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What Do You Think Of O'Neill So Far?

Ashley Young is hoping the Martin O'Neill to England link proves unfounded as he is desperate for the Villa boss to stay.

He told Sky Sports, 'Yeah of course it would be disappointing not to be working with a manager like that. He is a top manager, so hopefully I can still have the opportunity to work with him not just now but for years to come.'

He further explains the lure of O'Neill adding, 'Man-management skills to every individual is spot-on and you cannot ask for any more. He played a part in my move to Villa. I asked people about him and nobody had a bad word to say. If you look at his track record, his career, what he has done, it speaks for itself.'

Maybe this is an opportune time to use the poll suggested some weeks back by Eltoro asking 'How well do you think MON's done so far?'

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday October 30 2007

Time: 12:47PM

Your Comments

There's nobody better for this club. We are very lucky to have him. Ask the same question in 3 years time.
Mr Fear, can we have a voting option - disappointing given resources available - please
We are lucky to have Randy and Co. Not so sure after that.
Would agree with that. Lucky to have Randy and the board, but I'm becoming increasingly convinced MON is holding this club back with his tactical ineptitude and stupidity in the transfer window. He has all the ability of Mark Hughes's left testicle.
We need a winning mentality whereas even if we play poorly, we can still have players who can step up to the plate and get a couple of goals for us and more importantly be more solid at the back. Then we can grind out results. Seems like MON is happy to draw and declare it as a good result. Shocking in the transfer market and he seems burdened with not wanting to waste "THE BILLIONAIRES" money and is too nice when selling our players on for minimal fees just because they will get first team football every week. He really needs 9 points in the next 3 easy games even though 2 are away. Losing patience
What sort of ability has Mark Hughes left testicle then? Actually, scrub that, I don't think I want to know! ;-p
The Fear
Will repeat this poll after the transfer window and at the end of the season, hopefully in 3 years time Weller77 100% will be fantastic couldn't ask for more with Villa in the Champions League!
The Fear
Tried to add the option gordonsleftboot but for some reason the admin isn't allowing it, so will try again later.
The Fear
MON has generated a fantastic team spirit and togetherness we haven't had for years. On field progress has been slower than I would have hoped, but I still have 100% confidence in the Manager to get it right in the long term. The players all appear to want to play for the manager. They are young and hungry, but do need a little more class in certain areas. We have to be realistic though. Look at all the money spent and the pre season hype about Spurs. Yet they are no nearer challenging the top 4 than we are. Money alone will not do the trick (it helps, though). Attitude, remaining positive and commitment of players, staff and supporters is also paramount. It is no coincidence that the atmosphere at Villa home games is a million times better than 18 months ago. The vast majority of the crowd can see the commitment to the cause and that progress is being made (albeit a little slower than hoped). THAT IS DOWN TO THE MANAGER (and an excellent chairman)
Thanks Mr Fear
Anyone who backs 100 per cent and thinks he is turning Villa back into a truly great club - remember who appointed him. I doubt Randy would have touched him with a bargepole.
I'm not 100% happy with MON's start but I think we need to be patient. At the end of next season is the time we can realistically judge him. Just bear in mind what Sir Alex did at MU. Rome wasn't built in a day.
Got to disagree with DerryVillan. Lerner has repeatedly said how impressed he is with MON and how lucky Villa are to have him. I do agree with lukemarson though. After Villa stuffed United 3-0 one Boxing Day (when we finished runners up to Liverpool) the Mancs were yelling for Fergies head in no uncertain terms. The following week they got a lucky 1-0 away win to Forest in the FA Cup and slowly things started to change. Patience and consistency is the key when you have a good manager, and Villa have a good manager, a very good one.
