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Villa Consultation - Your Issue Is?

Supporters Consultation Group

Following the creation of the Supporters Consultation Group (SCG) the first full meeting will take place on Saturday 16th December before Villa beat Bolton Wanderers at Villa Park.

A brief explanation of the process:

At each meeting, each representative will be asked to bring with them their top three questions, ideas or suggestions. Each representative will be given the opportunity to air their top three to the group. After everyone has had their turn, each individual will be asked to submit their top three questions “rated” in order of priority (5 points to the most important question, 3 points to the second and 1 point to the third).

The Club will then collate the totals. The 15 highest points scoring questions will then be submitted to the Club, and the replies published and promoted for the benefit of all.

The meeting isn't to give answers, the answers will be made known to all, not just a select few.

So, what issues do Vital Villa readers want to put forward? What issues are top for you?

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday December 7 2006

Time: 2:59PM

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Obvious one but will MON be supported in the January and summer transfer windows and will we be able to compete with the top clubs?? Remember there will be many clubs after the same players and we need out chairman to step up to the plate and make sure MON trasfer targets come to us. We need players like SWP and Defoe to come to us, over teams like West Ham and Everton.
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07/12/2006 15:21:00

Player issues aren't included, that is all between MON and Randy Lerner.
The Fear
Report Abuse
07/12/2006 15:43:00

More things like these issues
Villa forward part one
Villa forward part two
The Fear
Report Abuse
07/12/2006 15:45:00

It is the 25th anniversary of the EUropean cup win next year. What plans, if any, do the club have for honouring our heroes, and, as the architect of it all, although he was no longer with the club at the time, will Ron Saunders be involved in any celebrations/tributes the club may have in mind.
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07/12/2006 15:48:00

North stand redevelopment
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07/12/2006 16:36:00

Filling Villa Park, as this will have a direct impact on everything that the future holds. utv-sotc made a very logical point a couple of weeks ago, of how an across the board season ticket of 200 could probably create more revenue, and fill the ground more often than the current pricing structure. Obviously you need to read the article to understand how this would work.
Report Abuse
07/12/2006 17:07:00

doug ellis stand renamed to villa park stand and get a invester to chnage the name of the stadium
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07/12/2006 17:38:00

I'm not keen on the lager at villa park can we have a new supplier please preferably Stella.
chris the villan
Report Abuse
07/12/2006 17:40:00

ban smoking in catering areas
Report Abuse
07/12/2006 20:01:00

Better PA system. Will the sale of the Serpentine affect match day parking? If yes, what plans for additional space? Introduce a 'Saturday Season ticket' just for those games that start at 3 on Saturdays that those of us living miles away can attend- perhaps for first 10 3pm games a season?
Report Abuse
07/12/2006 20:04:00

Can i keep the top on my bottle of coke, did pay for the whole thing, tipped the ******* lot over my programme at the last game!
Report Abuse
07/12/2006 20:51:00

can we have woodward removed and a real commentator in place. can we have an official Sky site like Chelsea and Man Utd
Report Abuse
07/12/2006 21:03:00

are there any plans to re-develop the Aston Tavern?
Report Abuse
07/12/2006 23:57:00

Very definitely a new improved PA system.
Report Abuse
08/12/2006 06:47:00

Better traffic controls both before and after games. Considering the location of the ground to major roads VP is one of the worst grounds to park at and get away from.
Hoss The Villain
Report Abuse
08/12/2006 08:53:00

My 3 points are- 1.Improved communication/consultation between Club and fans -suggest Club radio station, internet chat forums etc. 2. Better stadium facilities -eating, drinking and the pa system. 3. More efficient access and departure from ground from car parks? or a mono-rail link to remote parking. The latter point will become more important, if and when attendancies grow to 50,000+
Report Abuse
08/12/2006 11:48:00

Just to add to my last point - many years ago we had a special bus service on match-days running from numerous city locations to Villa Park. Is that another option to solve the car parking and congestion problems?
Report Abuse
08/12/2006 11:54:00

Decent half time entertainment. Randy will be well aware of this, what with all the things that go on during breaks in American sports. Maybe some fit cheer leaders, in skimpy Villa kits?!?!
Report Abuse
08/12/2006 12:23:00

