Aston Villa - Stan Says Sign Up Jermain Defoe
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Stan Says Sign Up Jermain Defoe

Stan Collymore has told The Mirror that Villa should go for Jermain Defoe saying he'd score bucket loads for us.

He says he can't understand why such a prolific player isn't played and adds, 'He scores goals, is always a threat around the box and has an exceptional goal-scoring record considering the amount of splinters up his backside from sitting on the bench. So what is it?'

Adding, 'So my message to Jermain is ... 'Get yourself to Villa Park!''

I was watching the Sky Sports show Sunday Supplement yesterday and they were saying the same thing, Defoe is a goal poacher and should be playing regularly. The one reporter also said he was a real impact player.

Portsmouth boss Harry Redknapp is today being very strongly linked with the player, so it will be interesting to see if there is any movement this week and if we are involved. I hope we are, I can't see that many strikers out there who are a) available and b) better?

Meanwhile the Sunday Mercury have a source 'close to the player' saying that Marlon Harewood is determined to stick it out at Villa and prove his worth. I believe he has been linked to Stoke today.

Our latest poll asks if Stan is right, should we sign Defoe?

The brief poll about a potential Henrik Larsson loan before I spotted their chairman saying no chance had a split between 'no, we should be buying a top quality striker' (51%) and yes 47% + 2% unsure.

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday January 14 2008

Time: 11:56AM

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For once, you can't argue with collymore. (that was ulrikka's mistake too)
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14/01/2008 12:08:00

Haha, at JohnnUk. In response to the article, of course we should get Defoe, it's
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14/01/2008 12:19:00

How did that happen? Yeah, it's simple that we need someone who can put the ball in the net without second questioning...Gabby is great running of big JC, but i think he would be more affective if he could learn to cross and play and the right wing, with Defoe in the middle. It gives us another option for scoring, which is what we need for Europe. No question, if we buy Defoe, we'll be in Europe next year, trust me.
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14/01/2008 12:21:00

I'm with you on that one, AstonMartinOneill!
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14/01/2008 12:44:00

Yeah i like him too. Lets bag him.
The Usual Suspect
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14/01/2008 14:03:00

Stan is talking common sense for once. Surely Defoe, despite his comments to the contrary, would have to be attracted by a move away from White Hart Lane, and in our current position/situation, we'd have to be attractive suitors.
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14/01/2008 14:40:00

i think Defoe's loyalty comments come from his training by a very good agent. The fans can never call him a judas if he wanted to stay, and no-one can blame him for leaving since he can't get a game. Kind of Win-Win for him. I've never understood why he stuck it so long. He's a natural finisher, and a great talent. He deserves more than 15minutes at the end of a match.
The Usual Suspect
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14/01/2008 15:44:00

I will be amazed if Defoe is playing for anyone exept spurs on feb 1st. Were not even being linked with him... Its ManC, Everton and Pompey who are favourites to sign him. If he moves at all.
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14/01/2008 17:24:00

Gappy am u on crack? it is us that have been strongestly linked with him actually! (and portsmouth) Y du everton need another striker? Yakubu anichebe johnson mcfadden!
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14/01/2008 19:33:00

Gappy is right from todays papers. The press scum just got tired of linking us over the past 12 months and I am sure his agent is trying to boost the price up by saying that everyone wants him. Seems like everyone on this site wants him aswell these days. Am I the only one who thinks that he is bad news? Agreed we need an out and out finisher but surely there is someone around with more than 1 string on their bow and more importantly wants to play for MON and the Villa. Not heard one statement from him either way but he has said how much he wants to play for the Spuz so surely anywhere else who is not in the Champs league has got to be a second best and we don't need that.
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14/01/2008 19:47:00

if we had defoe then in the 65th minute of the match against reading he would have certainly have got at least one goal!
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14/01/2008 20:05:00

You have to think that if MON had wanted Defoe, then surely by now, we'd have made some sort of approach for him. We've been linked to him for so long now its getting ridiculous, yet MON has never given the slightest suggestion that Defoe is on his radar.
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14/01/2008 20:48:00

