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Villa Are Back - WOW Villa Are Back

Villa are back, wow, Villa are back

I had a feeling before Christmas that we could win all the holiday fixtures, even at Chelsea, and whilst I was very disappointed in the Man City game, as I thought better use of tactics may have got the required result, the team still showed enough to have won the game.

Against Chelsea I listened to Collymore in his own in fight with the biased BBC commentators and a Villa side in supremacy at one of the top clubs in the UK.In the end we drew 4-4 against 11, then 10, then 9 men, an awful ref and a home crowd, but we won.

In fact we won more than just the match, we won over the media, as anyone scanning the papers today will see, we won over the TV as anyone watching the and listening to any sports report will see. Aston Villa are back and how. Credit has to go to O'Neill for the way he has built in a resilience that even when its suffered a bad penalty and sending off decision, two bad defensive errors to go from 2-0 up to 3-2, it still finds it within itself to come back, only to be knocked back again.

Then when luck did favour us, after one of the best dives I've seen out of a swimming pool, one of the worst tackles ever on a football pitch, and an awful sending off decision had suggested maybe the rub of the green wasn't ours, we gained that vital 4th goal.

4 goals at Chelsea, and morally their first defeat in 70 odd games what an achievement.

OK we were far from perfect, there is still plenty needing putting right but Aston Villa are back. That little insignificant club, run by an idiot whose only claim to fame was the way he gave us defeat from the face of victory, has gone, what we have now is a team everyone will be looking out for, a team in need of some surgery yes, but a team who everyone now knows can give anyone a game. Some players need to believe it more, but O'Neill has certainly built a desire to fight to the death when needed.

There are plenty of areas still needing improvement, but as Barry showed when he stepped up to take that penalty, the belief is there, the ability in some, is there, everyone of those players deserved no less than a 9. Not because they were all great they weren't, but because they were part of a famous Villa battle, and as any long term fan knows Villa teams don't need to win the game to win the match. We've been known to lose Cup finals and win, ask Spurs, we've been known to lose great matches and win, ask Utd, ask Arsenal.

Saturday was one such time, Aston Villa are back, what more can you ask? OK a win against Wigan.

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The Journalist

Writer: avfc48 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday December 27 2007

Time: 4:28PM

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Way over the top there. Villa are a good team and have a very good manager. But lets see where you finish in the league come end of the season. Chelski without Mourihno are 30% weaker IMO, so to draw there is a good achievement but not that good. But if you Villa boys didn't get a result against the Chavs would you be writing a article like this?
Real Deal
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27/12/2007 16:40:00

Didnt we beat Chelsea when Mourinho was manager?
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27/12/2007 17:09:00

Certainly did win over the media. Any manager that can say two players dived when they didn't and a ref biased by giving a blatant free-kick, then watch 7 of his players surround the ref and not get slagged off for it has to have the media wrapped round his little finger!
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27/12/2007 17:14:00

How was this a moral victory - the replays have shown the villa penalty - to be the most dubious decision. A great point and a good performance - but once again we were 2-0 up and couldn't defend - once against Scott Carson was beaten from distance (twice). Pleased with point and think the decisions evened themselves out over the game - Still can't see what decision MON is so upset about
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27/12/2007 17:55:00

have to agree graydon, can't see why MON was so riled by the pen, it was a pen and the ref was in a good position to see it. Zat was clumsy and was the last defender.
The Fear
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27/12/2007 18:11:00

it will count for nothing unless we go up to wigan and get the three points but if we play like we did in the 1st half then we should coast past wigan and spurs and maybe even cause an upset in the fa cup.
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27/12/2007 18:24:00

Personally thought the pen was a poor decision. As with Man Ure, all the big teams get the results. And if they don't win through 11 men of superior skill and ability they hassle the ref and get what they want that way. We ain't the end product by a long shot but as many have said we battled and never gave up fans can't ask for anything more. I just hope we employ the same tactics as this at our next and for the rest of our home games, instead of playing it safe.
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27/12/2007 18:45:00

