Aston Villa - Martin Jol Isn't Rubbish Shocker!
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Martin Jol Isn't Rubbish Shocker!

1) Martin Jol is basically rubbish isn't he? Would you swap managers given the choice (we aren't giving you the choice by the way!)

N7Teen: If you define turning a team who had performed well below expectations for many years into a half-decent cup side combined with back-to-back fifth place Premier League finishes, then yes he must be rubbish. But would I swap Jol for O'Neill? No chance. As BMJ himself has said this week, there's no-one out there who could do a better job. We just need to give the man time.

matt..shelfsidespurs No I wouldn't although I do like MO'N, Big Martin Jol is the man for us. Not a great start we all can see that, but what the bloke has done for the club in 3 years is nothing short of a miracle. From mediocre mid table team to a top 5 team competing on all fronts.

2) Spurs, a yo-yo team or just off to a bad start?

N7Teen:Last season we made it to a semi-final (pushing the second leg to extra time), two quarter-finals (one of which went to a replay) and finished fifth in the Premier League for the second successive season. Not a bad return for the season really, and where were we after seven league matches last year? Struggling with a tally of just seven points. OK that's slightly better than where we currently are, but if we beat you on Monday we'll be in exactly the same position as we were last season with eight points from our first eight games. So yes, a bad start, but not unrecoverable.

matt..shelfsidespurs Just a bad start, cant call us a yo-yo team like I say we've only ever know mid table in the Premier League until 2 years ago!!

3) Why doesn't Jermain Defoe get a look in, he looks a quality striker when he gets a run in the team from an outsiders point of view. If you won't use him, we'll have him in January if you don't mind!

N7Teen:That's the thing about big clubs, we need a squad that includes four quality strikers - so I hope we can keep hold of JD, Berba, Keano and Bent in January. Defoe might be having a frustrating time of things at the moment, but within a few weeks I think it is inevitable that injuries and suspensions will kick in. He'll get his chances as he is a quality finisher with decent pace and tremendous balance. I actually think he's third in the pecking order - Berba is just class and Keano brings so much more than just goals. If Defoe keeps working hard and taking his chances in the cups (like he did against the Cypriots last week) bent could be the one who struggles.

matt..shelfsidespurs No you cant have him, he is part of the fantastic four (although Bale is our top scorer this season). The fans showed on Weds that we all want him to play, but he went off for Keane and Keane set up Bale....that's why BMJ is the manager and not the 35,000 in the blue and white plastic chairs at WHL!!

4) Just re-checking, Martin Jol, he is rubbish isn't he??!?!! ;-) No, seriously, do you think he'll last and do the fans want him to stay?

N7Teen:The majority of fans want him to stay, but his supporter base does seem to be declining slightly which is an awful shame. There are few yids who are more pro-Jol than me, but even I will admit, that like all humans, he isn't perfect. Unfortunately it seems that the board continues to make his position difficult and as much as I'd like to think differently, I can't see him being here this time next year.

matt..shelfsidespurs The fans in general love him....especially at the games. On here people seem to be split but at WHL and when we go away the fans are chanting his name more than anyone else's....'altogether now, I LOVER MARTIN JOL, MARTIN JOL LOVES ME'.

5) Do you really think Spurs should and can be a top five team and do you rate Villa as a similar sized club or are you going to come out with the London boys, Billy big balls answer that you are massive and anything north of Watford is rubbish?!

N7Teen:Spurs are certainly a top five team from my perspective, and I believe that by the end of the season we'll either finish in the top five, or pretty close to it with a cup win instead. As for Villa, I think they're in the next tier down - above average and with the potential to finish a lot higher, but a few years behind Spurs. O'Neill is a great manager - I had expected you to finish in the top half last season but you just missed out. I know you were dumped out of the League Cup at home this week, but give it time though. I think with O'Neill in charge you'll continue to improve year on year.

matt..shelfsidespurs We are the 5th team in the top 5 although results this season have not showed that yet. We'll be back up there by end of November...ok that might sound a while away but England games take a week out and we have tough trips away to Liverpool and the Barcodes. You'll do alright this year, Reo-Coker, Barry, Young and Agbongly are all good players and with Carson between the sticks you've now got a decent 'keeper.

6) Just wanted to ask what it feels like to be 18th, such a long time since a club the size of Villa have been troubled by such a position (cough cough!)

N7Teen:Hmmm, it doesn't feel good but it's still early in the season. Next question please!

matt..shelfsidespurs Not I say we'll be back up there with the big boys soon competing where we should be.

7) Given your awful start, where do you think Spurs will end up this year and do you fancy yourselves for a cup run?

N7Teen:As long as the board shut up and let Jol get on with his job without the whispering campaign, I reckon we'll finish sixth with a decent cup run - maybe a final, a semi-final, and a quarter-final (in three different cups obviously). I hope I'm not confusing you by talking about multiple cup competitions by the way!

matt..shelfsidespurs We'll be top 6, the league is going to be harder this year because a lot of teams have not only improved their team but squads...much like yourselves (But why did you buy Harewood?????) but we have the strength in depth to get us back there and with Blackpool in the CC at home we should at least get to the quarters in

8) If you could have one of our players (and I'll make it tougher for you saying you can't go for Barry because he is the obvious answer to your midfield problems) who would you have and who would you send in the opposite direction?

