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Aston Villa NEED An Anthem

For years our club has needed an anthem. We know this. It is often the subject of debate. We are all talk. Nothing has ever been done.

I suggest now is the time to change this.

There are several aspects what will determine the success of a club anthem. These include;

Swearing. The club will not support any song with foul language.
Personal references. Any song that relates to a player/manager will become dated.
Ideally it will be a tune that everyone knows. This makes it easy to sing.
And the icing on the cake would be if it was a song that was regularly played at parties, clubs etc. This would mean fans of other clubs singing it, but at the same time thinking 'this is a Villa song'.

I've been to parties and 'Walk on' has been played at the end of the night. I always think Redscouse as soon as I hear this tune.

It also need to be a song that can be utilised for club merchandise, with things that incorporate a theme on t shirts or car stickers, so that it encompasses everything to do with the club. Well now it is our turn. This is my solution.

We either embrace the Hi Ho Aston Villa and start singing the whole song, not just the Hi Ho Aston Villa bit, when it is possible to be heard on the crap sound system at the club. Or we come up with another song. Personally I do like 'Hi Ho Aston Villa' and believe that if the club put the words, every week, in the programme and on the big screens, it would not be long before we are all singing it. Not just before and at the end of games, but during them as well.

It fits all the criteria mentioned and could be a real winner. My concern though is it needs the fans to do their bit. And as many can not be arsed to even come to the games, I think that getting those who do come to start getting involved might be difficult.

This is where we need the club to 'buy' into the concept totally.

The words are dead simple and it goes as follows;

We're every where that you are Villa,
that's where we're at,
with the Holte End behind the Villa,
we'll win every match,
up and down the country,
we'll sing this song,
when we get behind the Villa,
we can't go wrong,
singing Hi Ho Aston Villa,
every where you go we'll be there,
don't care about the weather,
we will sing this song,
the Villas glorious.

I do have an alternative though. Another song that fits all the criteria. It's clean, is an easy tune, it is played all over the world in pubs and clubs and could be used in a marketing capacity. The words just need a slight adaptation to suit our needs. The tune is 'Thank you for the music' and could go something like this;

So I say,
thank you for the Villa,
the songs we're singing,
thanks for all the joy you're bringing,
who could live without it,
I ask in all honesty,
what would life be,
without the Villa to watch on Saturday,
so I say thank you for the Villa,
for giving it to me.
Repeat .... followed by Villa Villa Villa Villa.

I have access to studios (for the price of a few beers), because of my job in local media, and would be willing to help if someone at the club wants to develop this further. The old regime were never interested. But I, like the rest of us, want Villa Park to be full and vibrant and I believe that this would go some way to doing that. As soon as the fans realise that we are all in this together, have a chance to share a common song with every other fan, then the sooner the matchday experience will improve. This in turn will encourage new supporters and persuade old supporters to come more often. UTV

Article submitted by voiceoftheholte

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday November 21 2006

Time: 1:20PM

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There's a fine line between an anthem and an embarrasment. I think we'd get the p1ss ripped out of us if we all warbled out an Abba classic mid game. The Hi-ho song is too generic. I know the Wolves sing it, and I'm sure dozens of other clubs do too.
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21/11/2006 14:00:00

well that *****ed on his fireworks
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21/11/2006 14:20:00

I agree about the ABBA problem, although Stoke get away with singing Tom Jones! I've always liked Hi Ho but think Deano is right that a lot of other sides have been there before us...thats the problem with an anthem we all want one but its finding one that will catch on is the problem. Villa fans a moaning bunch of gits and getting them to sing is an effort itself, let alone agree on one song to become an anthem!
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21/11/2006 14:25:00

We definately need some sort of an anthem though. Although i agree there is a fine line between anthem and embarrasment, somewhere theres got to be a good song for us to sing
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21/11/2006 14:29:00