I can not understand the amount of coverage this site gives to an average player that can not even get a regular game for lowly Spuds. We are amongst the top scorers in the league and getting a 10 million pound squad player is not as high a priority as getting several other areas sorted. In no particular order we need Laursen to sign a new contract, we need a right back, right midfielder, cover/competition for Carew and Bouma and a goalkeeper that commands his box. Should we keep Carson and Davies, that is already 20 million committed if reports are to be believed. Bearing in mind Carson will have cost 3 million in loan fee and wages already this season. Would that money have been better invested in a right back and leaving TS in goal?? Just a thought. Those who think Villa are about to spend 50 million in the next few months are mistaken imho. Despite better crowds we are still massively under supported considering the catchment area and lack of real competition. Having empty seats (other than away support) is a disgrace considering the entertainment value at the moment and the time money and effort being put into the club off the pitch. Yet we still think that Randy Lerner should keep pumping money into the club. Why would he when local people can not be bothered to fully support him? Even if we start selling out every game, where is the estimated 25 million estimated development costs of the North stand coming from, in addition to all the money that has been invested already?? Player funding budgets?? Or should we expect Randy to fund that as well?? I believe we need a reality check and to prioritise what is required. I would guess this is also the message that M'ON has had. We need to discover hidden talent either from abroad, lower divisions or the youth set up for us to move on (and that is in addition to the gems already uncovered). We can not afford to keep paying 4/5 million plus for squad players and as for paying 10 million for Defoe to be a squad player, don't make me laugh. I believe all this talk of mega amounts of money in the game has made people immune to really understanding the amounts we are talking. Manure can do it because they turn over 250 million a year. Liverpool are struggling to keep up despite massive investment and equally generous American owners. Chelski can do it because of Abramovich. However look at Arsenal. Wenger has spent a net 5 million a year in transfers over the last 11 years. Spotting and buying talent young and selling for massive profit has been the key. That is the blueprint. Not buying other clubs cast offs for millions. Apologies that it has turned into a rant, but hearing Villa fans demanding the club spend the amounts talked about is sickening. Unfortunately supporters of many other clubs are just as bad.
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14/01/2008 21:51:00

Agreed VOTH but we have the smallest squad in the premiership. As well a having no natural right back in the squad, we have no real right sided midfielder and an injury to bouma is gonna leave us right in the brown stuff. we are doing so well at the moment and it would be a real kick to the knackers if we slip. Dont get me wrong im not having a go, just expressing my concerns about this situation we are in. frankly it would be ace if we could follow wengers foot steps and sign a player for 500k and sell them for 21mil providing they want the transfer but at this present time that is not us. We will all have to spend this little bit more as it seems MON is going predominatley for a english squad. wenger paid 12 mil odd for walcott so it seems we have no choice as well. we are a club well on the up and it has been noticed so clubs will hold us to ransom. If Mr Lerner stumps up the cash then hats off him. Either that or rely on our more younger players from the youth system. The only thing i want as a priority is the signing of Laursen on a contact extension. From there i will welcome any transfers either it be a player from leauge 2 or la liga. VOTH i know this comes across as maybe a attack but is it not. All in all i hope that AVFC just suceed well.
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14/01/2008 23:07:00

I agree with much of voiceoftheholte for me if we could get Defoe for 7million he would be a useful squad player but thats all he could ever be. We seem to think we need to buy better strikers and that they play in the reserve team of a club thats hovering above relegation. New players would be useful in order to provide cover but the bulk of the players we have now could play at any level. I also find it difficult to understand why we should play Gabby wide right when he is a striker. His current role enables him to move wide left and right as well as making runs through the middle. The third goal on Sat was a down the left with Young and Gabby linking up. The only area we are weak is in defense and in particulary on the right. That with the addition of some squad players will take us into europe and then we can develop further.
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14/01/2008 23:21:00

Defoe is already a useful squad player at the Spuz, so why would he want to move home etc. VOTH is speaking a lot of sense but forgetting the new TV deal which is worth 60 mill +. Also if we get into Europe then more monies will be coming in and then we can justify having more playing staff.
Report Abuse
15/01/2008 08:49:00

Sorry that should have read "when" we get into Europe not "if".
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15/01/2008 11:10:00

Truth is we are understaffed - and players cost money. We haven't the time to wait for a 17 year old to come of age. We need the players now, and they cost. Long term i would prefer the Arsenal way to spending all the time, but if we really want to kick on this season and compete for the UEFA then we need to buy players now. Its been a while since i heard VOTH complain about attendances - ah reminiscing! TBH Voice, our attendances are now the highest they've been since 1957, so the OS site yesterday so like i think the message has got accross already.
The Usual Suspect
Report Abuse
15/01/2008 12:06:00

