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Villa In Talks With Jermain Defoe?

According to Lisa Smith at the Birmingham Post, Villa are closing in on Spurs striker Jermain Defoe.

Lisa says that the England international could be due to sign if the two clubs can agree a fee for the 25-year-old who has found himself getting splinters on the Spurs bench in recent seasons. The fee might be a problem though as Spurs are notoriously difficult to negotiate with, after all they got 18million for Michael Carrick who was also in his last year of a contract. 18million? You've got to laugh at that one, what were Manchester United thinking?

The report claims 'a source close to the player' says that Defoe was at Bodymoor Heath (Villa's training ground) yesterday talking to Martin O'Neill.

The source said: 'Jermain has been to talk to Villa - the problem is now negotiating the fee and that may prove to be the sticking point.' Fees between 7-12million have been bandied about in recent weeks and Villa were also strongly linked to Defoe last summer.

Defoe has already been told by new Spurs boss Ramos that he can leave with Martin O'Neill buying players in contention for England positions both senior and U21, the move would surely make sense to Defoe who needs to put himself back in contention in the international scene having fallen down the pecking order thanks to a lack of first team chances at Spurs.

Defoe scored 18 goals in all competitions last year (10 in the Premier League) despite being on the bench for much of the season. This season he has 8 goals in all competitions (4 in the Prem including one against us)

Good move? For me it would be, think he could be stunning and is a proven goalscorer at all levels who will surely come with a massive chip on his shoulder for the way he has spent so much time on the bench at Spurs and with a massive point to prove.

This is the sort of quality Villa need and surely he could help us make a mad dash for the 4th spot that seems wide open but even if that is a long shot, he'd help us finish top six and in Europe.


A report in the Express & Star is claiming that the report of him being at Bodymoor Heath yesterday is untrue.