N7Teen:A tough question. After Barry I'd probably go for Young or Agbonlahor (although we don't need anymore strikers just yet). Who would I get rid of? Hossam Ghaly without a doubt. In fact, I'd pay you to take him off our hands.

matt..shelfsidespurs I'd quite happily give you Ghaly or Gardner....sorry but there just not good enough. Not saying they would be for you either but saves our wages!! I would probably take Reo-Coker, now I'll get slated for that because a lot of Spurs supporters give him stick but I rate him and think you bought a decent player there. (Ashley Young would be a good player for us as well).

9) Just how rubbish is Martin Jol? ;o))

N7Teen:Ask me again at the end of the season... and we'll see who's laughing then.

matt..shelfsidespurs Ask him yourself, but I'll give you this piece of advice. Watch some clips of him celebrating with Chrissy Hughton or Hans Segars and see how he can bear hug two men at one go. Say something that he don't like the Dutch Godfather might have to send you down the river! lol

10) What is your prediction for the game?

N7Teen:Well you guys will be up for it after losing at home in the cup to a lower league East Midlands club (sorry - couldn't resist reminding you), but we need to get our league campaign back on track sooner rather than later - so I think it will be a tight affair. The fact that in the last few years we've done pretty well at home (especially against you), you seem to have struggled on your travels this season, and it'll be our 125th birthday celebration means I reckon Spurs will win 2-1.

matt..shelfsidespurs Think it will be a good game, no doubt you'll stick men behind the ball for long(ish)periods of the game and try hit us on the counter with your pace. But its our 125th anniversary night and no doubt we (the fans) will be doing everything we can to carry the lads to victory......don't be party poopers and give us the points!!

Just want to say good luck but hopefully we can win and make Sir Billy Nic a proud man looking over WHL on Monday night. COYS!!!

With thanks to the Spurs lads for an entertaining interview. Sadly they didn't have any questions for me! :o(

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday September 30 2007

Time: 11:27AM

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"Why doesn't Jermain Defoe get a look in?" "That's the thing about big clubs, we need a squad that includes four quality strikers - so I hope we can keep hold of JD, Berba, Keano and Bent in January" A natural born comic!! Big club my a***. I lost interest after that quip and didn't read anymore.
still skeggy
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30/09/2007 11:31:00

Ouch, like the dig about multiple cups, made me laugh that, well when I say laugh, I really mean it made me hit my head against a wall until it bled then cried for an hour.
The Fear
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30/09/2007 11:33:00

My interview with Harry Hotspur! Click Here
The Fear
Report Abuse
30/09/2007 11:39:00

Yeah much more realistic Mister Fear.
still skeggy
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30/09/2007 11:42:00

Vital Spurs is the single biggest forum for Jol haters on the net. Generally speaking its a forum for half baked ideas from half wits! I think you are the ones the DM article are referring to as the moronocracy.
Report Abuse
30/09/2007 11:56:00

That MattSSS comes out with some good answers doestn't he!! Sorry The Fear, if I knew you wanted questions I could of asked them. I have seen the interview on Harry Hotspur, like I say good luck for the season because I appreciate the fact that your team has an english nucleus (Carson, Barry, Reo-Coker, Young, Agbonglahor, Davies) much like ours and hope you do well. Just we need the win more than you on Monday with it being our Birthday so roll over for us will you.
Report Abuse
30/09/2007 12:22:00

the most deluded answers I have ever read! Another classic proof why there is no reasoning with spuds fans. Top 5 and a cup run/final/trophy?!?! Hope you get a result.
Report Abuse
30/09/2007 12:43:00

come on, i just bet 10 bucks on aston villa beating spurs and another 10 for villa to win by more than 1 goal...make me a happy man, make the league a better place. beat those wimps from ***** fart lane
Report Abuse
30/09/2007 12:52:00

Talking of Moronocracy its the gooners!
Report Abuse
30/09/2007 12:56:00

Glad to see your all such a happy nice bunch of lads, at least JP Fear seems a decent bloke
Report Abuse
30/09/2007 12:57:00

love question 5). haha. nothing like some leading questioning. ps. please say villa are a big club to go on. haha
Report Abuse
30/09/2007 13:04:00

i always get the midland clubs all muddled up anyway. all very samey and dull. much like the area. i thought Birmingham was a thriving metropolis? so why the need to be so envious of London? money, employment and culture arent everything. cheer up, you have frank skinner.
Report Abuse
30/09/2007 13:07:00

We also have a European Cup!
Report Abuse
30/09/2007 13:59:00

Skinner is a talentless WBA fan. Tottenham is a dump, all the roads are like car parks and althouh the inside of WHL is O.K. the direct vicinity is not exactly Wall Street you drooler.
Report Abuse
30/09/2007 14:20:00

