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Another Link Bites The Dust

Talk 107 fm claim that 'supposed' Villa target Craig Gordon has signed for Sunderland.

The forum is full of arguments about us missing out on the Hearts goalkeeper but to be fair, none of us know whether he was actually a target or not, the press have told us he was but no quotes have come from the manager.

Must admit I thought we'd do well to get him, he seems a quality keeper BUT I do prove on a regular basis that I know nothing about football! ;-)

The report says he has agreed a five year deal with the Black Cats with a 7million price tag + up to 2million of add ons making him the most expensive British goalkeeper ever.

Meanwhile, the Villa fans (and by the looks of it some of the players) frustrations continue, plenty of links, not so many arrivals.

I can't confirm the rumour, mainly because I've only just made it up, but I believe Villa fans are planning a new anthem for Villa Park - Another Link Bites The Dust - not sure who is going to do the Freddy Mercury styled vocals though!

Another link bites the dust, and another one gone and another one gone, another link bites the dust.

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday August 7 2007

Time: 8:54PM

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That's a clever one like it. Here's to a win against Liverpool and no injury's
Nah,we never wanted him really !!! AAAAGGGGHHHHHH
Be nice if we could just have some good news for once
Heres to an injury free season
I think we've all been "suckered" by this one. I could not see him coming as a number 2 to Sorenson (he wants regular Prem. competition) and MON recently stated that he wants to extend Sorenson's contract next year. So whilst Sunderland were after him we'd got little chance of signing him.
I give up
Obviously overpriced, I hear gardner is in goal this season.
Osbourne surely?
avfc48 is happy! That means that everyone that enjoys good news and happiness must be ****ed off!
The Usual Suspect
Sorenson surley cant play again after this ,his confidence will be shot,we're in a right mess now
ffs.this is starting 2 be a joke!
Belfast Villain
Press the panic button. We are *****ed.
Honestly it is time for MON to stop thinking of the slight overvaluation of players. FFS he paid over the odds for Harewood, Reo-Coker, Petrov and Young. The only way we will fix this is to get the 4-5 players left with a chance of joining us in now by paying over the odds. This means Davies (10m), Jaaskelinan (4m), Boswinga (4m), Hoyte (2.5m) and Haagelnad (5m) also throw 15m at Ajax for Sneijder and get us fans bouncing again!!! We need this and it will make up for the mistakes (i.e. Davis, Ridgewell, Hughes and McCann)
It could be WORSE deadly doug and D'OL could still be here and we could have all watched the players from the STY be promoted and us religated... then yes moan away... ( I do admit we could do with a couple of players ) M'on was moaning last November / Dec about how thin the team was then now we have less players ...oh well... think back again doug / D'ol..mmmmm
Still nothing on either Sunderland or Hearts web sites confirming this so yet agin we are accepting conjecture as repoprted fact. I know things are getting frustrating but as there is feck all we can do about it at this stage why not just enjoy the ride as best we can. If things go completely pear-shaped this season then we should make our feelings known but until then, to paraphrase a well know character from Fawty Towers, "We know nothing"
Villain Of The North
Thi is complete and utter s**t, we are in a bad bad way, I am not looking forward to this season. Again I got sucked in to all the bulls**t. Thanks MON thanks alot
And now Charles Itandje linked with Man Utd - keep on waiting and we will miss out on all the decent keepers now. GET JUSSI IN TOMORROW!!!
what is going on? i hope MON has a contingency plan
We would not meet the valuation, Dol would have done!!!!
maybe MON will talk about this now after walsall match,ffs PLEASE.............................................................
Belfast Villain
MON has said that a player has all of a sudden become available again? Here`s hoping it`s Jussi and we pulled out of Gordon ( pardon? ) We just seem amateurish in all we do transfer-wise.
I have been on this site and defended both the manager and the board earlier on in the window but even I have to say what has happened the past few weeks is a ****ing disgrace. Complete lack of foresight by MON. I like the man but am very disappointed with his handling of the transfer dealings
according to the bloke from scottish radio Talk 107, he was talking to Sunderland and then us. Now why would he sign for Sunderland before getting a chance to look around the Greatest club in Aston???...Seriously, with the ammount of crap that comes out of the press and so called Football websites, i would wait until you see him in a Sunderland shirt before believing anything!!!!
Welcome to the dark side.....we have been expecting you!!
Do i sound like Darth Vader or something???
