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Transfer Talk - Now Lets Have Action

More transfer activity talk, lets hope that talk quickly turns into action because despite a valiant attempt, I can't see from the 2-1 loss to Liverpool exactly the progression from last season and can only see a smaller squad.

Yes, I know to some that is negative sacrilege but hey ho, I'd expected massive strides and just saw a team not capable of competing where we should be capable of competing bearing in mind we have a billionaire owner willing to spend.

Martin O'Neill has told the official site, with just the transfer window fast approaching its end (Aug 31):

'We have got a number of weeks to go so we're in a position to do something about it. We need to build the squad up but I would like to get as much quality into the squad as possible. You can always build in numbers but I believe quality should come first. We went through November and December last season where we just didn't have a squad, but I'm confident of rectifying that.'

I like the talk about quality, but when the reality is Marlon Harewood, I can't help but wonder.

It is certainly far far too early in the season to panic, but we can't possibly keep quality players like Gareth Barry happy if we don't match his ambitions. We've some decent players in the squad but not enough to truly worry the top four or five clubs.

Flame proof suit on, criticise the negativity as much as you want, I only say what I see, if you can see how we've improved over the summer, do tell, especially if anyone can see the use or point of Stiliyan Petrov who promises so much and delivers next to nothing!

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday August 13 2007

Time: 10:49AM

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It seems clear we're in desperate need of someone to replace Petrov. It's making the sale of davis seem absolutely unexplainable with performances like saturday. 2 new right backs, a new centre back and cover for left back? Why wasn't this sorted sooner? I've had all the positivity and patience in the world but this really is unacceptable.
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13/08/2007 10:59:00

What's Petrov to to do with these comments? Moaning fans blaming him for the lack of activity now! Has Harewood played a full game yet? The problem with you all is that you expected us to beat Liverpool, well believe it not; the top four teams tend to beat all the others and the gap is widening - despite the musings of the Sky pundits to the contrary.
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13/08/2007 11:14:00

I'm the same as you johnnyuk, so want to be patient, so want to be positive, but it just looks a shambles at the moment and only one man could have done something about it.
The Fear
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13/08/2007 11:14:00

Let's have a Petrov ot campaign, you are meant to be supporters.
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13/08/2007 11:16:00

Totally agree...this is not acceptable. The only world class player we have is Barry! Bouma and Petrov just aren't good enough and need replacing. MON will never drop Petrov though. On top of that our distribution from our defenders is appauling. Mellberg, Laursen and Bouma gave the ball away far to ofton and painc when they have it at their feet. They're international players for ***** sake. Relax! We need players and fast! Also thought Reo and Gabby were poor. Gabby is so greedy....get your head up son and pass!
In MON we trust!
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13/08/2007 11:18:00

Tarzan, i've been one of the ones for months saying wait, wait until MON brings in the players. I've been one to say stop the sniping and have faith but the season has started and the players have been not been supplied. Sure, it was one performance against a top team; a top team that didn't really produce anything to justify that label, and it was still enough to beat us because of things that COULD be different at the club. This isn't moaning about petrov and one performance, it's on the back of a whole season of them.
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13/08/2007 11:21:00

Petrov? - that’s what happens when you buy players who play against Kilmarnock every week…….Our transfer policy? - Look at Sven, 2-0, and goals from two of his new boys…..WAKE UP MARTIN….STOP F@NNYING AROUND….PAY THE MEN WHAT THEY WANT FOR THEIR PLAYERS!
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13/08/2007 11:22:00

Im getting very worried now
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13/08/2007 11:25:00

I have a feeling the morale of the team is a little dented after the clear out of so many players and the introduction of so few. The players are surely as confused as the fans are. I hope that the Dissent that Bouma showed on the weekend wasn't a sign of disrespect for MON creeping in amongst the ranks. i have know doubt that MON is a great man manager, but his transfer policy needs to be thrown out the window. and on top of this, it was so hard to watch Davis play to well for Fulham yesterday he was easily their best player.
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13/08/2007 11:30:00

