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Final January Transfer Window Thread

And so, the end is near... I'll stop there I think. Over 700 comments in two threads but sadly still no new signings.

This is the final January 2008 transfer window thread. I'll leave it up a few days after the window closes for shock reactions to the last minutes signings we'll make (cough cough).

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday January 30 2008

Time: 7:07PM

Your Comments

There has to be at least one player arrive to make at least one rumour true surely?!
The Fear
Routledge has signed...1.25 million on 18 month contract. This could be a real bargain. Seems like a smart move from MON to me
I have an idea...we all pretend the next transfer window opens on 30th Aug and closes on the 31st Aug, thus saving us loads of frustrated panic and debate.
Wayne Routledge!.....WOW-WA-WEE-WA .... Just what we had all been waiting for. 1.25 mill - we are going places.
Ha, there you go, within a minute or so of putting this thread up! Good signing, especially for the price. Still only 23. Nice young foundations being built at Villa.
The Fear
So why such a short contract then??
I think this is a no brainer 1.25 on an 18 month contract.... That's good business if he fulfills his potentual he will be amazing for that money. 2 years agohe was be lorded as a wonder kid. but just remember winger ae notoriously bad at settleing in, remember young and the stick was starting to get about being a waste of money. Only this wont be a waste of money he and MON have nothing to loose.
dawedjeeves why do we need a long contract? MON has a contract that last 1 month. whats the problem?
Routledge is in effect a free transfer and should fill a gap if Young,Gabby are out so a great deal. Looks like Chimbonda aint coming as he starts for Spurs tonite.
OK my last punt on who we are signing. RIISE from the Pool for 6M
You can't punt on a done deal. I wish it were true though... just like Doyle, Defoe, Barnes...
Hoss The Villain
Looking at it Routledge for 1.2M is easily a better deal than Barnes for 5M. I think Europe and the right financial package and ONeil will get Defoe. IMO Doyle has been our No1 target but Reading wont let him go. Hoss who do you rekon we will get?
Riise has again been left out of Liverpool's squad for their game at WHU tonight.... Hmmmm??
.. and possibly the reason to why Chimbonda plays for Spurs tonight is because Hutton is illedgable...?
Kitson isn't playing for reading either. And Derby have just scored against Man City!!!!!
Looks like the honeymoon is over for Sven
No Onuoha for man city - and micah richards aint playing!!!
Diarra is the player we should have signed i think he is brilliant personally. I am watching him now and he looks great for portsmouth!
VVV Diarra has been paid 65k a week by Portsmouth. Joke wages
Kitson will go to Newcastle - that's my prediction. I'd like us to sign him, I love gingers
Cahill has gone to Bolton. Good luck to the fella. At least he didn't go to the scum.
I'm so glad Cahill has gone there, Blues wanted him on loan! Good luck to him.
Still 5th after tonights results - who would have thought!
Still 5th after the transfer window who would have thought it.
bazzah - "Hutton is illegible"? What, unreadable as he's unclearly written? I suspect you mean he's not eligible. :oP
Villain Of The North
I know routledge is no real risk at that price but surely we are not happy with this transfer window considering the money available, our aspirations, our league position and squad size. We have a day to go but at the moment I feel like its another let down on the transfers front. :(
I dont think MON has had an easy job this transfer window. Routledge i think is a great signing at 1.25m. There aint many players available. I don`t know what some people expect. We are 5th in the league and until now we aint had a right winger. Petrov has been supposedly playing right wing although I haven`t seen it!! For the rest of the season routledge has gotta be a better option than Petrov! 1.25m... BARGAIN!!
Great night for Villa....Liverpool, Everton, Man City, and Portsmouth all dropping valuable points. Here's hoping we can smash Fulham on Sunday and get a bit of the feelgood factor back....
