Aston Villa - Congratulations To Gareth Barry
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Congratulations To Gareth Barry

Congratulations once again to Gareth Barry, not only is he a regular man of the moment for Aston Villa but now he has surely guaranteed a starting spot in the Russia v England game on Wednesday night after picking up the man of the match award v Estonia?

BBC commentators John Motson and Mark Lawrenson complimented his performance saying he'd not put a foot wrong and was looking every inch an international player and former Liverpool and Scotland defender Alan Hansen described his first half display as immense.

Strange that Ian Wright said Barry was a great discovery, surely most of us Villa fans knew he was England class for many a long year? Mind you, the move to the centre has sealed it for him which is bizarre when you think England have been missing a left footed player for years.

Well done Sven for missing our very own captain marvel!

So congrats to Barry and come on England (the egg chasers) stuff those French and make the English proud.

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday October 13 2007

Time: 5:17PM

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What price Barry in the transfer market, I couldn't hazard a guess.
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13/10/2007 17:43:00

fantastic again barry was,not surprised.funny to hear fat frank get booed as the man has consistenly under performed for england over the years as he has no one do his midfield dirty work for him as for bringing him on for owen,that put paid to anymore england attacking.mclaren still tries completely bemusing tactics,even when he fumbles onto a good england team in the last two matches only because of injuries. anyway so proud of you gareth once again! UTV
Belfast Villain
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13/10/2007 17:58:00

credit to him, played very well!
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13/10/2007 18:12:00

Well with the initials 'GB' he can travel anywhere, can't he?!
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13/10/2007 18:21:00

I can't help but feel like the git who is having a go at Gaz Baz, but i thought he was a bit sloppy today. He made a few short passes, and some looked a bit lazy. At times i saw him standing and waiting a little bit as the ball went passed him. As good as he was, i thought he was much better in the last two england games. Still, if everyone else is raving about him, including the BBC pundits, then i must be wrong.
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13/10/2007 18:28:00

As most of us Villa fans might know. the way he is playing for England has come as no real surprise. He's been playing like this for the past 5 years! It just shows you how rubbish the past England managers have been! Alan shearer said something that concerned me: "If lampard plays in the midfield for the next game and barry plays at left-back everyone will be happy" THIS ASTONISHED ME!!! You can't just pick lampard in midfield so he will be happy and put barry at left-back!!!
ChrisyB's Villa
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13/10/2007 18:34:00

Oh and by the way! Over the 3 England games it became quite clear that joe cole wasn't very inclined to pass the ball to barry! I pointed this out to some of my friends and they saw the same thing! This is probably because cole wants lampard along side him in midfield!?
ChrisyB's Villa
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13/10/2007 18:36:00

GB was awesome once again. But im not surprised because he has been turning in these performances for Villa for years and it is about time everyone stood up and take note. Overlooked by Sven for so many years when we had ***** in our team, anyone remember Trevor Sinclair at the world cup 2002? Sven was a joke if you think about it now wasn't he?
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13/10/2007 18:55:00

At the match today and agreed that Barry was his usual excellent self. However, in response to ChrisyB, it seemed that Barry was trying too much at times to pass to Gerrard when there were other options available which you probably couldn't see on TV. IMHO Joe Cole was the man of the match as he was our most attacking threat and he didn't want to pass to anyone other than the last man or someone in the box but maybe this is what second choice Mclaren has coached them both to do????
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13/10/2007 19:10:00

Also WTF is P.(enis) Neville doing in an England shirt, ESPECIALLY AT FULL BACK. He has been labelled a utility player, this is because he is not good in any 1 position. I did BOO ( along with a large proportion of the crowd) Fat Frank when he came on also. It is not that he didn't play well but he is not fit and not needed. We could and should have gone on to demolish them as Estonia were very poor. Why did we not give another forward a chance to get some experience playing when the game was safe??? He would have been a natural switch for Gerrard. We ended up with Lescott ( a centre back) and the offspring of the double Neville playing full backs. Good to get Lescott a cap as he has been playing well for Everton but not out of position and as for the other unmentionable more than once per rant, he plays centre mid. Why the F*** did we play him, just to get a cap?? I am getting sick of people like this and Frank playing just because their friends, parents, brothers, even cousins are people with influence.
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13/10/2007 19:25:00

GB was fab again. So proud of him. Only downer for me is worrying about how long it will take for Liverpool to start drooling over the partnership with Gerrard. Man U/Arsenal/Chelsea likely to start sniffing too?
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13/10/2007 19:27:00

