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Loopy Gunners Can Get Lost!


Arsene Wenger has paid a big compliment to Gabriel Agbonlahor if the report in the Daily Express is true today as they claim the Arsenal boss is looking at a £15million bid for the young Villa strikers.

How do you say sod off in French?!

The report claims Gabby is seen as good 'cover' for when the main line strikers get injuries, suspensions or international call ups (including the African Nation Cup I presume which takes players away for a good month)

I think the answer, should a bid be incoming, would be a pretty clear no from Martin O'Neill, although every player has his price I guess. BUT you wouldn't want to sell a potential future England star when we are looking to build a challenge to the top four teams ourselves, it would send out totally the wrong message.

We could however offer them Marlon Harewood for say £10million?!?

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday November 16 2007

Time: 10:58AM

Your Comments

I think the appropriate french saying here would be, "Va te faire".
15 mill is a nice looking price!! But then if Randy is as well off as it is thought then its nothing! So lets spend 20 mill on Van Persie!!!! :D
Freddie Starr once ate somone's hampster you know.
Throw in Fabregas and Gallas, and then we may start talking!
no offence, butwe don't want him, so you can keep him. Thank you for your time. »»Arsene Knows««
wenger 15 million?? get over yourselves he is not that good...tyical overated english player maybe 2 mill or 3
Gabby would not just want to be a player who deputises now and then. Anyway, why would Arsenal want him, he's English! UTV
Cannot wait for the African Nations cup when Arsenal and Portsmouth lose half the squad LOL
Actually, Arsenal loses three players for which we have adequate cover Eboue= Sagna, Hoyte or Hleb, Walcott; Toure = Senderos, Djourou, Gilberto; Song = won't be missed that much. Cheers for the attempt though.
you don't want him, we don't want to sell him. more paper bull*****. go back to your own site and contribute on that one.
15mil? hahahahahahahahahaha, double it and we might listen.
Would any gooner have posted on this site if such a pathetic headline hadn't come up all over the arsenal newsnow site!! Try sticking with subjects you know about, such as relegation battles!!
Ashburton Gooner
Is Arsene basically admitting he signed the wrong one when he bought Walcott? Gabby is certainly outshining Theo at the moment.
Glad to hear Arsenal fans don't want Gabby, cos we don't want to sell him either. The rumours that Wenger way be interested in him and that Chelsea may be interested in Barry are a compliment to the progress MON is making at Villa Park. Spurs are supposedly interested in Carson to replace Robinson, but I believe a deal has already/virtually been done with Liverpool. Carson has always said he wants to join Villa. Again, very positive news. As we all know, January will be vital in Villa's attempt to secure a UEFA cup place and we need to bring in a couple of quality players not sell them! The financial side is not an issue with Randy at the helm!
What's with all the high and mighty bull from the gooners? He's a young talent being recognised up and down the country, you should be flattered to think you're even being linked with him. Get off your high horses and have some respect.
johnnyuk, i don't think it is high and mighty bull to be honest. We have good forwards and your club wouldn't want to sell. The redtops obviously got bored with talking about England being s*** and Maclaren getting the sack so they invented this story.
And by the way I consider Agbonlahor to be an exceptional talent. His career would stagnate the same way at out place as I believe Walcott's has because Wenger has a lot of faith in RVP and Adebayor.
Cant see it happening,and cant see Arsenal bidding for him.I cant wait until Delfonso kicks on to play with him.
Good point hatespur makes. Young English talent must be very wary before they are tempted by the Champions League glory of Arsenal and Chelsea. Walcott, Scott Parker, Steve Sidwell, and to a lesser extent SWP and Joe Cole have suffered in the past. That is what makes Villa a very good option for promising youngsters. They will get a chance to play, and that is why we have some of the hottest young (English) talent throughout our Youth system ( although I wouldn't mind some of the young foreign talent at Arsenal!)
No thanks lads, keep the fella, he'll be good for you boys. We have enough in the way of forwards, and plenty coming through the academy. Besides, there is no way on earth Wenger would pay that much for a player of Agbonlahors ability. Yes he is talented, but he only paid £11 mill for Henry for christs sake. The price being bandied around is because of his nationality. Bloody ridiculous.