Like a lot of people on here - I really think Routledge is a shrewd signing, but equally I was hoping for more. Cahill sale is a decent bit of business for Villa - more than we would have gotten for him in the summer I would think. Hopefully that cash will go towards a last ditch signing that will give us all a bit more of a lift. Still can't really believe we didn't get amongst the bidding for that would have been something to get excited about....well done to the Spuds on that one - I think he'll be top class.
As long as he get a work permit it looks as though we have signed that USA MLS keeper. That is an interesting one - the only part of the field USA players are strong IMO.
Agree with you there Sarge, the US of A does churn out some mighty good keepers. An interesting move. Wonder if this means Carson's going back to Merseyside end of the season ? And what's our No.2 going to think ? Come to think of it, is that Sorenson bloke still around ?
Morning campers. The US MLS keeper looks majestic if we get him. We totally shafted Celtic with that one. He was going to sign on the dotted for them after a full trial and decided to fly down to us at the last minute. We need quality back up as I think (at 10m) Carson is ridiculously overpriced. We MUST sign a full back today, Spurs have spent 30m for 4 full backs 7m Chimbonda, 10m Bale, 9M Hutton and 4m Gunter - they must need to offload one of them - its just greedy. Must admit Hutton and bale look class. WATCH THIS THREAD!
Today is going to be a long day!
Any news guys? I get the feeling no RB will be coming as to not upset Olof, unless its a Championship/Youngster backup player. I get the feeling a striker is coming.
KSarge, I'm hoping its Kitson, We have to sign a full back, unless MON thinks Gardner is sufficient back up. We don't need back up though, we need to push for Europe.
I will state this now - MON will never sign Chimbonda due to his attitude.
Thats the feeling I got as well. Chimbonda isn't coming no matter what wages he will take or how much the fee.
I wouldn't want him, as much as i want a right back signed, i would rather do without till the summer than have Chimpbonda in the squad.
thats a bit deep isn't it?
True, Chimbonda doesn't seem like MON's 'type' of player, but should he choose to sign him I am sure he can get him reproducing his Wigan form in no time.
Mmmm, he was awesome for Wigan, not bad in his first season at white hart lane either.
I'm still waiting for James Milner to turn up at Bodymoor. Don't think we'll bother getting a RB. Surely Luke Moore will leave during this window though as theres no point keeping him if he doesn't want to be here. Hopefully the Doyle thing will come true, much rather have him here than Moore.
I'm yet to be convinced on Chimbonda's or Riise's defending ability either. Both Redscouse and Spurs fans will testify both players can be prone to mistakes. It's now we miss a player like a fit Delaney.
We should sign Stallone before Febraury 22nd, he's much harder than Chuck Norris!
Expect a roundhouse kick to the face any time now, tarzan.
Come on MON just one more signing before midnight! preferably more then one though! A RB and Striker please.
I have just seen this on SSP rumours:..........Spurs defender Pascal Chimbonds is currently undergoing a medical at Villa Park after the two clubs agreed a 7m fee for the right-back. Rumours of Prince-Boateng also going to Villa are false as Ramos has made it clear that the midfielder remains in his long-term plans.
7m?? Someone is having a laugh at that price?
Hoss The Villain
deadline day inflation, but if it is true and we get him it strengthens us for a UEFA/CL spot which will pay itself back.
I think the Chimbonda transfer could happen because he isn't going to get a game at Spurs. However, I would expect the fee to be closer to 5m. I would hope we also like a forward to come in.
I agree with you splatt but it seems to me like we are getting another Jloyd with this deal. I hope I'm wrong but time will tell. At least it would put us in positive numbers if we do make a signing!
Hoss The Villain
Why does anyone want Riise? I don't understand it. We have a LM and I wouldn't want Riise playing left mid for us and Bouma is in my opinion as good as if not better than him at LB. Riise has nothing we need so why buy him? Can he play RB as well?
buyin spurs rubbish
glendalough yid
There's plenty to choose from.
Hoss The Villain
SSN seem to believe that Pompey are talking to Spurs about Defoe because Benjani is going to Man City. If this is true, are we not doing the same ?
