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Maloney To Celtic Story Returns!

You can tell the transfer window is fast approaching because the same stories are once again re-appearing.

The one story that just won't go away is that Shaun Maloney will be returning to Celtic.

A report in the Daily Mail goes as far as saying the 24-year-old strikers agent has told Celtic to either take action or stop stirring. Never a good move I'd suggest, especially when dealing with a colourful character like Gordon Strachan who isn't the sort of bloke to be told what to do!

Apparently Strachan said he viewed Maloney as 'unfinished business'.

His agent said of the player who the Mail claim is on £22 000 a week,

'It's a bit mischievous when people keep saying these things.' Adding 'It would be unsettling for anyone to have these things cropping up all the time. If anyone has a serious interest in the player, then they should show their hand - otherwise it's just speculation and mischief-making. I had people calling me up three months after Shaun left Celtic saying: 'He's coming back to Glasgow, isn't he?'

Adding, 'Until there is an agreement on all sides, then he is not. And right now nothing is happening. If Celtic want the player, they have to go through the correct channels, club to club, then we will talk. But I have no plans whatsoever to talk to Martin O'Neill about the player.'

The paper further claims that MON persuaded Maloney to give it until January at least. Sources Sportsmail have spoken to are convinced that a deal will be done with Celtic in January - with or without his agent's prior agreement.

His agent further claims that other clubs are also interested but that the striker is now used to his surroundings. Trouble is for the player, he hasn't really been given a chance yet - for whatever reason - so he is bound to be feeling unsettled surely?

