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Jermian Defoe To Villa?

The rumour mill for January transfer activities seems to get earlier and earlier each season. This time Villa are once again being linked to England and Spurs striker Jermain Defoe.

Reports at the end of the summer transfer window linked us to Defoe but they proved unfounded or at least the money wasn't yet there following the takeover situation.

This time both the News of the World and The Mail on Sunday are linking Martin O'Neill to a 7million for the Tottenham star who we'll be able to get a good look at, probably sitting on the bench where he appears to spend most of his time under Martin Jol, next weekend as they visit Villa Park on Saturday.

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday October 8 2006

Time: 10:55AM

Your Comments

Great move for the club and for the player , he needs regular games to enhance his england credentials and for the club you know he will get goals !
agreed, could be a top player, with spurs lack of goals I can't understand why they aren't using him, he seems to have pace a-plenty.
The Fear
I'd love to get Defoe. Has always scored goals whenever he's been given a proper chance. Can't understand why he isn't starting for Spurs at the moment. 7 million would be good business IMO
that would be a great signing and he must be getting fed up at spurs.
He doesn't spend most of the time on the bench!! Are you working for NoTW!? Poor article and ****e rumours!
its quiet at the lib
Defoe would only leave to enhance his career not take a few steps back, villa to small a club for him before you villians start getting excited, and 7m gotta be joke worth at least double that
Leaving Spurs (small team) to join Villa (big team - potentially massive team) would certainly enhance his career . He'd score 20+ each season in claret n blue. Great article! Good business! SOTC
rubbish article and just mde up like all stories in October, this was in the mirror the other week ( linked on newsnow )and is hilarious .lets make up another story and get people to buy the paper. I only buy the telegraph now as the sun, mirror, mail , sport , express and star are all toilet and written by p ricks!
Spurs a big club? They are not even the biggest club in North London.
Rubbish article, lets make a new 1 up, errm .... Spurs Chasing Agbonlahor ! maybe ... COYS !!!!
Agree DannyGav. Spurs probably on a par with Charlton.
Listen to all these Villa fans, get taken over my some rich yank and they think they're gonna challenge chelski and the mancs for the title
Listen to all these Spurs fans! what have they ever done? Spurs the self-proclaimed 'great club' of north London. Suffering from severe delusions of grandeur for the last 50+ years!
LOL, Have a look at our honours from the last 50 years, we would challenge most in England. I doubt Defoe would leave for Villa, he would look abit higher than an average team and plus he would never leave London, he has publically said that, so just forgoet about it and stop dreaming.
haha... villa are a big club yeah, but there not on spurs' level. the top 5 clubs in english history, 1-liverpool, 2-man u, 3-arsenal, 4-spurs, 5-everton... if you dont believe that go look it up. spurs have won more honors in their history than villa, full stop.
ScottDayid. Just looked at Spurs honours for the last 50 years. Where is your European Cup???????????????????
Spurs actually DON'T have more honours than Villa plus Everton have a shed load more than Spurs. I didn't note the European Cup being on their list of honours either. FACT.
When did villa last win a trophy
Been on the Spurs website which was interesting. I know MON would get the best out of him but most of the posts suggest the fans wouldn't mind getting rid! Is he the natural goalscorer we think he is? Gonna be a cracking Jan with all the rumours going about. I remember pre-season with everyone but Villa being linked. Get the impression though that MON will have the deals tied rather than have all the speculation. UTV
Villa 1-2 Spurs next week, defoe at the double ! COYS
Don`t you prats understand.Spurs will not sell to a rival unless it makes financial sense. You`re also certainly not Man U who are prepared to pay over the odds for a needed player. Unlike Carrick Defoe has a long contract in front of him. You prats may be on a high but the bubble will burst soon. The argument over weho is the bigger club is pathetic-who cares.
That would be a quality signing if you could pull that one off. It would be what you are looking for up front aswell.
Villa last 50 years - 1 European Cup, 1 European Super Cup, 1 FA Cup, 5 League Cup, 1 1st Division Champs, 1 2nd Division Champs, 1 3rd Division Champs, And most recent Inter-Toto cup. lol(do you count that). Spurs last 50 years - 1 1st Division Champs, 6 FA Cups, 3 League Cups, 5 Charity Shields, 2 UEFA Cups, 1 Anglo-Italian League Cup, 1 European Cup Winners Cup. So there you have it, PROOF and FACTS infront of your eyes. I suggest you dont reply as you dont have any valid points. Over and out! See ya next week.
spurs fans are some of the biggest nobs around, 3-1 Villa can't wait to put you arrogant yids down the table so can look and have a good cry. PS you only said 50 years because you have no history before.