Harry said last night he wouldn't be making any transfers today as he was attending a dinner for Jim Smith in Oxford. Maybe this transfer lark is easier than we are led to believe.
Hoss The Villain
Anyone think Shaun Maloney might be on his way to Celtic... after all there has been no speculation about him this time so it must be happening.
Hoss The Villain
Can't see why Riise is on our radar, unless anyone think we have the luxury of carrying top-rated players to warm benches. Would like to see the "yank" goalie arrive as a No.2 to Carson after Sorenson goes. Still need more quality options in mid-field and strikers - but we'll have to continue being patient.
I think O'Neill wants Hoyte as RB and is prepared to wait and take Walcott with him later this year, when we're playing in Europe!
that american goalie has just been rejected a work permit
MON doesn't want Defoe or Chimbonda - not his type of players!
Why don't we bid for Benjani?
I have come on this site and defended MON and the lack transfer action. However, if we dont make a play for Defoe I will be extremely disappointed. He appears to be available and is a proven Premiership goalscorer. FFS go get him.
Don't care if there are no more signings. UEFA is enough this year. Champs league would be nice but not if we did an Everton and lost every game and did poor in the league aswell. MON knows what he is doing and if it takes time then so be it. 5th place!! UTV
Well said 444, the Benjani deal looks well suss. It's what Martin said, teams won't sell to us - we are on the up, look at the England squad. 4m for that barrel Andy Ried or 1m fr Routleledge
This is a nightmare! 3 hours remainin i want somthing to get exctied about!
Tarzan, you really make me laugh. You come on this site and say certain deals are done. Then you say teams won't sell to us because we are on the up. Teams will sell if you pay the money.
Okay seriously du u guys think we will sign someone?
Nah not now, 3 hours left, Defo is at Fratton Park as we speak, he aint guna leave there until a deal is done lol unless sum1 said "oi jamaine villa matched the offer, get ur ***** the heli is waitin outside" . Such a disapointing transfer window. been a long horrible month
don't think so now villavillavilla, but with mon you never know ! It ain't over but the fat lady is getting ready to sing I think!
The Fear
if they won't sell to us, then they wouldn't sell to Pompey either would they?
The Fear
I bet Mr O'Neill has something on the go.
I'd be happy with no more signings if there is a guarantee that none of our first team will be injured or suspended for the rest of the season ;-) Come on Martin. You know the squad is too small for that final European push. I used to play right back you know....
Pulling teeth is less painfull!
I'm extremely disappointed with this transfer window
does anyone else keep refreshin all the football web sites and will do until the window closes.... or just me lol
Chimbonda coming on loan
chimbonda on loan just on ssn
I'd much rather take Chimbonda on loan than pay full price...he might just be what we need to get into Europe, if he commits himself on the pitch. He looked like garbage yesterday...
Scot Dutch
hmmmmmm will he be 100% comited if hes only on loan
mattyh1986..i'm at work and all i'm doing is refreshing the page. I thought i'd bring this up as long as this forum is still open. For a summer transfer I really think we should go after charles N'Zogbia. I think that kid will be class. He's already comfortable on the ball and you can tell he has a passion and desire to play football. He's definitely MONs type. He'll be a great full back and can push up the flanks easily. He's the only player on newcastle worth a damn.
THats it window closed! all can sleep now but not with a smile on face
whats this about chimbonda loan ive heard nothing?
Was there a transfer window? I must have blinked and missed it :-p
lol. Chimbo is not coming on loan. Come on, do you really believe that? He's been one of our best players for the past two seasons. If he goes anywhere it'll be for cold hard cash! And lots of it.
chimbo is $hit spuds can keep him.Why are they signing another right back if he's so good.I cant believe Middlesvilla sold Woodgate and didn't replace him and the money they have reportadly paid for Alves is an enormous gamble.The amount of players that were transfered last summer and were transfered again this window goes to show how much money was wasted.5 players in the England squad and well in the hunt for a euro place come on!