Perhaps Arsene is thinking about the day that national quotas are introduced and Arsenal is left with err....... 2 players?
Ashburton Gooner; typical ***** gooner.
If Arsey wenger wants him he'll have to catch him first!
Gordonsleft boot. Now tell me the future of Arsenal isn't full of English players. At least do some research before posting comments like that, you're only gonna end up looking like a total fool. Cheers.
Also directed to others here with the same blind opinion with an inability to see the bigger picture
I didn't realise that Arsenal fans were as arrogant as their North London counterparts. Now I know better. I really hope Arsenal do start bringing through some young English talent, it would be good for the game in this country. I believe that every team should have a minimum of 6 players in their matchday squad of 16 who are available to represent the country of the national league they play in. Managers it would affect short term,and politicians, will hide behind the Treaty of Rome, but it would definitely benefit the national team long term, and give our club teams a much better identity. Perhaps Television money should be distributed differently. The more English players in your starting XI the greater bonuses you get.
Assburton Gooner (sic) suggested that we should only discuss items on here of which we know (or as he so ineloquently put it, "Try sticking with subjects you know about ...". So, let's start by discussing the subject of "winning the European Cup" :-))
Or the title within the last couple of decades??????
Gunnerman, foolish Godonsleftboot here. I think you miss the point - unlike your side which isn't missing too many at the moment. Any youth team can be packed with English players. Where is the English talent in the first team? If the rules changed over say 6 months would all those players you are talking about be first team material - premiership tried and tested? Think you may suffer in that scenario - though I doubt your ego will let you agree.
kefeskivilla, not arrogance, just a passion to explain to those who blame Arsenal for being the root of the national teams problems that we do have a very strong academy full of young English lads. And if you actually looked at the link you wouldn't just hope, you would know that it is only a matter of time. The quota system would not improve anything, it is up to the FA to sort out the crippling infrastructure at grass roots levels. Yes we have a lovely national stadium, but at the expense of a under-funded and neglected national academy. Please read the following article: and also to back up my arguments. If you can prove to me a quota system will improve the quality of our youngsters simply by them playing each other every week I'll be happy to concur with your point, but from my point of view, it is just blindly following the tabloid idea of a "quick fix" which will not address the problem. In fact, our youngsters will merely stagnate in a pool of mediocrity. I hope you can see that I am not being arrogant, I am making a valid argument regarding the future good of the national game, and how Arsenal are playing a part in that.
GLB, same as, read above. 5 of those players have played in top level competition. Regardless, the rules wouldn't change in 6 months.
And passionately representing my time is not egotistical, otherwise you could be accused of the same.
*team* not time. Sorry.
Gunnerman. a well constructed reply, unlike earlier comments. You make a lot of valid points, and of course there is no easy answer to the game's problems. We all have different ideas of what the problems are, and how to correct them. Although we haven't won a trophy for a while it does not make us any less passionate and I get immense pleasure out of seeing local talent coming through the youth system and flourishing in the 1st XI (especially when they score the winner against the Blues!). IMO, the Champions League has destroyed a lot of what I loved about English football. It's NOT for Champions for a start, and it is ALL about making money and creating a larger gap between those in the competetion and those not. It therefore reduces the enjoyment of the national league because it limits the number of clubs who have any chance of winning the title. Yes, it might make the Premiership a higher standard, but it is nowhere as entertaining as when 'everyone had a chance'. Without a Chelski owner to buy your way into this 'created elite' it is vital to bring your own young talent on board, and there is no greater enjoyment than seeing LOCAL youngsters do well. Agbonlahor is an immense talent, and a Villa fan ( along with Knight, Moore, Osbourne and Gardner), which IS important to me, as is having 3 players in the ENGLAND u21 squad and 3 in the full squad. If your kids are as good as there write up, hopefully there will be some Arsenal players in the England squad soon as they are, at heart, a traditional English club.