chris the villan
and i bet ud trade them all in for 1 european cup too lol
whats the problem with you spurs fans, if he wants to come he will, if he dosn't who cares,I dont, you are a big club no doubt, but ***** me your like tarts when it comes to losing a player STOP the *****ing whinging and get on with it, you can tell your southerners ***** me!!
Defoe be good cover for baros if he got injured.
chris the villan
stop discussing big clubs coz neither of us are!! what would be the point in defoe changing from one mid table club to another!! he aint gunna move, been linked with other clubs for well over a year now and spurs have rejected every bid! this is just another NOTW crap story to get you cumin in your pants!!
funny how they have to come on and abuse. Who asked for their rating for the article anyway?! lol I agree the reported price seems way out but from what I can see and what spurs fans mostly seem to say, he does spend too long on the bench. And to suggest Spurs are any bigger than Villa, well they'll need a Euro cup first, then maybe to become bigger than Arsenal, then we'll listen.
The Fear
just notice the difference when we bought petrov from celtic, no whingeing from the celtic fans, they just letting us know we had bought a decent player, read and and learn spurs fans read and learn. as my mother would say they're all gob*****es down south!
Your Mother knows *****. No-one really answered about last 50 years honours, I wonder why, hahahaha.
This move could backfire on me my Dad supports Spurs and I keep saying all there players are crap
I rest my case. thanks for proving mothers theory was right, scottdayid, now open wide and you might get the other foot in, w**ker
Can't see us buying him in January when we've just got Sutton and have been told Moore should be back about then. Possibly next summer if we let Sutton go?
he would be good for us but he wont always be first choice if gabby,moore and angel are all playing well i know moore is out for a while but defoe wont keep baros out either!!!
I don't rate him any higher than Luke Moore. I think he's over-rated and I'd rather we didn't sign him as I think he'd be a huge flop.
spurs supporters listen 2 urselves arrogant *****n *****ers.typical londoners,always the same,big mouthed gob *****es.come on and have a go then,all *****n talk no action as usual.c u next week at a proper stadium.if all r players fit easy 2 0 home win,get real u"s had ur great season last year,2 good years in a row,ur havin a laugh arnt you?lol. brett spurs y who z we r going 2 challenge man u and chelski 4 title,no1 on this site but wot i do no is we will b a lot closer than u's 2 do it u big mouthed *****er! a v 1 euro cup spurs 0,come back 2 me when u have 1,suppose thatll b never,and thatis well and truly end of story!
Belfast Villain
Villa are as big a club as Tottenham and I could see Defoe bing tempted to go, he needs regular football and he will never get that at Tottenham.
Can't see him going for only 7mil but can see him going, Spurs are a bigger club than Villa and it would only be Villa and Arsenal fans saying otherwise however Villa are certainly big enough and with O'Leary at the helm I could see Defoe being tempted.
Defoe will not move out of London, get that in to your heads first of all. And 2ndly I didn't know Villa fans lived on that Euro Cup, amazing!
ScottDayid, Villa live on the European cup? Are you not the one who told us to have a look and compare Villa and Spurs over the last 50 years? Look at your comments and you will realise what all other fans and the media already know------You are North Londoners to stupid to have picked Arsenal to support as Kids and now live you lifes in a bitter a twisted agony. PS: Atleast are manager can get a baseball cap to fit his head.
None of us are big clubs but at least were heading in the right direction. You are still suffering from your bout of 1 season itus. One thing is for sure there is nothing worse than a moaning southern spurs fans with disillusions of grandeur. Get over it you will always be looking up at Arsenal.
Isn't this the same crock of s*** we were arguing about at the end of august?
Who cares about Defoe. 7 million is way to much for an overated Yid reserve. 3 goals in 18 internationals (including 2 against Andorra) highlight this. The only reason the Spuds fans are on here is because they are completely in awe of their local rivals, the Arse. The two biggest teams in Narf Landan are the Arse and the Arse reserves. Being a Villa supporter I have never experienced our local rivals being a bigger club, it is obviously hurting Spuds to be totally and continually in the shadow of the Arse.
Why do spurs fans always feel the need to be other sites, as soon as one of their players is mentioned? There's also no need for the abuse that is being dished out, especially by scottdayid, who seems to have a serious chip on his shoulder. It was only a newspaper report stupid! Spurs have had one good season in the Premiership and they think they are a big club! Villa have consistently finished in the top 10, normally in the top 6 since 1992. Spurs haven't. Villa, in their history, have won more trophies than Spurs. Fact. Never mind choosing a 50 year timescale to prove a point. In Villa's history, we have regualrly participated in European competition, much more frequently than Spurs. Fact. And when all is said and done, we have a European Cup in our trophy cabinet, a billionaire chairman to dust it and one of the best managers in the Premiership to hand him the polish. End of!
