Aston Villa - Shaun Maloney - Get A Grip Lad
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Shaun Maloney - Get A Grip Lad

Well I must admit this headline in the Sunday Mail, 'Maloney - My Villa Hell' doesn't make for good reading today.

It appears the press in Scotland just will not give up on the story and Shaun is only too happy to fan the flames. Fair enough the lad can't help the headlines which are done to attract readers but for goodness sake, grow a pair and get a hold on reality!

Maloney was instrumental in the goal for Scotland yesterday and then told the press:

'All I want is to play regular football and be happy. In the past year my football has stagnated, maybe even gone backwards. Perhaps in the past season, for a variety of reasons, I haven't given it my best shot. It seems a long time ago I was Scotland's Player of the Year. In my final few months at Celtic I was negotiating a new contract and now regret the way I handled those talks. There's no doubt it had a negative effect on my game.'

He added in the Scottish paper that he didn't move just for money, he also thought it would be good to test himself at a 'higher standard' something that is bound to alienate himself even more from the Celtic fans he so offended when he left.

On a more positive note he says, 'I give 100 per cent for Villa and it's disrespectful for me to talk about other clubs or too many other details. I am pretty committed to Villa and just want to get into the team. I was confused about my situation last month (during the transfer window) and didn't know what was going on. Now I can't blame anybody else. I've made my bed and have to lie in it.'

Oh dear, how sad. He has to lie in his bed. FFS, this young man (24, so old enough to be able to grow up and not whinge about being away from home) is on £20 000 and playing at a great club in a great league. My heart bleeds for him.

He says now the transfer window is over he'll have to be at Villa 'for the foreseeable future and have to get on with it.'

And this will really please Martin O'Neill: 'I spoke to the boss about my situation before the transfer window closed and he told me to stay, get my head down and work hard. I also spoke to him during pre-season and told him I hadn't settled as well as I could have. It was maybe unfair the manager had to come out and speak about me being homesick. In many ways I haven't helped myself. I need to find a proper place to live as I'm in a serviced apartment just now. Almost everyone at Villa has been really nice and the fans have been so understanding. I haven't been a success in England and maybe I need to give it a decent amount of time to see if I can change that.'

'It was nice to score the winner against Fulham recently then two goals against Wrexham in the League Cup. But it wasn't enough to get me a game against Chelsea last week. The manager tends to stick with tried and tested players. I need to become one of them. I found myself in a similar position at Celtic a few years ago but it was a bit easier to take as I was younger.'

Grow up lad, get a grip, take your chances and become a Villa hero.

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday September 9 2007

Time: 2:18PM

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Kick his arse out now,7-8 mil min and if we dont get offered that he can stay on the bench we didn't need him on Sunday.
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09/09/2007 14:35:00

Whinging bast*rd, a few more shots and a few less stepovers and he might become a realistic starter but at the moment he seems like a luxury player, his attitude aint helping, he needs to accept that he is always going to be more effective from the bench, especially in the prem when you need a robust team to see you through the 1st 60 minutes, THEN if you have them on the rack you can bring on another flair player to really stretch it.
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09/09/2007 14:36:00

He simply needs to grow up and be more realistic.
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09/09/2007 14:37:00

"i am pretty commited to Vill" WHAT! I want 100% commitment. let him go back to Scotland.
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09/09/2007 14:43:00

This is not acceptable behavior from a professional we dont need him.
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09/09/2007 14:43:00

the idiot doesnt know what he wants......ive got no sympathy for him....keep the faith
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09/09/2007 14:47:00

What a shame. Most fans had really taken to him and seen what he was capable of, this really will have done him no favours. He'll be gone in summer, no doubt.
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09/09/2007 15:14:00

The summer? That long?!?
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09/09/2007 15:27:00

I've seen him talk live after the Liyjuania match on SSN website and I think the lad is a bit thick to be honest. Obviously joined Villa with eyes wide SHUT. Neeeds to get over the shock of not being a first team reg and knuckle the **** down. Come on Shaun, you can do it.
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09/09/2007 16:07:00