Real Deal if you have ever read one or any of avfc48's posts you would understand why its a good article from 48 and not over the top mate. Seems that you've had a good Crimbles 48 so carry on with the spreading of joy and good will. Nice one 48
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27/12/2007 19:01:00

We still have a long way to go before we are back as you say, ie improving our pass percentage and sign a right back creative midfielder and top striker.
chris the villan
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27/12/2007 19:24:00

48, someone is writing a possitive post under the guise of your name. I dont want to be around when he finds out!
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27/12/2007 19:25:00

To be fair mr 48. you make a great point about the bbc being bias against us. On motd we are always last on, they usually miss out analysing our good play and imho gloat about the top 4 like children in awe of things they dont understand. This should wake em up!
Report Abuse
27/12/2007 19:36:00

I fail to see how anyone lacking Chelsea tinted glasses can say that Zat fouled Ballack for the pen. Absolutely not. You only have to look at the manner in which Ballack went to ground to see that he, at the very least, made the most of whatever insignificant shove Zat employed on him. Ballack is a cheat, plain and simple. His cheating is symptomatic of many players at the 'big 4' clubs when things are not going their way. Joe Cole 'won' the frre kick for thier fouth goal by cheating also. I may be old fashioned but I prefer a player to stay on his feet and try to score rather than throw himself to the floor as Ballack and Joe cole did. The sooner refs wake up and learn to distinguish between theatrical falls and those from robust play the sooner they will be able to weed out the cheats, booking them will help no end. But then Dowd is an idiot. As was the ref v Man City, who couldn't read a dive. IMO dives are on a sliding scale of detectability. there are those that involve zero contact and are blatant from a decent angle. Ranging to being shoved and going down when the player could've stayed on his feet. Ballacks effort was closer to the zero contant end of the scale. The contact was insufficient to knock him down, he threw himself to the floor like a John Wayne victim falling, shot from his horse. Disgusting vile square headed ****
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27/12/2007 20:16:00

Hang on here, we went to the top team with the best home record in the Prem no loss in 70 odd games, totally dominated them until the ref gave a dubious penalty and sent off a player. They again, with the ref's help pulled it back to 3-2 and everyone was gloating, we made it 3-3 and then with seconds left the German fairy queen hits the ball instead of falling over it, his Italian mate tries to put our best prospect in hospital with what been euphemistically called 'a tackle', then even when we get the ball in the net again a defender handles off the line and up steps Captain courageous. He with the grit and calm John Wayne would have been proud of blasts it past the best keeper in the world. 4 goals away to Chelsea, with 10 men, epic performance, one real Villa fans should be proud of. What happens at Wigan is immaterial, that match has goner down into Premiership history and as I said its thanks to one team, mine, Aston Villa.
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27/12/2007 20:30:00

Who are you, and what have you done with avfc48?
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27/12/2007 20:45:00

Couldn't agree more AVFC48 well said.
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27/12/2007 20:47:00

The Ballack penalty was nailed on. As well as the push from behind was the trip. That's two penalties! Everyone that side of the goal saw it. Similarly, Cole was hacked by both Laursen and NRC front and back. Neither got the ball as Cole went to strike the ball. Both got the player. That's two free-kicks! How you can't even see one of them is a mystery. Best to stop copying MON's comments because he's getting a ban for the comments he made about the ref and divers. That is, unless he gets the special leniency you claim he never gets. Which way do you want it? You can't have it both ways.
Report Abuse
27/12/2007 22:00:00

Just checked the video at and notice that no Villa player contests the penalty, but only surround the referee when it comes to the red card (which is compulsory as last man). That tells its own story. They all KNEW it was a definite penalty and no dive immediately. The only person who doubted it was a guy 50+ yards away who couldn't even see it.
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27/12/2007 22:29:00

If the four points that we've deservedly taken off Chelsea this season stops them from winning the premiership, then I for one, will be a fairly Happy Camper.
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27/12/2007 22:57:00

