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Bumper Villa Crowd On Saturday

Villa are set for a bumper crowd on Saturday as we face Tottenham Hotspur at Villa Park.

The official site says 'the Ticket Office staff have reported a surge in sales, with over 4,000 tickets snapped-up last week and demand shows no signs of easing up.'

Lets hope we get a sell out to see Martin O'Neill keep his 100% record at Villa Park having seen the team through victories against Reading, Newcastle and Charlton already.
Head of Consumer Sales Nicola Keye told 'Business is very brisk and we won't be far off a sell-out for the Spurs game. The fans have a smile on their faces again and, after the struggles at home last season, they're flocking back to Villa Park. We've only got limited availability in a number of areas for the Spurs game, so the message to fans is to buy tickets now or face disappointment.'

In other news, tickets for next month's trip to Everton (Nov 11) are now on priority sale and the 4 100 tickets allocated for the Leicester City cup game have been snapped up.

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday October 10 2006

Time: 12:00PM

Your Comments

Well after a dissapointing international break I am sure a lot of people will be glad to see wome real football after that shambles last saturday !!!
How different it would have been if England had got MON. Thank God they didn't!
The Fear
Not sure how long McClaren will last to be honest. Only a matter of time before the FA coming knocking for MON if McClaren does get the boot
lets start backing mclaren - or else they may come MON hunting
Biggest game of the season you guys, just another away match for us against a small club. Can't even get a sell-out, embarassment.
Oi. Scottda **********(removed). I have already put this on your site but as you are more interested in The Villa than the Spuds you may as well read it here. Small club? Read this and make your own mind up. It seems that a lot of the Spuds fans who visit this site, and often infest others, would be better off doing there homework or washing their foster parents car. As for who is the bigger or more successful club here are the FACTS for you ******* (removed) to chew over. We could talk about history and the fact that we have won the league 7 times in comparison to your twice. We could talk about the League Cup and our 5 victories compared to your 3. In fairness you have won the FA Cup once more with 8 victories, with ourselves lagging behind on 7 (but I wonder what this season holds). Or should we talk about the European Cup ...... oooops I do not think so, as you are yet to pit your wits against the big boys of Europe let alone win club footballs biggest prize.. But it would be unfa [Edited by TheFear]
Villa won nothing in last 10 years. That says it all, you have been left behind, you are nothing now, just face it. Ask any neutral in the world of football who is the bigger club Spurs or Villa and you will be lucky to get 1 out of 100 saying Villa. Poor club on the decline big time.
Scott's right Villa have won nothing in last 10 years. Spurs? 1 League Cup. Yeah you've really left Villa behind you idiot
Steve W
"I'm not writing anymore on here so no point of replying as I wont read it". You said it scott so get lost
Now Girls no ******ing, I am looking forward to a good game on Sat, on present form we should win but who knows? I hope (if picked) Robbie Keane is as useless as he has been of late for Ireland
irish villa
Just look at the table ScottDaYid that tells you everything and come Saturday you will see who the bigger club is
Yep 1 cup better off than you!!!!!!!! And where did you finish last year? If not better than 5th you have no right to argue.
Where are you going to finish this year in the bottom halk i bet
That's your best EVER Prem finish! Read the posts on here Scott before making ridiculous comments. Voiceoftheholte has provided you with the facts. Read them
voiceoftheholte - thought I was going to read facts.... shame you got some of them wrong eh? We have played in the european cup - got to the semi finals before getting knocked out by benfica. What about the UEFA or cup winners cup? 2 and 1 for us. Now, as a spurs fan (not a spud or foreskin pincher - keep that sort of immature rubbish to yourself) I don't like all this small/big club debate - its pointless. However, I do think a fan base should be taken in to account, and as ours is over 1million I think that should stand for something...
I've read them and he's right there facts. but there no getting away that we have better players, better fans, finished higher lastt year, in Europe this year, and will more than likely d#finish above you this year. As I said you have no right to argue.
I think it's clear which club is in the ascendency - and it certainly ain't the Spuds! 3-0 Villa on Saturday.
skins. If you read the comments from your fellow Spuds fans, it is they who have been on our site with the abuse. So I suggest you all concentrate on your own club because you've got alot more problems than we have at the moment. UTV
You're right pongo - 7 games unbeaten you certainly are in the ascendancy. then again, unless you were relegated anything would involve ascending !
Scott, you alone have proved that Spuds do not have better fans. We've had more sensible and constructive debates with the noses
I'm happy on both sites thanks Doug - and I'd prefer not to be tarred with the same brush... And after all, considering the story includes our name and pops up on news now its not surprising it draws SPURS (thats and R) fans here. Also, do you not consider calling us spuds as abusive?