So mark hughes's the dish of the week, now that sven lost 6-0, are some of you for real, when we beat blackburn home and away last season we completely dominted and mark hughes was speachless non of you wanted him then. but i guess we are fickle.
I have to say I'm disappointed with this forum. In the days when HDE was an 'ever-present' (lol), it was a damn good place to have a go at him and what he represented. But far from the team not moving on, I'm afraid this forum can't seem to get out of the Ellis era. Despite what some will think of my opinions, I'm not a 'MON for ever man'. I simply think talk such as MON having the ability of Mark Hughes' left testicle is premature and unnecessary. Mark Hughes has been at Blackburn for three full seasons now. They have been impressive so far this season, but they have at times been very inconsistent and had a reputation for a very physical game. Even we have beaten the a few times! MH is a bloody good manager but has not always bought players who have come good. No manager has, even SAF (Eric, anyone?) And can you remember how long SAF had to stick with Andy (sorry, Andrew) Cole before he came good? Ask me again in a year or so and I'll let you know what I think of MON. For me, it's MUCH too soon to ask this question, and I'm really fed up with the negativity from Villa fans. A vocal section of the fans has been on the backs of the players and the manager since the end of last season. New arrivals have been destroyed before they've even hit the training ground. Sorry to say this, but some of you need to remember what the word 'supporter' means.
We all thought evolution not revolution was great a year ago, now it's taking a while everyone seem sunhappy. I'm delighted that we are seeing obvious improvement and while I don't think his transfer policy is spot on it's not as poor as some suggest.
My belief in MoN has dwindled recently the players he bought dont seem to be working out and were not playing with much desire or organisation at the moment both of which were hallmarks of MoN teams.
Personally MON is doing a good job not great, he has not turned us completely around but we are on course. Look at the age of the squad, the speed of the squad, look at that we have a squad, we loose a couple of players through injury and suspension and we have people to come in and replace them. We did not have that a year ago, on that point everyone was talking about his lack of transfer activity and we did not do anything, but we did we have a squad.
NY Villa
Adding to that, we have a manager who will try something new and have the ability to turn it around if it does not work. Look at the game of the weekend, it did not work in the 1st half and we did not resort to kicking it upfield. We are in the top half of the table and putting an attractive game to watch. To me this is all an improvement.
NY Villa
NY, who replaced Reo Coker in midfield and Harewood hasn't won 1 header yet whereas Carew is a tower.
Petrov, remember the MOM if my memory serves me correct. Harewood I agree has not played well but we have still had a full strike force. I personally would not have transfered Angel but I am not going to get on him for that either because I am a supporter of the club and the club has my support!
NY Villa
With the exception of Mourinho - who went in and won straight away with support of silly money - all other sustainable success has been BUILT over a period of TIME and PATIENCE!!! There are other good coaches in the world but we have one of the most intelligent and he is comparable to the very best. Because MON is good, doesn't mean that Fergie, Wenger, Sven etc. etc. aren't just as good. I was at Villa Park for that game when we all sang "Fergie must stay" as we thumped them. I felt like a bit of an idiot THREE YEARS later, after he'd been in the job for FIVE YEARS and won his first major trophy...... PATIENCE PLEASE (and how on earth can any of you say "get him out." Is it AVFC48 and Doug Ellis making up this 10%?????
between the day we beat ManUtd 3-0 and their first championship we changed manager THREE TIMES!!
Come on BobTheBuilder you can fix it!!! I think the debate is healthy and the majority realise that it will take time no matter who the manager is. Can't not be talking about managers and players though surely?