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday November 21 2007

Time: 11:15AM

Your Comments

He must be going,the guy never plays.
Bottom line, they know they made a mistake letting him go, so now they are trying to unsettle him. It's tapping up and UEFA should be investigating. I still think he has a big future at Villa. Just needs a run of games to get his confidence back. If he does go then the fee should be £6-8m.
Sorry lads, just don't think we need him, good player and all and great to watch him going past players, but he doesnt know when to release the ball. 3-5m should do it, THEN AGAIN if we had to pay stupid money for Petrov then they can pay stupid money for Maloney.
Villa 4 Ever
How long is a player prepared to sit on a bench,when he started against Bolton he was not great.I cant wait to hear from the Celtic fans again.
let him go.... he never plays for us anyhow. Get our money back if not more and concentrate on players that aren't laibilities or cry babies or don;t like being away form their mommies for too long.
Would love to see him get his chance. Celtic fans don't seem that keen on him returning after he left so controversially!
The Fear
I agree with The Fear i would like to see him get more of a chance. I think he should be started before Moore as he has failed to produce the goods. Give him a few starts and i'm sure he will bang a few goals in and become a fans favourite.
Let him go, it took a while like it does for all young players but scottosh full backs ssussed him out when they found out he can only cut onto his right foot from Lm, so they just forced him onto his left. The guy really isnt that good, I dont want to see him cut onto his right and then sky into into the holte or pass it sideways. The fancy ***** isnt worthwhile and he really *****ed me off when he came on against ManU and the lads who had been playing for an the full 90 against the champions with 9 men were putting more effort in then he was. Add the fact he dosent want to be here and he can most certainly ***** off.
That's the thing V4E, your club paid stupid money for Petrov as it is in keeping with the past 15 years at Villa. Mistake after mistake. We are the bigger club so we will dictate.
Let him go, he does have some talent but his attitude stinks. I'm sure we'd make a tidy profit on what we paid.
Maloney isn't an out and out striker, it's difficult to play players like him regularly unless he's given a specific slot in the team. Right now, there's nowhere on the pitch where any players are playing badly enough to warrant Maloney starting. MON is doing the right thing, he's obviously seen maloney's attitude and you don't get a place in a MON team always based on form, it's a combination of desire to fall in line too, berger proved that and it's a successful tactic. Maloney should be given his chance but he needs to take them or be prepared to accept his situation or move.
listen ,, I can categorically state on behalf of all Celtic supporters ,, WE DONT WANT HIM BACK ,, in fact ,, he is the last player we want to sign ,, whatever you may think of his footballing ability ? consider this ,, Celtic extended his contract when he was out with a career threatening injury which even his surgeon couldn't guarantee would be successfuly rectified ,, both he and his agent accepted this generous gesture whilst waxing lyrical of Celtic,s genuine concern for a valued member of the playing staff ,, we all know what happened next dont we ,, well ,he can get it right up him ,, and there will be outrage if he is allowed anywhere near Celtic Park ,, sorry lads ,, but you are welcome to the wee traitor because he wont be coming back here ,, EVER ! ! ! .
wishaw bhoy
I didn't even react with such hostility when the mrs cheated on me, wishaw. Something else going on here you need to tell us?
Can somebody please delete all the Celtic members quotes pleased. A bit two faced that they post here but delete anything on their front page from Villa supporters.
TDBhoy, your club and your league have all the financial clout and muscle of a corner shop. your big in scotland, outside of that no one cares. you would get murdered in the premier league. if you want maloney expect to be paying £5m at least, if you want a premier league player you will have to pay for it.
If he is willing and patient then MON will give him a chance. Hope he comes good as he has spells of brilliance. He could go north of the border if he can't be bothered and be a king of the kilted untalented but not sure if he is ready for the challenge of playing with and against other equals down here.
I dont think that Maloney will be around for too much longer. Supposed homesickness, lack of playing time, it doesn't bode well does it? Shame really, because in the brief glimpses we've seen of him, he looks a useful player.
Celtic - LOL! They won't be dictating anything; Celtic think they are the bigger club but outside of Scotland nobody cares about them or their two-team league! Kieran Richardson was a squad player at Manure and he cost over £6million, Maloney is twice the player and Villa do not have to sell. The Scottish Press have been trying to unsettle O'Neill, Petrov and Maloney for over a year now because they have limited interest and stories to run. UTV - SOT Celtic!
Tell me how many times you've been on a decent Euro run in the past 10 years or beaten a side with any genuine credentials. I'll start with Celtic. UEFA Cup Final 2003 (between 80-90,000 fans travelled to Seville for this, I doubt there are that many Villa fans on the planet), QF, 2004. CL Last 16 2007. Teams beaten; Man Utd, Liverpool, Blackburn (note; 3 top 6 English sides), AC Milan, Juventus, Benfica, Porto, Valencia, Rosenborg, Shaktar Donetsk, Lyon, Anderlecgt, Stuttgart. Trophies won in that time; 6 SPL titles, 3 FA Cups, 3 League Cups. Average attendance; 58,000. Turnover (with no £50m Sky dosh) £74m. Now, if you can list your clubs highs from the past 10 years and also the miserable gates in Villa Park we'll compare. Cheers.
We would've kept him as a squad player if his greed hadn't got the better of him but we'll forgive and forget, take him back (as a squad player) and issue you with a full refund. But all this talk of 5m to 8m is a nonsense, if someone is willing to pay that then good luck to you but it certainly won't be us, we know what he's worth. We're not all in the business of paying grossly inflated transfer fees, we were laughing all the way to the bank for Petrov and even £1m for Maloney when he only had 6mths of a deal left was rather kind of you.
Aiden McGreedy
"Trophies won in that time; 6 SPL titles, 3 FA Cups, 3 League Cups." - We only include real trophies on this site, not Mickey Mouse competitions with only 2 teams in them. And a team with real credentials? Did you see the recent Chelsea match?
If he wants to go back to the security of the SPL as Barry Ferguson dis then so be it, get a little more money than we paid for him eg another £1m and send him packing..... homesicks Jocks we don't need!
