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Vital Villa Interview General Krulak

Great news... well I think it is anyway, that said, I don't get out much!

Anyway, General Charles Krulak has agreed to do an 'interview' with Vital Villa.

Basically ask a few questions either in the forum thread or in the article comments on the front page and I'll compile the best and send them to the newly converted Villan !

They don't all have to be on heavy issues surrounding Villa by the way, but probably better if you steer clear of the cheese question Deano!

In all seriousness, the Dennis Mortimer interview* a while back was such a success that I'm delighted we have someone else who has agreed to take a grilling! It isn't everyday you get a General on the sites after-all.

* Click Here for the Dennis Mortimer interview

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday November 6 2006

Time: 5:22PM

Your Comments

Oh ye of little faith Mr Fear! lol
The one question I would be interested in knowing the answer too would be where they would stand on the issue of 'safe standing' areas. I know its completely out of their hands but if it was an option would they look to take it at Villa Park? Or even better would they add their voices to a campaign to get standing re-introduced?
I would like to know if there are any plans to upgrade the catering for match day, hey not talking posh stuff but perhaps a mac, kfc, burger king type concessions in the ground
I'm sorry Dudleyphill but did you mention upgrading and then mac, kfc, burger king in the same sentence,?? now I am confused!!!!!!!!
Id like to ask the general ( and its not football related ) .. How easy or difficult was it to go in to business after a life in the military, and has he used the leadership skills from the marines in business, cos the way hes going if he asked us to follow him in to some hellish war zone, i think most of us would follow .... And what chance is there of getting Randy himself to do some kind of vital Villa interview
is this the first general in football... in the uk anyway ...
Top 4 how many seasons?
chris the villan
compared to gristle pies and balti umm well sort of pies then yes mac burger king and kfc is a step up
Two questions: What is the vision for the club in 5 years? and How do they plan to improve the supporter experience? (OK I know there is free travel tomorrow, but that is a one off. What lessons have they learned in the US that can be applied over here?)
I want to know if the General has tried real ale and if so is he a fan or more of a lager man?
As a new comer to the sport and Aston Villa, purely from a fans perspective, which players have impressed you and stood our most so far? Also have you had much chance to mix with the players and how do they seem to have taken to the new regime?
I would like to know his views on WMD. That is ........... Whingers of Mass Defection. What would he do with all the supposed Villa fans who spent years demanding change, but who, now they have got their wish, are now in hiding? What are his thoughts on the dildo sales men from Small Heath? Would he consider dropping a nuke on Sty Andrews? UTV
Please tell the General that I have named my Fantasy League team after him (General Charles C Krulak) and I am now enjoying rare success, sitting top of my league by a comfy margin. I'd like to ask the General if he thinks that the players should walk on to the pitch to the sound of 'Welcome to The Jungle' by Guns and Roses (as we are undefeated at home) and if a big time kit supplier like nike or adidas will come in to give us a real Blue Chip kit we can wear with pride - I vote for a Black away kit!
I'd like to know some of the initial ideas we might see over the next few years on how the club will be financially developed? RL has made it clear he doesn't want to Americanise our club, but rather respect our history. Does this mean we should not be expecting our club to be developed in the US? What is the board's opinion on the value of the market in the far east? Man Utd and Liverpool make a lot of profit out there each year, but potentially it messes up their preperations when teams travel so far to expand over the summer?
I'd like to know wether he or Randy have bought a house or apartment in or around the city to make visiting easier. I'm convinced they're here for the good of the Villa but haven't heard wether they are just comming over for flying visits. It would be one hell of a house warming if they laid on a party ;-)
admittedly time is a great healer but there is still a significant % of fans who are badly burnt from the Ellis era, What initiatives are being planned to get VP packed to the rafters other than signing quality players? Also i heard a rumour that the Villa are going to be sponsored by a midlands based firm (i'm not saying who!) can he shed any light on this?
What is his honest personal opinion of Doug Ellis? And i mean HONEST.
The Usual Suspect
Could you kill a man with bare hands? and are we going on one of those tours around America for pre season to 'tap in' to the American market?
Or would he have to be wearing gloves? Supposed to be Could you kill a man with your bare hands? Im expecting you to ask the general, Mr Fear dont let me down
"admittedly time is a great healer but there is still a significant % of fans who are badly burnt from the Ellis era, What initiatives are being planned to get VP packed to the rafters other than signing quality players? bobbyfett The greedy old ********'s gone what more do you need! I do understand some people like myself can not go every game, being self employed is a pain in the arse sometimes! Work all summer get laid off in October, missed the yids & fulham game, just managed to get the dought for Charlton game, 30,000 is just embarrassing. COME ON UNCLE SAM NEEDS YOU!!!!
chris the villan
What plans are there for further re-development of the ground and the area around the Villa Village which is dated and untidy.
gazvilla, further redevelopment???? Common consensus dictates that we have one of the best stadiums in England and we can't fill it.
Can our sponsor be Stella please it would be on tap in the ground then. Carlsberg's only fit for scallys.
the flying villain
Can we call you chuck?
the flying villain
Can we have a statue of Jonathan Fear in the mens toilets?
Are there any plans to honour past Villa heroes, like the team of '82? If so, what form would it take?
Unless i missed it , cant believe this has already not been asked Are there any plans to rename the doug ellis stand ? as im sure that many fans boycott this stand purely because of the name?
will the seating of villa fans behind the goal at the north stand become permanent ? a must i think get the away fans in the corners as far away from the putch as possible
Who killed JFK?