I think Maloney is potentially a very good player, but is not worth a current 1st XI place, although a definite threat from the bench. I really do want him to stay . You need two quality players in each position, and he is in contention with Ashley Young in my view. Injuries and suspensions willgive him his chance, but he is acting like a spoilt little chid at the moment. I hope he dosn't alienate himself from the fans. If he does go back to the easy life we must demand top money for him, like Albion do. The basis message is GROW UP and GET ON WITH IT.
Report Abuse
09/09/2007 16:22:00

He really needs to grow up. He seems to think that he is a 17 year-old kid, when in fact he should be a 24 year-old man. Its about time he began acting like a man, knuckled down and got on with the job at hand. If he gets into the team and plays well he may well get that move back to Celtic. Every Villa fan I have spoken to wants to support him but when he talks this crap he isn't helping himself. Firstly he needs to buy a house in the area, this will give him a base and he will then start to fit in.
Report Abuse
09/09/2007 16:48:00

Bad attitude but what can you expect when he has consistently come behind Petrov. I know who I'd rather play and who would give us that creative flair in MF that Petrov is supposed to.
Villain Of The North
Report Abuse
09/09/2007 17:22:00

Enough already! This is now way past a joke. I'm fast losing patience with the guy and his homesick blues. Maybe he's being quoted out of context, although somehow I doubt that very much. Time methinks for MON to have a word in his ear, telling him to button his mouth, and that talking about all things AVFC when he is away on international duty is strictly taboo. He claims to be homesick, and he's what, a four hour drive away from Glasgow. Jeez, get a life Maloney, quit whining, and for heavens sake grow-up.
Report Abuse
09/09/2007 17:31:00

Unbelievable. He looks like a great prospect but this attitude is ridiculous. Grow up boy.
Adam Deuce
Report Abuse
09/09/2007 18:27:00

Ha! maybe he and Petrov could shack up might help them settle down better.
Report Abuse
09/09/2007 18:38:00

He'll get his chance sooner or later, its up to him to take him. His form seems good at the moment and can create goals. I reckon he should on the right against city. Gabby up front he's way more dangerous there.
Report Abuse
09/09/2007 19:40:00

ha, what a handbag ...
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10/09/2007 05:58:00

My brother-in-law has recently returned from a six month stint in Basra. He left his wife and two kids behind and had every reason to be homesick. He didn't complain as when he joined up this was always a possibility and what he is paid for. Shaun you are in a privelidged position, you are now a wealthy young man. Grow up and take responsibility for yourself and grow some balls and maybe you will stand more of a chance of getting in the team on a regular basis. We want to support you but there is a limit...........
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10/09/2007 09:21:00

Report Abuse
10/09/2007 09:23:00

Who does he suggest we drop to allow him first team football? This is the issue. Circumstance will dictate Maloney's selection. I believe that Maloney wasn't selected for the Chelsea game because he hasn't got the mental toughness required to get a result against a top 4 team. I also believe that Gardner should have come on against Chelsea instead of Petrov.
Report Abuse
10/09/2007 09:48:00

"pretty committed" What a *****! Jog on Maloney, Gabi and Moore make you look 5hit anyhow!
Report Abuse
10/09/2007 10:43:00

should we have a poll do you think. Now we have no Hendrie, Hughes, Davies, McCann, Samuel, and Ridgewell who is your favourite to be the next Villa fan boo boy. Petrov, Sorensen or Maloney ?
Report Abuse
10/09/2007 13:36:00

Another poll we could have would be "Is O'Neill the man motivator you expected."
Report Abuse
10/09/2007 13:38:00

Who cares......does he think he's better than Ashley Young ? he must do if he thinks he deserves to be in the starting X1.......answer : no Shaun you are not, get working in training and prove it son, or move on back to the mickey mouse league where you can start against Famous Grouse Utd or whoever.....
Report Abuse
10/09/2007 14:35:00

and motivator ? Maloney is like a little kid not a man, missing home, can't settle.....**** me he's on 20k+ a week and he can't find a house to settle into !!! sounds like he is an attention seeking little p*** can't motivate people like that....too wrapped up in himself....
Report Abuse
10/09/2007 14:39:00