I didnt mean to p1ss on anyones fireworks. lol. Just making a valid point I think. We need something tho, although I dont think my suggestion on the forum has legs. Would have been great but I didnt realise the political undertones of the song.
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21/11/2006 14:31:00

What about the music that the team always came out to in the 70's and early 80's? I don't know the name of it, but Tony Butler adopted it for his BRMB show for a few years as well. It has no words but always sent a chill down the spine when it was blasted as the team came up the tunnel. If you think about it, the Z Cars theme that Everton have used for years has no words either..... Does anyone know the song I'm talking about? I'm sure it would get the popular vote amongst the fans who were around in those days.
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21/11/2006 15:43:00

The zcars theme that Blue Scouse use sounds like an Ice Cream van coming onto the pitch.
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21/11/2006 15:46:00

Aren't we looking more for an athem we can sing all the time (such as the Blues and - Keep right on) rather than something for the players to run out to?
Report Abuse
21/11/2006 15:46:00

Most of the well-known anthems are either 'real' anthems (think of the Welsh rugby crowd singing 'Land of My Fathers'), or have really stood the test of time. Small Heath and the Hammers' anthems both date from the early 1900s, and the Redscouse anthem dates from 1945, way before Gerry and Pacemakers picked it up. I think Villa should be thinking about something really classy that won't date -- I'd even go so far as pinching a song like 'Jerusalem'. Not many people remain unaffected by that when it's sung by a crowd!
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21/11/2006 16:34:00

That tune from the '70s and '80s is called "Theme from an unmade silent movie" by Hurricane Smith. It's good to hear it again, but we need an anthem with lyrics too!
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21/11/2006 16:37:00

buckers. As aronno said, Stoke get away with Delilah. And all the tunes we already sing down the Villa were by really cool people weren't they? Who do you think originally recorded 'My Old Man' and 'You are my Villa', amongst others. And as for 'Keep Right on' at the dildo sales mens ground, that was first recorded by a Scottish folksinger/comedian about 100 years ago. So take your blinkers off and think about what you are saying. As for it pssnig on my fireworks, rather it shows you for being one of those fans who hasn't got a scooby doo about what you are talking about. It does not really matter who sang the original song, it is all about the way that you do it. But it was an idea, which is more than anybody else is coming up with. It is very easy to critisise but how about some alternatives. As for music, I can remember the tune in the 80's, but no I can not remember what it was called. It was good, but it is not something to get the crowd going and singing. As for 'Hi HO', other clubs have done it, but like us only really latch on to the bit that goes 'Hi Ho Aston Villa'. There is an opportunity for us to develop the whole song if we wanted to, and make it our own. Just like redscouse have done with 'Walk on'. You may remember that all clubs used to sing that song, but it was redscouse who took the initiative and made it their own. The alternative is to put on some really tight pants, make like a seal and sing in your highest pitched voice, Villa Villa Villa. Really intimidating that!
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21/11/2006 16:42:00

We could even sing something like "This could be Rotterdam" by The Beautiful South
Report Abuse
21/11/2006 16:53:00

Ok as I see it we are getting a little muddled between an athem for the crownd to sing (remembering singing don't cry for me Aston Villa in the late 70's and 80's) and music for the team to come onto the pitch to to scare the hell out of the opposition and stir the crowd. Music to come onto the pitch too--- how abour O'fortuna (omen and old sprice music to many) Anthem as I have suggested before perhaps a re working lyrically of Men of Harlech.
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21/11/2006 17:18:00

No competition; it should be this:
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21/11/2006 18:12:00

why do we need an anthem i like my old man when enough people sing it it's great i don't want to be one song wonders like our scummy neighbours.
chris the villan
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21/11/2006 18:42:00

Beefy - liked the link:-)
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21/11/2006 18:50:00

