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Shut Up Platt - Barry Stays!

David Platt, what are you on about?

The former Villa and England midfielder has apparently opened his gob in The Star saying that Gareth Barry will need to move from Villa to become an England great.

I'm sorry, did I miss something? I've looked on The Stars website (good grief, I'll not be going back there) which doesn't cover the interview and to be fair I've not looked at the paper to check the quotes because a) it would mean I had to go out into the real world b) I'd be embarrassed to pick up that paper!

However if the gist from the BBC teletext is accurate, he says Barry needs to move to a bigger club. Now if he had said this a year ago before Martin O'Neill and more importantly Randy Lerner arrived, I'd have totally agreed and so - according to recent quotes - would Gareth Barry himself. He admitted he was looking at his options before the major changes happened and who could have blamed him?

But now? Why would he need to move, we have a manager who seems to get the plaudits and has received high praise recently from the players including the Villa skipper himself, we have an ambitious billionaire in charge, a man who is determined to restore Villa's place at the top.

I'd hate to see the theory tested with bids from Manchester United, Arsenal or Liverpool I must admit and that was part of the reason I was so amazed at the poor summer in the transfer market, to keep the quality players we HAVE to add quality. The players careers are short and players like Barry want to be winning things. Can he do that at Villa? You betcha, but we've got to do more than talk.

So David Platt, you seem to forget you got into the England set up whilst at Villa as have others! Barry has been given a chance and to date taken that chance with both hands, it would be a fool to leave him out of the set up now.

Lee Lindsay said in an article comment: JF, Can you mention that David Platt talks absolute rubbish constantly about AVFC and he's the most embarrassing pundit on tv today. Guys, please ignore what ever he says. it's an embarrassment he played for us and for England.... One would question if he even understands the game..... Fool

Barry stays, Villa CANNOT sell quality like this, period.

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday October 16 2007

Time: 12:20PM

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Bloody cretinous amphibian.
Report Abuse
16/10/2007 12:26:00

1990 Semi-Final of the World cup, David Platt was playing for who?
Report Abuse
16/10/2007 12:36:00

Didn't do a lot anywhere else did he? Except earn a load money for little effort. A real legend in his own lunchtime. Still we got a stand when we sold him.
Report Abuse
16/10/2007 12:53:00

you guys should know by now, the media isn't happy if england players aren't playing for the big 3 or liverpool.
Report Abuse
16/10/2007 13:01:00

Platt was a great player for Villa lets not forget that, but the man does talk rubbish. He was on ssn yesterday saying how lampard was one of the best 11 english players so therfore he has to play. You pick your best team, not individuals. He seemed to have a real downer on GB, saying that as soon as Hargreaves is fit he'll come straight back in, that's is total rubbish, if GB keeps on playing the way he is then he derserves to be playing. In the 3 games he has played he has been better than Gerrard. It is a worry though, i fear the big clubs may come sniffing. I think he would stay though, he owes a lot to MON who has constantly been singing his praises. It's disappointing to hear Platt say this he should learn to shut up after his diabolical managerial record.
Report Abuse
16/10/2007 13:07:00

failed in management, failing at punditry, having to use sensationalism and hype to get himself into the daily star - your a joke platt. and clearly you have forgotten your roots. Aston Villa gave you so much, why dont you give something back and do us all a favour and keep your trap shut. I dont know a single villa fan that has time for you anymore. your a joke.
Report Abuse
16/10/2007 13:11:00

He never has anything good to say about Villa.Great player though.
Report Abuse
16/10/2007 13:20:00

WTF does this guy know? Aston Villa have produced more England Internationals than any other team since the great game began. He was a good player for us but in fairness it was all down hill afterwards. did ***** all at Bari, Arsenal, could manage at club or country level, and he spouts utter ********* when on TV. my boyhood hero is a tosser. Barry IS at a Big club.
Report Abuse
16/10/2007 13:23:00

One of my best mates is a Notts Forest fan. One of his biggest regrets in life is that the only time he has ever saw David Platt in 'real life', he didn't punch him! To be honest I have heard loads of bad stories about him being really arrogant to fans, and it seems quite well known that he is a joke as a manager and as a pundit, so I would take this with a pinch of salt. Idiot.
Sheriff Kimbo
Report Abuse
16/10/2007 13:38:00

Did anyone used to read the S***E analysis he used to do on Games in 4-4-2 Mag? A) i could never understand what he was blithering on about..B)On the few occassions that i did work out the crap he was speeling, his analysis would have cost the team the game!!! All in all, he has gone from being a great Villa hero into a complete Baffoon!!!!
Report Abuse
16/10/2007 13:42:00

