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Are You A Villa Realist?

Having read the fall out following Leicester City unceremoniously dumping us out of the Carling Cup I have been wondering what the motives are for some of the reactions on the threads. I don’t mean the reactions from fans venting their frustration and disappointment, which is totally understandable given we were playing a bottom 4 side in the Championship and were unable to muster up a goal. No I mean the reactions from certain sections that seem unable to accept the criticism that has been rightly aimed at the manager and players following this dismal result.

I for one have a balanced view and will criticise when things go wrong and will aim praise at the Club when I am satisfied, after all I pay my money so I’m surely entitled to my opinion? However, some seem to think that because you have an opinion which questions what went wrong then this is indeed a negative and you should shut up and get on with it. “Move on,” “get over it,” “get a grip,” “a win is the same as a loss” are some of the common things we are told.

Unfortunately football isn’t that simple. Supporters don’t go to stadiums watch games and then go home with no emotion. It is all about debate, questioning decisions and living the experience. I paid my money on Wednesday and sat, freezing my nads off, watching one of the worst performances in years. It was disjointed and directionless and until we went a goal down, passionless. I think that alone gives me a good reason to have my say, good or bad.

Some may say we had no chance of wining the competition but now we’ll never know because we threw away the chance to progress to the next round and compete for silverware without giving up much of a fight. I don’t run with the idea that it’ll be a top 4 team that wins it as I have faith in my team and always believe they can win each game. Maybe that is a failing on my part but as a supporter of a football club when you give up believing you can win games it is time you should give up supporting your club.

I’ve heard muting that MON isn’t the man for the job and that he should be sacked. I think that is utter rubbish but unfortunately there are people out there that think because you are disappointed over a result and question why so many changes were made to a winning team and players played out of position that you are anti O’Neill. Why people should think this is beyond me. I know there are eternal optimists out there but I didn’t realise they would go to the extent of trying to gloss over this defeat when even the manager and players have admitted this was a bad day at the office and mistakes were made by all so lets not try and make excuses for them.

Maybe these are the same liberal minded people who want to wrap everyone up in cotton wool so they don’t get hurt wiping their own arses or have campaigned to stopped school sports days because they can’t see children lose as it will mentally unbalance them for life. Unfortunately life isn’t like that. Life is a battle and one of the best ways to move on and get on in life is to take on board criticism and learn from your mistakes. Hopefully O’Neill and the players have now learnt from this mistake and can go on and push us further up the table. For O’Neill he has self confessed to making this mistake before so let’s hope for our Club it is the last time, but with all humans it won’t be because believe it or not O’Neill is human too!!

I’m sure, as we’ve all been told to do, we will move on in time and come 20.00 on Monday we’ll all be sat at White Hart Lane (or in front of our sky TV’s) cheering on the lads again, willing a win and whatever the result fans from both sides will spend the next week debating the outcome, the decisions, the highs and the lows. We don’t want to lose that from our lives so let’s accept it and enjoy it, not try and stop it. As the great Shankly said “Some may think that football is more important than life and death but we all know it’s more important than that.” Sums it up nicely for me, so let’s not lose that passion amongst us or try and suppress it. So let’s all sit down, have our say, and respect each others opinions.

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The Journalist

Writer: Hoss The Villain Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday September 28 2007

