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Get This Thug Out Of The Game!

Nice easy and quick article here. Having watched the replays of the Villa v Newcastle game on Match of the Day, all I can say is get this thug Joey Barton out of the game.

There is no place for people like him and according to the Sunday Mirror today he will face trial by video for taking a swing at our very own Shaun Maloney - who to his credit didn't whinge, whine or complain to the referee, how differently other players would have reacted!

Barton has been given chance after chance and still can't control his behaviour, he does no credit at all to Newcastle United - how they must rue the day former manager Big Sam Allardyce (who today is quoted in the papers saying he was too big for Newcastle!) asked to sign the trouble making thug.

He is already up for charges of actual bodily harm and affray following an incident in Liverpool. Assault on a field of play is just the same as assault off the field.

Get rid and lets hope the FA slap on a 10 game ban.

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday February 10 2008

Time: 11:34AM

Your Comments

I spotted this on the first replay. The guy is scum but for some reason ithis incident seems to be being swept under the carpet by both Sky and MOTD?
He is a mindless thug, he deserves the book to be thrown at him.
The Usual Suspect
interesting, too, how Barton's bail conditions changed so often. Released early, can't train, then can train. Its amazing how much justice money can buy.
The Usual Suspect
The guy has serious anger problems and will never change. Its in his genes. Didnt his brother murder someone?!
Credit to the wee jock for not reacting... I'd have not been able to hold back from some thug taking a swipe at me in a game.
Yeah although he claimed he didnt know his brother that well and he is his own person. Then he started saying that there is a higher being in life and this is what his meant to do, and has always felt different...... it was on that inside sport interview anyone watch it? He has got some big issues
I've found the strange interview, two parts.....
Part two....
Fair enough to have a go at JB for what he does, son_of_cher, but you can't hang his brother's crimes on him too. I don't know about you, but I'm a different person from all of my family. We have different tastes, different attitudes and different good and bad points. Let's have justice done to JB - not lynch law.
You only have to listen to the yob in his interview and you can see its all me me me, he is so stuck up his own ar*e and has the mentality of a gand land yob !! I hope they throw the book at him.
Yeah I agree with Mutt man, he just talked about himself. I mean he is in such a priviliged position being a footballer and he's doing his best to throw it all away, the way he is going he'll end up in the lower leagues, no manger will risk having him, had too many chances.
I agree when you think of Newcastle you normally smile because of all sorts things not least their role as the soap opera of football. However there is nothing funny about Barton he is nasty and seems to be unable to control himself. The sooner he is out of football the better it will be.
Picking on the smallest player on the pitch? - - Need I say anymore?
It looked to me like Shaun was giving back as good as he was getting. Barton is a thug though and needs to be out. Glad wee Shaun stuck up for himself rather than running to teacher.
Adam Deuce
Most prem players have the overconfidence and their heads up their rears these days. Thats what makes Curtis statements so fresh. Alan Smith worse than Barton. Seen him live a few times and he always takes the player at the same time as the ball. Similar to Savage. Bob, you haven't any Bloonoses in your family I hope ;-D
To be fair most toon army boys i know weren't too chuffed when fat sam signed barton and smith. Two angry men with not enough skill between them for this league.
The Usual Suspect
Once a nasty bit always a nasty bit. Send him down, we don't need his sort ruining our beloved game.
I've had the dubious preveldge via my job to see the CCTV footage of him in the liverpool assault incident over christmas. He confronts 2 guys, punches one to the ground and then chases the other. When he catches him he knocks him to the ground, then goes back to the first guy, who's still lying on the floor. This guy puts his arms up at him in an obviously passive gesture. Barton then punches him a further 3 times. On what grounds the decision was made that he's not a risk to the public, on or off the playing field, is a mystery to me.
Scumbag should be booted out of the game,,, Tallentless muppett
lorenzo - the sad truth is that if you have money they let you off lightly. I see it all the time. makes me sick.
The Usual Suspect
No - no bloonoses Villan444 (at least, none that would amid to it! :o) ) I don't like JB much either, I just don't think you can tar people with somebody else's crimes ...