This one has finally pi**ed me off. I am starting to think players simply don't want to come here. I don't understand all these second and third rate clubs buying players left and right and we can't get a simple keeper or RB. Something is wrong. You have to pay to play, and Gordon was worth it. Sunderland???? I'm sure we will get outbid by some 4th division team for Davies tomorrow.
Scot Dutch
Nah man,ntds has joined the pessimists!!! You can too :-)
I am also sick of hearing "it could be worse, Doug and DOL could still be here", but so far this summer it's hard to tell they are gone. Deano you are right, it's time to stop worrying about slight over-valuations and just pay up.
Scot Dutch
Don't do pessimism, i still think we will get a UEFA place at end of season and kick Liverpool's Butt on Saturday....By the way, the colour of my planet is an off shade of Claret!!! LOL
i'm gonna wait for official word before getting annoyed rather than get angry about something some guy on some rinky dinky scottish radio station has said
Very true, Scot Dutch. Lots of people brought season tickets and were optimistic for the coming season because of the sounds emanating from VP. Well three months later we've all been had. Even those of us who will support the club through thick and thin are getting peed cos I know I am. BTW if one more person comes onto this site and says trust MON I am going to smash the TV. I will trust him when he actually takes us forward to that next level because at the moment instead of catching Pompey, Everton, Blackburn and Spurs, we have fallen further behind. If we get two defenders injured we are up the creek without a paddle.
notthedoug, how true how true
Yep doug we must get Hangeland. Gardner or Cahill can do a great job at rb. Get some more quality in please!
Trust MON
Hows the TV doin ?
aston - love it!! And yes,we all have been led up the garden path.2M net spend,Wage bill slashed by a third,Season tickets through the roof,shirt sales/sponsorship same place,SKY money.Cleveland are worth a fortune but are Sheet.
TV is ****ed, whats on SSN have we signed anyone yet
morkey you seriously want cahill at RB on saturday, you need to keep taking the tablets
Bardsley and Hughes are no better than Cahill or Gardner at rb. even olaf was better. UTV.
Sky Sports news just showed highlights of our match
I've heard a whisper that Manu had something to do with the Gordan transfers. It was something along the lines that Manu have put a clause into his contract that they can approach him after two years. It was done via his agent hence the reason MON lost all interest and refused to commit. Just a rumour that mind.
Still no confirmation on the Sunderland website..............
Niall Quinn has phoned SSN.
Been to Walsall (where were you lot??), so this has come as a surprise, if not a shock. BBC are saying he's definitely signed for the wearsiders. While coming out the ground at Walsall a guy was saying that it had said on the radio that we hadn't even agreed a fee with Hearts, only Sunderland had met their demands.
Cant we get Spinksy back from Small Heath, or failing that put an SOS out for Budgie?
He`s only verbally agreed? Maybe he was drunk?
The Independent is saying that Gordons representitives went to meet MoN and he took that as a signal,
I think it is to late now
9 mil for an untried scotts goalkeeper. come on get real - a few weeks ago you'd have laughed at that. Jussi for 3-4mil is a betters deal - a mature goal keeper at his peak.
i am eternally optimistic, but i am tiring of MON's "we have things going on" soundbites. i am sure he does, but maybe what we all need is for him to start walking the walk, rather than all the blah-blah. he is smart no doubt, and as a fan of villa i trust him,but he seems to be treating the fans in a wierd way, like there are secrets or something??
sick one. *****in disgrace
we cant lose faith fully, it is only the transfer window, once we get into the season and lose countless amounts of matches due to a thin squad, then ill lose hope. I could never completely give up, but it does seem very bleak right now
There was reports yesterday morning sayin Villa's bid had hit the rocks and Gordon was told to sign for Sunderland. He was supposed to travel to VP but stayed in Sunderland. Also i heard he sees this move as a stepping stone for a bigger club i.e Mann U. This would make sense, he may have put a clause in the contract sayin if they go down he gets to move on. To be honest Sunderland are more likely to go down. But anyway on to the next target... lol. so lets be possitive theres 3 weeks left and we still have the side we ended the season so strongly with. So dont panic we'll be alright.
Gappy it shouldn't be about panicking and it shouldn't be about being alright. After the end of last season we ALL believed that we would see the club push on and try and challenge for a european place. The current squad is not good enough to do this and other teams have pulled further away from us. Off the field the club has made massive strides but on the field things could be a whole lot better.