Petrov is bloody useless I agree but this article was about MON spouting the usual crap about wanting to buy players! EARTH TO MON!!! Just go out and buy them you dipstick!
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13/08/2007 11:33:00

Totally agree with the comments JF. MON can talk all he wants about what he wants to do but this summer he has failed to walk the walk. I believe the lack of activity has had an effect upon the team. MON spoke about a lack of belief from the players when we pegged Liverpool back to 1-1. I'm not surprised there is lack of belief, we have signed two new players and one of those is a squad player. If I was Barry I would seriously be questionning where we are heading because at the moment I cannot see us finishing in the top ten. We need at least 4 players, 2 x RB, CB and another midfielder to compete for the European places. As for Petrov, he is supposed to be our attacking midfield player. Reo-Coker got forward more than he did. Complete waste of money, he isn't good enough. However, he will continue to play every week because he is MON's favourite.
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13/08/2007 11:48:00

Petrov didn't play well, but neither did Freddie, NRC, Gabby or Carew. Why do we always have to have a 'boo boy'? Remember Alan Wright and others before him. Apart from the lack of transfer activity my main concern was that we lumped the ball long to Carew at every opportunity rather than play the pass and move game which we were doing in pre season. IT WON'T HELP PETROV IMPROVE IF PEOPLE GET ON HIS BACK ALL THE TIME AND SINGLE HIM OUT FOR A POOR TEAM PERFORMANCE.
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13/08/2007 12:10:00

most of us, and I say 'most' loosely, knew that we wouldn't improve this season, MON has made some bad decisions pre-season, we have to face facts, people keep saying we need a new keeper and RB, but in all honesty we don't have a goal scorer, and a midfield general (Mortimer) and without those 2 things we will struggle, I've never thought that anyone in our team could get the ball on the edge of the box turn and put it in the top corner, and untill we posess that we have to keep trying to break down defences, which we're not capable of on saturdays showing!
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13/08/2007 12:10:00

agreed krfeskivilla, we are poor, full stop.
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13/08/2007 12:40:00

We've played one game, which was a nervous affair for both teams, their quality was there for all to see, thats why they are top four and the most successful team in England. Signings must happen now, and I will be shocked if they don't. MON will rotate the team over the next few games and if Petrov doesn't deliver, then he will have to be dropped, he is a liability. Don't agree with the claims that Bouma isn't good enough tho, and to be fair to Reo-Coker, the midfield looked out of balance, so I don't think he knew where he was supposed to play, again, down to Petrov. Young was in acres of space time and time again, yet no one passed out wide to him, if you switch play to him while defenders are on the back foot, he has the trickery and pace to beat them, but by the time our players passed to him, Finnan and Agger were all over him. It'll get sorted, but time is running out fast. I have faith in MON, but he is surprising me with his dealings at the moment. Quality is hard to come by, but if you have the funds, its a bit easier. Boswinga, Davies, Hangeland and Hoyte please, Mr O'Niell. £23m should do it.
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13/08/2007 12:59:00

Yes MON, there may be a few weeks left of the transfer window but unfortunately the season has started and we have no points on the board. I have supported MON and the board throughout the closed season to deliver players, but you have to wonder what is going on in MON's head sometimes. The right back position has been our Achilles heel since MON arrived at the Club and after a season in charge and a full pre season under his belt I'm lost for words that we are without a recognised quality RB at the Club for the start of a new season. This position should have been filled on the opening day of the transfer window and before we sold our only other RB to Fulham. Signings may be due before the window closes, but with the season underway we should not be in this position where we are exposed in such a way. For all the good work being done at the Club what happens on the pitch is how all concerned will be judged, lets hope this isn’t forgotten.
Hoss The Villain
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13/08/2007 13:27:00

its a strange situation this. if now MON is more willing to spend some cash, like everyone has to, why wasn't he previously? i mean, there is a billionaire at the club who wants to propel AVFC forward. i do not understand what MON has tried to do here. hold out for a good deal? at the same time putting players and the club under unecessary pressure. hoss the villain is right, the RB position has needed attention for a long time.
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13/08/2007 14:23:00

