Aston Villa - Spurs After Star Defender, Get Real!
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Spurs After Star Defender, Get Real!

Sometimes you can't help but laugh at the tentative nature of links reported in the papers. It is fine when there is a semblance of fact in the report and I must admit, I do love the transfer speculation, but not when it links our star striker (for the thickies, the joke was obviously lost, he has 3 goals for us I would have thought the title would make it clear he is a defender) Martin Laursen to a small club (that'll get them hopping up and down in the capital) like Spurs.

According to the Daily Mail, who must be short on reports concerning immigrants or royals today so have a bit of space to fill, Espanyol have told Tottenham that Dani Jarque is not for sale so Damien Comolli (Sports chief) watch Blues v Villa to size Laursen up.

Laursen has said he has no idea as to his future at Villa and that he might have to look at options if a new contract isn't offered by Villa. The former AC Milan player will have no shortage of suitors I'm sure, trouble is for all the suitors, he's not going anywhere, Villa aren't daft enough to let his quality go, especially not on a free.

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday November 19 2007

Time: 10:23AM

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With the transfer window just 42 days away stories like this will running rife in the sports pages of every paper in the land. Laursen to Spurs, Melly to Turkey.. every player in the league will be linked with a move to somewhere have to wait and see what happens. I suspect for us that will be towards the end of the transfer window.
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19/11/2007 10:32:00

"when it links our star striker Martin Laursen to a small club" and here I thought Laursen was a defender, he did score a good goal for Liverpool earlier in the season. ;-)
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19/11/2007 10:34:00

haha and here is a piece of first class journalism, oh the small club dig to try and get more posts and the fact u have marked laursen as a striker haha it gets even better. Well done!!
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19/11/2007 10:37:00

I never knew Laurson was a striker,i thought your "star striker" was Harewood......!!We have enough injury prone central defenders thank you very much...........
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19/11/2007 10:38:00

Rediculous he's even linked!!! We're a bigger club than Spurs!
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19/11/2007 10:39:00

How's spurs assault on the top4 going this season? About to break in yeah?
The Usual Suspect
Report Abuse
19/11/2007 10:45:00

The usual suspect...were just waiting to strike while the other teams arent expecting it ;)
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19/11/2007 10:50:00

He's ***** anyway...
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19/11/2007 10:50:00

Let's not start all this silly 'we are a bigger club than you' arguement cos nobody can define what qualifies as a big club anyway. The fact is that when fit, Martin Laursen is one of the best defenders in the Premiership (and a useful striker from set plays!). Spurs have defensive problems, so of course they will be linked with him. We need a prolific goalscorer (apart fom Gabby) so of course we will continue to be linked with Defoe. Villa are doing well in the league, attracting average attendances circa 40,000, and we want to be talking about bringing players IN, not out. However, both Mellberg and Laursen are out of contract soon and news of any new contract offers are scarce. IMO Villa MUST look to keep both players, although a contract for Laursen may need to be tailored like Bergers dependent upon fitness. Ramos will obviously look to bring his own players into WHL so there MAY be some he will allow to leave. If he wants to get rid of any of his forwards then we should be interested, otherwise, no thanks.
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19/11/2007 10:52:00

yeah, but my dad is bigger than yours leelindsay... Jesus, why is football followed by so many tvvats?
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19/11/2007 10:54:00

Well my penis is bigger than.........................................................................................................................................................................................
Report Abuse
19/11/2007 11:13:00

he has 3 goals for us, so thought he was our star striker and defender, hence the joke. Jeez, I'm just too clever! :o)
The Fear
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19/11/2007 11:25:00

Well the prospect of playing in Europe for a small club like spurs might be an attractive prospect, unlike babysitting your mugs when he decides to be fit or not...
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19/11/2007 11:45:00

spurs7389 - ah i see - the false sense of security tactic. Well, it fooled me! Be interesting to see whose feathers Ramos ruffles, and who he ships out. Must say though, Berbatov (Great player) doesn't look happy at moment, no matter what he says to the press.
The Usual Suspect
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19/11/2007 11:46:00

Shameless - yeah maybe he fancies a relegation battle this season!
The Usual Suspect
Report Abuse
19/11/2007 11:47:00

you guys really do fall for it hook line and sinker every time! :o) Still, something to don on a boring grey monday morning eh?!
The Fear
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19/11/2007 11:52:00

oh and scott, if you think he is ***** you've never seen him play, he wouldn't be out of place in any team in Europe, you don't get to a club like AC Milan for no reason and if his injuries are behind him, he'll remain a major asset for Villa as we build.
The Fear
Report Abuse
19/11/2007 11:53:00

I agree Mr Fear - He's the best centre back i've seen since God himself graced the pitch at Villa Park.
The Usual Suspect
Report Abuse
19/11/2007 11:56:00

No-one cares about how big a club is.... it means absolutely nothing.
Report Abuse
19/11/2007 12:14:00

I see tribal football have Milan rivaling Juve for Mellberg,Italian football really is going through a bad patch.
Report Abuse
19/11/2007 12:30:00

Who the feck are Villa!?
its quiet at the lib
Report Abuse
19/11/2007 12:35:00

Why would God Mark II want to play for a team who are notoriously bad at defending (even with a list of 10 defenders on their books) and have a keeper who is the second worst only to Enkelmans Gran. When was it that you lot were going to finish in the top 4 LOL
Report Abuse
19/11/2007 12:44:00

