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Don't Ruin Our National Game

Ok, we all know by now the proposals for making the Premier League a franchise and selling the game down the river in the pursuit of a few more pennies for the money greedy men who ruin, sorry that was meant to be run, the game.

The news for many came as no real shock, we as fans have been moved from pillar to post for years with ridiculous kick off times, late changes to fixtures to suit TV, new replica kits being introduced every other day (!) and a constant lack of respect to fans, we all have to sit down and woe betide any fan making any noise above a polite handclap, not to mention the very important health and safety rule that fans can't be trusted with the very dangerous bottle tops to their drinks.

However surely the fact that all 20 of the Premier League Chairman voted in favour of looking at the proposal to further erode the great tradition of the game proves that for once, fans have GOT to unite to put an end to it? If they can't see that they will be destroying football for the want of a few more pounds in their already swelling banks, then the fans will have to show it.

For me, if we franchise the game and start this world wide circus, I think I'll break my own heart and leave the Premier League and the club I love, it will be the straw that breaks the camels back as I don't think I'd want anything to do with it.

A few examples of the feelings of editors across the Vital Premier League sites are here and then below is a link to a petition set up by our Vital Arsenal editor. Yes, it is 'just' a petition, but we surely have to start somewhere? Sign it, send it to your mates to sign it, even the teams in the Championship, Cola 1 and 2 etc should put their names against such a move because what the Premier League starts, other leagues are bound to try to replicate in some way, shape or form. This goes beyond team loyalty and hits at the very root of OUR game.

Arsenal: PL Threatens The Essence Of Our Game
Villa Stick Your Global Brand Up Your ****
Chelsea: First overseas Premiership Fixtures
Manchester City: Selling Its Soul To The Devil
Manchester United: Overseas Prem Games? Please No!

Sign the petition here: Don't Ruin Our National Game

Other network and independent sites, PLEASE replicate this, publish the petition and spread the word. All individuals against the PL proposal, please forward to all your friends to sign.

(Published across all Vital Premier League sites. With thanks to Rocky for getting the petition set up.)

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JP Fear

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The Journalist

Writer: Site Staff Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday February 8 2008

Time: 9:51AM

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I think it's bollox. An extra game with the top teams seeded. You could get relegated or miss a euro place on the back of that one game. Can't imagine any extra foreign cash would compensate that. If they decide to go ahead they should pick the fixtures of a given week. Then the only disadvantage would neither team would be home & the home teams season ticket holders would get a refund. Whatever the lure of money is, it will know doubt benefit the big 4, who don't really need it but are just greedy. Sod the home supporter attitude as usual.
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08/02/2008 10:03:00

I've signed... It's so disappointing. The game used to be about playing football, not making money. Is it any wonder we have a nation of mercenaries when the people in charge of football make more money than they spend on coaching at grass roots and our top earners make more money week in week out than a small nation? It's time we adopted a wage cap and a national limit on foreigners in the side to re-evaluate our priorities in this game, or they're gonna lose us supporters pretty soon.
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08/02/2008 10:24:00

Just wrote this on our Boro forum - Imagine that Wigan and Bolton were level on points going into the last game and were sitting joint 18th. Bolton got drawn with Liverpool and Wigan got drawn with Derby. Bolton lose, Wigan win - there would be outrage and rightly so. One of many negatives that proves the idea is a load of crap.
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08/02/2008 10:41:00

I will sign but someone somewhere has to come up with something more. I have a feeling as I'm sure most others do that this petition, though I agree its a good start, wont do too much about this issue. Maybe a strike across the PL, if we could actually make that work I'm sure it would help a little. We need some genius to find out how we hit every club hard. Maybe if we can get one team against this extra game they might not pull it off. Does anyone know if it has to be every team that agrees? Its disgusting.
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08/02/2008 10:43:00

I think that a nationwide protest by no fans turning out for any premier league game for 1 weekend would be enough for the PL to drop this idea!
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08/02/2008 11:40:00

I agree.... it's commercial enough!
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08/02/2008 12:00:00

I have put this on Facebook as a group - its called - Dont Ruin Our National Game. Join the group and invite all your mates to join it. Lets get this done.
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08/02/2008 13:03:00

This is wrong, very wrong. I know its in the early stages, there's plenty of debate and discussion to come, but it all sounds the beginning of the end to me if the idea/scheme is allowed to develop. Worrying times.
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08/02/2008 17:10:00