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday January 17 2008

Time: 10:24AM

Your Comments

Sign him up Martin!!!! He can be our first 20 goals a season man in years! Lets bring the speculation to an end once and for all. UTV
He might cost you more if KK at Newcastle shows any interest!
i agree, I'd like him at VP too. My main concern would be how we make room for him? We still seem to enjoy playing the long ball up to a big striker which would imply playing Carew with Defoe and moving Gabby out to the right wing. He's excellent going forwards on the right but I'm not convinced about how much he would track back. To play Gabby and Defoe up front would mean changing away from the long ball which I would welcome. Bring Carew on as an impact player later on...
Silver Fox
He will score you more than 20 goals a season if he starts every game. (which he should)
Yes Yes Yes.
Would be a great signing. Gives us options. Don't want to see Gabby out wide though. He is not the player wide as he is central. Defoe could play with either Carew or Gabby but I think he would also have his days when he would be on the bench as well. Gives us a chance to rest Gabby, which MON hasn't been able to do. Go get him, MON.
Sign him up, now. Him and Chimbonda too.
You get the feeling Carew is seen as our main striker in MON's eyes. If Gabby get some experience on the wing though it will do him no harm, he may even turn out to be better there than in the center if he has Defoe to feed balls into. Sometimes with his pace Gabby's up there on his own, hopefully Defoe can change that
Errrr. Do we have a Right Back yet?
I agree with the Carew being MON's main striker opinion. Whenever Carew is vaguely fit, he's chucked into the side. If Defoe came, Gabby would go out to the right, that's no problem for me, i think if the guy could learn to deliver, he'd be great down there, plus he always get's sucked in to the middle in any case. I can just see Defoe scoring for fun with us, due to the sheer amount of chances we create in a game that don't get finished off. I'm excited about this now, so if it doesn't happen, i'll be royally peed least it will feel more like a transfer window again though.
i love the guy but he's not good enough for us anymore. We have more allround strikers in bent, keane and berba. And fred on the way!!
I would like to see Defoe at the Villa but not sure it will happen if i'm honest. KSarge1 no we dont have a right back yet but we seem to have done ok without one so far. But i think that will be adressed soon.
If it's 10m Spurs are asking for, then let's give Spurs what they're asking for.
Defoe for Barry! Serious If you guys sign him you will get a good goalscorer with incredibly quick feet but be prepared as this guy is very limited. he is not a team player and constantly needs balls to his feet and is a little greedy. You will need workers around him to make it work. Maybe MON can develop him but he has stagnated at Spurs.
Oh Dear! Who do you believe? Check out this link which just popped up on NewsNow!
Barry will never leave. Give up. He loves us
He loves Spurs actually but I agree, he wont leave. (Barry)
Express & Star are saying that claims he was at Bodymoor heath yesterday are untrue.
The Fear
He loves villa too.
The express is saying that O'Neil was not at bodymoor heath yesterday and not defoe so maybe he was in talks with someone else there. Plus there is only one story claaiming the story as untrue and loads saying it is.
I thought that, not necessarily true, but then, there are only the conflicting articles really to rule each other out, so how are we to know which is true?
You love the club you support, you just play for the club you play for and yes you do get attached and even follow them throughout the rest of your life but you only ever love 1 club if your a real football fan. Barry loves Spurs!
He is like Vassell but he knows where the net is. RB next tho MON, Yeah?
Nonononono. He's been with us since he was worth less than 150K, he's said on numerous occasions that he loves the club, he's our captain and our saviour. I agree that being a player and a fan are different things, but there is no question that Gareth loves Villa. I didn't say he didn't love spurs, but when he was so very close to leaving he was distraught that it was his only option, then came MON, and we know the rest.
Since switching to The Post Lisa Smith has come across as not the most reliable or accurate of journalists, whereas the E and S are usually pretty much on the ball. Its a matter of wait and see I guess, but this individual is both hoping and praying that its true.
Does any one have a contact at BMH? Apparently Defoe is having a medical as we speak?
Where've you heard that KSarge?
I have seen comments banded around from several sources that Defoe was at Body Moore this morning, maybe it was all rubbish - but several sources are not usually wrong.
There is also another report that he has brought a house in Lichfield. Glensider I totally agree on Lisa Smith, she came out with so much rubbish throughout the summer.
I don't really care - I don't really want Defoe at Villa. Barry's family are all Spurs fans, so he followed them as a youth, but he never really supported them And before you argue - I now live in Brighton and know close friends of the family who knew Gareth as a youngster. Fred has refused a move to Spurs - sensible chap!!!
Keegan is after him now (apparently). If the reports are true, and he has been to BMH, and all that is left is to agree a fee with the YidArmy, he must have agreed personal terms? We'll wait and see...
Where's tarzan's brother when you need him?
The Usual Suspect
No i re-read my last post it seems quite a surreal thing to say.
The Usual Suspect
Bloody Kevin Keegan. Bored of that already. Please talk about something else Sky Sports News.
Adam Deuce
Haha, tell me about it.
i work for the B'ham post, so whatever the express and star are saying is probably sour grapes that we got the story first. we have good connections with all the midlands clubs so we will try to confirm things before we print them. defoe would be a great signing!!
besides, spuds could do with the money to buy a defender!
How do we know your not just speaching us, trying to get a few extra sales?
I really dont want to see defoe at the villa. he aint no team player thats why hes left out of spurs first team so regularly. Chimbonda is also a no go, never rated him. Go for hoyte of arsenal hes a much more solid defender than chimp bonda!!! P.S that big flag 2 for sure!!!
bobbyfett, sorry to burst your bubble but spurs are a cash rich club and regularly feature in the top 20 richest clubs in europe which is even more impressive when you think we have never been in the champions league so no we dont need the money from the sale of defoe to finance the purchase of any other player let alone a defender. However we do need to buy a defender and that is obvious to everyone
Sf4e - loads of money but can't afford to pay the going wage? You keep losing out on players because of your stupid wage structure, and whilst you do you will fall further an further behind, leading to decreased revenue. And you are top 20 because of Carrick and UEFA Cup money (last accounts 05-06) - take them away and you are no better than many clubs in the PL.
unless spurs win the UEFA cup this season they're not going to be playing in Europe next, thats for sure. Also they spent 18.5m on a player worth 9m tops. So maybe this years results aren't going to be quite so attractive as last years.