They're getting all touchy and offended now. Shame
Is that all you can answer with? Good effort...
You've come on here to try and argue a point which has been proved to be wrong by the facts stated above. So now your all getting touchy. Everytime it is suggested Spurs aren't as big a club as their deluded fans think they are, abusive posts start. We'll see who's laughing on Saturday will we. 6th vs 14th. Foregone conclusion. UTV
I'm not getting touchy and I haven't been involved in the big/small debate - tho I do get offended being called names for no reason. Tottenham are a team, similar to Villa, who have been underachieving for a long time. That is not to say I think we should be winning the league year in year out (tho that would be nice!) but, as pointed out, finishing consistently mid-table is more disappointing than we could do. Incidentally, I questioned a few of the facts and no-one came back to me on that one... Honestly do not know the answer to this and am only asking so that I know - have villa won the uefa or cup winners cup?
No Villa haven't won either. We got to the quarter finals a few years back and were knocked out by Athletico Madrid after Collymore had scored a screamer in front of the Holte. I don't think we ever played in the Cup Winners Cup. We have however beaten Bayern Munich to win the European Cup and Barcelona to win the Super Cup, which I wouldn't trade for any number of UEFA or CWC wins
nope, the european cup when you won it was defintiely the most important trophy in club football - the champs league can in no way compare. not exactly champions are they? any team that finishes 4th in their league do not deserve to be involved but sadly its all about money (and not saying I would turn down that chance either!). I think the point of asking was that they didn't get mentioned in the facts above and I don't think its fair to only mention the ones that have been won by your team... Anyway. I'm going now. Sadly I do thin kyou will beat us on saturday but we will improve and will hopefully give you a better game at our place later in the season...
At least skins is being realistic. I know a few Spurs fans and they don't come out with all this big club nonsense after 1 decent season unlike most who come on here.
Steve W
Skins - sound, factual, mature. ScottdaYid - form your own opinion but I do like his rants - it shows real passion - he;s definitely not a prawn sandwich eater. So, keep them coming Scott and Skins, your comments make for a nice juxtaposition and it's good to let off steam and frustration with a few insults now and then (not all the time Scott). Prediction, our confidence will be the difference but it could be a interesting 1 nil either way...let the game begin.
Right firstly both are big clubs that through a mixture of being run by mugs and buying cack over the years have totally under achieved, Villa fans are obviously up at the moment with some good results generated by the new boss, its funny how even when spurs were absolute rubbish it was still sell outs every week, yet were the ones that get called fickle! looking through the squads its clear that villa still have the same rubbish as last year , i rate mon but listening to some of the comments on here you are going to win the league! If people on here don't want spurs reply's then they shouldn't include spurs in thier title as this brings it up on the spurs newsnow link otherwise believe me no-one would be on here as spurs are not remotely interested in your boring club.should be a close game i think with a goal either way to win although can see a draw . any clubs results improve when a new boss comes in as everyone wants to impress but over the course of a season its the quality in the squad that counts of which you aint got much .
All this aside I think you will beat us anyway, so I aint going to say we will win but I honestly don't think so. I still think we will finish above you though. We have played 8 games after this match and 5 of the are in the top 8 Man Utd, Bolton, Pompey, Everton, Villa and that aint including the away match to Anfield, so I think even yourselves will admit we have had a tough start to the season(fixture wise) and after this game we will start to pick up in the league. Spurs 6th, Villa 10th. Honest opinion.
That is a tough start Scott. Spurs definitely have the players to be in the top 10, but I think you'll struggle to get 6th this year. 8th or 9th with a good UEFA cup run. As for Villa, before the season started I would have taken 10th and I would still be satisfied with that, although it all depends what happens in January
so arsenal and chelsea away in the big smoke dont count then ??
Jason good results for sure and won't catch to many spurs fans unhappy with it either as they are both scum! you are only 1 bad result away from leveling out tho imho
JASON, I didnt say nothing about Villa's run and that wern't brought into it, whether you played chelsea, arse, pool, utd all away aint the point, you are at the top end, we aint. That was my point, saying we have had a tough run so far. I didnt say you hadn't had. Good post parklanebert.
Our first bad result and how the players react will be the big test. Not sure I agree with your last comment parklanbert. We'll soon find out whether the players are playing above themselves or whether this is where we should have been all along. What you seem to forget is that we DO have a good squad. These are the same players which almost got us relegated, but they are also the same players who got us to 6th. The only difference is now that we have a world class manager who can keep them motivated and who wants the team to play attacking and attractive football. There is no doubt that we deserve to be where we are in the league and I think you are wide of the mark saying that we'll level out