Stupid. I am being completely honest here when I say that this would be the end of footie for me. I stopped taking an interest in CL and UEFA a while back as they are everything I hate about modern football. The arguments about "what if we need a point [for whatever] and we draw Man U" are irrelevant. It's taking the game away from that which keeps it going: the fans. Worst thing about it is that, deep down, we all know it will happen regardless of what we, the fans and thus funders of football, think and want.
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09/02/2008 02:01:00

What we need to understand is that these people actually know and care nothing about "football", they are salesmen and marketing managers, who have worked for "media" companies and banks. Danny Blanchflower, great player and sports journalist said that the essence of football was glory, a commodity which these people don't understand because it can't be measured in pounds or euros or any other of the onlt thing they understand. Interestingly not one of them has yet told us how the money will be divided, curious, considering how much they've already let slip. Who will obtain what proportion of the proceeds, stadium sizes and disposable income will differ greatly. On another issue it will first require a winter break, by the way Beijing in January is damn cold, Australia on the other hand is damn hot anybody thought about that, or are those the details that still need to be looked at? The winter break will also cause a compresssion of the fixture list, or we play on into June! Once again third round day will be disposed of, either brought forward, or put back, lets hope the FA stand their ground and refuse, who could fail to enjoy a cup final without the usual two or three teams? So, in summary I've signed the petition and will lobby where I can, and support whatever initiatives we can come up with, if the worst comes to the worst, i'll go and watch walsall instead of Villa.
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10/02/2008 20:29:00

On my Facebook group my mate has said it a good idea, idiot!!! He a Manure fan which figures as they would be the only people to benefit from this!!!
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11/02/2008 11:52:00

He should listen to his manager then young_jonah, as Sir Alex Chewalot has slated the idea, quite rightly.
The Fear
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11/02/2008 12:38:00

Its gone from a mid-season break being touted, to now a proposal to heap more pressure on players.
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11/02/2008 15:47:00

Ferguson probably won't be around to see it come to fruition anyway (if it does), so his disapproval has slightly less weight than normal. TBH from the response from the Asian football federation its all a lot of premier league arrogance really. They don't appear to want it. They'll probably press ahead with the idea anyway, regardless of a petition with 6 billion signatures on it. Sorry to be cynical.
The Usual Suspect
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11/02/2008 19:38:00

This has really stuck in my throat and I’ve just posted the following on the petition “To those currently at the head of our game, remember that your tenure is brief and we the supporters were here before you and will be here long after you. You may feel you can ignore us with the cash of the TV and the corporate world that floods our game; but when this fashion fades, as they always do, and you need us once more it will be us the fans that will be the focus for football once more and it will be us the fans that will asked to judge and record your actions for posterity. We could ask you not do this for football, for its heritage or for its future but we know this would fall on ears made deaf by greed. So we ask you to do this for your own selfish worth. Please listen to us, the common supporter and prevent yourselves being seen in the history books as the people who destroyed football.” However truth is the greedy sods in charge will take one look at the petition and happily ignore it because they will claim it isn’t official and does not represent all fans or the clubs. I for one fully support the petition but I think we could do more and to my mind the only way to get some weight behind this is to send these types of comments directly to the Chairman and CE’s of our clubs. We know the premier league doesn’t give flying F*** about the fans because of the Sky money but a lot of the clubs still see the fans as a good cash source if nothing else! and some, like Mr Lerner I think, actually recognise that the football heritage the fans represent is very important for its own sake. Mr Fear any chance we could collate all the views and send them to the big boss? Perhaps we could rally all the vital sites to do the same!
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11/02/2008 20:15:00

I read an article on sky that quotes scudamore as saying it is now to retain the unity of the PL, as three or four clubs, meaning the "ex" members of G14, will do it themselves! So what if they want to found the WalMart world soccer circus, do they really think the 99% of football fans who don't support those teams care, most of us would be happy to see the back of them!
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11/02/2008 21:40:00

