moaning again.' Especially in the headlines, which in some cases, have very little to do with the actual content. You know what I mean. (7) Let's not cry 'double standards' too easily. A lot of Arsenal fans, I dare say the majority, condemn those sickening chants too. Like you guys said for yourselves, you got your share of terrible "fans", we got ours and every club has their own. Where's the 'double standard' if we condemn the same kind of behaviour by our "fellow fans"? If you've read LD's writings and some others on this site, you know they're equally critical, or even sometimes ashamed, of our own "fans". Sorry for the long post. Just thought we need some perspective here.
Lou the Gunneress
Sorry, missed a (3) above: "So if those who sang those chants were a minority among Villa fans, those who generalised anything were an even smaller minority among Arsenal fans." The title of this article is exactly right - "Don't tarnish Villa fans by minority." And those Arsenal fans who generalised anything because of those chants were a minority too. Look, some of us came over to say we're outplayed and Villa's a good team on the up, etc. That's the majority wasn't it? So relax, it's not even worth 50+ comments on this issue hehe. Lastly, as I said here before, good luck with getting into Europe! Would love to see you guys other than the likes of Blackburn represent our league there!
Lou the Gunneress
Lou the.... some good points, most Arsenal fans like yourself are absolutely fine, then you have the minority of Arsenal fans generalising the majority ofVilla fans. as you say 50 odd posts is not even worth getting heated about it, as us the majority know what the minority are like and know better to raise to the bait
" it's not even worth 50+ comments on this issue ." In one and a half posts.
The Emirates Library is always quiet even though away fans always sing more. All the home fans near me didn't have a clue about anything football related and few even spoke English. Corporateness is ruining football. We should encourage chants and banter but would have been nice to hear fans booing from both sides if certain lines are crossed.
iceman10 I have to dispute what you are saying. Where I sat, for row upon row, not one soul joined in the sick chanting. It was very much the minority, of that I can assure you. As for one of your lot attempting to get into our section for a punch up (your words), I can assure you that such an action would have met with swift retribution. We were there to support our team, we (the very vast majority) were not there to hurl obscene abuse regarding Eduardo or whoever, nor to engage in punch ups, merely to enjoy a Saturday afternoon on the road supporting our lads. Can we not now move on? Sticks and stones and all that.
Villan444, yeah I had 1.5 posts, now on 2.5 out of 59. But as I said, I didn't want to dwell on it cos I knew it's just another minority group of bad fans, which every club has. What I meant by "not worth 50+ comments" was that the article's agreeable and there's no point arguing with it, where tbh some points above weren't entirely relevant to the issue. Just looking at how your other actually good and newsworthy articles only received a few posts, this small issue on this thread isn't that worthy of our attention really, because we're in agreement about this kind of behaviour, among Villa or Arsenal or any club's fans. So I'm with on this Glensider - let's move on. Hehe I promise this is the last post so my tally stands at 2.5 posts here. Chill and cheerio.
Lou the Gunneress
I concur, Mr(s?) Gunneress, however, I imagine the thread has been perpetuated by those from your side that came here to argue with those from our side who claim it was the minority of Villa fans, rather than reports from (some) Gunners claiming "most", or indeed all. That is hardly fair.

"It was not a minority yesterday, I sit miles from the away fans and heard it clearly."

"You can deny it was the majority if you want but I know (and our match reporter Little Dutch) it was the majority, so much so one guy tried to run into your section for a punch up!"

"I understand all clubs have these idiotic fans however........the majority not the minority of the away fans wher singing this song."

"Having sat above the villa fans yesterday and listened to what was a very large 'monirity' singing the songs, I can only descride them as scum." This one even implies that all Villa fans are scum!
Fear asked politely not to be tarred with the same brush as those idiots, and while you argue that we're not, it is clear that we are. Comments stating that opinion of Villa has changed entirely based on a few hooligans at one match is just preposterous. It's almost American in its short-sightedness (I am aware of the irony). Still, I (and others, I'm sure) appreciate that you are not amongst those that I am pointing out here, just wanted to say.
The report of the match on the Arsenal page is so pompus the league is slipping through their fingers and all this crap diverts their attention from it.Lou the Gunneress' attitude is why I like Arsenal fans,I still would prefer them to win the league over Manyoo.
The class of Arsenal fans is summed up by one person who hides under the screen name of fcdematthew. Luckily we all know that he is the minority, just like the so called Villa fans who sing distasteful songs.
Hoss The Villain
Boo hoo a man you don`t know broke his leg and some fans compared him to heather mills get it in perspective and get a life.
In general, I respect villa fans on this network - you come across as fans who know their football (and hey, we also share a mutual dislike of the spuds ;). Thats why I was surprised to hear of the chants, coz I thought Villa fans would be the last to come up with something like that. However, I feel that this article is extremely defensive which is understandable given the tainting of all villa fans with the same brush, something that I dont agree with. Let that not detract from the criticism of those villa fans at the ground involved in the chanting.
storm in a tea cup all this nonsense, this has always gone on in football, and always will. it is tasteless and i dont condoln it but there will always be a mindless few in football. who gives a ***** anyway?!?!?
my bro went to the game, he said there were about 20-30 people chanting, the problem was, they were all sat by the arsenal fans. i'm not condoning what was done, but all clubs have this percentage of fans who will do this. villas is quite small compared to some.
FFS, a few songs sung by a minority of supporters about a player who is injured. Injured! Its not like he has died for christ sake.
The sooner these Arsenal fans up and off the better now, Its getting old and boring. Life moves on, and theres one or two more important things in life than chanting/singing inside of football grounds.
I thought its the papers who are mostly worried about these comments... I didnt find many Arsenal fans complaining about it. We are more worried on tomorrows match... take it light mates... it happens all the time
Is anyone sure that these where actually Villa fans? I for one doubt it!
considering the stuff that was thrown at Beckham in the none too distant past, this was extremely trivial, for any of you who can,t remember what thousands chanted at every ground in the country it went from his wife takin it up the arse, to hoping his kids died from cancer! lets hope that next week the Arsenal fans find a voice and drown it out.
I wonder if all these Arsenal fans would be flapping about a song so much if they'd won the game. Doubt it very much, that Wenger always f****n moans he's getting very boring and predictable now, hope Man Utd win the title at least they have a few English boys. For all the Arsenal fans coming on here preaching you should be glad you got a point. Now get back your own site
I wouldnt take much notice, every team would do it.....

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