He would never move up north with all you scum. He's a london boy through and throu. Where would he worship up north. He is a good church going lad! Didn't you know that! And he won't be converting to the most favour religeon of the north MUSLIM. Oh and your team is *****! Just wait til we play him agaionst you guys, ha ha splitters
With the cash we have, I would choose a better forward than Defoe. He is another Joachim, lots of pace but no vision
That is a well constructed argument bullers. Interesting comment on the religious aspect of the North...not bad from someone in London eh?
Spurs fan talking about religion......Really?
Yes Yids all the way me ole son!!! Cockney *****as an all. Fancy a few jellied eels>>> Coz I don't fink Jermain is into Deep Fried pizza and mars bars!!! Northern scum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We going down with the Villa!!! Down with the Villa.... Let me hear you say it DOWN WITH THE VILLA......
You should bring back O'leary to navigate your way down the table. He was much more in tune with your game!!!
So many comments about one of the most hyped over-rated players ever to play in the premiership..He'd barely cause a ripple in the Villa goal in 6 if we're very lucky. Spurs are about his level.
here here fellow fool.
Can we not get this **** kicked off here? Just shows the mentality of the average spurs fan. Just like the noses
I bet you are already wondring what top do with that league trophy??? Foos. You've got more chance of signing Shevchenko than winning anything. Pis Poor club with pis poor fans. COYS
check out the anger! not being able to resist winding up a spurs fan, i do agree, there really isn't much between the villa and londons 3rd team (i believe fulham and arsenal are above you) we are both underachieving teams, thing is, ours is coming to an end, yours isn't. we'll be pushing for the league whilst your still crying over losing to arsenal last season. oh, and you can keep defoe, he's w@+k !
Yes I think we will. If you'd care to wager a small amount on league positions after 38 games I'll even give you 3-1 odds on the mighty spurs finishing higher than you. You need more than just a manager that screams down the touchlkine mate!!!! Strength in depth -Did you see deadly ledley at the weekend????? Get a real arguement VillaLobo. By the way is it Bobby Fett Because you have feta cheese stuck under the ridge of your diseased genitalia??? Or maybe thats what the white sstuff resembles as it drips out of your ass....................faggots
well bullers, you are shaming yourself and ur club a great deal with ur bigoted, uneducated, childish, and pathetic remarks. It seems you can not take part in a debate like an adult. I pity you. UP THE VILLA!
Bullers Should you not be at school?
Bullers! arf! what a knuckle dragger. I think spuds are the blouse of lahndahn.
Imagine the speed up front with Gabby supporting Defoe...heads would be spinning trying to keep track of them both.
Scot Dutch
bulers you sound like an excellent wan*er you have a degree in it!!!
I don't think that Jermain Defoe would go from Tottenham Hotspurs to Aston Villa. But if it did happen then, I think that the memory of selling Jermain Defoe will forever haunt Tottenham Hotspurs supporters, as he will turn out to be a World Class striker.
wei, wu and shu
Wow. A bunch of angry spurs fans barely constructing sentences. I'm so scared. Keep Defoe. We can do better. And bullers... you really need to get your GCSE in English before you show yourself up some more. Run along now, you irritating little boy.
The Usual Suspect
Lasagne anybody?
if he plays on a regular basis for us, then he'll stay with us, if they leave him bench warming till Janruary then he'll be a Villan by the 3rd!!
Northern muppets, why would any want to leave the capital of this country for a ***** hole up north, you muppets can't even speak English. You can shout your mouth's off all you want now but at the end of the season you know we will finish above you and you will be back to mid table mediocrity where you belong. You have never been a big club and never will be, you can't live on 1 European cup forever you have to win other things you know. Anyway.......Just got me tickets through for the EUROPEAN game V Beskitas, keep dreaming Viles.
STADIUM Scott STADIUM. Not a dump behind a bunch of run down shops. The Emirates Stadium is pretty nice, isn't it?
Scott, it's always difficult to sell out against small teams who are two points away from the religation zone
Well how comes they said this is going to be there biggest crowd???? HMMMMMMMMMMMM. I'm not writing anymore on here so no point of replying as I wont read it, but I will speak to you all after next weeks result, regardless of the result.
This isn't a story or rather a 'threat' of a story about Defoe joining Aston Villa, rather a reminder that Defoe will almost certainly leave Tottenham should MJ et all fail to both field AND supply him. And as one of the most informed and perceptive Spurs fans to have graced this planet I can only tell you that should he leave it won't be for you lot. Villa? Pah....
