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Liam Ridgewell Set For Villa Exit?

Not quite sure why, but apparently Liam Ridgewell is about to move to Birmingham City.

According to Nick Pullen at the Birmingham Mail, the move could happen this afternoon as Villa sell yet another player in the transfer window where we'd expected hoards of arrivals!

The 22-year-old defender is said to be going for around 2.25million.

According to the Mail Villa will be bringing in Norway international Brede Hangeland from FC Copenhagen for a fee in the region of 4million.

If Ridgewell does go, I wish him nothing but luck, shame about the destination but I think the player is a decent centre back and would rather him in our squad (ok, maybe not a first team starter but certainly worthy as a squad player) and I would MUCH rather see us get replacements BEFORE departures, for example, right back anyone? The Mail says that our only out and out right-back, Mark Delaney, is 'nowhere near' fit.

Strange and frustrating times. I think at the start of the summer avfc48 was slated for suggesting that Martin O'Neill has a reputation amongst Celtic fans for being slow in the transfer market and making last minute signings. Not so sure everyone would be so quick to slate him now?

And in another report, The Record Sport have said that Shaun Maloney will return to Celtic within the week. Not so sure about that one, this was rumoured and denied only a week or so back and Maloney was played last night in the friendly against Stoke, if he was on his way out, would he have been risked? I think not. The report says the move will be for 1million. I guess time will tell.

Our latest poll asks if Liam Ridgewell should be sold or not.