Usual suspect. The official site provides the propaganda. The truth of the matter is that there were 4000 empty seats on Saturday for a 3pm non televised game. Bearing mind we are level on points for a Champions League spot and scoring goals for fun and that over 8 million people live within 1 hour of Villa Park, I think the fact you seem happy with 38000 is depressing. The less said about 33,000(27,000 if you do not count the Manure fans) against Manure the better. You also say 'truth is we are understaffed and players cost money'. How much did Anelka cost Arsenal? How much did Fabregas cost? Henry cost 11 million but was sold for 16 million as a 30 year old. Viera cost 3 million and was sold for 14 million as 30 year old. Toure, Adebayor, Almunia, Flamini and many others cost relative peanuts. The skill is finding and getting the best youngsters possible. Look at Rooney, Ronaldo, Bale, Walcott, Yorke, Platt, Crouch (thanks O'Leary for fecking that one up) and our own Ashley Young. If you are spending big, the money must have the potential for big returns in the future. Look at Dean Ashton. 3 million from Crewe a couple of years ago and he would cost 15 million now. Would it make more sense to buy him now or 2 years ago? Spotting and developing that talent is crucial to a club our size and that is what M'ON has to do. Buying 10 million squad players is what will hold this club back for years. I would rather find a 2 million lower league player than waste 10 million on a Spuds reserve. As for being understaffed, we are so understaffed we have 23 players for an 11 man team. How many do you want? We are so understaffed we are sending good players on loan!!! We are not in a position to have 2 great players for each position. Very simply because if they were any good, and they were not playing, they would go elsewhere. We do not need rotation. You play your best 11 and if 5 or 6 are injured or suspended, you choose from the other 12 players that make up our 23 man squad. And if that isn't enough, you throw the kids or reserves in. We have a reserve team. They should do exactly as it says on the tin. If your full back is injured you play your reserve full back. Simple. It seems like everybody is trying to complicate the game of football and think we should have multi million players on multi million wages, doing nothing apart from going training a few times a week. Not only is it madness, it is the road to ruin, not just for us but the game of football in general.
Report Abuse
15/01/2008 13:30:00

er voice - i simply reiterated what you said when you said we need a RB RM etc. we need players. get off your high horse. Oh and it may have escaped your attention but we are not Arsenal, so we can't attract the very best in international youth talent. We don't have the scouting network and feeder club set up that they have. They spent years developing it, and now they reap the rewards. Neither do we have the time to wait for young/non-Premier league players to develop if they are to help us get into Europe this season. While what you are saying makes sense long term it does not help us this season. Truth is we have a small squad and have been very lucky with injuries. And when i say small i mean in comparison to every one else in the league we play in, not in comparison to what you think a squad size should be. And our attendances are on the rise. So drop that. If i had 5,000 extra friends to coerce into coming to VP i would do just that - but my friends are already there. The progress we are making may be slow but its still progress and things are better now than they have been in a very long time at Villa Park.
The Usual Suspect
Report Abuse
15/01/2008 13:49:00

by your own admission we need five more players!
The Usual Suspect
Report Abuse
15/01/2008 13:50:00

We have only 40 competitive games this season in 8 months due to cup exits so where and when are these extra players going to play?
Report Abuse
15/01/2008 13:57:00

i think we'll find a use for a RB or two, since we currently have none. A RM isn't a bad idea - although i'm aware Young can play there too - and maloney seems to be being played there sometimes as well, although they both prefer playing on the left. I personally only think we need a RB, striker and a new LB - but that's only because IMO bouma isn't up to the task. We're certainly not short of CBs or CM's anyway. A few injuries and suspensions and we will all be very aware of how small our squad is. Just look at West Ham's season. They've been obliterated by injuries. It could happen to us. Obviously I hope not.
The Usual Suspect
Report Abuse
15/01/2008 14:13:00

We have held our own against everyone bar Man Ure, Man Citeh 1st time out, and Pompey this year and players like Bouma only really get found out against these teams. Agreed though that to move on to the next level we need to sort out these positions with world class players.
Report Abuse
15/01/2008 16:34:00

some of the posts by you lot have me in creased up in really beleive you are a big big club dont you!!!!....some of you asylum escapees even suggesting your to big a club for defoe! LOL...granted spurs have had a terrible season up to this point, but we will definately push up the table. and next season when ramos has the squad he wants, and the summer to gel them, we will be back to what we were doing for the last couple of seasons and hopefully more...look at the talent in our squad, look at the muscle we having in terms of spending power, look at the new 60,000 seater that will start being built soon...look at our compare that to villa!! LOL...defoe would always rather be a spurs bench warmer, than play for a team of villa's have had a good season so far, but ffs take your heads out of the clouds
Report Abuse
15/01/2008 19:27:00

lily i am so bored of this my club is bigger than yours crap - but if you insist then i suggest you get your facts right. Villa have the bigger historic trophy haul, and if anything your last two seasons have been the exception, rather than the rule in your league performance. You are now back to what you always were - a mid table club. good luck keeping Berbatov happy.
The Usual Suspect
Report Abuse
15/01/2008 21:07:00

