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Your Message To Martin O'Neill

What a mess! Steve McClaren sacked and now the press and public clamour will test the resolve of Villa boss Martin O'Neill as he is joint favourite with Jose Mourinho at the moment.

So I thought I'd do a really simple thing, put this article up, you all leave your messages to Martin O'Neill and then I'll try to get the club to show them to our manager.

My message would be for him to go with his heart and I hope his heart says Villa!

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday November 22 2007

Time: 9:33AM

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Martin, you have a job you need to finish here..........finish it !!! We have already had to sacrifice once for England (Graham Taylor) dont let us suffer again !!
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 09:37:00

Graham Taylor was a sacrifice??????
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 09:41:00

Martin O'neill, you are to put it simply the best manager we have had in years. You came in when we, as a club, were on our knees on the verge of the premier league abyss. What a difference a few months under the right leader ship makes. You have come in and are building such an exciting team, you have saved us, now take us on and build us into the club we deserve to be. If you leave we will fall apart, we love you, we need you, please, don't go.
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22/11/2007 09:46:00

Martin you can create a dynasty here all under your own being, dont go and become the next lamb to the slaughter, they had there chance with you before. Me, many others and Aston Villa need you and your team, please see this through and become a legend and also have a job for life.
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 09:47:00

Martin O'Neil please honour your contract here you seem like a very honurable bloke. Your building something special here at Aston Villa Football Club. Why go the FA with that additional pressure and interfering!
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 09:48:00

Good luck Martin. Hello Jose.
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22/11/2007 09:50:00

MON, stay with the fans who love you. i believe you'll make us great again. Let Jose turn England around.
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22/11/2007 09:53:00

Martin you have seen the way the English press crucify England managers. It's a no win job, you will get slated either way unless you go on to win the World Cup. Do you really want to become Englands Public Enemy No.1?
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 09:58:00

Martin, you are a man with of great intelligence and vision. We all trust in your vision here and think you are the man to lead us to great things. It would be a premature end to a promising era and an end we might not recover from until another manager of your quality graced our claret and blue doorstep. And to be honest, not many of us will still be alive when that time comes. Stay with us Martin, we are the new Nottingham Forest! You ARE the new Clough!
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 10:13:00

Come on I know your stayin'. Can we have James Milner please?
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 10:38:00

The Villa fans love you Martin, stay and make the future bright. We have faith in your five year plan. Let's do it together.
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 10:45:00

martin,we know how good you are as a manager,but do you want to be the next lamb,we need you at villa park most fans can feel there are big things just around the corner including europe next season,but if you feel you must go, you would go with our blessing,but you also have things to prove in the premiership not only to the villa fans but to your self.
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 10:45:00

The seat may be pulled out for you very soon, Martin. Don't refuse it, you may never get the chance again. Just don't get caught singing the national anthem, though!
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 10:55:00

Well he'd be able to see the season out wouldn't he, I mean, they aren't going to need him this summer are they???
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 11:00:00

Mr Martin O'Neill lead AVFC in to the Champions League, Title contention and Long FA Cup runs. You know it makes sense, your destiny is at Villa - Now lets get on with it.....UTV
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 11:25:00

Martin, You have taken us light years ahead in the last 12 or so months. Stay and finish that job with us.
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 11:36:00

I voted: "Don't care as long as it isn't MON" - because Martin - you are irreplaceable. Even if it crosses your mind - we will handcuff and chain you to the gates at VP....... naked!
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 11:51:00

Martin, have we fed your ego enough yet?
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 12:06:00

What has Strachan achieved that MON has not? list it.
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 12:21:00

I have had my little moans about transfer issues but, regardless, you are the only manager we at Villa want. Please stay and finish that which you have begun. Don't sacrifice yourself and your reputation on the altar of English football.
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 12:42:00

Mr O'Neill, people have different opinions on you, but I am a huge fan of yours, I feel we need a Right Back but I am sure you know that. You are the only man to take us forward, you are well on your way to being the greatest Aston Villa manager of all time. The players love you, Randy Lerner admires you and we the fans respect you. You are the right man for this job. If you leave for England, I will have more confidence in England than ever before. As for Aston Villa we will get by, we always do.
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 13:14:00

Just think Martin, you won't ever be troubled by transfer seasons again. And you'll be surrounded by second-rate players - you'll be in your element!
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 13:15:00