I dont know why there are people saying he needs to prove himself he needs to be left to rot in the reserves.
Report Abuse
10/09/2007 14:40:00

Fine Him every week till his attitude changes He must be able to get iron brew in the midlands He wonders why he cannot get in the team
Report Abuse
10/09/2007 14:48:00

He does look like the fat boring bearded one in the likely lads
Report Abuse
10/09/2007 14:49:00

Nice one 48. We are having a debate on Maloney and you fail to mention Maloney, so instead talk about M'ON? What is that all about? And I still think that bloke who said you were part of the 'Knob Squad' is wrong. I think you're a very, very nice man? Plus you have the emails to prove it, so I must be right.
Report Abuse
10/09/2007 15:34:00

Large Dunmmy found at Villa Park I beleive that David Underware(Ladies) is also making a claim he did not know hor far it was to VP Joking aside we do not need anyone else from Celtic they are all wingers feeling sorry for themselves
Report Abuse
10/09/2007 15:51:00

If we had a massive squad I would say sack him off. But as we dont we need to stay behind him. We dont want booing as it is so good with everyone pushing in the same way at the moment. Lets be considerate and put it down to experience.
Report Abuse
10/09/2007 17:14:00

Good point. Well made tylergolf. And I think that is perfectly reasonable argument about goals scored as well 48. So as Cameron Jerome at the Dildo Salesmen is the top scoring English striker in the Premier League at the moment with 2 goals, I believe you are starting the campaign to get him a late call up for the Russia game? Your logic as always has bigger holes than my wifes chuff ... and that is a big as a hippos yawn.
Report Abuse
10/09/2007 17:25:00

Young didn't play against the mighty Wrexham 48, but I'm sure he'd have slotted one in somewhere had he played. Moore was very unlucky not to score against Chelsea last week and is looking sharper already. So to compare who's scored when and where so early into the season is just plain stupid. Maloney is a selfish player, Young and Moore aren't, they do this little trick called 'assist'......Maloney seems to be a whinging t**t, like some other people I've come across lately....
Report Abuse
10/09/2007 17:40:00

If he wants away then let him return to a league where two teams fight year in year out for a meaningless title.
Report Abuse
10/09/2007 19:21:00

Shaun Maloney reminds me in a lot of ways of Chelsea's Joe Cole, both appearance-wise, and more importantly the way he plays. It will be sad to lose him back to Scottish football with so much of his undoubted potential unfulfilled, but its pretty obvious now that MON cant allow this 'want away' whining to continue on a week to week basis.
Report Abuse
10/09/2007 21:00:00

Loan him out to Wycombe - just an idea. See the KNOB SQUAD cheer leader is making his insightful comments. Just quietly, I think AVFC48 is in fact Martin O'Neill.
Report Abuse
10/09/2007 23:08:00

the celtic fans do not want him back we see him as a judas who betrayed us after we kept him on the books through countless injuries he *****in shamed himself when he left just to go to his uncle martinno offence to o'neil but it was strachan who gave him his first real run in the team
Report Abuse
11/09/2007 01:13:00

maloney needs to pull his finger out and stop being quoted in press north and south of the border. he is just going to alienate himself from the villa fans like he did the celtic fans - and it would be a shame because he is a good player. has anyone got a sister we could set him up with to get him settled down here????
Report Abuse
11/09/2007 08:51:00

dont forget he didnt write the headline - my villa hell, some ***** stiring journo did.
Report Abuse
11/09/2007 08:53:00

I can't help but notice the negative KNOB SQUAD are jumping up and down with glee over this meaningless drival from a wee Scots ******** who doesn't know when he has it good.
Report Abuse
11/09/2007 08:55:00

He comes across as relatively shy individual, and that part of his make-up will no doubt make it difficult for him to settle in, integrate, and make new friends.
Report Abuse
29/09/2007 16:58:00


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