One game gone, and out come the daggers... Tut, tut. As someone said to me this week-end: "Quality takes time, stop stressing ... enjoy life!" C'mon guys, the players who've left the Villa weren't up to that much - except possibly Davis, who was not guaranteed (quite rightly) first-team football. Two players were ill on Saturday, and (really) it was too much to expect the Villa winning this match, even before last week. I agree with the care on who you buy. It will all sort itself. RELAX!
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13/08/2007 14:33:00

Too much for one response, however here goes.........firstly one game into the season and no right back, just not good enough. Top class signings, Reo-coker, developing player fair enough, Harewood, do we really believe that back in June MON really thought of him in the 'top class' player bracket, I dont think so. Totally agree on Petrov, where is the end product. If he is THE playmaker then he has performed at all in a VIlla shirt. Letting Davis, Ridgewell and Hughes leave without replacments already bought I find totally staggering. We have a smaller squad now than at the end of last season. Expectations have been increased by all the talk about, new shirt sponsor, new training ground, new management team and the promise of 'quality/class' signings. Please Martin deliver and turn all all our hopes and dreams into a reality, we dont expect to win the league or qualify for the champions league, we just want to see progress and a top ten team. Please surprise us all and give us something to say to our friends along the lines villa we are back! Rant ends
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13/08/2007 14:40:00

This thread seems too negative by half to me after one game. I don't disagree about Petrov who desrves 3 more games at most and then out if he doesn't start to deliver. MON sees more to come from him but we can't keep waiting. But Gardner is a great prospect and was more creative at full back than most others. The end of season form with him in the team was encouraging. Play your best players and that should be Gardner and Luke Moore. Gabby did great early on last year but found it harder as the season went on and knows himself he needs to develop more to his game than his pace to reach the next level. The difference a couple of players can make - good or bad is massive, and playing our best team/ form players with a new right back and limiting the endless patience with Petrov would make things look much healthier, and most of the team is in place now and can start to deliver - not at top 4 level, but at hopefully, amongst the best of the level below. Garry Barry is the best but we cannot expect to become a top 4 team with a team full of top 4 standard players when we are out of Europe. Buy quality, buy potential and play to your strengths. On line criticism of Petrov and his selection is fair game and I am part of it. But having a Boo boy is not on and all Villa players need our support at the game. I still hope Petrov can turn it round, but he must start playing more positively on and off the ball. Last years unbeaten start flattered us and one defeat to a top quality L Pool side should not be taken to heart. We should have got a lucky draw but for the Riley and Gerrard double act. Here's hoping for 3 points from the first two games, with our good performances in the north-east continuing (including last year's defeat when we played them off the park).
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13/08/2007 14:51:00

Lergy, here lies the problems. MON is paid to build a team to compete and as we all saw on Saturday we couldn’t compete with Liverpool. You might accept that by saying Liverpool are a very good team but for us to progress we need to start doing better against all teams. I agree that it is only one game but at the end of the season we might be saying if only we had 3 more points we would have secured a place higher in the league. Last season if we had won 2 more games we would have sat pretty in 7th place and no one would have been questioning anything. The fact is we didn’t and I believe we shouldn’t be going into a season under prepared and accepting defeat because in a few games time we should have the players we require. The knives aren’t out for MON, but as with everyone who has a job to do you will never be too good to be open to criticism. How you respond to those criticisms is how you’ll be judged. I’m not worried about the season but when we start it with no GK on the bench, no recognised RB and only 3 CB’s in the squad you have to keep you’re fingers crossed that the Gods are smiling on you for 10 months.
Hoss The Villain
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13/08/2007 15:21:00

