Aston Villa - John Carew Goal Montage
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John Carew Goal Montage

Montage of goals by Villa new boy John Carew.

That'll do nicely!

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday January 22 2007

Time: 8:21PM

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ooooh, first one of them I've done, how posh!
The Fear
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22/01/2007 20:27:00

Good goals, at least he sticks his head in where it hurts, juan might be a good header of the ball, but not when the pressure is on. Shame the person who made the video over did the visual editing.
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22/01/2007 20:29:00

Mmmm. But wouldn't a montage of Baros goals look impressive too? Sorry, I'll get my coat...
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22/01/2007 20:29:00

OMG does he actually play for us??? Wahooooo!!!
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22/01/2007 20:31:00

Baros can't spank the ball that hard.
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22/01/2007 20:33:00

Love the fact the first goal they chose to put on is a penalty! Great stuff. That free-kick against Real was awesome. Awful editing.
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22/01/2007 20:37:00

Ive found a good video on you tube from 1982 I might put up
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22/01/2007 20:37:00

ahh yes, the one at the bernabau, was what i was looking for. gr8 goal
Its All Over FC
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22/01/2007 20:38:00

Awesome! Looks as though we've at last got a centre forward who looks like one. Was Dion Dublin the last striker we had with this guy's shooting and heading ability? I just hope he turns out to be as good as he is shown in the film clips. If so, t'will be very interesting with Gabby and/or Moore playing alongside him. But have we ever had an overseas forward or midfielder (except "Yorkie") that has ever done any good at VP playing in the Prem.?
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22/01/2007 20:48:00

Great stuff! This guy's gonna be a legend! I can feel it in me water...
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22/01/2007 20:51:00

agreed Saurat, montages can make most look good, still nice to see though!
The Fear
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22/01/2007 21:02:00

Is it just me or does the vid go straight to "watch again" when you press play....?
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22/01/2007 21:03:00

That's it, forget bloody stepovers, just put your foot through it...good lad.
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22/01/2007 21:09:00

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22/01/2007 21:29:00

Montage or no montage he can hit the ball at some blistering pace. Will be nice to have a striker at the Villa again :-) I hope he is a real Villa Star for the future.
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22/01/2007 22:49:00

Well done Villa, good bit of business on your part, but he seriously is not one for the future, i mean, he aint exactly young now is he, getting on a bit. You'll be better of letting watford rip you off by 5 million for Ashley Young, atleast you know that he will be with you for a couple of years.
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22/01/2007 23:10:00

OneAaronLennon - sour grapes? You "Spuds" never like losing out. Never mind, you can always go to Arsenal or Chelsea if you want to see a decent game in the "smoke".
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23/01/2007 00:16:00

Is Ashley Young a striker or a winger? John Carew looks fantastic, he did some gret stuff in the Champions League, that back heel was genius. I've heard he's a bit inconsistent though but when he's on song, the guy is right up there with the best of them.
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23/01/2007 00:55:00

well done what a great signing,probably the best january transfer so far,
fran merida
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23/01/2007 01:35:00

I'm already drooling in eager and excited anticipation. Roll on Wednesday week, and St James Park.
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23/01/2007 03:44:00

he'll do for me, good point by saurat, but hey, lets just hope he can produce the goods for us.
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23/01/2007 08:00:00

and yes Fear, very posh!! turning into quite the technocrat you are!!
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23/01/2007 08:01:00

There's a one-eyed yellow idol to the north of Khatmandu, There's a little marble cross below the town; There's a broken-hearted woman tends the grave of Mad Carew, And the Yellow God forever gazes down. He was known as "Mad Carew" by the subs at Khatmandu, He was hotter than they felt inclined to tell; But for all his foolish pranks, he was worshipped in the ranks, And the Colonel's daughter smiled on him as well. He had loved her all along, with a passion of the strong, The fact that she loved him was plain to all. She was nearly twenty-one and arrangements had begun To celebrate her birthday with a ball. He wrote to ask what present she would like from Mad Carew; They met next day as he dismissed a squad; And jestingly she told him then that nothing else would do But the green eye of the little Yellow God. On the night before the dance, Mad Carew seemed in a trance, And they chaffed him as they puffed at their cigars: But for once he failed to smile, and he sat alone awhile, Then went out into the night beneath the stars. He returned before the dawn, with his shirt and tunic torn, And a gash across his temple dripping red; He was patched up right away, and he slept through all the day, And the Colonel's daughter watched beside his bed. He woke at last and asked if they could send his tunic through; She brought it, and he thanked her with a nod; He bade her search the pocket saying "That's from Mad Carew," And she found the little green eye of the god. She upbraided poor Carew in the way that women do, Though both her eyes were strangely hot and wet; But she wouldn't take the stone and Mad Carew was left alone With the jewel that he'd chanced his life to get. When the ball was at its height, on that still and tropic night, She thought of him and hurried to his room; As she crossed the barrack square she could hear the dreamy air Of a waltz tune softly stealing thro' the gloom. His door was open wide, with silver moonlight shining through; The place was wet and slipp'ry where she trod; An ugly knife lay buried in the heart of Mad Carew, 'Twas the "Vengeance of the Little Yellow God." There's a one-eyed yellow idol to the north of Khatmandu, There's a little marble cross below the town; There's a broken-hearted woman tends the grave of Mad Carew, And the Yellow God forever gazes down.
chocolate teapot
Report Abuse
23/01/2007 08:42:00

thats how i see all the villa players, with a nice glow around them, welcome to the world of cataracts!, lets sign some more
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23/01/2007 08:52:00