Gareth is looking every inch the international player he should have been over the past four or five years. Not only doesn't he not look out of place, but he looks more assured and self-confident than players who have been performing in the international arena a lot longer. And now to Moscow.
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13/10/2007 19:32:00

AstonMartinO'Neill - My thoughts as well. Did OK, could have done better but then I thought Gerrard was so poor Barry played the middle himself! I think everyone overlooked that Owen & Shrek do not compliment each other.
Report Abuse
13/10/2007 19:36:00

GB is playing great now, but hasn't been amazing for the last five years at Villa, thats a bit of a myth, he was dragged down by O'Leary, but is just fulfilling his potential under O'Neill, which O'Neill was always going to bring out of him! GB should get forward more for England and SHOOT!!! Should he play this holding role more for Villa, he is definitely more attacking at Villa. Reo-Coker plays Barrys role for England at Villa. Lampard was booed for probably the same reason Petrov was booed the other day, it was a crap decision by the manager rather than booing the player himself... I admit I booed at Villa, not Petrov but the decision to bring him on...
Report Abuse
13/10/2007 20:07:00

One of the reasons no one cares about you lot any more is the fact that you are even more "has beens" than the Spuds...
Blue is the colour
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13/10/2007 20:44:00

Villan444 and the rest of you BOOing Phuckwits, when was the last time Barry scored 20+ goals in a season for your whinging usless lot? SUPER Frank does it every season for us. Thought IŽd give you muppets something to ponder while you desperately try to find a reason to celebrate, mugs.
Blue is the colour
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13/10/2007 20:47:00

I thought GB's first 20 mins were pretty uninspiring actually. He didn't seem to get involved in the game but can't really say that was anything other than a reflection on England's performance in general. I thought Gerrard looked a little out of sorts although looking lively. Rooney looks a distinctly average player to the one he was a few years ago. Apart from that chip that landed on the top netting he didn't contribute much (apart from goal)... Heskey involves owen more than rooney. I fail to see what bringing lampard on did for the team in the least, it should have been defoe... And agree totally about neville, he shouldn't even be in the squad.
Report Abuse
13/10/2007 21:11:00

Blue, you seem to have missed the point. Lumplard might be fantastic for Chelsea, but he is CRAP for England. Hope this clears things up (and talking of has beens.....)
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13/10/2007 21:44:00

how bitter is Blue is the colour?I have a vague recollection of Villa playing Chelsea only a few weeks ago,if only I could remember the result.Maybe Blue is the colour could remind us.
Report Abuse
13/10/2007 22:28:00

Seriously, must be deeply embarrassing losing a good manager after having been beaten by a bunch of has beens. Rumour has it fat frank is now deemed a disruptive force at chelski. Show a little class, the majority of your fellow supporters seem to manage it.
Report Abuse
13/10/2007 22:50:00

At club level I don't think there is a doubt about Lampards ability, he get's forward and he scores 20+ goals per season like Blue is the Colour says, however that is the problem. He plays a supporting striker role and we already have an overload of that position with Gerrard, Rooney is not an out and out striker and Joe Cole also likes to take the world on to get forward. Throw in SWP and that's a pretty attacking formation, which is where England get cut short. There's no one to track back, boss the gap between Rio and JT and watch for the runs. That is why we are starting to click as a National side. Barry is perfect for that role and even better - he has a point to prove as he's been in International exile for so many years under Sven. Personally I like Lampard as a player at club level, but he's not cutting the mustard at International, but then after today Gerrard isn't. I think Lampard not signing a contract to make him joint top earner at Chelski is not helping in SW6 either as he's a big influence on the team at a time the under fire Manager and just about everyone at the club needs 100%. I think Chelski should give him until Jan 1st to sign a new deal or Transfer List him and pay the doh to get a younger World Class replacement (not Barry!) Anyway back home in B6 let's go for Defoe in Jan and get rid of the Moody Donkey Marvelous Marlon to Wigan. We also need more depth in the squad please Randsta if we are to head for 5th or 6th place so get the American Express out please. UTV.
Report Abuse
14/10/2007 01:35:00

Not to be the only damp squib, but I think GB was not as his best last night - quite a few sloppy passes, and too much going short or sideways. Not too much of the incisive passing that got him so many plaudits going forward in the previous two games. I still think he had a decent game, but didn't quite show enough ambition for me.....he seemed to get caught up in the general lethargy of the game, and I agree with one of the other posts that he did a bit too much strolling.... Having said all that if the pundits are all still raving then that has to be good. I'm not a fan of Frank in an England shirt, and I think at the moment we shouldn't be arguing over whether Barry should play or not - I think if we are discussing Gerard and Frank, then the discussion should be which one of those 2 plays alongside Barry....!
Report Abuse
14/10/2007 05:30:00