A mate pointed out to me recently and I repeated it in the Generals thread just how healthy Villa is now BECAUSE we are all talking managers, football, players like fans always do. All the bitterness and protests and rubbish are gone, we are doing what fans do, agreeing and disagreeing about who should play, who should manage, who was/is great at Villa and who we hate. That's football and I for one love it far more than the Ellis times, that just got repetitive and boring and at times looked like things would never change! [Edited by FearVilla]
The Fear
His tactics are poor, no question about that, he's now had 3 transfer windows, and I don't think he's excelled in any of them, I'm happy with Randy & co, but MON, not the man for me at Villa, Randy said he wouldn't stand in MON's way if he wanted the England job, I bet he wouldn't, seems the cheapest way out for us, but jesus not England, please!
gordonsleftboot. Sorry, haven't been able to add the option and think it will be too late now as we've had so many votes. :o(
The Fear
bit harsh saying 3 transfer windows, he really wasn't left with much time the first summer to get anyone.
The Fear
and remember what i say is my opinion, you don't have to go with it, or even read it if you don't want to, it's just what i think, if you have a different view to me thats fine, so no mouthing off because we don't like someones view eh!
ok 2 transfer windows, the point i'm trying to make is, his tactics and transfer dealings are poor
yeah, that was me being all positive though eltoro!!! Totally agree on your other point, although reading the other sites, fans are the same on all of them (the Spurs guys can be totally savage to each other!) Can't understand why we can't all have an opinion without the personal stuff I must admit!
The Fear
yeh i know fear, that wasn't me having a dig at you m8, i wrote that without looking at your reply, sorry is this me having a go at you now ;)
At last some sense. Well done BobtheBuilder - you have saved me writing my view out in full. Do people really think that MON deliberately didn't buy more players in the transfer windows? Or would it be more realistic to assume he had other targets that we couldn't get? This isn't Football Manger 2007 you know. I'm not saying he is definitely going to succeed, but lets at least give him a decent run at it. Of course, everyone here is a qualified coach with years of experience, so they know better!!
Say what you think eltoro! I think its great that the Mon walks on water brigade have left the room and it is now accepted that even Mon gets his feet wet at times - and when he does it is ok to say so. Constructive criticism can only be good and lets not forget that Randy's cash is just like ours - it can only be spent once.
Some people seem to forget that we are Aston Villa not Chelski or Manure. Trying to lure big names to us must be an amazing challenge for MON. He will need to prove it on the pitch before we start getting great players through the doors. He is by no means without his faults, the lead example being leaving us without a right-back.
eltoro, think we are agreeing in an arguing form!!!!!! Didn't think you were having a go mate, no worries.
The Fear
I am a qualified gob CLVIlla, does that count? I think most agree though that MON should be given a decent chance don't they? I'd be surprised if there were more than 1 in 100 who would want a manager change at the moment, I might (and often am!) be wrong though.
The Fear
Some peoples expectations are mad!!!! Fear, we're all obligied to give our opinion an this is mine. This is a silly, pointless debate. Its 10 games (10 GAMES!!!!) into MON first real season (one with a pre season he could organise). We can look good, we can look poor, its called transistion!!! This is our transistion season, not last, he had about a week to sort the squad last season. A question - OLearys Villa versus MONs Villa, who would win? No competition, hence improvement. I'm sick of Villa fans just moaning moaning and moaning. No matter what some of you think we are behind Blackburn, Pompy, Spurs plus a decent few others. When we where in tatters a few years back they weren't. MONs job is a big big job. He will deliver but it will take time. Some people have very short memories.
All football debates are silly and pointless if you want to take that line though. What is football about? Talking about players, managers, supporting the team, seeing the good times and erasing the memory of the bad times. What is great as I've said above is people are now talking about football at Villa, debating managers and players, all the crap about bad owners, no money etc has gone. Massive step forward in my opinion.