It's over!! It's over!! It's over!!
Thank God for that. Hopefully the forums will calm down a bit now!
Come on Pking you don't really think Chimbo is $hit, do you? He's quality, voted in the players best 11 two seasons on the trot. Can't be that bad, eh? Why buy Hutton? Fact is Chimbo's had no real competition. If he was injured who would we replace him with? Anyway, good luck with the CL spot.
wot about wayne routledge does he not count as a signiture or did the deal not go through in time, it wass all ova sky sports news that he had and he was videoed signing villa footballs with the rest of the squad
NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Routledge is a good signing but to moan about the squad then finish the window with the same number of players having made one signing and a 3million profit is bad transfer policy. Hutton, Diarra and Defoe have all gone to our close rivals and once again we've done little to prove our apparent spending power. Another poor transfer window.
Up The Villa
UTV, is it a case that you've got the money and didn't want to spend it or that you haven't got the money? Not being cute, I just would like to know.
Spurjon, not really sure what you're asking? My implication is that we've heard repeatedly that money is not an object and yet in 3 transfer windows we've done very little to prove that, with a large amount of our transfer outlay being offset by the departure of players. I appreciate MON saying that the ones he wanted weren't for sale. But every player has their price. I find it hard to believe that it simply wasn't possible to bring in a lot more quality than we have since Randy took over. There are an awful lot of footballers in the world and other leagues aren't as troubled by losing players in January as Premier league sides are. Diarra, Hutton and Defoe all had the necessary quality to improve our team. Instead they've strengthened the sides that we will be competing with for European football. I just pray that we don't collect too many injuries or suspensions and i was hoping that by the time this window closed that wouldn't be a concern. Unfortunately it very much is
Up The Villa
Frustrating transfer window for yous. Injuries will decimate your team should you get any.
Apparantley, O'Neill is going to buy some players in the summer. Can't wait.
don't get your hopes up.
Up The Villa
to be honest, lets get behind martin and trust he knows best.
"My implication is that we've heard repeatedly that money is not an object and yet in 3 transfer windows we've done very little to prove that, with a large amount of our transfer outlay being offset by the departure of players" this is rubbish. I totally get people being disappointed by the transfer window, even if i don't agree, but the facts tell you that this isn't true. Regardless of whether or not the signings made have been worthwhile, our outgoings are definitely far greater than the money we've received from deals. 9m Young, 8.5m Okey, 8m Davies, 6m+ Petrov, 3.5m Knight, 3.5 Harewood, 1.5m Routledge equals an estimated 34 million for players brought in to the club, excluding the possible transfer of Carson. In the out i'm a bit sketchy on all the deals, but i believe something like: 4m Davis, 2m Hughes, 5m Cahill, 2m McCann, 2m Ridgewell, 3m Samuel as well as others for free or perhaps small fees (if someone could let me know that'd be great) for a total of 18 million. Now lets remind ourselves that outgoing players were not to be played and we can see that 18 million is a great income, but even forgetting that, that is half what we've spent on players coming in, so don't talk rubbish.
I can't wait till the summer and all the done deals Tarzansbrother is going to tell us about... then again maybe he means a done deal is one that is done because it can't be done.
Hoss The Villain
What like you predicting Shaun Maloney to celtic? Chill man who would have thought Defoe would pick Portsmouth? Oh yes he can smell the loot the greedy f8cker!!
Predicting?? I don't think I ever predicted that, I simply asked if anyone thought he would be going to Celtic as there was no speculation about him leaving... hardly a prediction me thinks.
Hoss The Villain
Oh dear how annoyin today. Hope it isnt the start of a bad 2nd half of the season we might seriously regret not bringin more people in

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