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday August 2 2007

Time: 2:38PM

Your Comments

Here come more moans in 5.......4.........3.........2.........1 lol. More seriously though Idont think we should let him go but as its Birmingham he wants to play for and not us I say bye bye its a big insult
I was looking at an exchange deal, but we,ve already got a ground!!!
silkie villain
Good luck to the lad if he does go. Why we are letting him go is a mystery to me though.
Disgrace we can not let any more players go WTF is going on MON or the board need to tell us
yea and why would he rather play for Birmingham and if it was player for player who would we want in return
Doyle the GK?????
I'm not sure we need (a) to keep Ridge if we can't offer him a reasonable chance of playing regularly and (b) to slate him if he goes - even to the Noses. Let's face it, quite a few have been critical of his abilities. If somebody was prepared to offer you first team football when nobody else could/would, wouldn't you go? And look at it this way: if he does go when he isn't getting a game here, doesn't that mean we're swapping an asset we aren't using for good cash, [and that the Blouse are getting 'one of our cast offs' - as somebody else on here recently described transferred players ;-) ]
it is not a question of if we should keep Ridge, we need to keep him as we are not signing anyone else. We can not afford to let another player leave, simple.
Im not sure about this Hangeland guy,why is he still playing in Scandinavia?He cant be that young if he has a fair amount of caps.You'd think he'd have already been snapped up by now.
Are we selling Ridgewell or Kevin Webster from Corrie? Seriously though, I think Ridge has rarely let us down and his bouts of poor form were usually when the side generally was having a bad run. I always thought he was a good kid and it's a shame to see him go. As others have said though, it would be nice if the arrivals came first...
If this had happened in Ellis days (10 out 2 in) then we would all be marching outside of Villa Park with banners, pitch forks and fecking flaming torches!!! I know we have to give the new regime time, and the benefit of the doubt but its getting ridiculous! We wont be able to pick a squad of 16 players against Liverpool at this rate.
Everybody keeps saying we are not signing anybody else !! Why do you think we are having our first friendly at VP for 12 years on saturday, against a massive club such as Internazionale ? ever heard of selling a product ? just imagine, take a few transfer targets and their agents, show them a state of the art training ground, give them hospitality and a tour of VP stadium, let them view the squad playing out on the field against some very high quality opposition and get a taste of what the club is all about, give them an insight into Villa as a club. Much better than sitting in an office talking about it don't you think ? Fergie was renowned for it in his early days at Man Utd, a lot of good managers do it. But as I've said before, what would I know, my glass is only half full. Defenders will come, maybe a keeper, they don't need as much time to settle as midfield and forwards, have faith. UTV
As for Ridge, thanks very much, good luck............and take yer tash with you.
astonmilan, hope that is true but heard the same things said before the kit launch and the "we start today" on the OS and who did we buy ????????
When O'Neil said he well sell everyone who dont want to stay at Villa I didn't think he means everyone like when the squad got really small I thought he might of put his foot down then
Defies logic. Just doesn't make sense. Yet again we appear to be on the verge of weakening before strengthening, and that is way out of order. We've had enough trouble replacing Hughes/Bardsley, enough trouble strengthening the squad, where do we pick up a quality replacement for Ridge? I'm getting very confused, confused and frustrated. We appear to be digging a bigger hole for ourselves.
Sky reporting we are getting close to sorting a deal for Hangeland. Is it me or does any one else get fed up with this, being linked rubbish. If you want him MON buy him for gods sake or we will miss out on another player. Trust your judgement!!
Well I think we are gonna get this guy now unless SKY have made another mistake like the time they said Reo Coker was having a medical but at that time no fee has even been agreed.
Little77, the CEO said that they will do everything possible to sign 'top class' players this transfer market. I have faith that they will. But, 90% of people have took what was said, interpreted it in their own way and expected 7-8 'world class' players to arrive on our doorsteps and then push to break the top four. I'm not even going to comment on that. MON will only buy players he knows a lot about and who work hard and understand how to bond as a unit, he won't go out and buy a 20m striker and take a chance because he scored 17 goals for 'Athletico Espana FC' . And the Celtic fans who slate him, should remember that he has an exceptional record in the transfer market, look at Larsson for instance. Everybody seems to have the 'Birthday money syndrome' get a tenner in your card and go and blow it down the shop on some shiny robot that has a packet showing it doing all sorts of things, then two days later its in the cupboard cause it was crap really. look at Sven, most if not all of the players he has signed will struggle in the prem. Good quality and value for money is the way, maybe in five years we will be in a position to take the chance and spend 25m on a striker, but as for now, lets get a squad that will work hard as a unit, we have a good foundation, young, hungry, willing to compete with each other, good banter etc.....slowly does it. UTV