Ballack is a German they invented diving 40 years ago ! Zat wasn't good enough to get near him and if you watch closely you'll see Ballack start to fall when he sees Carson is going to get the ball . Another ref another day and Ballack might have been carded for diving! Times are changing and you'll soon be Villa fans!
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27/12/2007 23:23:00

I still see it as inconclusive - I don't see it as a blatant non penalty.
Report Abuse
27/12/2007 23:31:00

RealDeal-we actually did better against Chelsea when Mourinho was there, did we not? Listen, just listen, to the whinging from the Chelski fan. That because he knows that his superstars really lost, just like the article suggests.
Report Abuse
28/12/2007 04:49:00

Yeah 3 draws and 2 losses in your last 5 games. YOU'RE BACK BIG TIME! LOOK OUT LEAGUE! Hahaha sorry but my god what a load of rubbish. We're gonna give you a spanking on NYD too!!!
Report Abuse
28/12/2007 06:01:00

Oooh - A Spurs Fan!!! I thought they were extinct!! Haven't seen a Spurs fan raise his greasy head over the parapet for months!! Weren't they going to break into the top four this season? Ha!! We'll wait and see on NYD, we're due a big win and I sincerelyhope you find your way to Villa Park and witness it!
Report Abuse
28/12/2007 08:21:00

Happy New Year 48. Great post. As I said in an earlier article, it may not be this season, or possibly not even next (although we would all hope so), but make no mistake the lion is on the prowl again. There will still be crap defeats, there will still be games when we want to get rid of every player, the manager, the kit man and the tea lady. But slowly and very surely we are showing ourselves to be a club on the up. We still need a right back and a youngster to challenge for that position. We need competition for Bouma. We also need a right midfielder and cover for John Carew. We need to increase our season ticket base by a further 10,000. But when you consider where we were 17 months ago, not just on the pitch but off it, we have made massive strides. When you consider we can field a team of English men (Carson, Gardner, Knight, Davis, Barry, Okey Cokey, Young, Moore, Gabi, Osbourne, Harewood, Cahill, Taylor) who are not only young but who are in many instances Villa supporters. We are truly developing as the local club for local people. A club for the fans. And when you see the riches bestowed upon the new England Manager, it is obvious what M'ON has forfeited. We should all applaud that decision and ensure his loyalty is repaid with our best support. Lets hope he can be the man to take us back to the top. Signs are good but there are still many, many tough challenges ahead. Let us hope that M'ON is up to the task.
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28/12/2007 10:32:00

I get the feeling avfc48 got laid over Christmas.
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28/12/2007 11:04:00

Excellent article 48. I was in the ground and the biased Chelski TV showing highlights at half time would not show the penalty incident because there was nothing to show other than the dive. Gutted for wee Shaun Maloney as didn't deserve to be subbed but no other option. A definite moral victory over an over-hyped small team in Fulham who couldn't win without a ref as their twelth man. Now to forget about them and to start moving up the prem because if we play like that every week, we can beat anyone. UTV
Report Abuse
28/12/2007 11:10:00

What Villa have done is show the World that Chelsea can be taken on and beaten home and away, even by a none top 4 side. Their defensive invincibility has gone, even the best keeper in the world can't keep Maloney's shot out. But for the one eyed refs decision to limit our side to 10 men we would have made their plight far worse. Imagibne how we would have done had we a decent side not that it mattered the one we put out did brilliantly How do I know? I keep hearing Chelsea fans crying
Report Abuse
28/12/2007 12:03:00

AVFC48, I don't mean to sound rude, but, Villa haven't shown the world that Chelsea can be taken on and beaten, what Villa have done is, under MON we're cappable of taken on any team home or away with our young squad, and beating them, this has nothing at all to do with Chelsea, it has everything to do with everyone at VP, now lets go to Wigan and stuff old broken nose!
Report Abuse
28/12/2007 12:41:00

Yes you did son, but at Villa park not Stamford Bridge.
Real Deal
Report Abuse
28/12/2007 13:16:00

gwy, im a Tottenham fan, get it right. Sorry the article is OTT!
Real Deal
Report Abuse
28/12/2007 13:22:00