I don't want MON out, I want him to have a fair chance and to show us what he can do, as others have said they nearly pulled the plug on Fergie once, but like any manager he will be judged on his actions, transfers results etc, he knows that more than any as it is his job and a massive reputation on the line. Some people to have short memories I agree, DOL wasn't that bad when he first came by the way, it was just he was useless at PR and turned the fans against him + man management in time turned some of the players as well. The footie when he first arrived was attractive enough though.
The Fear
Like the man not sure we have progressed as expected though. Still as frustrating watching as ever.
we are lucky to have him, he is building and trying to get it right, we will be fine under him. to top that lerner is here for the long term to make us great again. just think back two years and consider where we were, we are very lucky to have him!!!! one of the most respected managers in football aswell. maybe europe is out of reach this season but if we finish 8th this season then that is still progress. he doesnt waste money either, there is method to his madness, but it takes time to show. barry now a 15m international midfielder, young must be worth 20m, and god knows what gabby would be worth if he scores 15 for us this season. time and patience people.
I really don't have any problem with questioning MONs tactics, Randy's motives, the General's generalship, or the ability of any number of players. It just seems to me that we see the same questions all the time here, and the same (to me, inaccurate) analysis and comparisons. Comparing MON to MH is not just negative, it is wrong at this stage to do it. Full stop. I'd much rather compare MON to SAF in the first three years at ManUre - that would be more realistic. We really, really need a period of stability at VP, and we won't get it if the fans panic and boo our own players and/or the manager on match day. If I thought you were correct in saying "nobody really wants MON out", JPF, I'd be content. My worry is that there are some who DO want MON out. They are NOT prepared to wait and see. They are not prepared to give MON the same time frame that SAF had to build ManUre. If I could find the time, I would write you an article on why I think we are better, long term, in sticking with our young squad and NOT buying 'cash' players as some other clubs have done. Towards the end of the transfer window, I recall a lot of people on here comparing our purchases unfavourably with those of Newcastle, Tottenham, etc. But are those clubs really doing that much better? Let's have debate on tactics, possible (realistic) target players, etc., but can we please stop booing our own players and expecting our manager to turn this club round in a few seasons.
spot on BobTheBuilder, i totally agree with takes time to build a team with the right ethics than MON installs in his teams....i have said before name me a manager that every player he signed has been a wont find one......MON is one of the best managers we have had for since knows the ones voting get him out get real and KEEP THE FAITH....
Just like when a house is being built, you don't see much happening for a while, that's because a lot of work is being done on the foundations. Think about it, the more work that goes into the foundation, the stronger the house will be, thus the longer it will last! By the way Mr Fear, I think it would a great idea to repeat this post in three years time.
Hope that we are building a 4 storey mansion and not a bungalow!!
out, out, out, out, out, out.
If you are a Villa Supporter and are calling for MON's head, then i would say very strongly - You do not have a clue about football.
I know there is one sad person out there who keeps voting get him out option every minute to make himself feel better....
And what reason do base your argument on KSarge1, that people don't have a clue?
To all those people that want MON out, I ask you this: Who would you rather have in charge? Mourinho won't come because our profile isn't high enough. Jol? I hear Souness is looking for work....come off it. Richard Fitzgerald told us all that we have implemented a five year plan to turn Aston Villa into a big club again - we're only two years into it and already people are moaning because we're not tanking teams every week! Did anybody expect us to beat Chelsea 2-0? Is there anybody out there who thought we weren't going to be under the cosh against Manchester United? Wake up, people! Personally, I am behind Martin 110% as I think he's much more capable and trustworthy than any of our previous managers have been in the last decade or so. My only complaint at this point is that as average as Aaron Hughes was, we should not have sold him until we had bought a replacement right-back because Mellberg is too used to being in the centre and consistantly gets caught in the box when an attacking player is running down the wing in acres of space. With regards to the signings made so far, there have been the good (Carew, Reo-Coker, Maloney) and the bad (Petrov, Harewood) but every manager - no matter what his calibre - buys duff players from time to time and MON is no exception. To the doubters I say this: give him time. That's all, just give him time.
I think MON will do a great job for Villa. But i have to admit his dealings in the transfer market have been terrible. He spends far too much on medoicre players. He should be spending that money on some decent talent.
Villan444, I believe it is at least a four story mansion. Therefor, the foundations will take longer...
I dont think some people realise how lucky we are to have him as he would be at the top of any chairmans list to be manager.
Ashley Young not too bad a signing either Jeffg, no?? Carson also pretty handy. I am still a MON fan, but like a lot of others I do have questions over his activity in the transfer market - both in the areas that he has bought, as well as those areas that he didn't buy. I question the need to have bought Knight and Davies, but with Laursen's previous history you would have said a bit more cover was required I guess...and maybe we weren't 100% sure of getting Davies (as he did come in late in the window). I was astounded at the Harewood signing. Salifou I guess we wait and see - but that's largely a freebie and could be a great buy. So very hit and miss. Undoubtedly we have a better team than before, the squad IS improving, albeit not quick enough for a lot of people, and results ARE improved also. We still just appear to lack a certain consistency, and are giving away silly goals, which really isn't like the Villa I know. But really people - we have to try and take a more balanced view before getting on the 'MON out' bandwagon - that's highly premature in my opinion. I still think he's as good a man for the job as we are going to get right now, and we are still in with a shout of the European spots, which is exactly where we need to be at this stage. Fingers crossed for 9 points from the next 3 games....UTV
I think people are missing the point, having a go at people on this site just because they've become unhappy with MON, all the people in favour of MON keep talking about this five year plan! which is all well and true, some people who I won't name, are even calling me and others, glory hunters! now tell me if I'm wrong, but being a Villa fan for 40 years most definatley dosn't make me or anyone else for that matter a GLORY HUNTER, it's also been claimed, WE KNOW NOTHING ABOUT FOOTBALL! what I do know is this, nearly a dozen games into the second year of the five year plan, we are playing poor football, that's not me being a glory hunter, thats me pointing out the facts, I'm also not impressed with MON's tactics, again, thats nothing to do with not knowing anything about football, its about watching the games and seeing it for myself! and 3rd, MON's purchases in the transfer market with the exception of Ashley young, have been poor, to be honest I don't see any improvment in the football we play now, than when other managers were in charge, this is not about whats going on behind the scenes, this is about whats happening on the pitch! I know you'll say wait for the players to come thru the system, but i can't see that making any difference, if the managers tactics are wrong and outdated it dosn't matter who's in your squad! look at Spurs great team of players, wrong tactics, wrong manager, it didn't work, look at England for god sake, Rooney, Gerrard, Barry, Owen, Terry, wrong manager, wrong tactics and even they play like amatuers, don't let the five year plan mask your judgement.
So are you saying we haven't improved at all eltoro?
Martin is the man. He's doing o.k. The five year plan to get us back on track will be a long, hard road, with knock-backs and disappointment, but we're making progress, we're getting there. Stability. That's the name of the game. This club has never had it. Hopefully that is now changing.

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