I didn't think 7 or 8 but I did think maybe 2 or 3
May I also point out that Man Utd's defence last season was poor, Vidic when fit was awesome, but Rio. Brown ??? their focus was on attack, no holds barred. We have some good firepower at the moment, in fact the best we've had for years since Saunders and Atkinson. So lets hope that we turn more chances into more goals, because that is what let us down last winter and we ended up in a rut, we only lost 10 though. Be positive lads. UTV
Astonmilan, MON did not sign Larsson Wim Jansen did and we do not need 7 or 8 players and MON is right to get rid of players he doesnt want, but surely it makes sense to buy players to replace the ones you are selling. It was MON who moaned that the sqaud was to small and he wanted time to work with the players he brings in and he would not be in the same situation this summer as he was when he arrived last year, well guess what he is. We should have got more players in or not let some go, simple really.
Come on astonmilan man u are in a much better position than us. How many 1st team squad players have we got at the moment? I really want MON to do well everyone does but if you are honest you must be worried?
Christo, there are only around fifteen 'World class' players in the world mate, and they generaly adourn Real, Barca, Milan, Inter, Juve shirts. Gerrard, Terry are really the only two English in the Prem, C.Ronaldo and Fabregas strong possibilities. And before everybody says 'well, so and so is' bare in mind that to be truly world class you need to sustain it for season after season after season, not bang 20 in the prem one year and never do it again. Kaka, Pirlo, Rhonaldinho, Carlos, Deco etc....are the 'world class' type.
Its obvious that Man Utd are in a better position than us, and Little77, I've been worried most of the 23 years I've had a season ticket !!! Up down Up down, but this club has already spent 30m on new players in twelve months, new training ground etc....I've never seen that at Villa before. It will take time, If we finish 7th, great, higher, brilliant. We are going forward, patience is a hard thing in football, but we all have to find it. I can't wait till signings come and we do well next season, just so it p**sess off AVFC48 and his followers who wish the club (and genuine supporters) to fail and get nowhere. It will take time Little77, but mate, it'll be worth it. UTV
well yea but I was just saying that the board did say they'd be bringing in world class players this summer and was just saying I didn't expect us to sign 8 of them
Christo, they didn't say 'World class' they said 'Top class'. Hangeland is a top class defender, who can pass the ball very well too and they reckon he's awesome in the air. Hoyte is top class, Boswinga is top class, Emana is top class, Jussi is top class. We could see some of these sign in the next three weeks. Then we will have a 22-24 man squad with a lot of talent, come on dude, don't worry, be happy.
oops I got a word wrong thats all but top class i'll say 4-5 and not 7-8
Astonmilan- I do not think we will finish in the top 6 and if you remember last season fans went from talking of champions league to relegation. Fans by there nature are impatient and we have to trust the manager, who is the best for the job at the moment and after visiting VP for 31 years soon to be 32 (I was 6 FOR MY FIRST MATCH) the best board I have ever seen. But that does not mean we can not challange there decisions. I think Randy and co had a rude awakening and could not get the players they wanted. They allowed every one to go mad and let expectations of who we were going to sign rise. However you look at the summer transfer window, unless things happen, you must say it has been shall we say strange.
I'm not panicking or anything but I'll be REALLY disappointed if we start the season without signing a right back. We've all known for a VERY long time that this is a priority. Please MON, don't start with Mellberg playing there. If 'Boro can tempt Luke Young, why can't we? I hope the Justin Hoyte rumours are true.
Villayamyam I think we have reason to be disappointed and to start getting out the worry beads. It has been a poor summer a right back should have been sorted ages ago. You are correct my friend.
I haven't seen much in this window to raise my eyebrows, pnic buys mainly. Manure and Chelski have done well, but should do, Liverpool have also apart from Torres. The rest ? Dyer to West Ham on 80k a week ? joke, Bent 17m ? joke. Spurs have invested well, but they have been for a few years now, thats why they are where they are. The only problem with the board is that they shouldn't say anything till it happens, and instantly quash stupid rumours such as Defoe and SWP, and if any Villa fan was thinking of CL football this season........well, no comment. It's always gonna be hard to attract top players here due to our location, its not London, Manchester or even Newcastle, its Birmingham. I don't think Randy and Co have had a rude awakening, O'Niell definately not, they should just sort out the media and the way they officialy communicate. Come two weeks time we should all feel better, I hope !! UTV