Martin, if they come knocking tell them to shove their job where the sun don't shine. They chose McDonut over you last summer, so it shows what a bunch of incompetent fools they must be. How could you work for someone who spends 700m + on a stadium with a pitch like a mud bath!! Stick with the Villa. Your work here is only just beginning. UTV
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 13:41:00

The start has been made, the backing is there it is over to you now, are you going to rise to the challenge of trying to get Villa to the top again, or take the money and run with England, where expectancy levels are ludicrously high, media pressure intense and every little tactical decision, broken down and anylised in great detail, I mean at Villa you only have 48,neilbaker and macka to worry about, the choice is simple!
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 13:58:00

Martin, look at what happened to Graham Taylor when he left us to take up the poisoned chalice. He admits himself that he never really recovered from the experience of failing at international level and that showed in his second stint at Villa Park. If you do decide to leave, you will need to convince yourself that it is the last job you will ever have in football management.
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 14:09:00

I would love you to stay on and become a legend at Villa, but not if you would always be wondering "what if" whatever you choose to do, I wish you luck.
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 14:20:00

It's simple: stay at Villa, and if you win anything, you'll be a hero forever. Go to England, and you'll be hated if you don't win every tournament you enter.
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 14:31:00

Martin O'Neill, there is no question that 99-100% of Villa fans want you to stay and possibly become the greatest manager the club has had in time. But at the end of the day, if you do get asked to lead England, there are few bigger and more prestigious challanges that you can achieve in management, and you can tell yourself that you can be the one to restore England to its glory. In my opinion, you and Mourinho are the only ones who can restore it to that glory. If you feel you're up to the challenge, i know that i won't begrudge you the opportunity...i'd just sooner you were with us!
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 16:02:00

Plus I'd have to get a new username, and this one is too genius to let go of! If that doesn't pursuade you, then we may as well give up now.
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 16:04:00

Don't do it Martin. The England job is about as secure as my child benefit details.
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 16:25:00

well if i supported any other club i would want MON as next england manager. his combination of passion and intelligence is exactly what's needed. but as a villa fan i desperately want him to stay with us. he's the best around!
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 16:34:00

i know you're not stupid enough to do it Martin! Prove me right! You've got to stick with the club and the fans that love you!
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 16:45:00

Don't go Martin
The Usual Suspect
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 17:22:00

Martin isnt the sought of guy to abandon ship like that are you Martin??? Martin??
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 17:30:00

What would MON do if he took over and England played Northern Ireland next year in the so called Celtic Cup. He and Randy can acheive much more at Villa and he can choose your own team and tactics, not be dictated to by the FA and media.
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 17:42:00

Martin, please take the advice of Liam Brady on board. The England job is a poison chalice, it's not worth the hassle and it's left every managers reputation in tatters (Taylor, Hoddle, Keegan, Eriksson, McClaren, even Alfie Ramsay at the end!). Don't bother your pretty self with it.
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 17:52:00

Martin, I don't believe you will leave for England (if your even offered the job!) as we both know you will be bound by politics and surrounded by bureaucracy! We both know how rare it is to have the backing of a man like Mr Lerner, who is clearly a man of great integrity. Best wishes for your future with Aston Villa...
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 18:27:00

Martin, stay with us, the england job has done no one any good for years, at villa you have a great chairman and the backing of the fans. Martin O'Neils Claret and Blue Army!
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 19:29:00

Martin, the FA snubbed you before, and they dont deserve you anyway. You dont need the crucifixion by media that will inevitably come with the England job, you've borne enough crosses with great dignity. Stay where you are loved and backed by a solid chairman, the best fans around and an exciting young team. Keep doing what you are doing and your legacy will be your tribute when you lead us back to Europe, win that elusive FA cup and make us a force domestically again. UTV
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 20:28:00

Mr O'Neil if you want to leave a club thats wants to back your every move then bye all means do so, i mean who are we to stop you ? But may i just remind you that the men that you will be going to work for are the same men that have ruined many of managers careers. Alot of Villa fans will be sad to see you go IF you do ! i just hope that you'll stay at Villa and carry on the good work that you have started in a team that seems to be responding well to your guidence, Keep up the good work.
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 21:19:00