The inclusion of VP in the 2012 olympics and the olympic committees plans for aiding the expansion of villa park to 50,000+ seater over the next 4 years (and hence to one of only 2 Uefa 5 star stadia in the england) is great news for villa, at what stage are these plans at, and hopefully what are they?
Report Abuse
08/12/2006 12:38:00

the browns are one of the only (maybe the only) NFL team to not have cheerleaders, so doubt we will get them here at villa.
Report Abuse
08/12/2006 12:40:00

I have an issue with Mark Lawrenson. He nearly always predicts us to lose away from home. This season he predicted losses at Bluescouse, Redscouse, the Arse, Chelski, Pompey, West Sham. I do not know what he predicted against Wigan and Watford. He has predicted us lose at Sheffield United (see his predictions on the BBC site). At least it means we can safely say we will NOT get beaten on Monday night. Can the General send over a few boys to 'educate' the muppet?
Report Abuse
08/12/2006 13:13:00

So what's got you so wound up voice?
Report Abuse
08/12/2006 21:56:00

So at the moment we have: 1) Catering, better choice, quicker service etc 2) Smoking ban inside? (Think that might be covered in ban coming next summer) 3) PA system that you can actually understand and hear. 4) Parking issues, traffic control, bus shuttle to VP which gets more important as we sell more tickets. 5) Better pre-match and half time entertainment 6) Market style stalls selling souvenirs, flags, hats, scarves + maybe food and sweets. 7) Help making banners to put around at the right sizes Outside VP tatty, drab, uninspiring, work with council to make approach better, Aston Park etc (although that is being done) North stand re-dev 9) What plans are there to honour 25th anniversary 10) Across the board season tickets at 200 to get Villa Park full and spending anything else? We've got to rate the top three to put to the club then! Jeez, work work work! ;-)
The Fear
Report Abuse
09/12/2006 10:57:00

Wound up? Me? Never? But you are a **** storagematt.
Report Abuse
09/12/2006 12:19:00

Agree with better facilities - coaches from Brum City Centre - outside the ICC would be perfect - could sell the Programmes on their to bump revenue up. Mobile catering, i.e. Lets have people walking around selling snacks pre-match and halftime - would be great to have dozens of mobile snacks sellers. And, please - get rid of the Doug Ellis stand and replace it with Microsoft Loves Vill and charge them 25m. (joke about Microsoft but pull the Doug Ellis name). How about using the catering points and having a points card till system to earn points as you buy - for redemption in the Villa Shop's not rocket science.
Report Abuse
09/12/2006 12:42:00

I agree with all the points that have been made above however my "bone of contention" and has been for some time, is the badge. It was changed, I think in 1969, (who took over then ..?) to the round one and has since changed twice to the one we have now which, for me and people my age, does not represent the club. This badge/motif/emblem was on the old Trinity Road Stand and was like a symbol of our glorious past, obviously Ellis & Co didn't like it and that went in the skip - what vandalism!! On the badge now we have the lion with an outsized head, the PREPARED is almost hidden within the stripes! This prompts the main question - why stripes? We have been playing in the traditional strip for well over 100 years, until Ellis, Ansell and probably Steve Stride in the early 90's decided in their wisdom to change the kit design to stripes!! They then set about re-designing the badge! For me, the badge is the heart of the club, it's how we and the world will recognise Aston Villa and that's why it is imperative that it should be changed back to the traditional one - let's ditch this stripey nonsense now! RL will do this, he is a supporter of our tradition he just needs to be informed.
Report Abuse
09/12/2006 18:15:00

I like the new badge but it would be a lot better with the old lion
chris the villan
Report Abuse
09/12/2006 20:02:00

will add badge to list, agree the new one is 'nice' but isn't the same as the old lion. My favourite is the round badge and would love to see us use it and the kit of 82 next season as a tribute to our greatest days.
The Fear
Report Abuse
10/12/2006 16:39:00