I kind of agree with lily about Defoe but thats where my agreement ends. My reason for agreeing with him is defoes lack of ambition. If he wants to impress our Mr capello then he wont do it sitting on his ass on the spurs bench. As for Spurs being a big club? Dont make me laugh you London (believe your own publicity) Gob S***e. Lets just hope that the Globe keeps warming and thames bursts it banks and floods the Capital. You Spurs fans really should get used to the fact you will never be bigger than The Villa or the Gooners for that matter. You keep paying inflated prices to live in the Capital you MUGS...
Report Abuse
16/01/2008 15:51:00

usual suspect, the majority of the trophy haul you refer to was won pre 1939....which means for the last 6 or 7 decades you have been *****e....are u mugs still hoping we will throw you our cast offs? chimbonda and defoe? have had a good run the 1st half of the season.....but the size of your heads has swelled to monstrous proportions, in a similar way to man city fans....and as for keeping berbs happy, i think were doing just that....why dont you find some of his personal comments and not what the sun / mirror / star print...and remember while we have players like berbs, u mugs are hoping we will give u 1 of our back up strikers!!! LOL i say again....pull your heads out of the *****ing clouds.
Report Abuse
16/01/2008 18:36:00

what a tool. what's your highest premiership finish? When did you last win the league? Have you ever won the European Cup? European Super Cup? We won two league cups in the 90's. All since 1939 you plonker. Spurs can't even claim to be the best club in north london. The Arse dump on you from a great height. Keep believing you're a big club just cause you signed Berbatov - and then find another BS reason to call yourselves big when he leaves. He's carrying your team single handed - and he won't stick it for much longer. If he doesn't go to Man U this month - he sure will in June.
The Usual Suspect
Report Abuse
16/01/2008 22:46:00

and you're hoping you'll steal one of our defenders - to shore up your league two defence. but you can't have Laursen. And that Scot Hutton turned you down. cause you're ****e. Stop singing the praises of your attack and learn how to defend. perhaps there's not much money to be made in buying and selling young defenders.
The Usual Suspect
Report Abuse
16/01/2008 22:48:00

Lilywhites your name sums you up you moronic fool!!!! lilywhites are panty liners LOL... off to change your name????? I seem to rember when Spurs was winning the FA cup in 82 i was on my way back fromRotterdam you mug... LOL
Report Abuse
17/01/2008 11:24:00

Oh by the way lily or should we call you tampax? when was the last time spurs won the league or the european cup for that matter???
Report Abuse
17/01/2008 11:35:00

hahahahah deluded fools.....berba isnt even the top goalscorer at spurs, let alone carrying us on his own....and i think you inbred fools should read my post above once more....i said the MAJORITY of your trophy haul is pre 1939....while i will give u credit for winning the european cup once, i think you will find the 1st english team to ever win a european trophy was well as being the 1st english team to ever do the double...but back to the present!...i concede we leak alot of goals, but we score goals by the barrel load aswell....hence why were joint top goalscorers in the prem at present...and scored 102 goals last season in all comps....thats what spurs are famous for, and thats why were so well known, in all fairness, outside the prem who the ***** knows or cares who villa are?...honestly?.....and while the north london derby is known worldwide, who gives a ***** or cares about villa vs birmingham, apart from your own fans?....get real you black country fools....long term under ramos, a man who has won 5 trophies in 2yrs and with our financial state, we will always leave sides like villa behind us.
Report Abuse
17/01/2008 16:21:00

ah lily(tampax)white is back god bless you foolish London (we're the pride of England) deluded idiot. So you won the first european trophy WOW. But have you won the league??? have you won the European cup???? a simply no will do. anyway is that the london derby you never win??? come on the gooners LOL.. anyway i hope you've paid all your council tax, congestion charge, together with your tax and insurance because we northerners dont work we rely on you fools in the big smoke to keep us in mugs lol
Report Abuse
17/01/2008 19:23:00


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