""quite a few sloppy passes"" were you watching the same game as me Yatesy. His first half performance was exceptional. Second half it was all a little Pete Tong as the game was in the bag.
Report Abuse
14/10/2007 11:00:00

Let's not be too harsh on Blueisthecolour. England's history is littered with excellent club players who just did not perform for England. Le Tissier, John Barnes, Ian Wright, McManaman etc. Lampard is definitely in that category. Barry might not be as spectacular a club player as Lampard (but not by the distance BitC suggests), but there can be no doubt he suits international football much better.
Report Abuse
14/10/2007 11:47:00

Sorry Blueisthecolour but I was under the impression that club allegiances were put to one side when it comes to the national squad. Lampard is a good player, no doubt about it, but even Stevie Wonder can see that England have better shape and balance with Gareth in the team. It has been said by others but Stevie G and Lampard are too similair in style to complement each other but Barry blends with Gerrard perfectly. So put your blinkers to one side and get behind England, or would you rather they lose as long as Chelsea players get a game!!
Report Abuse
14/10/2007 12:13:00

fat frank only scores 20 goals a year as there is 2 players usually do his dirty work for him every time he plays in premiership eg.makelele and essien or mikel.also his goals 2 shots ratio must be something like 10 shots for every goal he scores and also again he is on pens 4 chelsea,surely this must get him 10 goals a year or thereabouts as referees usually scared of them eg. penalty against scousers start of season! lampard gave the ball away more in 20 minutes than barry has in 3 games 4 england,no joke as fat frank has 2 go 4 the glamorous 30 yard pass time and time again which you just do not have 2 do at international level as gareth shows.
Belfast Villain
Report Abuse
14/10/2007 12:28:00

Blue is the colour, where do we begin. You have truely shown yourself to be an absolute tunnel visioned Phuckwit (as you say.) As I said there is no problem with the pie monster at club level and I was booing Mclarens choice to bring on an extra midfielder when we could have pulverised them, but you can't play 11 forwards or attacking players just because they are better than the defenders. Balance is needed. SIMPLE. As soon as someone says anything slightly not agreeing with your ideas you don't read any further. Frank could do a good job but not in the same team as Gerrard who is better no argument. Mourinho wanted gerrard last year and if you had got him surely frank would not have started as many and he is loyal to Jose not the blues from what I hear. I bet when you were posting your comments you were singing "blue is the colour" at the top of your voice, red faced gurning like you were squeezing one out. Drooler.
Report Abuse
14/10/2007 12:58:00

I actually out of the 3 matches, he was the quietest today!! Didnt set a goal up which is unusual for bazza. Still, i'm complaining. This man is a great credit to the club. Very proud moment for AVFC, having engerlands star man. Im sure i aint the only one who plays every pass, makes every tackle and puts in every cross with Bazza? Its so hard not to ge excited lol
Report Abuse
14/10/2007 13:06:00

Lampard is ridiculously overrated. For someone who plays for Chelsea, with Essien and Makelele winning the ball for him, he is bound to get the ball in forward areas a lot. The fact that every time he gets within 30yards of goal he shoots like the greedy t*** he is, it's no real suprise he scores over 20 a season. The guy is half the player of Gerrard at club level, and as far as England goes, he's clearly not used to the fact that he can't shoot on sight. Barry deserves the centre midfield spot, due to the fact that since he's been in there, he's produced 3 performances that Lamps could only dream of. Stop giving the guy the credit he isn't worthy of.
Report Abuse
14/10/2007 13:13:00

yes well. considering the number of goals Lampard has scored for England and how important he is to one of the top sides in the Premiership, excuse me if I suggest your comment about him being overated is implausible. the problem England have is that they are so short of naturally left sided players and as we have been saying for years Barry solves that problem. Yesterday again he showed just how good he can be. His nig test will be how he deals with the pressure he will get in Russia, my one fear for him is he can sometimes bottle it, but I'm hoping his form is so good he won't
Report Abuse
14/10/2007 16:17:00

Great performance by Barry and he should retain his position in midfield. If Lamplard gets in it would be a travesty.
Report Abuse
14/10/2007 20:32:00

Up the Villa, and well done Mr Barry. We're very proud of you, and have consistently told our collegues, friends and even strangers in the pub that you should be wearing the England shirt for a long, long time. Love your biggest fans (Villa boys).
Report Abuse
14/10/2007 21:59:00

blue is the colour, obviously still gutted that we made your lot look like a sunday league team? win the champions league, your having a laugh!
Report Abuse
15/10/2007 08:28:00


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