The fact we lost to Liverpool is not relevant, they are a top 4 team with top class current internationals, so no disgrace there. I agree with Hoss, we can only go on the present, and the present is 2 signings(one of which is debateable) and the exit of too many players. I like everyone else needs/wants to believe that MON has a'cunning plan' and will surprise us with 4/5 signings...who are quality and we all go 'wow' how did we ever doubt him. As I say I want to believe!.....i am just getting a bit nervous right now.
Report Abuse
13/08/2007 15:30:00

Hoss, I hear what you say - but surely we most accept that MON is not unaware of the shortcomings? You have to give him chance to show his hand. If, after (say) 6 games, any new signings and the team are not functioning then that's the time to get on his back. I'm sure he wanted to be in an ideal position before the season started (in terms of ignings) - in fact, he said that's what he wanted - but if fate didn't turn out that way, then so be it. He still has 2+ weeks to get some of the signings sorted.
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13/08/2007 16:13:00

I personally cant see how its going to be any easier bringing quality into the club now that the new campaign has kicked off, than it ever was prior to this past weekends big kick-off. In fact, if anything, surely its going to be much more difficult. Clubs are now even less willing to let their players leave, because then they themselves are well and truly up against it to bring quality replacements in. No, I think that MON has screwed up big-time, and what has been a totally wasted summer now runs the very high risk of turning into a hugely disappointing season.
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13/08/2007 17:21:00

Guys, we need to splash the cash, but I think the agents are really taking he p?@@. The Baggies want 9m for Davies AND probably 50% of any future profits. I think this unacceptable for an unproven player - they can,t have it both ways. If we pay that, it all adds to the price spiral.
Report Abuse
13/08/2007 17:25:00

So what's the solution Tarzan? The markets are dictating the prices so we either have to pay up or shut up. No point having noises from the Club saying the cash is available but then not spending it because we want value for money. Eveyone wants value for money but that entails taking risks. As it stands we are doing neither.
Hoss The Villain
Report Abuse
13/08/2007 17:43:00

Not true, Hoss. MON's seeking better value for money elsewhere, and, apparently, in the process of getting somewhere.
Report Abuse
13/08/2007 18:44:00

Guys - Nothing momentous is going to happen. O'Neill has f***ed up big-time; you can see that even the players are becoming disillusioned. Ask yourselves, if "Next" have a 7 day sale do you roll-up on the last day? Of course not unless you are only interested in sale items that nobody else wants. After Saturday's performance having no established RB and having to play at least 2 sick players, I just wonder how long O'Neill will be manager. What do you think?
Report Abuse
13/08/2007 19:49:00

the_lergy- sorry pal, I can't agree. we've all suffered far too long with excuses. There is now no excuse - the fincial backing is undoubtedly there but we seem to have a manager that might be a brilliant strategist and motivator but as a "wheeler-dealer", he appears to be clueless.
Report Abuse
13/08/2007 19:55:00

Hoss - well said!
Report Abuse
13/08/2007 19:58:00

tarzan...that is what scouts are for. You dont have to buy english.
Report Abuse
13/08/2007 20:42:00

having said that we have got to keep any O'Neil out thoughts at bay. If this the way he wants to build his squad let him live or die by his results but we dont need to pressure him out (pressure to buy should be encouraged). Consistency is needed for progress so lets not knee - jerk into the manager merry-go-round a la newcastle.
Report Abuse
13/08/2007 20:46:00

I don’t think anyone is calling for a change in manager, but we have the right to criticise when we believe things aren’t being done right. We are badly prepared for the start of the season and a start which on paper is not easy. I can’t see the logic in buying players possibly 3 or 4 games into a season and then giving them 5 or 6 games before a judgement is made. We are then a quarter of the way through a season and playing catch up and possibly staring mid table in the eye again.
Hoss The Villain
Report Abuse
14/08/2007 09:36:00

i thought us gettin mon was a masterstroke,i really rate the man,but as many others on here have said,im starting to lose confidence,we talk about our main rivals being portsmouth,everton and spurs...unless some more quality is brought in we are goin to be battling it out with wigan,sunderland and fulham,for once im dyin to be proved wrong
Report Abuse
14/08/2007 17:09:00


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