The Daily Mail wrote 'But Sportsmail understands that Villa, who had yet to agree to pay the asking price, were told by Hearts yesterday that they could not contact the player although O'Neill had been given the go ahead by Villa owner Randy Lerner to match Sunderland's offer' now if thats not bad management I don't know what the f4ck is, I know one thing, if Doug was still here he would have got him just to shut us lot up!
MYLEFTFOOT M8, now you know I've been shouting jussi's name for 3 months now! but come on do you really think with 3 days left that we are going to get him, we've had soooo much time to get him and we haven't I have no idea why things have gone so bad, have u, the only thing different when we line up against Liverpool will be Reo, which is ****e, MON'S talked the talk but so far he aint walked the walk, we've missed out on targets and I've no idea why! I don't even think we've bid for anyone do you, we've just been left in the dark all season and I think its time we found out why! the Celtic fans must be *****ing themselves laughing.
Good shout Eltoro
Sorry lads. I've obviously stumbled into the Blooze web site by mistake. I can't believe I'm hearing so much criticism before the season has even started. I know Villa fans have a reputation for pessimism but this is ridiculous. Lighten up.
chocolate teapot
We all have the right to criticise teapot. If your not happy with the product you don't accept it do you. We will all support come Saturday but at the moment the club are leaving themselves wide open for criticism with their handling of the window.
We haven't lost anyone i'm going to miss, with the exception of Davis. Yes we are looking thin now and that is a concern, but there are three weeks left in this transfer window. some of the comments on here would imply that we may as well pack up and go home, and that notion i won't subscribe to.
The Usual Suspect
When have you lot been such connoisseurs of Scottish football? NINE MILLION? Come on! Jussi's a great call but not available! So, who are we supposed to buy? An overpriced Jock or some equally unknown at Premiership level French dude that no one has ever heard about? What's wrong with you people?
The board on the manager have made such a big deal about living up to the history of the club! Maybe they are trying to take it to the extreme and win the league with 13 players like in 1981? lol
Rawlie we wanted Gordon, you just keep telling yourself that we didn't and maybe it might just come true. Whilst your at it, why don't you also keep telling yourself that Elvis is not dead and have a chat with Shergar and Lord Lucan.
well you never know Deano lol
getting really ****ed off now.
he wants to be clost to his mom in scotland.
Rawlie you are dead right. Some sense at last. We should move on and get behind the team. Most of the players we've sold would not have got a kick this season, even with injuries.
Jussi is the keeper target (& has always been), but we won't pay 4m.....
Listen Dougellisstand, you know that for a fact do you? Got your finger on the pulse have you? The truth is no one outside a select few in VP know what's going on and I'd rather it that way than the previous regime. Speaking of which, Elvis might be dead, Lord Lucan may have upped and legged it and Shergar might be sticking together the arm that broke off my action man, BUT at least I know that the penny-pinching, over-hyped bull***** of Ellis and Cronies is over and am looking forward to a bright future rather than living in the last twenty years. Can you say the same?
I still have not seen anything official about this player signing anywhere no parade of the player, no press conference planned? A bit strange if you ask me.
Rawlie, when every reputable media outlet (BBC and Sky) announces that Villa have agreed a fee and want Gordon I am inclined to believe them. As for my thoughts about Ellis, and the past regime they are given away by my handle. Oh, you conveniently forgot to mention the NOT part of that. So before you start thinking I'm an Ellis sympathiser get it straight that I never was and I don't even want him as life president. As for living in the past, not at all I am looking to the furture and granted apart from our GK and RB situation we have a team that should compete with most teams in the Premiership. However, if we have injuries to just two players, particularly defenders then we are really going to struggle. This is what concerns me I don't us to be in the same situation taht we were in last season and at the moment that is where we are heading. You seem to think that I have an agenda against MON and the board. I have not criticised the board once. I think what they have done at the club in just 12 months is absolutely fantastic. However, I am going to criticise MON for his poor handling of the transfer window. Now I hope, and I really do mean hope that he can rectify the lack of squad strength between now and 1st September but I have my doubts. Ultimately all I want is for the club to become great again as it should be. I will criticise the management and the borad when required on this site, if I feel they are not doing what they should be. However, when it comes to Saturday I will be at Villa Park supporting the boys and singing my heart out for them, as I will be every week. My only fault is that I love my club and want it to succeed.