So at the moment we have:
1) Catering, better choice, quicker service etc
2) Smoking ban inside? (Think that might be covered in ban coming next summer)
3) PA system that you can actually understand and hear.
4) Parking issues, traffic control, bus shuttle to VP which gets more important as we sell more tickets.
5) Better pre-match and half time entertainment
6) Market style stalls selling souvenirs, flags, hats, scarves + maybe food and sweets.
7) Help making banners to put around at the right sizes
8) Outside VP tatty, drab, uninspiring, work with council to make approach better, Aston Park etc (although that is being done) North stand re-dev
9) What plans are there to honour 25th anniversary
10) Across the board season tickets at 200 to get Villa Park full and spending (article somewhere to back the theory up!)
11) The badge

On a less important point, I've recently found out that she doesn't look at all good on the dance floor and the bloke from the artic monkeys has lost his bet.
The Fear
Report Abuse
10/12/2006 17:39:00

for me, 1) will be done anyway, 2) has to happen with the ban in public places from July. 9) are already being planned,

My favourites are market stalls (see the full idea in the thread, just click the link at the end of this article (or I might cut and paste it below) the badge and the season tickets at a fee to fill the ground and probably generate more money. PA is also rubbish but think other reps will put that forward, + the drab outside etc

Will narrow it down to six and put it in the poll thing for voting. We have to put 3 things forward and rank in importance.
The Fear
Report Abuse
10/12/2006 17:43:00

James 06 from the forum:
Along with the refreshment stands I'd like there to be more 'market' style stalls and vendors outside the ground selling souvenirs, flags, hats, scarves etc... these could be official club vendors, not necassarily outsiders. I just feel it adds to the buzz on a match day and the queues at the Villa Village are massive. Also at Manchester United the club and the supporters clubs have got together to make banners for the tier break on the Stretford End. This way the club can regulate size and wording while the fans get to get the message across without massive expenditure. At the moment only a handful of people decorate the Holte with banners and these are often removed as they are too big. I think the stand looks brilliant the more flags and banners that are on it, but the club could help out with this. I suggest 'SEMPER FIDELIS' would be a good one.
The Fear
Report Abuse
10/12/2006 17:46:00

The Fear
Report Abuse
10/12/2006 18:19:00

Please vote for the options to put to the club, I'll then do a front page poll no idea how we then rate them in importance, might put it to the meeting that rating them is a naff idea! Click Here
The Fear
Report Abuse
10/12/2006 18:37:00

and my point change the name of doug ellis stand
Report Abuse
11/12/2006 22:08:00

a great idea ...sounds a bit like the voting for the eurovision contest though....
Report Abuse
11/12/2006 23:08:00

Newman, I think we all want that done, I've been very vocal on the issue in the press, but reading between the lines that can't be done yet although the issue will be brought up. I think Doug must have got something in the contract of sale to say it remains the Doug Ellis Stand (sic) for a set time. Always the Witton though.
The Fear
Report Abuse
12/12/2006 09:58:00

HDE can call it what he likes. Its the Witton Lane stand to us!!
Report Abuse
12/12/2006 10:32:00

Fear the kit of 82 is a good idea i love that kit it was my first villa top as well.
chris the villan
Report Abuse
12/12/2006 16:28:00

are there any permanent plans underway to move the away fans from behind the goal at the north stand
Report Abuse
13/12/2006 08:27:00

and if not there should be, It doesn't matter which end our lads score, they should have a field of claret and blue cheering in front of them as they celebrate. UTV
Report Abuse
13/12/2006 13:07:00

hear, hear Steff
Report Abuse
13/12/2006 14:18:00

where where jonah?
The Fear
Report Abuse
13/12/2006 17:35:00

The north stand redevelop into a new style holte end with the old trinity stand brickwork and call it the Witton end. I really do think this will bring the fans back, as no one want to sit in the corners or in the upper trinity stand. I not to keen on a sponser name as I think over time the fans will have a connection with the stand and call themself the witton boys, same for people who class themself the holteenders. Also push the away fans into the corner of the ellis stand. Whether to keep it a family section is not up to me as I cant say where you should sit but as long as the fans make it a good atmosphere, I be happy.
Report Abuse
13/12/2006 19:10:00


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