ooahPaulMcGrath - you're a noisy tyke, speak to you next week n'all...
know this is the wrong page to be carrying on about the jermain defoe item but just thought you would all be pleased to visit this site its about historical rankings since the game began, and shows the mighty villa in 4th overall with 368 points and spurs in 7th with 275 points, now if that don't stop those spurs w**nkers mouthing of nowt will, and this proves we are a big club 4th overall since the english game began, cant argue with facts! happy reading, and don't worry I've already been on the yid site to let them now!! GO ON THE VILLA eltoro
eltoro - You are a BORE 1st class. I love my club's history but I honestly, I am here now. Blanchflower? Told Eamon Andrews to shove his Red Book. Never saw him play and if he was sat next to me now I can guarentee he wouldn't be saying "...and don't forget about blah de blah - " he'd be willing me on to support what I had in front of me. So do the bl**dy same. I plan to take my kids to watch Tottenham Hotspur. Not some exhibit behind glass. Do the same!
wow. The spurs fans really are feeling insecure. I can see why. I can't wait til the 14th when your 100% away record this season continues. Thats 100% of games lost away from home in the premiership by your "mighty spurs", if you hadn't noticed. Shut up and lie at the bottom of the table you stupid Feckers.
The Usual Suspect
weststandvoice - The truth hurts eh? If it wasn't for cheating you'd be in the religation zone now. Does it make you feel like crying? I'm sure the shame of being a smaller club than Sunderland must be hard to take too.
you know what Aston villa fans! You get some rich yank to finance a few average players and suddenly you'ra a team challenging for the title. You've had a good start to the season thats all!!To tell you the truth i honestly think we're gonna come away from yur place with a win. We unfortunately have had a bad start to our season but two wins on the bounce, i think have just changed our mentality.Against Pompey i saw us fighting again with a bit of character and to be honest we didint play that well but we still won. The performances will come, starting the 14th!! And as for defoe coming to you, don't make me laugh!!!
I wonder if we could get bosnich back in goal for this one.He certainly new how to wind the yids up.
Some childish debate, the like of which has not been seen on this site until the foreskin pinchers decided to visit us. So I thought it would be worth mentioning some facts. We could talk about history and the fact that we have won the league 7 times in comparison to their twice. We could talk about the League Cup and our 5 victories compared to their 3. In fairness they have won the FA Cup once more with 8 victories, with ourselves lagging behind on 7 (but I wonder what this season holds). Or should we talk about the European Cup ...... oooops I do not think so, as they are yet to pit their wits against the big boys of Europe. But it would be unfair to talk about history without looking at recent years. So in the 14 years of the Premier League Spuds have finished below us on 11 occasions. Their best finish is 5th whereas ours is second. Infact 5th was their only top 6 finish. Villa have been top 6, in 6 of the 14 years. But unfortunately both Spuds and Villa have had to look over their shoulders at the bottom of the league occasionally. Spuds have finished in the bottom half of the Premier League 5 times compared to Villas 3. Hopefully that will put an end to the silly arguments. Of the four main trophies Villa lead by a score of 20 - 13. Both clubs have been trophyless for a while now. Spuds last one being the League Cup in 1999 and Villa last winning it in 1996. Neither club has won a trophy this century. May the best team win on Saturday. UTV - FOYS
Spuds, just how far down the list are you in London? not even one of the big clubs in your own area and you come on here gobbing off to the biggest club in the midlands!!!!!! Or are you actually the 8-14 year olds that you sound like? I can not imagine an adult fan could live in such a fantasy world. So s*d off home before you get a good spanking. now we have rid of the little children, Defoe is not bad, but does lack a bit of vision, obviously MON could get more out of him, and he could possibly reach his full potential, in which case he would be a good buy, as for the question would he want to play for us? the fact is players want to better themselves (those with ambition, drive) and the best way to do that is to surround yourself with a possitive environment and one of the most inspirational and best man managers in the game today. So to put it simply for the mentaly challenged spuds, if he has drive and ambition of course he would come to Villa if he does not have those qualities then he should stay in the relegation battle zone with the rest of the spuds, and someone mentioned Ledley!!!!! like he played well!!!!!! pllleeeaaaassssse the less said about that sorry showing the better.
Cant see them letting him go. Jol is building a squad, and he knows that he needs depth. Would think that Defoe is too important to the Tottenham cause.

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