Tottenham is a toilet granted, but it's only one of several unpleasant districts in a massive capital city that is on the whole, pretty fab. The ENTIRE midlands is grim grim grim....... MattSSS, your so deeply embedded up The Fear's botty mate, we can only just see the soles of your feet!
Report Abuse
30/09/2007 14:58:00

oh, west london is wonderful
Report Abuse
30/09/2007 16:39:00

Q1: swap MJ for MoN - anyday. Q2: Bad start, but not a yoyo team...yoyos come back up. Q3: I agree, a BIG club needs 4 strikers...shame you arnt a big club though aint it...if villa dont nab him, can we? Q4: Vital spurs fans dont like him...but i think the rest do. Q5: no, there are "top 4" teams - but no "top 5". After the top 4, there are about 6or7 teams going for the next few places. vill included. Q6: to quote Nelson from the simpsons "HA HA"... Q7: Europe...just...maybe through intertoto. could be wrong though - it will be very tight. Q8: abonglahor, ashley young - we need a forward! 9: with it. 10: Close game, one team will snatch it. Spurs with all the pressure, but villa breaking away well. 1-1.
Report Abuse
30/09/2007 18:19:00

sorry, couldnt resist answering the questions. Good luck villa this season - just so long as you finsih below us, and loose to us, i dont mind what you do. so that leaves you...19 places to finsih in then, and you should maje europe ;-)
Report Abuse
30/09/2007 18:21:00

Swap MJ FOR MoN? Ha Ha! Granted MJ is currently an embarassment cause he didn't sort out the problems (poor defence) when he had the chance last season and now his midfield choices are undermining our strikers as well. But we want to go up, not stagnate, and though MoN is not a bad manager for you, he just looks and sounds worse than MJ and there is no way our players would accept him.
Pork Pies Are God
Report Abuse
30/09/2007 18:40:00

playors respect MoN as much as HR - which is a lot. Without bying new playors, he turned aston villa around last season, this season, i wouldnt be surprised if they actually move up the table (rather than just looking like they would move up the table as last season). Sorry PPAG - MJ just aint a good manager (in my opinion)
Report Abuse
30/09/2007 20:25:00

Shackle Keane (if Jolly picks him) and Villa have a chance, I still dont think Jol knows his best team he seem to switch thing around maybe if he played all four strikers they may beat the opposition but conceded a few on the way.
Report Abuse
01/10/2007 07:17:00

Jeez guys, chill out, its footie, its fun. Oh, and we'll win!
The Fear
Report Abuse
01/10/2007 08:30:00

one of the best i have read for a while mr fear, comical, the lads from spurs gave as good as they got aswell. will be a good game, i fancy barry getting on the score sheet to night.
Report Abuse
01/10/2007 10:05:00

Spurs will come good in the end, but after weve beat them tonight. Jol is maybe one game away from the sack?? I would take MON over Jol any day. i think he's done a good job for spurs but at a massive cost, if MON had spent 16m on a striker who spends his time warming the bench we would all be asking why (but then again MON did spend 4m on Harewood to do that job........ BARGIN) I'm going to stick my neck out and say Villa to win by one goal, as long as we keep Keane quiet as he always does well against us (another *****up by Ellis!) UTV
Report Abuse
01/10/2007 11:09:00

I Think You'll Stuff em'......................
Report Abuse
01/10/2007 11:50:00

good luck villa but spurs gonna win 2 1, good q&a session tho
Report Abuse
01/10/2007 12:17:00

Hahahahaa lol "how rubbish is martin jol" repetition is annoying on their part, funny on ours.
Report Abuse
01/10/2007 12:31:00

God I hate Spurs fans! How can they sit there so confident of a top 6 finish when they are sitting in 18th place is beyond me. Hope we stuff them tonight!
Report Abuse
01/10/2007 14:31:00

Spurs will come back and be challenging for the uefa cup spots, I don't think they are guaranteed 5th but they will be fighting for it. I just hope that we are one of the other teams in that battle. I really think we could win but a draw prob 1-1 is more likely.
Report Abuse
01/10/2007 16:24:00

Mj looks like mutley
Report Abuse
01/10/2007 18:02:00

morkey his sounds like Mutly too he he he he
Report Abuse
01/10/2007 21:12:00

I dont think JOL is too bad a boss, but then again I aint a Spurzzz fan watching 'em week in/week out. Given time he'll turn this season around for them, but the big question of course is will he be given that time?
Report Abuse
02/10/2007 18:45:00

Changed my tune. Drinking with three Spurs fans after the game on Monday night, they assured us that the majority of Spurs fans want him out. They said that he was a poor coach, had his favourites (what manager doesn't?), and that he'd wasted cash. None of the three either could understand his reluctance to start Defoe instead of Keane (now that did surprise me).
Report Abuse
04/10/2007 19:06:00


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