Platt was a managerial/coaching joke, so we should pay little heed to his ramblings and observations. He lacks credibility. The strange thing though is that he does indeed regularly come across as anti-Villa. Not sure what his problem is. Trevor Francis is more pro-Villa than is Platt.
Report Abuse
16/10/2007 13:50:00

Got to agree with glensider. Trevor Francis always says good things about Villa, I am finding it increasingly difficult to dislike him (but then I think back to that dive over Andy Gray's leg at Sty Andrews!). What is Platt's problem? He was a top player for Villa, why is he so negative about the club? Don't know if any truth in it, but heard from a man who knew a bloke with a dog etc that even in his playing days Platt was very unpopular in the changing room. Arrogant and a know all. Comes across like that as a pundit. Incredibily boring, too. Shame, cos he was a very good player for us.
Report Abuse
16/10/2007 14:07:00

I can understand everyones reaction. Platt = Pratt, but I hope this isn't a case of don't shoot the messenger. It has crossed my mind a lot recently that, now GB is making a name for himself beyond VP he may attract the attention of other clubs and, if villa don't have some success this season and Mr Ferguson or Senor Benitez coming sniffing at his door, GB might just be tempted by it. I sincerely hope not, but if we don't make the eufa cup at least this season I think it could be a possibility.
Report Abuse
16/10/2007 14:37:00

I had the misfourtune of asking Platt for his autograpgh when he was covering a game at VP, he looked at me as though I was a turd he had just stepped in and walked on. I also asked Sir Graham for his and he stopped and chatted with myself and my brother-in -law and nephews and was more than happy while my bro took his picture with the kids. The difference in these 2 people is there for all to see, one is a gentleman who knows a fans true value the other is just a p***k who has forgotten who put him there.
Report Abuse
16/10/2007 14:52:00

Let me first say that i think Platt is an idiot of the highest order. He was the Frank Lampard of his day only IMO not as good. He made his reputation by scoring that one goal against Belgium in'90 and continues to dine off it. His opinions on football are scarcely equalled for their lack of insight, even by Lee Dixon. His main achievements in management were to almost single handedly destroy a once great club in Forest and utterly fail to get any kind of success out of a fine generation of U21 players. He has now made it his aim to drive all viewers of Sky Sports Football coverage to suicide with his deathly personality. However, to take up the point made by jonah, I think we are kidding ourselves if we are not all a little worried about what may come of Barry's sudden 'discovery' by the national football media. If he is given the oportunity by ManU, Arsenal or Liverpool to play in the Champions League every season, to win League Championships and Cups as well as to play for England, we have to admit that the chances are he would leap at it
Report Abuse
16/10/2007 15:23:00

Im sure the better Barry does the more intrest there will be in him,but going by todays ridiculous prices we'd be starting the bidding at 20 mil.Rember when Spurs were rumoured to be offering 5 mil for him.
Report Abuse
16/10/2007 15:25:00

My main memory off Platt when I was a kid was his DREADFUL dress sense. I once got his autograph in the car park at VP and he was wearing the most hurrendous brown suit/tie combo. He was my hero back in 1990 (God how I screamed when he scored against Belgium). I did express a concern recntly about Barry wanting to play alongside Gerrard at club level with all the talk about what great mates they are. Lets hope we can do enough this season to keep him at VP.
Adam Deuce
Report Abuse
16/10/2007 15:38:00

I met platty and got his autograph as a kid when i lived on penns lane just opposite him as a kid. Always respected him and took a keen interest in his career but these latest comments really have damaged that for me. Think Stig summed up how i feel, it's a shame. GB has to keep his place in the side until he loses form, that's the way any team should work.
Report Abuse
16/10/2007 15:38:00

Martin Platt=TV Legend David Platt=Pratt David Platt was the most over rated player to ever where the Villa shirt in my opinion, also my dads opinion-and he has been watching football for many years. has anyone else noticed that he cant help but stick the boot into Villa when ever he gets the chance the guy is a tool!!!!
Report Abuse
16/10/2007 17:21:00

Very valid comments Jonah. GB needs competitive European club football on a regular basis to improve himself as a player, and if he cant get it here at Villa Park, then who really could blame him for casting envious glances elsewhere? I would certainly imagine that he, and other key players here at the club, were like the supporters, disappointed at our lack of transfer activity this past summer. UEFA Cup or bust?
Report Abuse
16/10/2007 21:04:00