Sorenson, Bardsley, Laursen, Mellberg, Bouma,Young, Petrov, McCann, Barry, Carew, Agbonlahor (4-4-2 or 4-3-3). Subs from Cahill, Ridgewell, Davis, Hendrie, Osbourne, Moore, Samuel, Angel, Berger, Delaney, Hughes, Gardner, Taylor. Or if you want the best ENGLISH team in the country - Taylor, Bardsley, Cahill, Ridgewell, Samuel, Young, McCann, Osborne, Barry, Moore, Agbonlahor. That is a squad that should be able to see us throught the last 14 games of the season. Three or four adjustments/top quality additions in summer and we have a team that is going places. The throat has been cleared, the lion is about to roar again. It will not be long before we are once more, the true kings of the jungle. Unless of course our supporters fluff their lines again. Anyone fancy booing again???
Report Abuse
23/01/2007 09:33:00

Do give it a rest VOTH, that really is getting boring now
Report Abuse
23/01/2007 10:19:00

Jonah - booooooooooooooooooooooo
Report Abuse
23/01/2007 13:18:00

Jonah - tough. Get used to it. The same as every decent Villa supporter have to, at every game, when morons think it is right to abuse players and the club. When Villa fans fill Villa Park and make it the most intimidating ground in the country then I will stop. Until then jonah you can like it or lump it.
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23/01/2007 14:17:00

If Young comes in, which we are 99.9% sure of then definately 4-3-3 going forward and tracking back can be reverted into a 4-5-1. Imagine the pace of young and Gabby down the flanks pulling defenders all over the place opening gaps for Carew to manipulate !!! Happy days!!!! Cheers JF.
Report Abuse
23/01/2007 14:18:00

jonah. How about suggesting an article? Something along the lines of 'should the vital villa site be exempt from critisising supporters without brains? Should the fact that 7000 seats were empty on Saturday be swept under the carpet. Should we not discuss the unintelligent people who think that booing our club will help take us forward?' You might want just to hear 'nice' things. But highlighting -and to keep highlighting, the areas that are preventing this club from moving forward is what is needed to ensure this issues are addressed. So jonah, give it a rest, you have been boring me for a while.
Report Abuse
23/01/2007 14:27:00

VOTH: I really don't care.
Report Abuse
23/01/2007 14:45:00

A big welcome to carew but id like to say thank you to baros for the goals against the scum, one of most enjoyable days in my life.
chris the villan
Report Abuse
23/01/2007 14:56:00

and that about sums you up jonah. However some of us do.
Report Abuse
23/01/2007 14:57:00

VOTH - all you do is moan about supporters, i would rather sit next to someon who boos than have my pants depressed clean off by you every match. For gods sake man cheer up.
Report Abuse
23/01/2007 15:01:00

I do not moan about supporters. I moan about fans who berate there own players and supposed fans who can not even be bothered to turn up. Everything else is constructive and positive. Besides I am on anti depressants and I take offence at being told to 'cheer up'. :o(
Report Abuse
23/01/2007 15:16:00

Great to get a buzz around the club and supporters again. I don't remember this kind of excitement about a new signing since.......No, can't think of this much excitement about a new signing before, perhaps Draper or Merson but things had not slumped that low at those points. This is really giving the club a lift and should encourage Young and others to want to be part of a real revolution, not a Russian spending spree.
Villain Of The North
Report Abuse
23/01/2007 16:21:00

This whole thing about fans booing the players is a side issue. SOME fans (OK, you might disagree that they are real fans) have always booed teams when they perceive they have played badly, and they always will. We can either agree or disagree with them, that's our choice. But it was only a minority on Saturday, albeit a sizeable one and I question whether it does have any real affect on the players anyway. They know if they have played well or badly regardless of what the fans do. They are highly paid professionals and should be able to take the rough with the smooth. Just to re-iterate what I said elsewhere the other day in case anyone gets the wrong idea, I am a season ticket holder (upper Trinity) and I don't boo!!!
Report Abuse
24/01/2007 08:16:00

Well it seems that the poll is suggesting that the majority of Villa fans disagree with you jonah. nearly 90% think it has an adverse affect on the team. So whilst it is any fans right to boo, the majority of supporters are seriously narked about it. So the message to anybody that does boo, is that most fans are not happy with you and feel you are damaging the team and the other fans enjoyment of the game.
Report Abuse
24/01/2007 09:41:00

Don't get me wrong VOTH, I was also annoyed by the booing, I just don't think that it is THAT big an issue. Not compared to all the other good things we have got going at the club right now, just a personal opinion but I respect the opinions of the majority.
Report Abuse
24/01/2007 09:45:00

What IS annoying , and I think VOTH and I will agree on this one :-) is the ignorant *****s that get up to go for a cuppa 5 mins before half-time, or to leave 5 mins before the end and then stop, standing right in front of you to watch when something happens on the pitch. I got into a right barney with some dickhead about it on Saturday and he just couldn't understand why I was annoyed.
Report Abuse
24/01/2007 09:56:00

I am with you on that one jonah.
Report Abuse
24/01/2007 10:39:00

At last we agree mate, what a happy day!!
Report Abuse
24/01/2007 10:42:00


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