I admit you DO deserve to be where you are BUT I honestly dont think you dont have a good enough startin 11 and squad to compete at the top end of the table. At the moment it is down to O'Neil but I can't see you keeping it up all season, no way. The only way you will stay in the top 8 is if you sign 4 or 5 proven quality signings like Petrov. I mean I can't name 1 world class player in your whole squad.
Some interesting points that need to be addressed one at the time. Skins, when I showed the facts that Villa have won 20 trophies to Spuds 13 I did not include the EUFA or Cup Winners Cup, the same as I didn't include us winning the European Super Cup. I highlighted the three domestic trophies and the main European one. But if you insist on adding these to the 'score' it becomes 21 - 16. So facts show that Villa are the more successful club. I have already shown you that in recent history our Premier League record is much better than Spuds. Although Spuds did have their only top 5 finish last season. However results this season have just put them back to the level to which they are more accustomed. Parklanebert .....Spuds always sold out even when they were performing poorly????? Are you having a laugh?? I remember going to *****e Farm Lane when Bosnich saved a penalty. I think the result was 1 -1 and the attendance was 17,000. Most clubs attendances have fluctuated and you lot are no [Edited by TheFear]
you do deserve to be where you are for sure good results! but its still very early days imo, and saying you will level out i'm not saying you will plummet down the league or anything but a manager can only do so much and i'm sorry i only see your squad as average for example i can i only really compare it to spurs and going down the lists i would definately keep more than i would swap, but hats off to your optimism and faith, being a spurs supporter you need these quality's in abundance
and just for good measure parklanebert you wrote earlier that Spuds always sold out even when performing poorly. But you did not say if you went to the game that was mentioned, when Bosnich saved the penalty (in fact it may have been two penalties)? By full ..... do you mean the 17000 that were at that game? By the way, the Pope wears a funny hat ........ is that racist as well? You muppet.
finally finished work it was a pleasure chatting hope its a good game on sat come on you spurs
CHAPS. Some posts removed. WE DO NOT DO personal insults on this site, never have never will. Debate yes, rubbish and abuse no. Spurs and Villa aren't that different size wise, ffs, lets get a grip. For what it is worth (about 4p on last count) Villa have a good history of finishing above Spurs in the league. Does that help the fact we've won sod all since 96? Nope. We are more than capable of competing with most teams and might (might) in the next few years have a shot at going for the big boys, Chelsea aside who are just buying the league. Spurs if they carry on as they are, could also have a shot at breaking into the top six regularly but I'd put my money on Villa over them.
The Fear
as you say parklanebert, lets hope it is a top game on Saturday, come on you villa!
The Fear
Some interesting points that need to be addressed one at the time. Skins, when I showed the facts that Villa have won 20 trophies to Spuds 13 I did not include the EUFA or Cup Winners Cup, the same as I didn't include us winning the European Super Cup. I highlighted the three domestic trophies and the main European one. But if you insist on adding these to the 'score' it becomes 21 - 16. So facts show that Villa are the more successful club. I have already shown you that in recent history our Premier League record is much better than Spuds. Although Spuds did have their only top 5 finish last season. However results this season have just put them back to the level to which they are more accustomed. Parklanebert .....Spuds always sold out even when they were performing poorly????? Are you having a laugh?? I remember going to *****e Farm Lane when Bosnich saved a penalty. I think the result was 1 -1 and the attendance was 17,000. Most clubs attendances have fluctuated and you lot are no different. Do not infest this site with your lies that you have always sold out. And as for scottda ****pincher, you say Spuds have struggled because you have had hard games. As I recall you couldn't beat Fulham at home. You lost at home to Everton who played most of the game with 10 men. And the only reason you beat Pompey was because the only player you have that has got a ****, dived over it to cheat yourself a penalty. Where as we have played Chelski, who you haven't beat for 37 games and Narf Landans big club, The Arse. Both of whom failed to beat us on their own patch. Saturday will be a good game I hope. The attendance will be more than Spuds have had for a home game for 15 years. So armed with the facts this would indicate that both clubs could be classed as 'big', with Villa being the slightly bigger and more successful of the two. voiceoftheholte You should post on 606 mate as you are clearly a WUM, firstly why would you not include TWO UEFA Cups, and a Cup Winners Cup when these were won by Spurs only the Champions were excluded so Spurs played clubs like AC Milan Real Madrid, Ajax ,Barcelona, Bayern Munich, etc when winning those trophies so don't be so idiotic in