True but they DID say things didnt they. Do you really think the only players MON wanted were NRC and Harewood? No of course you dont so the board and MON thought that getting players in would be easy and as you correctly state above it isnt, but when Distin goes to Pompey something is wrong.
Luke Young was after a better job and a bigger salary than he was worth, so he went to Middlesbrough. Full stop. I for one only want players who will be proud and work hard for our club, that is the only way we will move forward, as a unit, team, board, supporters.
I agree with Distin, but what you have to remember is, we don't know these players, he may be an absolute ar**hole. One thing I know about MON is he doesn't like upset or someone moaning and causing trouble.
Oh God get real players are only after the money do you really believe all the players love the club of course they dont they all want the cash.
Bottom line is we should not be in this position with 10 days until the Liverpool game, thats not your fault or mine it stops with Martin and the board.
Not necesarily, isn't 40k a week enough ? if you get better and better each season then great, have another 10k and then another. Player like Gerrard have great ties with their club and fans, and play for medals and cups, Kaka has stayed at Milan because he feels at home, Real offered him double his wages and a 10m euro signing on fee. I know what you mean thaough, most of em are greedy primadonnas, and we will have to pay to get, but lets not have anymore Milosevic's or Balaban's etc.....
astonmilan, MON's transfer dealings at Celtic were nor his strong point! no investment after the UEFA cup final & Larsson was already there:
Look at last year, going to the Emirates I though, F**k me, but look what happened. Unfit squad, dissolutioned, two weeks to sort em out. We are in a better position now, unfortunatley so are Liverpool !
We could have a debate about money in football but we would agree. The examples you give are spot on but they are not the norm. There are very few Ian Taylors left which is a pity
I have to admit I dont really want players in the squad thatcare about money and posing in front of a camara. The last thing we want is to see is a striker just about to shoot and score and then spotting a camara and starts doing these poses because someone is sponsering him to do it
Tarzan, I don't think the money was available, the board rested on their laurels a little. he has a good record in management of players, and always gets the best out of them. He turned Larsson into what he became, Larsson has said it many times, its in claret and blue this issue. Don't get me wrong I'm not a MON is god supporter, there are much better managers around, but he is good. I'm glad we have him. For now anyway, I'm just like you, I want success, I guess I have a little more patience than most.
If Bent is worth 17m............Taylor is priceless. But Gardener, Moore, Cahill, Gabby are all fans.........which is nice to know. Well I assume Gabby is.....
Now that is a good call astonmilan I think you have something there
Well I'm off, got a match to watch. Good points, and sensible ones made today, instead of doom and gloom. One thing we all agree on....we all want and need at least two defensive signings and a keeper in the next ten days, I think we'll get them.
has aston milan gone now?
We have a much better squad now than last season, Astonmilan is right, players will come and players will go, some of the kids are better the their older counterparts. Mon sees these players everyday and will make his own judgment. As for his dealings at celtic, he may not have bought Larson but he did buy players to provide the chances. For not much money he has already done a great job, as have the board. There will be some new blood soon I am sure. After the game against Sheff Utd I could not wait for this new season, and am still looking forward to it. UTV.
Ok morkey fair points but please dont paper over cracks that are starting to appear. You can not be happy with the summer so far how ever much you respect MON. I hope Martin isnt happy and if he isnt then neither should we be, if MON is happy then we are in big trouble.
AstonMilan - first it was - new kit + show of world class new signings (dinglewood) - then it was Canada + USA tour show off new signings (none) and its Inter + show off new signings (don't think so)
astonmilan MON didn't buy Larsson
There will not be any new signings before Liverpool game and that is a disgrace pure and simple Martin got it wrong this summer, no other clubs sell without replacements only us. We may sign some before the end of the window then MON has his excuses already made just like last season.
Little77. How do you know there will be no more signings before liverpool game. I will give you a tenner if no more players are bought before that game. Perhaps we should have kept dol. He would have spunk@d the lot by now on crap. You dont know when you are better off.
DeanoVilla - don't panic we've now got 20 senior players (after Ridge and DJx2 go). These include 1 goalie, a right back whose still injured and past his "sell-by date" and two ex-Celtic players who still haven't really settled after 12 month at VP. Is this the squad we're expecting to challenge for Europe next season? I think yes, but others will think I'm mad.
I believe we can get into europe with the squad we have