Martin you are a good football man. Judging by your actions in the not to distant past, you are a proud and supportive family man. I am certain that you will make the judgement call, if you are asked, that you believe is correct. If that is England, then good luck, we will all wish you well. However you have the majority of Englands second most populated city, hoping that you have found a new home. For years we have been in the doldrums, also rans, run by a chairman who actively refused to acknowledge our fabulous history. That is changing. As a club we are finally starting to evolve into the football giant that should of evolved over the last 25 years. Aston Villa is finally awaking from a prolonged hibernation. Foundations have been laid both on and off the pitch in the last 15 months. Aston Villa is a potentially huge beast. 8 million people live within an hour of the club. Doug Ellis wouldn't let Brian Clough have the opportunity to build what could have been this countrys biggest football instituition. That was his(and our) loss and Forests gain. There are many challenges in football. Keeping Manu, Arsenal and Liverpool at he top end of the game for years must be a massive challenge. But for them success is expected, anything else is failure. For Villa though the challenge is for someone to break the monopoly of the so called top clubs. Because of the supporter base, history, the quality of the owners and the excellent potential with our young players (possibly Dougs greatest legacy), Aston Villa is a once in a lifetime opportunity to build and match anything else this country has to offer. You have committed yourself whole heartedley into the role of making our club great again. It will not be easy. There will problems, heartaches and moans and disappointments as you endeavour to build a lasting and fitting tribute, not just to Villa but the whole of the Midlands football region. I for one, want you to be the man that will go down in history as being not only a great Villa manager, but Villas greatest ever. You can do this and still eventually go on to manage the country of your choice. Good luck if you go. But I would rather see you face and conquer the unique challenge that is ...... Aston Villa.
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 21:48:00

There's not really anything I want to say that's not already been said above. I find it very hard to believe that anyone would want to manage England. Why would anyone want that kind of pressure? Stick with us and keep on building a true English/British side. That way you can have the satisfaction of sticking two fingers up to the F.A for not giving you the job before McClown. When Villa's young English players start to bring home the silverware you can look Brian Barwick in the eye and say, in true Jim Bowen fashion - "Look at what you could've won!" (That being you, not a speed boat)...
Adam Deuce
Report Abuse
22/11/2007 23:02:00

Martin, you are the best and if you feel you have to take the England job then you should. BUT, you are much loved at Villa Park and we'd be distraught to see you go. We're 100 percent behind you here!
Report Abuse
23/11/2007 03:38:00

Folks, some posts removed, very rarely do this on front page article comments but this is a simple thread for Villa fans who want to offer their support the Villa boss to stay. Not for Celtic/Spurs/Villa or any other arguments.
The Fear
Report Abuse
23/11/2007 09:14:00

Simple, stay and finish what you have started, there will always be a Managers job in the future managing England, but for the present you have a far bigger job managing Aston Villa.
Report Abuse
23/11/2007 10:37:00

he is staying, thank the lord.
Report Abuse
23/11/2007 12:45:00

Fear, you have clearly moved the goalposts here. You now claim this comment box is for "Villa fans who want to offer their support the Villa boss to stay," yet the thread title requests message for Martin O'Neill. There is no mention of whether they should be messages asking for him to stay or leave, merely messages to him.
Report Abuse
23/11/2007 17:41:00

Mr Fear, don't worry I knew what your intentions were regards the title of this thread and I believe most other Villa fans did aswell! You have my full support my friend.
Report Abuse
23/11/2007 18:16:00

Martin, you have to do what your heart tells you to do, what is right for you and your family. Thats the only way you'll sleep soundly at night. Good luck to you in whatever decision you choose.
Report Abuse
23/11/2007 18:57:00

I've not removed any posts asking him to leave, I've removed posts asking him to buy a four pack of beer, Spurs fans saying they are a bigger club and a couple of posts from Bhoys about the sectarian divide, none of which were relevant to this thread.
The Fear
Report Abuse
24/11/2007 10:31:00

Just to confirm these messages were passed on to MON via Phil Mepham and the support was appreciated.
The Fear
Report Abuse
24/11/2007 10:32:00

For the love of God don't take the England job Martin. You'll regret taking it as much as you'll regret leaving Villa, after you've already started to make a big difference here. Let someone else take the poison chalice. Stay and finish your work here - we trust you !
Report Abuse
24/11/2007 12:18:00

Yes, great opportunity for someone it obviously is, but is the hassle and abuse that will inevitably come your way, a worthwhile package that comes with the position?
Report Abuse
27/11/2007 14:50:00


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