Excellent points TDBhoy although we've been saying it for ages mate. Facts speak for themselves, nobody can argue with facts. Just the plain ignorant, hence the majority in here. Anyhow, I would also like to echo the sentiments of WB; we wonít be having him back. However, should he desperately want to rerun to Britainís 2nd biggest club. (Look up in Wikipedia) Then it should be for no more than 500k if even anything at all.
Why do celtic fans have this chip on their shoulders about being a big club? You cannot get away from the fact that you only have to beat perhaps 2 teams of any quality throughout the year on 3 occasions in order to reach the right to be in the champions league. So you get a good run in the uefa, doesn't make you a top team that can compete in the EPL. Your success is not based on the same level of success that an EPL team has to pit itself against week after week. Look at spurs, near bottom of the league after having spent over 30 mil in one go. You cannot compare yourselves or put villa down as a team as your success is just not comparable. Go back behind your walls.
No we can't put Villa down as a team, we wouldn't dream of it. We'd put them down as more of a mid-rate composition of distinctly average players who think playing in a good leage and never challenging for honours makes them a decent outfit.
Aiden McGreedy
But that is so false. We have some decent players, ones who wouldn't dream of taking the trip north of the border... your arrogance pre-supposes most villa fans who don't think the way you assume we do. However, the fact that english players rarely go north is substantial enough to back up the claim our players aren't average but yours are.
Can't deny it - Celtic have a great support, in Scotland, but mainly worldwide. I put this down to the Catholic links of the club rather than the football you play. Lets face it, if you support a club because you beleive a work of fiction called the bible, then you aren't really a supporter, are you? BTW - they all think Lee Naylor is a top player - says it all really.
JOHNNY UK ,, lmfao ,, I didn,t mean my post to sound hostile in regards to anyone other than the rat that is S M , after showing nothing but utter contempt to a club prepared to boost his bank balance for no return ,, I will cancel my season ticket if this wee bawbag is allowed to show his face in Glasgow again ,, but other than that ,, no probs .........
wishaw bhoy
If he stays or goes, I dont think it will affect the bigger picture for us as a club, if he doesnt want to stay, let him go, we have plenty of English talent at the club. To all the celtic fans who can engage in friendly debabte, welcome to vital villa, to all those who are rude and ignorant, you just make yourself and your club look very, very stupid.
and btw ,, Celtic Vital have problems with one Villa fan and one only ,, him apart ,, please feel free to join us ,, you will be made most welcome ,, honest .........
wishaw bhoy
No probs wishaw, was just playin... you're entitled to your opinion of him.
I dont think Petrov was overpriced compared to other players and he's starting to play well again.
North of the border is like a retirement home for footballers whose legs have lost a few yards of pace and can't get a place in a team in the Prem OR the championship.
Aye, well done. You beat Chelsea, a side you have played over 20 times in the past 10 years. Is that your counter claim to Celtic's achievements? You should hang your head oin shame if it is. Yes, the SPL is a poor league . But we achieve great things despite that. We only receive £1m from TV money. There may only be 2 teams who can win the SPL but England is 10 times Scotland's size and there are only 3 teams who can win the title. The EPL is awash with money and very average players. Guys like Kilbane have made a mint from playing with pish sides for years. The EPL, with all that money, cannot provide the dilluded millions with a decent national side either. Sky's money has saved many, many clubs from going to the wall as they overspend and draw in pathetic crowds. Villa are content with mid table mediocrity and a big day out to Old Trafford in the Cup. Despite our pish league we have been invited to be full member's of the G14 too. Your argument about the SPL being rank only strengthens my argument about our Euro success. And stop being so ******** ignorant about religion. Idiot.
"North of the border is like a retirement home for players..." Spring chickens Gary Speed and Teddy Sheringham needed their pants checked at half time during matches in case they'd shat/*****ed themselves.
How are those plans for Euro 2008 going?
Dunno, I thought UEFA organised it. I'm not Scottish anyway. International football is for fans who don't really get football and just want to feel part of something, 'johnnyuk'.
going ,, GONE !
wishaw bhoy
the argument seems to have gone off on a tangent since the Maloney debate. ok, he left celtic under a cloud but I would be glad to see him return especially as it would be with his tail between his legs where he would have to get his head down and win the fans over again. he is a class act and I'm confident he'd become a first team regular again and we all know villa will just look to get their money back rather than keep an unhappy player. regarding the EPL, yes its a better league but its full of too many foreign prima donna mercenaries who are destroying your national team!! and by the way, i couldn't give a toss about religion, i'm not interested as are a growing number of celtic fans these days!
It was a low blow TDBhoy, but that's all your responses warranted i'm afraid.
Spot on Larssongod. Thanks for demonstrating some sense. And for the record, despite the quality that is down here i agree, football really is losing its identity down here.
Beating Chelsea is an example of how strong Villa's team is in comparison; many of the players in that side on that day were young and English. Villa are one of the four most successful teams in England, I think that shows why we seem to think we have some standing. 'TDBhoy' you seem to be very bitter, relax my friend and look forward to your competitive matches against St.Mirren and Gretna! An before you come back with your Champions League argument; Celtic or Rangers qualify by default every year as there is no other team capable of competing. It stands to reason that sooner or later the 'Old Firm' will begin to compete; you've certainly had enough chances! UTV.