I just think he is stating the obvious - if we don't improve Barry and others will be off. Loyalty is a very rare commodity in todays game.
Report Abuse
16/10/2007 21:31:00

i read that this morning in star and just thought to myself what absolute *****e you talk mr platt (also my hero when i was younger).he talks absolute ***** time and time again about villa,always negative,always slating them for some reason or made my blood boil reading such *****e like lampard keeps it simple and barry does not and until gareth joins a top 4 club no one can say he is better than lampard,well listen platt you *****in numpty have a quick look at the last 3 england matches and tell me did it look as if england or stevie g missed fat frank? platt is a grade A *****er in my eyes and has been for a long time with the *****e that comes out of his mouth.this article just beggars believe from a so called villa legend,*****in disgusted by him my former hero.
Belfast Villain
Report Abuse
16/10/2007 21:45:00

I agree with the man, simple as that!!
will it ever happen
Report Abuse
16/10/2007 22:07:00

He's consistently knocking the Villa! I hope like England in the Rugby we prove the rest of the Premiership wrong and finish well up the table this season.
Report Abuse
17/10/2007 08:52:00

I'm glad everyone else shares the same feelings.... he continually disrespects the Villa on tv/radio. The fact is, for Barry to be playing for England regularly he needs to stay at Villa not leave. This is because he's likely to get a guaranteed start every game and be recognised for his Captain status and crudentials. Ok Platt, we will sell him to Arsenal, United or Pool and see him wasted like so many other English Talent as they watch a team consisting of 11 foreign players sitting on the bench!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So yes, Platt is right, play no competitive football for the so called "big clubs" but get picked for England, or play regularly in the best league in the world for AVFC and don't play for England! "Yeah of course Platt - What - Ever!"
Report Abuse
17/10/2007 09:02:00

Glensider - 5 year plan.
Report Abuse
17/10/2007 09:56:00

Watch him on sky when we play, Platt constantly does the club down in practically everything he says - hes not a Villa man at all. "Villa cant do this" "Villa are big enough to do that" " Fans expect too much" "Villa should be happy with a bottom place finish" that Carp face does my *****in head whenever I watch him talk about us so im not surprised about these comments
Report Abuse
17/10/2007 11:32:00

not even watching build up to match 2day as i cannot stand even listening to him for 20 minutes.was my hero when younger and now i just hate the *****in guy. such an arrogant ******** into the bargain!
Belfast Villain
Report Abuse
17/10/2007 11:53:00

I see everyone is assuming these comments come from our former midfield great as opposed to the Coronation Street character. ;-)
Report Abuse
17/10/2007 12:32:00

PFA player of the year no less. Can't doubt his talent but should not have given up his day job to coach or open his rather large fish features like mouth.
Report Abuse
17/10/2007 15:32:00

Who does Barry support?
Report Abuse
17/10/2007 19:07:00

Sorry, meant HIS wages
Report Abuse
17/10/2007 20:12:00

cockril...whoever pays is wages of course!
Report Abuse
17/10/2007 20:12:00

Why are my post's in the wrong order?
Report Abuse
17/10/2007 20:15:00

Even worse was big mouths annoying moaning northern accent when England went 2-1 down stating the obvious although 3rd choice Mclaren is useless at managing, like he could have done better.
Report Abuse
18/10/2007 08:55:00

In my opinion Platt is just a footballer who was good with afootball at his feet. But thats where his skills end. he has tried managing and made a complete horlicks of it. now he's gonna chance his arm in the media. To be honest i havent heard a possitve word come from his dullset northern rambleings. unfortunately the media is full of has been footballers who cant manage or coach so they bring there opinions to us through tv or radio under the banner of expert pundit. lol. but what they fail to realise is you need a personallity to work in the media. Most have'nt got one DP included.
Report Abuse
18/10/2007 09:28:00

DP has about has much personality as a fish, oh and looks like one! oh yeah about the same IQ too. Something fishy going on here me thinks.....
Report Abuse
18/10/2007 13:27:00

Nigel's been bending the time space continuem again....
Report Abuse
18/10/2007 13:29:00

At least we have a new Chrismas Holte End Chant....David Platt is a T*&T trololololaaaa lolaaalolaaaaa
Report Abuse
18/10/2007 13:31:00

At the City Ground the chant is...."Brian Clough's a football genius, David Platt's a *****in' idiot!, ad infinitum. Yet another reason to keep it going.
Report Abuse
18/10/2007 23:28:00

Dont forget to clean your hard drive after visiting the Star website. A tissue should do it......
Report Abuse
19/10/2007 00:10:00

Glensider - 5 year plan. KSarge1 That cuts no ice with players currently at the peak of their career. They aren't interested in any mythical five year plan. Sorry, but that's fact.
Report Abuse
19/10/2007 22:38:00


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