Time: 1:04PM

Your Comments

Nice article, well written, I am always optimistic and definately always think we can win, thats why when we loose its hurts untill i get mind numbingly *****ed hehe, well on a saturday kick off anyways : )
wow, the starts could be anything, I assume people get the idea : )
I think I get the general drift of the stars/starts!
The Fear
I think as Aston Villa supporters we should look more at the name, we back the club. We support the decisions of the people in charge. We can finally do that, we are not saying Lerner out as we were with Ellis. He is the man who makes the decision on the manager we have an imput of course but I think we have to give him time. If you look at most of the clubs that have achieved or over achieved managers have had a long tenure, look at UTD, Arsenal, Liverpool and the likes of Bolton, Reading, Everton. Look at the large clubs who continually underperform who change managers Newcastle, Spurs, Villa. My point is that if we like MON (which I do) perhaps we could be critics, but asking for his head is a little much. Lets be supporters!
NY Villa
I expect a performance on Monday. Get the spurs fans on the homs teams abck from the start. We can take them.
i think spurs are there for the taking. Maybe i am an optimist, but they're still very shaky at the back and there's a lot of uncertainty around their management at the moment. As long as we don't underperform again i believe we're good for a point at least, and probably a win.
The Usual Suspect
There is a phrase, "don't let the highs get too high and don't let the lows get too low." I think the "liberal minded, arse-wiping" crowd you refer to are simply trying to tell those who scream "Oneill Out!" after every loss that losses will happen. We should vent, have a beer, kick the dog/cat/canary, and then move on. It is extremely annoying to lose when your team is capable of better, BUT, at least we now have a manager and a set of players who give a crap and are willing to stand up and be counted...... O'Leary, after last night would be calling the fans fickle, blaming the referee and deflecting all attention away from himself. MON has said, "I ****ed up, I'm not comfortable with squad rotation, but I trusted the players to get the job done. - my fault." If we had kept our same starting 11 from Sunday on the pitch Wednesday, regardless of the result, there would be those on this forum demanding why Maloney, Osborne etc. weren't getting a fair chance.......
There is a fine line between "realist" and "pessimist."
I accept the criticism, just not the overwhelming slice of fantasy depression mooted by some 'contributors'. p.s. well said GMVILLAIN.
A very well written article Hoss The Villain, you raise some good questions, and make some very valid points. I think that right now we Villans are a strange lot. We're a different breed anyhow, supporters of the greatest club in the land, and we're always both surprised and annoyed that the supporters of other clubs cant fully grasp that fact. But right now, at this current place in time, we are particularly wierd. We are all on one hand completely welcoming and highly receptive to our saviour, Mr Randy Lerner, and of course his new board, and we're all, at least most of us are, still tingling at the very thought that the great Mr Martin O'Neill, should step out from the wilderness, to take charge at the helm, and with his management team, lead us straight into the promised land of progress and success, winning trophy upon trophy. On the other hand, we feel the need to speak out againsat set-backs or let-downs, failings or concerns, yet we feel somewhat guilty if we do so, not wanting to upset the relatively new regime, while also knowing that our speaking out will be viewed by some as treason, supporters who view Mr Lerner and/or MON beyond reproach. We cant seem to find that middle ground. Again, most of us are delighted at the progress made on and off the pitch since the arrival of Messrs Lerner and O'Neill, yet we also because of our love for this great club, are concerned when things dont go according to plan, or appear to us to be wrong. What we witnessed the other evening was to all intents and purposes not acceptable. I personally couldn't believe, and refuse to accept, that the team put out there by MON, with the brief to see off a stuggling Championship side and progress to the next round of the League Cup, should fail so miserably. I was disappointed, annoyed, frustrated and angry. I got home beat the wife, and would have kicked the cat too if we had one. The result ruined my Thursday, and even this evening (Friday) I'm still attempting to come to terms with the fact we're out the Cup. Come Monday night though will I be at Tottenham? Of course I will. This is the club I/we love, the club that are such an important part of our lives. We celebrate victory over Chelsea as if we've won the World Cup, we come on here singing the team's praises, we suffer defeat against Leicester as if a close friend has died, and come on here berating MON, the team, and everything to do with AVFC. But that's what we are. We're passionate to the extreme, and long may that continue. We'll sing and dance when we win, we'll cry a river when we lose. At the end of the day though, each and every one of us are united in one thing. We're all Villans, and all on the same side. We all have to learn to accept and appreciate, the multitude of views and feelings that are expressed by our fellow Vital Villa members. Come On You Lions!!
Here here to all of the above.
Adam Deuce
Man - find a bridge and get over it. Bad performance, worse result. It's over, bring on spurs. End of yawn.
Maybe we expected too much playing against a lower league club, possibly we think we have a devine right to walk these matches scoring freely as we go. Its another reality check for the faithful but we have to bounce back from it. Beat Chelsea and lose to Man City, beat Everton and lose to the Foxes. Takes some getting used to but I look fwd to the day when Villa would win all four matches.
At the end of the day we should be beating teams like Leicester quite comfortably and when we dont questions are quite rightly asked!
It would not have been so bad had they had to rejigg their team for Injuries.
Well said Deano. Disagree myleftfoot. Your opinion I know, but questions need to be asked. You cant just overlook that type of performance. Were you there?

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