Everything is being loaded to the top tier of the game. This means that many clubs are now going out of business. You can call it administration if you want, but basically clubs all over the country are dying. Leeds, luton, Coventry, Bournemouth, Rotherham, Oldham, Wrexham etc. 5000 people paying £15 to watch Bournemouth every 2 weeks generates gate receipts of £75,000 a fortnight. That is roughly half the weekly wage a foreign mecenary such as Ballack. Wages that are obscene and it means money flowing out of the game. Think about that fact. More money goes into Ballacks pocket and as such out of the country and the game, than goes into the whole football club of a reasonable sized town such as Bournemouth. Not only is it morally wrong, it is sick and obscene. When you put everything at the top it eventually topples over. All the money that is coming into the game should be going into grass roots and community football. By doing that we will have thriving communities and football clubs who will develop British talent. It is simple economics. Forget all the spin and hype from the Premier League, as a football nation we are in trouble. When looked at logically, the whole English Premier League is madness. It will implode. This suggestion of playing a game abroad is the tip of iceberg that will eventually sink the English game. They say that millions in China or Australia or Miami would have would have access to the game. Rubbish. China has a population of 1 billion people, how big are the stadiums over there?????? Taking the game abroad only opens it up to such a miniscule audience that to pretend otherwise is treating you, me and every football fan as a moron. That is aside from any one off game turning the Premier league into nothing more than a 'cup' competition. And the thought of Villa playing B-Lose, or Redscouse against Manure in a foreign country is frightening. Can you imagine Birmingham Airport full of thousands of Villa and B-lose fans all booked onto the same 15 hour flights. Everything about the idea is wrong, unworkable, obscene and worst of all, dangerous.
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11/02/2008 22:35:00

**** yeah, KSarge! Hit the ********s where they'll notice-the wallet!
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11/02/2008 23:54:00

I've signed. By the way ksarge - I think your idea of a single weekend total boycott is a fantastic one, but I fear that it would be almost impossible to put into practice. My comment: "This is an extremely worrying proposal, and would bring the entire integrity of the league system under question. This cannot be allowed to happen - the idea of seeding teams within this process is by far and away the most offensive proposition. The league would no longer be on an even playing field. Money has already propegated this culture of an unoffical 'top 4' clubs followed by the also-rans - this idea now seeks to extend this further, to explicitly enshrine an unfair advantage into the fabric of the league. Unnacceptable, and the Premier League should be ashamed of themselves for even considering this."
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12/02/2008 02:36:00

Clubs wishing to raise their profile in other countries do so with pre-season and end of season tours. Those that can afford it that is, I suspect most managers would be more than happy to give the players a few extra weeks away from football. Its a long season already and having an extra fixture thousands of miles from home is a stupid Idea. When exactly would the FA (fecking azzoles) suggest the fixtures are played? Midseason? How about breaking the financilly lucrative Christmas programme up to fit in a one off match in Canada or Singapore. I am sure the players will be delighted spending Christmas away from their famlies. This whole scheme is flawed from start to finish. End of season with players required by their countries to play World Cup or European Cup matches. Give the players a break and lets not screw them into the ground killing the goose that has already laid millions and millions of golden eggs already.
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12/02/2008 07:29:00

Firstly I think it is rather arrogant of the Prem to think that everyone will desperately want games to be played in their countries. Asia and the US are already cool on the idea!! Also, just read a quote from Keith Lamb, Boro Chairman - "I find it odd that you can play 39 games and it might mean that one of those games is against a team you have to play three times." Might mean you play a team three times?? Might? Might? Who else does he think the extra game will be against?? And he is in charge of a football club and involved in deciding if this idea will work?? The lunatics have taken over the asylum :S
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13/02/2008 10:28:00

I really cant see the benefit.
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13/02/2008 12:19:00

just read a quote from Keith Lamb, Boro Chairman - "I find it odd that you can play 39 games and it might mean that one of those games is against a team you have to play three times." Might mean you play a team three times?? Might? Might? Who else does he think the extra game will be against?? And he is in charge of a football club and involved in deciding if this idea will work?? The lunatics have taken over the asylum :S DoLpHiNaToR Sadly mate not only are these people greedy, the REALLY worrying thing is they are utterly stupid! most of them will be gone in five years, it will be somebody elses job to pick up the pieces, the people who will pay, will be you and me, and all the other poor sod's who are still willing to drag themselves to a game.
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13/02/2008 21:44:00

Looks like FIFA, bless their cotton socks, are going to kill this ridiculous idea stone dead, before it ever gets to be fully discussed by Scudamore and his cronies. It looks less likely by the hour, let alone the month.
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15/02/2008 13:56:00


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