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An Angry Villa Voice

JF. Submitted earlier, been in two minds whether to post it, but to be fair, this isn't just my site, it is a site for everyone of all opinions. What I would love is for someone with a positive view to submit something every now and then though. Anyway, over to crawling king snake and his venom

I've noticed some fans on this and other Villa sites consider Martin O'Neill beyond reproach and give him a media led messiah status.

All I can say in my first submission to this site is O'Neill in this transfer window has blown it and with it any chance Villa had of qualifying for Europe this season.

For those that jump up and down screaming heresy please explain what exactly he has done apart from make promises he has been unable to deliver all summer long?

We'll sign players in before pre-season training. Result? Zero players came.
We'll sign players before the pre-season tour. Result? Zero players came in.
We'll sign players before the season starts. Result? No keeper on the bench and no right-back on the bench.
We'll sign players before the Liverpool game. Result? We paid over the odds for the player that was one of two players who West Ham fans blamed for their awful season. That was bad enough, but then we go and buy the other one, namely Marlon Harewood, the scorer of 3 goals last season. Quality? Do me a favour, he belongs in the Championship not the promised Champions League and yes I have seen him in training and he is rank.
Last season the excuse was that the squad was too small and that it had to be added to in the summer. Result? We sell Steven Davis, a player twice the man of Martin O'Neill purchase Stilian Petrov who is the biggest flop in our history and yet he is still played week in and week out.

He also promises there are loads of goals in this team. Where? John Carew would fail to score in a brothel on his current form and the best striker we have sits on the bench with the second best homesick.

We have a keeper on loan which is something that does not befit a big club trying to build a squad for the future. All it has done is put the two keepers we have backs up and got us a player we are paying big money to improve on behalf of Liverpool. How does that get us anywhere, please messiah worshippers, do tell?

We have five central midfielders, one left back who at best is average and zero right backs. How does that add up? We play a winger best on the right on the left and a kid with amazing pace but no footballing brain up front.

At what stage will people wake up to the fact that Martin O'Neill is not the messiah, he isn't even an average Premiership manager he is yesterday's news and has blown a golden opportunity this summer to push Villa straight into a contender for a top five place. The man is a liability, his tactics are outdated if indeed he has any other than hoofing the ball up front or panicking to the stage where he puts five strikers on against Fulham. I think JF called it naive in his match report but that did not go far enough. I call it unprofessional, no I don't what am I talking about I call it crap.

David O'Leary was so sodding right about the fans as well. Totally fickle. The season before last was awful. Last season was awful. David O'Leary was slagged off and abused by almost everyone. Martin O'Neill wasn't even questioned because the press say he is a nice bloke. Nice blokes always come last.

If you think this bumbling idiot is taking us into Europe, then I can only assume he is setting up a travel company for Villa fans to enjoy a holiday. If we make the top ten this season I will eat my snake. In the meantime, I'll stand in the Holte End and cheer on the lads and curse with my every breath a manager who offers nothing other than the possibility of turning us into Leicester City. The spin says we are improving but the evidence before me suggest we've not changed a bit. We will now defend hard, hoof the ball forward and hope to win 1-0. If you think we drew a lot last season you ain't seen nothing yet.

I expect so much more for my club and Martin O'Neill is not the man to deliver. I hope with every bit of optimism in me that he proves me wrong and makes me look stupid but I will not be holding my breath. My mates ripped me apart when I said this last season and especially when I said David O'Leary was doing the same sort of job. This season two of them are agreeing and the others have gone quite.

Martin O'Neill on this evidence could not organise a piss up in a brewery. Give him this season, lets waste another one as it isn't as if we haven't waited long enough, then for the love of Aston Villa and everything it stands for bring in a manager capable of buying and handling stars, preferably one who understands for success you buy players for specific positions and play them there. You do not play them out of position to fit in with outdated ideas. England lost a great manager? My arse they did they had a lucky escape, their gain is our loss.

Now go ahead and rip me apart and all kneel at your lord and master, Martin O'Neill. Just remember at the end of the season when we scrape the top ten at best that not everyone was worshipping with you. The media have fooled the lot of you.