please stop judging him so easily. i personally think he is trying to change and he also gets more hatred because of his brother. he is hot tempered that is his problem. he can work on it you know.
kaybee, I agree that everyone should be given another chance, but the sad fact is that he's now had several. I'm sure many footballers get people coming at them and trying it on ... they can always walk away. I've seen them in Brum getting taunted but they don't go back like he did ...
Silver Fox
Just watched those youtube videos kris posted. Its funny isn't it? Joey Barton is punished because of his reputation all the time. I almost feel sorry for him. Obviously he's inncocent! It was his reputation, not him, that floored Maloney on saturday. it must have been his reputation, not him, that attacked those men in liverpool. He really hasn't done anything! He just has a bad reputation, he's never done anything wrong! Poor little cowardly floater.
The Usual Suspect
A total rediculous Kev, he belongs playing for Bham City! The blokes pure scum, a total racist, a history of violence. He must have such a small C0ck!
He should be banned from the game for life. Total scum bag!
I like Kevin Kegan very much, although I think it was a BIG mistake by Newcastle to reappoint him. His time has gone, and you shouldn't go back (re Graham Taylor). However, I believe Keegan is an honourable man with good principles and I cannot see him tolerating the behaviour of that thug dragging Newcastle United's good name through the mud.
Oh yeah, for such a 'hard man' he throws a punch at the smallest player in the Premiership. Why didn't he try to hit Carew, Laursen or Harewood I wonder?
Give him to Reo, he'll get sorted out. Carew wouldnt' bother, although I'd like to him try it with Marlon. Someone said he always goes for the player as well, he might well do that but I quite like a bit of that in the game. He should get kicked out for throwing punches but you need to be able to put hard tackles in, taking some of the player and the ball is the best way to do it.
Yeah but with Barton its taking the player, and maybe some of the ball.
The Usual Suspect
The powers that be have to clamp down on him. He's a disgrace to the game, and to society come to that, if you believe what you read.
I think alot of you guys are mixing up football and the street outside. What he has done he will be tried for, plenty of footballers have spent time in prison, all he has done is guarantee a transfer tothe home of drunkdrivers, armed robbers and assorted drugdealers and other scumbags... Birmingham City! However, I don't think a bit of a slap on the football field is worthy of all this abuse. I remeber when Gary Thompson earned his nickname "Bruno" in a simod cup game against Bradford. One of their players had been kicking Gary Shaw (in his last game in a Villa shirt) all over the park. Eventually Bruno chased a long ball into the corner with the Bradford player for company, as he drew level with Bruno, a big arm flashed and big hard defender man crumpled onto the floor, I don't think he was even booked for it! I have seen current prem league managers swing punches, and stamp on fallen players, I've seen England captains kick fallen opponents in the face and dare the FA to ban them. The supposed greatest premier league player didn't just kung fu kick fans he stamped on players, trod on their hands, tripped and kicked them. Wimbledon FC built a team that played like that successfully for years until we starved them to death. I'm not defending Barton, but please guys he isn't even the dirtiest player in the game now, let alone in recent history.
Barton is an idiot. The sooner he's gone the better. What really baffles me is how his clubs help him-he's not talented enough to warrant that sort of defence.
waldorf - catana was banned for months for the kung fu kick - that is what we're saying. He deserves to be punished. He also deserves to be in jail. Maybe both will happen.
The Usual Suspect
Usual Suspect your not quite following me. If you remember the knuckledragger who slapped Enkleman went to prison and was banned from football for three years, Cantona got a six month ban, there has always been a difference in consequences for players and for fans, what Barton did has been part of the game since it started, the ugly side of the beautiful game has always been there. Don't confuse it with what he did outside the football environment, that is seperate. The courts will decide his punishment for that, we should confine ourselves to reminding him of the score, the fact that he's a loser,"the way of the supporter" every time he takes the field against Villa, give him some hammer, that is after all also part of the beautiful game!
If he was a Villan, I cant believe that the supporters would put up with his antics, let alone MON and his staff.

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