Define a squad Christo. As Villacross points out we've only got 20 senior players now....20!! We've got enough promising youngsters in the team now as well, so I don't buy the argument that we should be relying on more academy kids to see us through. Maybe yes, in the old days, but not now if we really want to push forward. The TEAM we've got now are good enough to give anyone a tough game, but when (not if, when) we get 4 or 5 injuries we are really going to struggle. We do not have a SQUAD. I like MON, and I think he's a great manager, but it worries me a lot how we've operated in this transfer window. In most clubs the manager doesn't necessarily handle the transfers once a list of players has been identified. Why are we different - is it because we lack the right experience at the top to manage the transfer dealings (and by that I mean Board level)? That's not me having a pop at Randy either. Maybe we just aren't operating quite as professionally as we all thought we were post the takover euphoria. I do still have to say i'm expecting signings, but I will also be incredibly interested once the close-season ends and then maybe we can get some good info from the club on just what was going on? Maybe this is all some great plan that we're not 'in the loop' on, but it would test the patience of a saint, it really would.....the club has GOT to get better at its expecations management going forward.
Christo - Forgetting the probable top 4 ,Blackburn,Spurs,Pompey,Newcastle,Everton and probably West Ham are nailed on over a season to come above us IMO.
RIDGEWELL - THE WORST DEFENDER I HAVE EVER SEEN.........IN A BLUES SHIRT.....AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!..........................................................................................................................................................................................................................funnier than when they tried to sign Titus Bramble.......AHAHAHAHAH!!!! THANK YOU MR O'NEILL. My day has been made.
Villa fans really depress me.....i for one am optimistic about the new season. I still have full faith in MON and believe we have a much better squad than last year. I agree that we do need a right back, but one will come. MON isn't an idiot. Clubs are rush buying these days just to please the fans, making stupid decisions and losing money over it. The season hasn't even started and we already have fans moaning. Any1 that has watched the pre-season friendlies so far will have seen that our attacking options are really strong, but defence does need work. MON has even addresses this so im sure he wont just ignore it. Have faith.
Just because its a little short dont mean we will fall to other teams yea we will get injries and maybe O'Neil thinks we wont get many this season but the window aint closed yet and were signing 1 player today or maybe even 2
Mr_North_Stand. I actually saw a very very well endowed young girl at lunchtime walking around with a "Keep the Faith" T-shirt on, and I saw it as a sign that something good has to happen today (that wasn't actually bad just on it's own!) Maybe the god of jubblies is smiling down on us today?
Ok I will calm down but as I said earlier do you think MON is happy no then neither should we be. Of course we are better off if DOL hadnt gone and MON came we would be relegated, thats not the issue the issue is are we happy with the summer transfers???
We are keeping our powder dry, I'm convinced of it now. We probably have 20m left to spend after signing Haagerland today. I've changed my mind since seeing teams spend silly money on Dyer, Bellamy and Smith (I'm talking very high wages here too). Coker, Harewood and Haagerland were linked with City, Wigan and Newcastle respectively - we've gone for youthful players who want to wear claret and blue and fostering a good team spirit.
Tarzan I think we all agree that no one wants average players on big wages and high transfer fees. I cant get my head around a small squad that lets even more players go without replacements. We do not need to replace each player and the academy and youth players are fantastic. Full respect to everyone there but we need a CB, RB, GK, and some cover for key areas Bouma injured Barry has to drop back do you see what I mean??
Im a bit sad about this one but I dont think he was gonna play this season.I was very impressed with him last season but I think that was based on what I saw of him the previous season when he was a bit of a disaster.Im sure he'll get man of the match against us however.
Little77 - I think O'Halloran has been getting some playing time pre-season, so I think he's our LB cover for Bouma, and potentially may even slot in there at LB and allow Bouma to move inside if we end up with injuries in the CB position. I think O'Halloran seems to be the kid most likely to "breakthrough" this year. Maybe Steiber also, but we're already looking fairly good in the middle....
Looks like Delaney will be let go very soon too
lol another one gone I just hope the nightmare I had dont come true and Mellberg joins Man City
Is there a press conference tonight?
Yatesy ok good train of thought, and I hope the quotes from MON are right and we do bring in some cover and quality. In 9 days we kick off the season and if things dont go right for the first couple og games we will have lost points that at the end of the season could be valuable. If we have to wait till the end of the transfer window so be it MON is the manager he knows whats best, but I am worried about this.
Hope we've got a replacement lined up, but I sure aint holding my breath. I dont agree with this policy at all.

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