By CrawlingKingSnake

(forgot to change the writer part at the bottom!)

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The Journalist

Writer: Crawling King Snake Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday August 31 2007

Time: 5:51PM

Your Comments

No wonder we're called a bunch of Moaners. ***** post
the villa fan in me says how very dare you. The realist and slightly more objective football fan says bravo - nail on the head
I'm not sure many people have been fooled by anything? He came with a big reputation, he now has to live up to it, he has to have time to do that. I agree the transfer window has been a joke, but I'm not sure that anyone has been duped by the media, seems to take things a step too far for me. Most want to have faith because of the crap we've put up with over the last few years surely? Must admit I can't argue with a lot of that, but want to see MON given a good time to prove himself. Thought his rant at the ref last weekend and the subsequent sending off showed the tremendous pressure he feels he is under, at the end of the day he was arguing over 2 minutes. But the results v Fulham and Wrexham have at least lightened the load. Same old thing as has been said a 100 times before, Man Utd nearly sacked Fergie once. I want to see how this season pans out before panicking. I do think as you say he missed an opportunity this summer though, but if we don't get injuries, he might not have blown Europe, we'll have to wait and see. That is a top rated rant though.
The Fear
MACCA UTV - have we got the people in that you expected mate? Are you not even slightly dissapointed with our serious lack of ambition and MONs serious lack of nouse and pulling power!?
He has been saying for weeks that "I wont pay over the odds", and now a few days before the window shuts he shats himself and realises that actually it might be the goingrate! He also stated that going into a this season with less players than last would be FUTILE (his word), and i think he will be proved right, and look very very foolish for knowing so and doing sod all about it
Not sure it is moaning to express an opinion macca, surely that is just what football is about, passion and arguments!?
The Fear
oh, and as Browns07 said in the forum NRC and Harewood were in before the pre-season tour.
The Fear
cheer up mate
No Fear, its the same ***** that always get spouted and never changes. "I expect so much more for my club and Martin O'Neill is not the man to deliver" - great sweeping statement that means we are doomed to failure - thats just sensationalist moaning that I have seen form Villa fans for so long. As for the rant at the ref - showing hes under pressure rubbish? O Neil has been jumping up and down and shouting at refs since he became a manager.
good rant, spot on too bring on the God squad its not over yet the fat lady still hasn't sung.
Its a suck it and see situation now, a couple of wins and all will be well, I still think MON is the man to take Villa fwd if only he could get over the transfer window lathargy which he seems to suffer. Whats he afraid of? Spending loands of money on a player who turns out to be chitty, he wont be the first and he wont be the last manager to do that. Lets crack on with the season and see if his managerial skills can manafacture the desired results.
Ashley Young, Scott Carson, Shaun Maloney, promoting Gardner - all quality. Reo Coker opinion is quite literally ridiculous.
I agree macca that it is a sweeping statement but it is an opinion, not sure it is moaning, certainly not just for the sake of it anyway. Do you not think Villa fans have had a right to moan over the last 5 years or more, I think we've missed every chance of cementing ourselves as a top five club.