Theme from an unmade silent movie by Hurricane Smith. i think the team should defiantly come out to that.
chris the villan
Report Abuse
21/11/2006 19:16:00

beefy that is the best link I have seen for ages. has to be played at max volume to enjoy it to the full. also gives weight to the voices argument about making the most of hi ho aston villa. maybe we should make full use of a song that we already have but do not use to its full potential. lets really make it our own. i have just come back from walking the dog and was singing both of the voices suggestions and to be fair they both work despite my reservations about the abba track. and worse i can't get the damn tunes out of my head now.
Report Abuse
21/11/2006 19:32:00

Villa are pretty well 1 or 2 song wonders. The amount of songs sang and originality is minimal compared to the terraces of times gone by. That goes for many clubs, but Villa are relatively poor in their vocal support (ignoring the likes of Wigan on Sunday!). We did have an anthem, that did used to be sung by everyone loudly- but it has now largely been forgotten, and is obviously not known at all by younger supporters - It was "The fans are singing for the claret and blues, the bells are ringing for the claret and blues, everyone is knowing, that the Villa are showing, that the Villa are going, to be THE BEST IN THE LAND, BEST IN THE LAND (to the tune of Me and My Girl). I think enough older fans do actually still know it to getting it going again. It was our song, no one elses and it was good.You'll never walk alone was from a similar vintage musical. Another blast from the past -
Report Abuse
21/11/2006 23:02:00

Spot on stennyvilla. That used to be sung at lung-busting volume from the Holte back in the good old late 60's and 70's. Man, we were loud in them days.
Report Abuse
21/11/2006 23:18:00

Another blast from the past I liked - and which might be more well known as it has been used to advertise Yellow Pages was to the tune of Yellow River - the old Creedence Clearwater Revival song. The words are: Aston Villa Aston Villa You're in my mind you're in my eyes, Aston Villa Aston Villa you're in my blood its the place I love, Got no time for West Bromwich Albion, Got no time for Blues, Tomorrow night you'll find me sleeping underneath the Holte, At Aston Villa! Aston Villa! Aston Villa!, Repeating ... Not an anthem, but a good song to come out to- perhaps quite well liked across many age groups is Lifted by the Lighthouse Family Back to a real ageless and longstanding anthem that actually used to be sung lots by desperate Villa fans in the gloom of the mid sixties before the first takeover - We shall overcome. It has ALL the ingredients - easy to sing, slow, loud, distinct and emotive - but with MON and Randy we could now turn it into a celebration of Victory " We have overcome, we have overcome, We have overcome todayay ay ay ay, OH deep in my heart I do believe that we have overcome TODAY. Bruce Springsteen has include a version on his latest album- it is not a song, it is an anthem
Report Abuse
21/11/2006 23:20:00

voth seems to think that he can get studios. can anybody link in with the club to get something going? we have always talked about this. can someone get something on the roll.
Report Abuse
21/11/2006 23:32:00

Theme from an unmade movie? Is that what it's called then? Reminds me of my childhood and even though I'm far, far away from VP at the moment, when the games come on the TV and I'm waiting for it to start this song is running round and round my head. That's what a song has to do - it really has become a part of my (footballing) psychology! Then again, I'm sure if I heard it for the first time now I'd think it's crap!
Report Abuse
22/11/2006 04:25:00

what about Rod Stewarts, Your in My Heart or Sailing, and im not a big Rod Stewart fan before you slate me, just thought they were easy to sing and catchy???
Big Chris
Report Abuse
22/11/2006 08:24:00