Is it just me, but posts more than three or four lines long seem such hard work I just skip them? Is anyone that important I have to waste 10 mins of my time?
The Foreign Quota system will be back in by the football year of 2009/10 as of when Arsene will retire.
Agreed regarding the Champions league, it is really just a money spinner, and should be reserved for the top two at the most, but hell, we all know that is never going to happen purely because of the money involved. Completely agree with you about needing an advanced youth set-up to get ahead of the Chelski’s of the Premiership. I take great pride in the fact that Arsenal have more Local youngsters in the England youth set up than anyone bar boro. As I am sure you can probably tell, I look forward to the day when I can sit back and watch The Arsenal play some blinding football, at the same time as feeling national pride when these boys come through in the next 3 years or so. Hopefully the debate I have brought to the table will go some way to helping prove that Arsenal as a club are looking towards the long term, and that England failing to win anything since 1966 isn't (as many fools would claim) the fault of Mr Wenger, whose insistence on building world beating academy facilities will eventually benefit the English game. It is instead the fault of an incompetent FA who are doing nothing about the game from a grass roots level. A succesful national team starts from the ground up. Educate the youngsters in the right way to play football, and they will blossom in to world beaters. Cheers lads.
Ksarge, any proof on that claim would be appreciated. Cheers.
Gunnerman,19528,11661_2887117,00.html One more regarding my argument. Cheers lads, have a good weekend.
Too ridiculous for words. Gabby is stll learning his trade, is far from the finished article, and is a Villa boy. If we want to challenge at the top then we have to keep our better talents. Gone are the days when we had a chairman who would sanction a sale merely to balance the books. Go sniff elsewhere Wenger.
Its funny because Gabby is actually *****e.
Goofle your talking rubbish, if you wanna go and slag players go and do it on the spurs website. Who cares what you think of gabby, we love him.
swap for walcott????
I read somewhere that the Arsenal Academy had was ranked 4th in the number of players they had provided to the Premiership (WHam, Middlesb and us 1,2 and3). Many of these are English, just not at Arsenal!! The moral is don't get caught in the hype!!!
Maybe Arsene got tired of French boys and fancied trying his paedo ways on english boys...
See Gabby got injured today playing for the under 21's at Milton Keynes. We have to hope its none too serious, after all its Arsenal up soon, and we want to see him and Ash run Wengers lot ragged.
'Gordonsleft boot. Now tell me the future of Arsenal isn't full of English players. At least do some research before posting comments like that, you're only gonna end up looking like a total fool. Cheers.' Erm, You gooners al shout about the the inflated UK Talent prices: 1: Thats the way the cookie crumbles.. everyone pays it so nothing to moan about 2: Two faced Mother *******. NOW I AM TELLING YOU THAT ARSENALS FUTURE IS NOT FULL OF ENGLISH TALLENT. BECAUSE WHEN THEY GET ANY GOOD YOU WILL SELL THEM FOR REDICULOUSLY HIGH PRICES SO YOU CABN AFORD THE EMIRATES REPAYMENTS AND UR NONE SPEAKY ENGLISH PLAYERS THAT DESTROY THE NAME " ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE" IT IS FOR THIS MATTER THAT ENGLISH PLAYERS COME AT SUCH A GREAT COST.
£15mill for a sprinter...??OUCH.........!!
Better value than £16.5m for a Charlton player though... he he he!
Hoss The Villain
We never sell any good players unless we have to. English players have a rotten attitude and most think it is their right to be in the first team and not wait their chance. No one walks into Arsene's teams but people like Pennant and Bentley were impatient. Arsene doesn't pay overinflated price for anyone. English or not. It is his way and I believe that's the right way to do things.
Well said Hoss. And a sprinter that scores goals...mmmmm...make it £20m. Certainly don't want Defoe as a replacement.
Football should be about celebrating talent the right way and for every over-priced English player, there is a cheaper alternative elsewhere. As a manager you can only do what's best for your club. Our academy is full of English players, whether or not they break into our 1st team is irrelevant, what is, is that we are doing our bit for the English national team by nurturing the young talent, what they decide to due impatience or crappy attitude is up to them.