I think all managers are under pressure but the pressure was there before the Fulham game. Managers don't go and rant at a ref for a couple of minutes injury time, especially when the ref was doing ok and didn't give Fulham the decison for a clear handball in the box! Anyway, I'm still looking forward to seeing how the season goes, starting with 3 points against Chelski.
The Fear
Why is Shaun Maloney being hailed as the new saviour! TBH he hasnt done anything until the past 2 games, scoring 2 against lowly Wrexham and nicking one against fulham. I've always thought he was lightweight and out of touch - a try hard but produce little type of player
Reo Coker opinion exactly - "one of two players who West Ham fans blamed for their awful season" - so we shouldnt have bought despite the fact he has played well and has proved to be a good young player that most paying customers are pleased to have on their side then the oppositions. However to suit the argument just say hes ***** because wetsham fans blamed him, forget about how he actually plays. So when you watch him and he does a good job you just call him ***** because MON signed him and what happened before him at west ham?. Thats what *****es me off. Im not a massive O Neil fan and he has his ***** ups but some of the ***** that is spouted on here just to have a go and back up another moan is ridiculous.
Coker is a god. Davies is quality and we beat Spurs to his signature (like AY). I felt really depressed reading that, don't know why some people actually support the club. It's meant to be fun.
Interesting points. Let's see what happens between now and Christmas.
Sorry the points aren't interesting; Macca has just said why.
Here we F***ing go againyes your entitled to your sodding moan, and I will defend your right to say it, but if thats it a long angry rant the save us from your vitriol please. NOT ONE WORD was there on an alternative, not one word on how things could be better. It maybe Martin fails, as long as we arnt relegated then its no change from what we have put up with for years. It maybe we just miss out on europe (ok EVERY season I am optomistic) then what? Who do you suggest as a replacement, I don't think for one minute MON is the 'messiah' but if your going to rant back it up with alternatives otherwise there is as much point to doing it as *****ing into a gale
Tarzan, it isn't meant to be fun, it IS fun, just gets draining at times! lol
The Fear
I just wonder whether General Krulak will have anything to add. Some might think this is an outrageous point of view. I would like to find fault or errors but I cannot. It was good to hear him say he hopes to be proven wrong at the end of the season and personally I think we will do better than last and scrape into the Top10 but without doubt, imo and despite just two good signings (Reo-Coker and Davies), O'Neill has totally f***ed up this transfer window.
I think most Villa fans would say that the window has been a disapppointment and it is MON who is responsible for this. If at the end if this season we have not finished in the top 8, then serious questions must be asked of MON. However, I am of the belief that we should allow this season. There was a load of deadwood at the club that he has cleared out but now he must get things right. The Expectations have been lifted by MON and the board, now is the time to deliver and show improvement as I referred earlier. The RB situation is unacceptable and I do think that the next 6 months will be MON's most difficult at the club but lets just wait until the end of this season.
This bit is wrong :We'll sign players before the pre-season tour. Result? Zero players came in. I'm sure NRC and MH went on tour. Please Please do a little research before sounding off in such a big way. Stating facts that are clearly untrue renders the rest of the post as rubbish.
el sid
Reo Coker under 21 captain west ham captain, Davies under 21 plus baggies captain we have got a couple of back ups who O Neil will feel are good enough to play and we got Carson England 3rd choice keeper who has been quoted as saying that we have an option to buy him after the loan- which probably accounts for the 2 million we spent on him. I expected more but I donít think itís easy to build a side if u are trying to build a side in a certain way which O Neil is doing (and which other clubs are not). By trying to get certain hungrier younger players who are preferably English he narrows down a lot of options in the market so its not easy but I want us to do it this way, I want us to try and buy more for the future as well as the present and I want us to have the likes of Davies, Reo Coker, Moore, Young, Carson etc playing for their country as well as Villa. His policy shows he has learned from when he messed up by leaving an aging mess at Celtic which I think is a good thing. Their are a lot of positives that moaners never balance up when having a rant and patience is something a lot of our fans lack. The rb was a ***** up, the window a disappointment I know and some fans will l moan like ***** and say the manager is incapable but I lot of the moaning is just bull***** that makes no sense.