I do detect serious jealousy that because we have a much larger worldwide fanbase than Vila you feel the need to construe lies about our support. Do you think people in Japan really care about Roman Catholicism? Either you are a narrow minded delusionist or perhaps you mean that sincerely? And if you do genuinely believe in the latter then as I suggested to you before CL, you should request immediate help on a number of issues. We are part of the G14, where was Aston Villa's invitation? In fact I almost feel the need to apologise, Celtic are a bigger club that is a fact. Its probably one of the biggest establishments in the world. So I do apologise for trying to belittle some of Villas achievements. But you canít real argue with what I or other Celtic fans have put forward today. Especially, TDBhoy. On that subject, again, I would like to extend an invitation for you to join us in our forum on the Celtic page. Contribution would be very much appreciated. Hail Hail bhoys!
A low blow to who? Yuen_Biao. We qualify by default? We've had to beat Spartak Moscow and Ajax just to qualify in previous years. I'm sure you are one of the most successful teams in England, but from what era? Was this BC? I think I can remember Villa winning one trophy in my lifetime. Reality check for you me lad.
I have never questioned Celtic being a big club. My problem is that you see Villa as a small club. Whilst not huge, we do represent the second tier, and as such deserve some respect. As Celtic supporters of course you think you are the best club in the world - that is what being a fan is all about. Just don't come here saying things like you will control the deal because you are the bigger club. We control the deal, because he has a contract with Aston Villa.
RK, the reason for your Japanese following is obvious (Nakamura) but we should all be proud for whatever reason to support our team not just because our next door neighbours do or the people who I go to church with. (No offence intended) Celtic have a bigger support in Scotland and Ireland and maybe even England as a whole, but the likes of Maloney wanted to better himself by playing in a bigger league against better players as he had already conquered the SFA winning personal awards etc Fact is we happen to be playing better stuff at the moment and if we played each other there is only 1 winner regardless of who got a phone call from G14 because they were the only team bar 1 for hundreds of miles who had a stadium that could hold more than 20'000
the epl vs the spl argument has has the arse kicked out of it. at the end of the day, we would prefer to play in a stronger league but for all the lows of playin teams like gretna, we have had the highs of regularly playing and beatin europes finest. if you arent a man u, arsenal, liverpool or chelsea fan ur looking ahead to years of mediocrity which i would say is worse. not a dig, just a fact!
According to the G14 website there is no mention of Celtic - The Premiership has been watched worldwide from the start; the profile of Villa is just as big, if not more so! It stands to reason, try to think objectively and not with Green spectacles.
The G14 clubs meet later this month when Celtic will be welcomed as full members, Yuen_Biao, so don't worry wee man. I think you're being naive to suggest that the club have control, CLVilla. Since when did a contract matter in football?
If you are suggesting that because we were invited to the G14 because of the size our stadium then you are sadly mistaken. Given that Rangers who hold a 50,000 capacity and QPR who also hold a 50,000 capacity at Hampden Isnít it a little suspect that they were nowhere near the invitation list then? For the record, we do not support our club because of the church we go to, if you are going to go on that assumption that you are displaying nothing other than blatant narrow mindedness and bigotry which ironically you allude to as being our problem. Yes you have a better league there is no doubt about that; I donít think anybody has questioned this fact. But from a personal perspective I think he would be better off playing in an even better league, the Champions League. Something Celtic can offer. That is not to say I want him back at Parkhead. I am now simply arguing that I feel Celtic are a better club to play for. I have no care for Maloney at all; if he moves back then he has a lot to prove. One thing is for sure, if we do put an end to this forever lasting rumour then the Celtic fans wonít be welcoming him back with open arms.
Because we can make him see it out if we don't get financial recompense for canceling it. Same as ever TD me old boy.
Blimey, I only said that Maloney was being linked back! RK, it isn't down to you who visits what site, that is down to site editors and Vital Central.
The Fear
it's all irrelevant now anyway, there's just been an announcement on sky sports news that mourinho is takin over at birmingham and is making maloney his first signing!!
FEC ,,if Mourinho is making a bench warming dwarf his first signing target ,, god help the Birmingham supporters ,, ha ha ,, it fair cheers you up this site ,, BRILLIANT !
wishaw bhoy
Guys, the subject is Maloney, not whose club or dick is the biggest. Not interested in running battles between two posters.
The Fear
Maloney fell away from the first-team picture at Parkhead and he has at Villa. He'd be far better off going to a third club and forgetting both clubs. Still bizarre that he joined O'Neill when O'Neill barely gave him a game. Sunderland could be a good move. He was sold as a bench-warmer, it seems he was bought as a bench-warmer. And with his injury problems, he may have already seen the best of his career!
That picture of him says it all for me. He's in great danger of not being wanted here, not being wanted in Glasgow, and his career going down something rather unpleasant.
DerryVillan that is a perfect assessment & I concur.
johnnyuk? I hope your drying you eyes with your flight details to Austria /Switzerland. Shout when you've got something to shout about wee man. Get. It. Right. Up. You!
I like Maloney a lot hes a great little player but unless Mon gives him a spell in the team perhaps on the right flank then he'll be straight back to glasgow.
Christ, bid for him buy him or shut the ***** up. I dont want him to leave though and i dont think he should. IF MON leaves hell probly go
wont bid for the traitor ! wont buy the traitor ! wont shut the***** up ! and would appreciate the Lords name being dropped ! ,, unless you are likening the traitor that is S M,, to Judas Escariot ,, dont know where he will go but I sure can tell where he wont be going ,, = Celtic Park .............
wishaw bhoy
get over it wishaw bhoy - he'll be back, he'll score against the huns, and you'll get his name or your next strip. end of story!
over my dead body ,Larsson M8 ,, NO CHANCE ! oh ! I think I would need a strip the size of the one the Jungle Bhoy,s display up the Celtic end if your predictions are accurate M8 .....
wishaw bhoy
If we can get upwards of four million for him, then lets move him on. Any money we make on him will offset the loss we can expect on Marlon Harewood. If Maloney's heart isn't in it, which it presumably isn't, why keep him around the place?

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