It has to been done, your first answer. Please. McDonalds or Burger King? Beer or Wine? Disneyworld or Universal Studios? The Browns or Villa? Baseball or Ice Hockey. Coffee or Tea? The Royal Marines or The Parachure Regiment? The Country life or City Living? The Simpsons or King Of The Hill? Dogs or Cats?
still skeggy
agentprovcateur, it seems that it is not just the Witton Lane stand that fans are not using. The top of the Trinity is very rarely half full, the Lower Holte has more gaps than the dildo sales mens defence. And despite fans demanding that they be given the bottom of the North Stand when away teams have a poor following, it was barely half full on Sunday. To say fans will not use the Witton Lane stand because of what it is called is clutching at straws. That said, it should be renamed. Mind you there are many things that we would like the new owners to do. In return they probably think we should be filling our stadium. If the fans are half hearted, can we complain if the owners show the same amount of effort? UTV
Spot on voiceoftheholte. If people don't make the effort to get behind the club, I'm sure the new guys will think twice about spending vast amounts of money. Pointless extending the ground if we can't fill the one we've got. If I can manage to get to and from Villa Park from Newcastle every weekend, I'm sure those who live in the Midlands can manage it. Would be interesting to hear the reasons that people have for still staying away?
We know the reasons geordie. Some fans generally can not get there. It may be cost, work, family commitments etc. This is the same as fans as all over the world. The biggest reason though is that fans can not be arsed. They talk the talk but can not walk the walk. Strange how they can all make the Spuds game but have not been able to make Fulham or Blackburn ones. We will eventually end up with what we deserve and at the moment that is mid table. UTV
Now that the takeover is finalised will you be appointing a UK based board to oversea the daily running of the club or do you think the board is able to do such from the US. As part of the daily work within Premiership football is dealing with the FA, the Premiership, the Media, especially around transfer dealing windows, will the board be naming anyone specifically to assist Martin O'Neill, or will he be given carte blanch to deal as he wishes?
if a british soldier and an american soldier were fighting each other, who would win? Why do americans keep shooting britains when we are the only ones stupid enough to support their wars?
voice of the hotle......I boycotted VP due to Ellis. This gave me saturdays free for a change. i took up golf and now have got into the habbit of playing and enjoy it (and its cheaper) so why all of a sudden would I stop and rush back. Ok we have O'neil but i see no change yet to the scope of ambition at VP. When I do I may get a season ticket again but for now I will pick and choose games. I personally think this Ellis hangover is the reason for low attendances.....people have found other things to do and are not rushing back.
christhevillain, my question was not meant to point the finger at fans who dont go every game (i dont, but do for most of them and attend a handful of reserve matches too) i merely asked it because i was intreseted in the answer. no offence intended
Will we ever see a player or manager statue outside our ground, like other clubs have? Maybe one day it might be MON?!
tylervillan that is your choice. So if I understand this correctly, you boycotted the Villa because of Ellis. Your boycott, along with that of like minded people, got the result that you wanted. And your response for getting what you want is to continue the boycott???? No doubt though as a golf playing ex supporter you will still let us know what your views are. Maybe you will complain when results do not go as expected? Perhaps you will share your views on why we do not attract the best players to VP? But it is your choice. However the number of ex fans who are making the same choice as your self, have a direct influence on the future of this club. So you pays your money and you have your say. If you choose not to support the Villa why should we worry about your views on this fans forum?? UTV
tylervilla I am sure the Blackburn game was on Sunday. But it seems like you could really have some great Saturdays. Golf 8 - midday. Lunch. Couple of beers. Watch the Villa. Go home and sort out the missus/kick the cat (depending on result). Why is it golf or Villa?
tylervilla rather play golf!!! when you coming down VP then maybe wigan nah type of game that don't need my support you might think ah i know i will wait till we play man u and arsenal, golf!!!!!!!!!
chris the villan
Randy pays for ninety coaches and is repaid by a crowd of 30,000. at a game where me and my nephew went and it cost me 20 squid, I'm embarrassed to ask chuck a question.
chris the villan
If you have a choice between golf and going to watch the Villa and you choose golf then maybe you shouldn't be passing comment on here tylervilla... this is a fans forum. Why did you want Ellis out if, when he has gone you can't be arsed to then support the team that this man did his very best to hold back all those years?
Hoss The Villain
Chris, tylervilla has said that he may get a season ticket again, so maybe a bit of slack?? Thats right isn't is tyls? When the club is doing well, with the money that you haven't put in, you will become a 'supporter' again. And as you are already boycotting the new chairman and manager, how will you protest to get them out, if things go wrong? UTV
i thought this was 'ask the general a question' not 'have a fight amongst yourselves'!!
Its more fun as a free for all. I think Chuck should come and referee. As Geoge Bush couldn't find WMD in Iraq do you think that Chuck will be able to find WMD (Whingers of Mass Desertion) in Brum. Maybe if George had looked on a couple of golf courses he would have had more luck?? UTV (Villa speak). UTGC (tylervilla speak).
Ask the General if he prefers golf to football.
Hoss The Villain
UTS (birthday treat speak)
someone with villa in their handle who prefers golf???????????????? how can you use that word, sacrilage, call yourself a fan, AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH. I just can not understand the apathy, Ellis is gone, this is a new dawn, get off your arses and support your team, if you cant be arsed then you obviously are not what I and many others would consider a fan. and get off this site, its for Villa fans. UTV
Will he be at the Bridge to politely watch his side get spanked?
back to the subject of the article...I'd like to ask the General whether there are any plans to get MON tied down to a long term contract? I realise he said that he is here for the long term, but surely it would be piece of mind for everyone concerned?
Thanks all, I'll compile the best and put them to the General.
The Fear

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