In the same way 444, why would he want to stay at what is essentially a dull nothing club? I mean I like Villa - have never had a problem with them - similar to everton in many ways - some good players, always give oppostion a good game but otherwise pretty dull and boring. When are Villa ever in the news for any reason what-so-ever? Its because no-one cares....
Report Abuse
19/11/2007 13:25:00

Shame if no-one is supposed to care about Villa outside VP. I presume no-one cares about the England team either then, as we contribute to both the full and U21 squads in reasonable numbers. True, Villa are similar to Everton. Both clubs are on the up, and with a large fan base, good managers and massive potential are the most likely (plus Man City) to have any chance of challenging top 4. Spurs have been a massive disappointment this year. treated their manager disgracefully ( a la Birmingham City) and do not deserve any success with their current Board.
Report Abuse
19/11/2007 13:43:00

skins - are spurs really that exciting? is it exciting to constantly p*ss away your lead time and time again - and concede goals in injury time than consign you to defeat? Is that your idea of exciting?
The Usual Suspect
Report Abuse
19/11/2007 13:55:00

*that consign you
The Usual Suspect
Report Abuse
19/11/2007 13:55:00

So skins, are you suggesting that we should sign someone like David Beckham just to get in the newspapers every day. No thanks. We are never in the papers around London because it is London. It is the same with every club outside their area except Manure and Chelsea just because of spin and recent success. The only time you guys make the papers is when or where Berbatov is off to, or as Krfes says the current board are up to skullduggery which is hardly good publicity. Anyway my Lasagne is ready so its lunchtime ;-)
Report Abuse
19/11/2007 14:00:00

It is very frustrating at MON's reluctance to sit down and discuss contracts with people in their last year. Surely he should be trying to get these things sorted asap?
Report Abuse
19/11/2007 14:13:00

There's bound to be speculation by the bucket-load until Martin Laursen puts pen to paper on a new VP deal. Spurs wont be the only team rumoured to be interested, after all, realistically Laursen would walk into most Premiership outfits central defence without breaking sweat.
Report Abuse
19/11/2007 14:43:00

Out of intrest when did Villa last beat zhitty small Tottenham..??4-1 & you **** e d it up....!!
Report Abuse
19/11/2007 14:54:00

Isn't it funny as feck how easy it is to wind up the Spuds?!
Adam Deuce
Report Abuse
19/11/2007 15:03:00

when was the last time you gave your opposition a two goal head start?
The Usual Suspect
Report Abuse
19/11/2007 15:10:00

what a bunch of brummie *****s you lot are. boring boring villa.
Report Abuse
19/11/2007 15:10:00

I love that. boring. tell me - what's so exciting about being 3pts above relegation?
The Usual Suspect
Report Abuse
19/11/2007 15:11:00

Oh no - Spurs won a game. They are top 4 for sure now!!!!!!!!!!
Report Abuse
19/11/2007 15:29:00

The relegation battle is always exciting !!
Report Abuse
19/11/2007 15:31:00

Be kind to Spurs, we all have to do our bit for charity.
Report Abuse
19/11/2007 16:37:00

villan444-well you lot should know,after all its you lot who have spent half your life in divisions 2 & 3 (yes,THREE!).
Report Abuse
19/11/2007 16:37:00

Where a club has been isn't as important as where they are going. That they have been in Divisions 2& 3 means nothing, considering they will probably be in the Top 6 this season. Spurs however, look like they are heading to Division 1 if you are not careful.
Report Abuse
19/11/2007 16:48:00

I was lead to believe that Spuz were the only team that have never been in the top or bottom 5 of the prem before 2 seasons ago. This is the definition of boring. Now 2 years top 5 could mean 2 years bottom 5 are coming???
Report Abuse
19/11/2007 16:59:00

go away spurs but you can have knight if you want ;)
Report Abuse
19/11/2007 17:54:00

Laursen isn't going anywhere yet. MON's not stupid, he will get a new contract. Spurs are a smaller club than us atm so don't kid yourselves Spurs. I read a post on the spuds forum suggesting Dawson, Kaboul and co are better than Laursen. Get real. Come down to Villa Park and watch Martin Laursen and you will see the difference between him and your OVERWEIGHT team. Enjoy the relegation battle. Up the Villa.
Report Abuse
19/11/2007 18:11:00

This chalky76 is a right joker aint he lads? Just remind me chalky boy, where are Tottenham right now? Thats what its all about surely. Always in the shadows of The Arsenal. Thats why we consider Tottenham on a par with Birmingham City. They're our poor relations, just like you are to The Gunners.
Report Abuse
20/11/2007 01:29:00

NEWSFLASH: Far funnier that this story. The BBC website is now reporting that Martin Jol has just turned down the Blues job! Talking about aiming above your station! What was Gold thinking for goodness sakes? HaHaaaaa. I hear Grahame Souness and Paul Jewell are available. Although maybe Gold is onto something - maybe Fergie is getting bored at ManU though and fancies a new challenge - or Mourinho would come back for a stint at the sty? Good luck with that. Hilarious!
Report Abuse
20/11/2007 09:46:00

I can't be arsed with this banter, ***** off to your own site.
Report Abuse
20/11/2007 13:26:00


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