What were people expecting? Look at the age of the club! Everyone he has bought is with an eye for the years to come for the victories in the future not looking at lost years of what we could be....if only. To run a succesfull anything you have to be realistic, motivated and have a plan. I think MON has all, he is not spending large sums on has beens, he is spending on up and coming players. I point your attention to Ash Young who everyone thought we paid to much for now he is going to play for England! Agreed Petrov has been a disapointment so far but does that mean we should question every decision he makes now. Would you rather have Baros or Carew, JPA or Ash Young, Reo Cocker or Mccant, Ridgewell or Davies. Give MON a chance to see his vision through.
NY Villa
Are we a top four team? no Are we offering European football? no Are we offering ridiculous wages (in prem terms)? no Do we know the quality of player MON has been chasing? no Do we know how much he has been held to ransom? no Do we know how many have turned him down? no Do we know how hard the man has been working? no Do we love our team? yes Did we expect more this window? yes Do we expect more this window? yes Do we need a RB or two? yes Do we expect a lot this season? yes Does MON have a lot to prove? yes Where will we finish? How will the team play for MON? What injuries will we get? What injuries will our opponents get? How will our opponents play? Answers to the above will be known at the end of the season, which is the time when we can truly judge the man as a manager, we all think he has blown a chance this summer, down to him to prove us wrong. Have read a lot of this team or that team is better than us, we can only finish in blah, blah possition, please provide proof of your forsight or time travel capabilities.
Don't know much is what you are saying then steff!! lol Think Maxi's post is the funniest.
The Fear
***** off ***** off ***** off. Come back in January and see where we are then. Rubbish post.
Tarzan you say 'it's meant to be fun' your right there mate it is, but I've been following the Villa for 34 of my 44 years and I'm not sure fun has ever been at the forefront of my mind, it all started when I decided to be a Villa player on the park with my mates when I was 10, they thought I was wierd, because at that time we all lived in Bolton,and people just supported their local team, my mother said don't tell your father! I kept it quiet for around 12 months, untill I plucked up the courage to tell him, it didn't go well! so no fun there, I then started to cover my bedroom walls in everything Claret & blue, Villa played Bolton, we won, I got a bit mouthy, and my Dad proceeded to rip my all my pictures down, no fun there! this sort of thing went on till I was old enough to go on my own, I've sat in the upper Holte watching us against Arsenal, in the semi of the Coca-cola cup with my fingers holding my eyes closed and fingers in my ears,for over 60 mins, no fun there, same thing when we won the European Cup, and the league, so I agree it's meant to be fun but for me its been 34 years of, crying, worrying, panic, frustration, disbelief, torture, disappointment, anger, and high blood pressure which I'm sure was brought on from watching Villa v Leicester in 1996 with 14 mins left we were 4-1 up and cruising, then in the next 14 mins we decided to be East Fife and ended up drawing 4-4, if the ref hadn't have blew when he did we would've lost 5-4, my heart rate went from 70 to 160, so 'fun'- not really. Happy - sometimes. Delirious others. But FUN sadly not.
I think some people like being miserable!
I thought Morrissey was a United fan?
MON has brought in NRC and Young...our two best players and the two best U21s in England. Carew has flopped but he is more effective than Baros was no? You don't rebuild overnight, you don't even do it in a year. I agree with Fear, he needs more time.
Scot Dutch
CrawlingKingSnake - your post seems to me to be that of someone who was fooled by the media and the hype. What Martin O'Neill has done since he arrived hasn't surprised me and at the end of the day he has to do what he feels is right despite what you or I think. It is his job that's on the line and he was always going to do things his way. He's has made things tough for himself I admit and some of the more retarded fans are never going to forgive him but frankly they are not worth jack *****. Finally, if you are going to use a John Lee Hooker song title as your pseudonym then I suggest the 3 that follow are more suitable:- "I Want to Ramble" or "I'm Mad Again" or "It Serves Me Right to Suffer".
pongo wearing
he really has gone mad i dont think he knows what he is doing at that club petrov and maloney have been poor down there aswell. shouldnt have taken that backward step in the 1st place i guess.
Maybe MON is not the Messiah, afterall if he was then maybe he could have predicted that we won't get into Europe this season just like the writer of the above article has! Now that's real devine-revelation for you! I think that most fans actually think he is just a very good manager, rather than God. This is based on his previous success and his general reputation in football. Curtis Davis is not the only player to say that MON is the main reason he signed for us. These players have got this assurity from somewhere! I have every confidance that MON will prove to be our best manger in many a year. Please get off his case and give him a chance. Oh and by the way, the transfer window has'nt closed yet!
Look at Spurs...going out and spending a billion on transfers guarantees nothing. Villa have a lot of young talent and they will get better with time.