The Usual Suspect
top 20 club financially? only because of the land value in that ***** hole known as London.
to spursfan4eva..............big shadow and arsenal come to
Remember you have never been in the Champions League, and i guess never will....little club, little ground, little chance.
KSarge1, to call spurs a little club is not quite true, arsenal, chelsea, west ham ect, there big clubs and spurs are insignificant!!! whoops forgot Brentford!!!
I suppose that spurs are up there with Fulham i guess.
Defoe would struggle to get in to our attack, any 1 of our defenders would make it in to your defence. Your lucky 2 years is over move over, other teams are gonna push this 4th place harder you were not up to it!
the fact is, even though we havent sold our soul to a yank who thinks he knows "soccer" LOL...(a disease creeping into the prem)...villa and spurs are galaxys apart when it comes to money....while villa count the penneys to see if u can afford our 3rd best striker, we can virtually buy anyone were serious about.
pathetic to see your excuse of a defence Pish away the advantage that Berbatov gives them time and time again - now that is funny.
The Usual Suspect
think a senor ramos with a huge war chest might have a problem with that ksarge1
Good bit of business with Bent by the way - paying double the value of a striker you didn't need and now can't sell
The Usual Suspect
Ramos hasn't done anything yet, come back and sing his praises when he has. The only thing he has done was say how rubbish you are defensively - we've known that for years. Shame no spurs fans have been able to see it until now.
The Usual Suspect
whats the obsession with berba????? he isnt even our top scorer!!...the usual suspect cant stop talking about him!!!
because he carries your team and he's your best player, and he's off soon.
The Usual Suspect
i find it insulting that you have chosen to insult my fellow brothers with your drivel lillywhites101. May i point out that i actually think you are a leeds united fan as you have adopted there nickname as your username. And yes villa and spurs are galaxys away except your galaxy contains many unearthly species who cannot speak the queens english and have no knowledge of aston villa who are actually in birmingham and not the black Thick cockneys ah!!! lol
and we will leave you to your mid table finish you delusional fool. Take a look at the league table, Juan Kerr.
The Usual Suspect
lillywhites101 thankyou for your input now fly back to the planet nerd. By the way i have managed to aquire some pipes to put your dreams in!!!
usual suspect you should give your mrs some attention 2nite and not go into the jacks again all nite with a poster of berbatov, as you are clearly in love with him lol....going over other threads, its clear u want to have walks on the beach with him off now. c ya
Not being funny but the post is amazingly poor for these types of rumours and as its always printed the night before this may just be putting one and two together.
what a tool that lilly is.
The Usual Suspect
CLV - don't forget that Young and Davies snubbed them in favour of us!
The Usual Suspect
So mr Sillywhites where is this top 4 break through your lot ranted and raved about?
i think you will find it was the media who ranted on, my inbred freind....but theres no panic....with the manager we have and spending power, our long term future will be finishing above the likes of villa consistently
and whats this *****e about davies snubbing spurs?....i think you will find a club has to make a bid before a player can snub them, you absolute plank
last time i checked spurs where in the latter stages of the UEFA cup, F.A cup, and semi's of the carling cup....and villa anyone?????.....with may still months away i wouldnt start *****e talking about the prem either!!!!
Do you think somebody has upset him?
LOL truth hurts lads dont it !!
The truth hurts for spurs fans.....ouch imagine finishing 5th for 2 seasons being lucky in defence and then POW luck runs out in defence. My word it must feel bad (lol) I wish we could go back to the start of the season again and laugh at there dreaming.....4th spot this year lads...Arsenal are poor.....ancient echos.
What year were you formed? How many trophies have you won in total? How many European Cups have you won? How many Spurs players have played for England? What's your average attendance this year? How many clean sheets have you kept this season? How many Premier League points have you earned since inception? Anybody fancy a game of Top Trumps???? I think I have a winning hand!!!!
opverspend + under achievement = Spurs, By the way im sure none of villa fans are inbred. As every post i have read from a villa supporter makes sence! (no villa fan has the low IQ of an inbred) getting a tad defensive? 3 posts in one go! dont blow a blood vessel now! As spurs defence is that s-h-i-t they may stard drafing the fans in for help, BTW if you are sooooo good then you should be moving the teams you play aside like us. ***** even small heath went and showed you how it was done?
Defoe was not there for a medical but THE operation, you know the one, where they remove the brain, sew on the additional fingers and insert the jenes which suddenly makes your mother look attractive and provides the desire to give her extra special hugs, even if she is dead, its called Villa Syndrome.
Now how come Villa fans present well argued posts whilst Spurs fans resort to insults? I assume because they have nothing good to say about their own team this year. Just check out the Vital Spurs board to see how many are close to suicide.
I also noticed that as soon as they run out of arguments they resort to name calling. No wonder none of the players they chase seem to want to go to them.. their fans are imbeciles.
The Usual Suspect
CL check out your mate villavillavilla the fella cant even string a sentence together let alone a well argued post, sorry.
Check your own back yard Teddy, are you going to defend every Spurs fan yourself?
The Usual Suspect
CL made a statement, I just pointed out the obvious and look at your mate Eaton, with his staement about inbreds having low IQ's not something I have ever studied but any sane Villa fan would deep down admit he's a bit of a worry.
actually the inbred comment was started by lilly the tool. My god i am so bored of this crap. both our teams have underperformed in recent decades. Villa are currently doing better in the league, spurs are having some runs in the cup. Can we just leave it there and say goodnight?
The Usual Suspect
Is there such a thing as a good night in Birmingham?
Thats such a typical london response. obviously you've never been. you should find out for yourself.
The Usual Suspect
Teddy you have to admit that at this time, this season we are just better than you. Yes the last few seasons you have been better than us but we beet you at home, came very close to beating you in your own yard and lets face it we gave the Arsenal a game and we played Arsenal not their growndsmen. Face it this season you are nothing on us.
Only bad thing about London is Cockneys and Illegal imigrants.....
I live in London and I do love it, Regardless of cockneys and imigrants. Only problem for me is that its hard to get to to the Villa. Can't really get to any in mid week, quite good for the away games though. I love the away games against London teams, especially Fulham and Chelski.

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