Voiceoftheholte sums it up perfectly! You've warmed my bones with your wise words. Spot on mate.
Report Abuse
28/12/2007 13:27:00

Real Deal lets see what happens on NYD, see if your European dreams are still alive. We have more or less ended Chelsea's Title hopes and lets see if we end your European top 6 DREAM.
Report Abuse
28/12/2007 13:31:00

Once again voiceof the holte puts things into perspective perfectly.
Report Abuse
28/12/2007 14:06:00

but they have eltoro, all over Europe people are watching that dive from Ballack, the two footed tackle is prime news, and its Villa taking Chelsea apart at 2-0 only to be hindered by a sending off thanks to Mr Swan Lake, they are all talking about. Chelsea weren't in it commentators all over were digging up excuse after excuse, the mighty Chelsea were floundering, their keeper couldn't hold a shot, thye were 2-0 down and going no where.
Report Abuse
28/12/2007 14:54:00

Kind words Glensider. Happy New Year. 48 keep up the positivity. It is infectious and it suits you. UTV
Report Abuse
28/12/2007 15:42:00

KSarge, we havn't got a chance of finishing top 6 this season. JOL made sure of that. Other teams are just lucky Ramos wasn't in charge from the start of the season, because if he was then I have no doubt we would have.
Real Deal
Report Abuse
28/12/2007 16:22:00

I take it your a JOL hater then Real Deal ? M Jol responded to what was conspired behind his back, the ones you need to be angry at are the directors board mate. Oh my God VOTH & AVFC48 have agreed on something ....... could this be the beginning of the glory days once more !!!!
Report Abuse
28/12/2007 16:34:00

Mutt, im not a JOL hater, I just speak the truth. JOL was out of his depth. No tactical awereness or anything for that matter. Eating pies and doughnuts and making a nob of themselves on tv interviews is what JOL did best. But we have up graded now, so im happy.
Real Deal
Report Abuse
28/12/2007 17:24:00

He achieved several top 5 finishes achieving Europe though. Sad when a manger is hung by players he didn't buy.But then as a Villa manger of great fame once said 'Fans are fickle'
Report Abuse
28/12/2007 17:35:00

I don't think you get what i'm saying avfc48 m8, what I'm saying is, I don't give 2 sh7ts what people think of Chelsea, I don't care if there title challenge is over, what I'm trying to say is, we should be proud of the way we played and the spirit that MON has instilled in the team, not the effect it's had on chelsea, you seam to pointing out chelsea's frailties, defencive problems goalkeeping cockups, etc!, and not our strong points, I get what your saying, but it sounds like your saying people think chelsea are on there way out, and not that we're on our way up! and why so many spuds fans on here, your little ringpieces starting to twich!
Report Abuse
28/12/2007 20:09:00

av, as you don't support Tottenham you like millions of others will never understand it fully. With the amount of money JOL had to spend anyone with half a football brain could have achieved 5th spot with the squad we have. Believe me we were luky to finish 5th last season. We only did down to players like Berba and Keane using there football genius. It had f u c k all to do with JOL and his tactics because he had none. The guy was clueless. Fickle, no I call it JOL was out of his depth and proper football fans found him out along time ago. But hey as you Villa boys seem to love him so much why don't you take him? LOL!
Real Deal
Report Abuse
28/12/2007 22:09:00

Real Deal as you took the time to space one word out and then proceed to have a slight pop at anyone with a lesser footballing brain than you then i bend to your views, after all thats all they are views, other wise you would be that who sits in that hallowed seat. Happy New Year all you lesser beings .... LOL
Report Abuse
29/12/2007 00:42:00

Ill tell you what a 10 year old with any football brain could have done just as good as JOL. Might sound like im having a pop but as some of you are bigging what JOL did up, Im giving you another side of the story. Obviously IMO im right. I say this for the simple reason anyone who doesn't support Tottenham didn't see what mistakes JOL kept making. Thats why im going on at you lot to get it in your heads. Mutt try better on the sarcasium next time, a bit weak.
Real Deal
Report Abuse
29/12/2007 10:08:00


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