Scot Dutch
MON is not the Messiah he's just a very naughty boy. Come on guys - its easy being a doubter - have ago at supporting the manager and the club for a change. I guarantee you'll be pleasantly surprised at how good it feels to be positive. No one knows how the season will pan out so for all you doom sayers out there get a life!
I'm with u there pongo wearing - I feel a bit of manic depression on the killing flor of this post. Eltoro - I've followed the Villa for slightly longer but I've had more success on the fun front that u my friend. Not sure it's got anything to do with the football tho. In my youth I lived for Saturday afternoons with the mates in the pub, in the ground and even the girls were fun down at Villa park. Then I got married and somehow things were never quite the same again...ummmmmmmm
lol myleftfoot
I have to apologise if I had realised we were going to bring in 'moustapha been mad to buy' I would never have been negative about the transfer window and the manager. I now see the error and realise that all is well. And ok I got it wrong Reo-Coker and Harewood did go on the tour so silly me, well done Martin and top six here we come. See you at the end of the season lads.
Pongo, wasn't fooled at all but take your points, it is obvious if I don't agree with the masses, I must indeed be mad and must want to ramble. For not being one of the sheep I apologise. Thanks to Fear for deciding to put it up as well, not the bravest thing but I did appreciate you warning me about the reactions it would get but to be fair, this is what I expected. If you aren't a believer you aren't a Villa fan so I'm led to believe. Well, I've been a Villa fan nearly 50 years now so I am quite content with my beliefs about this manager and my support of the club. His latest joke signing only goes to make that belief stronger.
CKS, I for one think that the anti O'Neil constitutes the bandwagon. Simple if you dont like what your getting dont go. But then again, I suppose you do.
As for his latest joke signing. How much do you know about the player? Have you been scouting him? No thought not. I also dont know why you make the point that you have been a supporter for 50 years. Are we supposed to be impressed?
King Snake thingy:Fooled? Above reproach? We aren't. He isn't. Cheer up. End of. Steff, quality post mate, quality. Eltoro, you didn't think AV 7, Wimbledon 1 was fun....come on mate. Maloney is very good rk1888 but his mental strength is in question and it appears to be getting better. Petrov....jury's out but he is starting to gnaw at me but I have faith he can produce. CKS, are you AVFC in disguise....;->
I thought that they killed Victor Meldrew off in the last episode. Rome not built in a day etc. At least there are no big time Charlies and the youth and speed of the team has been greatly improved since O'Leary left. The way you have comparatively raved about O'Leary makes me think you are related. Moustapha has got to be better than the Djemba twins.
I stopped reading when i got to the Martin O Neill is a bumbling idiot bit.Yawn
Never heard MON promise anything. The squad we now have is how he wants it to be for now, so thats it. He has to deliver the goods and we go along for the ride, if we don't like it, we voice our opinions and get him out. The club is better now than ever, so lets be patient for a while. And to be fair we have a lot of talent forming and it should get better as the season progresses. January won't be far away and a few more will come no doubt, especially from the teams knocked out of European competitions. I personally don't fear any side against us this season, and I reckon we'll do better than most think. Now lets get on with supporting the players wearing the hallowed claret and blue shirts shall we. And as for his latest signing, don't know who he is, but done a bit of ringing friends in France and he is apparently extremely skillfull and clever in midfield, maybe one Wenger missed ?? we'll see.
Are you and O'leary like brothers or best mates or summin!!!! MON got us to 11 last season as to O'Leary 16. And he has bought in better players than O'leary, McCann or Reo-Coker, Carlton Cole or Carew, Berson or Young, Kevin Phillips or Gabby. Take your pick, we are improving be patient, have faith if not F*** off to small heath!!!

( Folks, no one has to go to small heath just because they have a different opinion to you/us. Agree or disagree, we are all Villa fans here. ) [Edited by FearVilla]
but Fear - people who go to small heath are different.
well he can eat his words, class 2day come on u lions!!!!
Crawlingsnake. I hope you were there to witness that today? Maybe you should take your poorly written and thought out diatribe somewhere else. Villa fan??? More like a fan of the Dildo salesmen on our site for the wind up. Crawl back under your rock.
Nothing new expressed by the author that hasn't been aired by the doom and gloom brigade over recent months. Its all getting a bit too old now. Whatever happened to the notion of giving MON and the new regime a bit of time to correct the serious decline of recent times?
as i said b4 he should go 2 the heath
Agreed, as should all like minded individuals, then they'd appreciate no doubt exactly what we have here.
Is this guy '48's long lost relative? Too negative by far.

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