dissing them. Oh and in case you did not know Super Cups are not official Trophies, as for Spurs crowds we are the THIRD highest in average attendances since records began, we have sold out going back into the last century, obviously in the 80,s every club lost fans due to the tragedies and violence etc. The fact that your highest season tickets are in the 400 range and you still can't sell out shows you have no where near Spurs level of support. Spurs charge up to 1500 for a season ticket, yet we have a waiting list with over 25,000 fans on it, WHY DON'T ASTON VILLA HAVE 25,000 FANS ON THEIR WAITING LIST IF THEIR SUPPORT IS SO GREAT !!!. ASTON VILLA HAVE NO WAITING LIST DO THEY THAT IS WHY. "see on our official site" for proof. Spurs away season tickets are also completely sold out, Spurs even sell out for pre season friendlies as well, we sell out all of our home games a month before they are played incuding the UEFA Cup Chelsea cant even sell out Champions League games despite advertising on radio and in newspapers etc. Aston Villa are a great old club with a very good history even if the majority of your silverware was won around 100 years ago. Over the last 50 years Spurs have been far more prolific, Spurs winning 13 Trophies during this period. Financially Spurs are light years in front of Aston Villa in turnover profit or money invested in the team, Spurs have the SECOND richest owners in football and have spent over 100 million pounds in the last three years alone, but we have NO DEBT AT ALL only Chelsea spent more than Spurs (Spurs Invested 35 million this summer alone) Spurs have just signed the FIFTH biggest sponsorship deal in World football with MANSION for a minimum of 34 million rising to over 40 million, Aston Villa have a 2 million pound deal kinda puts things in perspective doesn't it VOTH, OH AND IT IS THE UEFA Cup not EUFA Cup. . ..
all of this *****e about who is bigger and better supported is academic really. what really matters to me is what goes on the pitch whilst I AM WATCHING IT! villa have had some great sides in the past, as have spurs. what i do know taking club bios out of it is i would rather watch spurs than villa at things stand, as although spurs are not really firing, getting some luck and winning games as yet they will and you guys know it. villa do not have one player i would pay to watch and play boring football at present but this is all MON can do until he gets his own players in. villa finally have a good manager now though, so i expect them to improve over the next season or so and will def get back in the top six with MON.
surrey yid
Yes Aston Villa over the next few years will improve and be a top six club at least, MON is an excellent manager and will improve Villa without any doubt.
FACT Spurs are the 3rd most successful team in the nations LARGEST CITY. FACT Spurs are the ONLY club in the country with an association with the Jewish community thereby attracting a whole section of support that no other team supports. FACT Our average gate last season was ONLY just below the capacity of your ground and we endured our worst EVER season in the Premier League. No wonder you sell out every week with such a SMALL ground. FACT I used to have a bet every season with a friend of mine as to who would finish higher in the league. I called the bet off in the end because I was too embarrassed to keep taking his money. It's only the last 2 seasons that you have finished above us.
Another WUM who posts without thinking, Spurs SOLD OUT every single Home ticket last season including PRE SEASON FRIENDLIES !!! the only few seats not sold were in the "away section" hence the 99 % + full capacity , why spout crap about small ground etc, when I clearly and correctly stated that Spurs currently have OVER 25,000 FANS ON THE WAITING LIST FOR SEASON TICKETS, this is despite paying the highest prices in the premiership of 71 for Grade A matches," What part of that do you find so hard to grasp TheQ. You then state "wrongly again " that Spurs are the THIRD most successful London Club, when Chelsea are clearly historically in THIRD spot, or do you use current success when it suits your argument but then use Aston Villas Trophies from over 100 years ago when that suits your case. keep posting on 606 mate.
TheQ just what exactly has anything about Jewish people got to do with anything ? Tottenham is a mostly Black community anyway, most of Spurs fans who attend the games are from the Home Counties, Essex, Kent, Herts, Middlesex etc and from all over the place we even have season ticket holders from Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland etc. It would be no more different or stupid as to "suggest" that Birmingham is crammed with Asians so Aston Villa have the same advantage as Spurs do to recruit fans, which is total rubbish and you know it as well. The facts are that Spurs have mostly been crap for 15 years or so yet Spurs have OVER 25,000 fans on our GROWING waiting list, despite charging 300 % more for tickets than Aston Villa do, get over it mate.
not really intersted in spurs fans ranting, villa till i die!
Sumpo is the Oracle man. He's got dec ent views though. AV and TH are matched evenly in the stakes. Lets just keep making Liverpools life a misery eh? I'm sure everyone would agree that the Scousers believe they have a divine right to the title and should be whupped as much as possible.
It would indeed be great to see both Aston Villa and Spurs, challenging for honours once again.
Could/should be a sell-out. Hope so. The lads deserve a bumper crowd.

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