And Gabby is a great player but I still prefer Theo. At the same age Gabby hadn't even started playing for your first team. He's career kicked in at 19. Why people always have to say Walcott is crap and won't become any good or doesn't play games, I'll never understand. He came to us at 16. He has been in the squad regularly and has played in the Champions League. Michael Owen is paying the price for too much too quick. His career is virtually finished at 27 because he played too many games during his formative years. Arsene Wenger is trying to prevent burnout and nurture Theo as best as he can. When he gets older he'll be dynamite. Yesterday he was pretty good in a team were most people are three years older than him. Gabby is good but no thanks. Theo will do.
Have to agree with both posts Keplaz - Theo is looking the part at the moment. Englands future is bright!?
Hoss & CLVilla-Agbonlahor 1090 minutes on pitch/12 starts-5 goals...........Bent 401 mins/4 starts-3 goals............Bent may of cost a few quid too much but Agbanlahor is worth £5mill tops (& thats pushing it!).............Oh & CLVilla,spot on regarding Defoe,hugely over rated with a massive chip on his shoulder.
Strange how a Spurs fan can come on here and say how over inflated the prices of our playes are!! Bent £16.5m, Rebrov £11m, Zakora £8.2m, Kaboul £8.2m, Richards £8.1m, Defoe £7m, Jenas £7m, Ferdinand £7m, Postiga £6.25m, Thatcher £5m, Armstrong £4.5m……. The list is endless of how spurs have paid over the odds for players. Luckily though it’s bought you all that success!!
Hoss The Villain
OOOh Hoss......don't go there buddy.....very thin ice I fear......
I do agree with the sentiment though Hoss. Worth pointing out that Chalky's comments are also more than a tad misleading I think....Bent has scored 4 goals this season against the mighty mighty Derby, Anorthosis Famagusta (?) and Wigan in games that can only be described as walkovers. Oh, and he notched to scrape a draw against the imperious Middlesborough. Compare that to Gabby (2 years younger) scoring against such minnows as Chelsea, Everton, Tottenham (ahem), Man Utd, and the winner in our local derby against the Bluenoses. He's banging them in for the U21's also. Big goals, pace to burn, and he's still improving. I'd rather Gabby than Bent any day of the week. Would you consider swapping him for Harewood though (go on....pulleeeease)?
Does Wenger ever pay that much mony for a player? I cannot see him putting in a bid for him.
Top_Six_Villa: Didn't read the articles or the facts then? Oh well, your blind ignorance in the face of decent and reasoned debate only serves to make you look as foolish as the other mugs who hold the same view. And the reason English players are so expensive is because there are so few good ones, which, as stated above, leads to bidding wars for the few decent players around.
Let me start by saying I disagree with some of the comments about Agbonlahor being rubbish, i think he will be a great asset to the English game in the future and I would quite like him at Arsenal as he could really develop his skills to the next level training with some of the best youngsters in the world and playing in the champions league but I don't think Arsene would pay 15mill for him although a swap deal with someone might be an option. As some people dont seem to want to visit the link i shall reel off the English players in the reserves. Henri Lansbury, Kieran Gibbs, Mark Randell, Gavin Hoyte, Paul Rodgers, Jay Simpson, Abu Ogogo, James Dunne, Jay Emmanuel-Thomas, Luke Ayling, Rhys Murphy, Sanchez Watt(trust me he is English!!) Craig Eastmond,Kyle Bartley, Anton Blackwood, and Thomas Cruise. Having seen the reserves play a few times and watched highlights of others, i can say that a few of these players will be very good or top class players and Wenger has already said that in the next 2 or 3 seasons he will bringing them through to the 1st team.
Also the point made earlier by krfeskivilla. 'I believe that every team should have a minimum of 6 players in their matchday squad of 16 who are available to represent the country of the national league they play in.' This clearly would not work. What about injuries? Suspensions? Not every player can go a whole season without an injury or a suspension and given with the extent of injuries teams like Newcastle have had over the past few years, I cant see this as a viable option. As has been said before, it's at grass routes level that the FA has to spend the money on, not football Stadia.
15m for that waste of space - he did a lot on Sunday didnt he - when we came there and turned you over! what was the score - i cant recall......

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