How about "I still have'nt found what I'm looking for", recently released again by U2 - that should get the fan's adrenoline flowing before the match". There are many similar "classics" by well known groups that could be played for our boys to run out to. I also like your idea of the the tune the "Holte Enders used to blast out over 30 years ago-was it a version of "me and my gal", again everyone knows the tune - no good for the pre-game tune but a good sing-along for the fans. The song that Tony Butler's prog. on BRMB many years ago would also be a good pre-match "blaster" but I've got no idea what it's called. Sorry to go on but JulieB suggested a version of "Viva Colonia" which was sung at the World Cup and I am helping her get a version of the lyrics approved by the publisers. (essential!). Get in touch with me if I can help in any way - I agree that something should be done providing it is done professionally and has the support of the majority of the fans.
Report Abuse
22/11/2006 08:58:00

i know i've suggested this before but i'd say 'Alive and Kicking' by simple minds, it certainly fits in with our recent good fortunes and is a nice little swipe at the ellis regime. i like the U2 idea from villacross but i think that with MON and Randy's presence then its ironic, after doug, i think we've found what were looking for!!
Report Abuse
22/11/2006 11:15:00

What about blasting "Welcome to the jungle" by Guns n`roses as the team enters the pitch? Surely a song fit to egnite a spark in both players and the Holte..
Report Abuse
22/11/2006 13:16:00

Be fair to voiceoftheholte, he has put some good ideas before - I suggested Welcome to the Jungle to Krulak in the interview but he seemed keener on the Rocky theme. I think its a shame most of our songs are about how ****** the bluenoses are - we need some positive songs like Celtic have about our achievements. I'm going to have a long think about this.
Report Abuse
22/11/2006 14:11:00

I liked the start of your message paranoid. Not to sure about the Celtic thing though. Most of their singing is sectarian (should be labeled as rasict) bigotry? They glorify in their opposition to the crown (the Queen) with their anthem, 'Fields of Athenry'. And they revel in their allegiance with the nail bombers that waged war on the British. Not sure they should be held up as the level we should be looking at. They sing against the Protestant faith, it is racism dressed up as sectarianism. Imagine for example if any English club were to sing anti Muslim songs. Quite rightly they would be vilified. Singing siht on the city is positively mild to the 'kill the queen and anti british sentiment' that Celtic supporters inflict on us. Rangers are not innocent in this either, but at least they are on our side of the fence. And before the sweaty socks start trying to claim innocence, I was recently in Scotland when practically a whole pub started singing 'The Fields of Athenry'. And the song was complimented by several references throughout, to the IRA. Every body knew the words, so it wasn't just something that happened on the night. Celtic Rangers Celtic Rangers the left side the right side the left side the right side. Those were the days.
Report Abuse
22/11/2006 14:41:00

Lets keep it local what about this UB40 classic.......THERES A NOSE IN ME KITCHEN WHAT AM I GONNA DO, IM GONNA FIX THAT NOSE THATS WHAT IM GONNA DO. I suggested O'Happy day (when randy took ellis away) I think with scalfs in the air and side to side motions that would be a classic and surely ellis would have to shake a leg. ...NO? ok then. hi ho is wolves song but like idea to get anthem.
Report Abuse
22/11/2006 15:37:00

ub40 support the blues. not a chance !!
Report Abuse
22/11/2006 16:08:00

Not all of them. They are split between ourselves and the dildo sales men of Somali Heath.
Report Abuse
22/11/2006 16:21:00

This is going around in circles! I suggest that you compile all the ideas, produce a short-list of 10-12 tracks (2 or 3 "walk-ons") and get a recordig made in mp3 format so that it can be down-loaded here on this web-site (if JF will agree to this). Then just have a vote to select the best 6-8 and bang it in to the Club who I'm sure will take it from there and do any "polishing" to make it look like a professional job.
Report Abuse
22/11/2006 18:00:00

Sounds reasonable villacross. Over to you Mr Fear!!!
Report Abuse
23/11/2006 09:21:00

Mr Fear...dont forget 'theres a nose in me kitchen' (I am available for recording of the sample).
Report Abuse
23/11/2006 11:11:00

UB40 would love that, well Brian Travers of UB40 would love that, the rest would be up in arms as blue noses! lol
The Fear
Report Abuse
23/11/2006 13:19:00

What about something to the tune of the Dads Army theme tune
Report Abuse
23/11/2006 16:57:00


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