Ok ok... keep your knickers on! But until I hear from MON that they were after him and that he has in fact got away then I'm not going to rely on a press that has been consistently wrong and downright lazy with their reporting all summer!
failure. its the only way to explain this transfer window. 7 out and only 1 first team in, no right back, no keeper backup. I am a big MON fan but this situation is not acceptable, especially as we were promised 'substantial player acquisitions'. Other teams have either caught up or pushed further on. Lets not let the pre-season fool us. The season is long and we are bound to get injuries. Our current squad situation is pathetic - I dont know who is to blame (MON or above) but its been a failure none the less. Leaving it this late is a disaster.
Well Rawlie, what did you expect ? Did you think I was not going to respond to such ridiculous comments ?
I'm going to sleep now
What's ridiculous about saying Gordon's not worth 9 million or that some supporters seem to swallow the UK press' garbage that flows like raw sewage out of reporter's brains and on to the back (and front) of your daily papers! Yes, we are short of playing staff. Yes, we all want new signings of significant quality and yes, we are all frustrated by the way the summer has gone. But who would have thought we'd have an eggheaded penis inflating the value of average Prem players or a Thai billionaire politician who is playing his very own version of Football Manager? Also, maybe MON has misjudged how the window has gone. But I for one am willing to trust him to get players in before the end of the window. The guy is nothing but good for our club and deserves a break!
Too right Rawlie, we've gone totally overboard with this. Particularly with the ropey players we've shipped out. We are just short at the back at the moment, but you can be sure the men in charge are doing everything they can to secure the services of some decent players.
The ridiculous comment was regarding your suggestions concerning my supposed hankering for the old regime. Referring to maybe MON misjudging the window. I think we can all accept he HAS misjudged the window.
everyone can make mistakes all we can do is hope next summer things will be different
I don't want a flurry of signings. I just want a top quality right back and goalkeeper. Gordon was an opportunity missed and badly dealt with. By MON's own actions he wanted him, and by his own words he has been slow to catch on to the transfer market as it is. He would have been worth points and the millions and more. If courted properly he might well have been ours. Who knows - but we missed the boat and were too slow to influence him to come to Villa. Jaskeleiinnen is next best, burt we have missed out. I just hope this failure doesn't lead to a flurry to get numbers in. Quality not quantity must remain the key to real progress. Everyone makesmisjudgements, and I still think the world of MON.
stennyvilla - this slow to catch onto the transfer market argument doesn't wash with me. It's not rocket science - here is a player we want this much and won't let you talk to him until you offer a n exceptable amount. We either bargin and come to an exceptable agreement or we don't make an offer and look elsewhere. I have waited patiently all summer and will wait and see what the outcome is at the end of the week. I have to say that I'm feeling let down by MON and the board. This isn't what we were lead to believe at the start of summer. The end of August is not an argument. We could lose players on Saturday (first ten mins for example) where will be if we loose Taylor in the first ten minutes? We are gambling now and that show an incredible arrogance and lack of respect to all of us paying customers.
MLF its MON who is taking a gamble not only with the team/club but with his job. I hope he knows what he is doing but its too late to start bringing in players for Saturdays game as Manyoo have found out with the Treves Fiasco.
Read the initial post again NTDES. No one said you are 'hankering' for the past. I'm merely indicating that you, along with a number of other supporters, still have the mindset of the majority of Villa fans over the past 25 years. I am really trying to wipe that frustrated, mistrusting feeling from my psyche and giving the new guys the benefit of the doubt and my full support! So we haven't done too well off the field this summer... on it we've been ***** hot and I trust MON when he says he knows we're screwed going into the season as is, and is doing something about it. So we haven't got a ridiculously expensive goalkeeper from a second tier Scottish team! But it looks like we've got a future England keeper from one of the top 4 English teams, albeit on loan. If that pans out MON will be applauded and all this bull***** will be forgotten... now for a right back!
Were linked with no right backs so I cant see one coming in

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