Aston Villa - Poll Is A Comedian?!
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Poll Is A Comedian?!

Vital Villa asked, on behalf of equatorialvilla, whether referees gave preferential treatment to the 'big four' clubs (Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and lets all buy the league Chelsea).

The answer was a bit of a no brainer really with 93% saying yes. 6% said no and 1% were unsure.

Interestingly the Vital Chelsea site have a poll on referee Graham Poll after his 'performance' at the weekend. They asked their members view on the 'ref' and 12% said he was an absolute legend (showing at least some of the Chelsea fans realised we should have had a penalty and that their goal should never have stood!). 22% said he was a good referee (did they watch the World Cup?), 11% a poor ref and the majority - with 55% - saying he is a comedian.

Our latest poll asks your opinion on Milan Baros following a debate in our forum started by shirdi (Will Baros Cut It)

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday October 3 2006

Time: 12:33PM

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I think Comedian is a bit harsh , lost the plot could be better !! , do agree with your poll though that the refs do show bias towards the bigger teams , right through the 90's with Man Utd and now with Chelsea especially
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03/10/2006 12:41:00

If we went to our respective work places and constantly made mistakes of poor judgement we would be fired. Poll's antics at the World Cup this summer should have made the Refereeing governing bodies take action. This man isn't fit to ref a kids knock about in the park on a Sunday let alone a Premiership Match. He has a massive ego and I believe plays to the cameras. Anyway he has admitted he's a Chelsea fan in the past, so why are we surprised at his actions on Saturday? He should be sacked immediately for the elite list of Referees.
still skeggy
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03/10/2006 12:41:00

Being a referee is probably harder than most of us think it is.
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03/10/2006 13:04:00

Graham Poll you are the weakest link...goodbye!
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03/10/2006 13:08:00

The guy was a discrace on Saturday. All the pundits on skysports news agreed. He cost us potentially 3 points with 2 key decisions. 1) Terry foul on Sorenson 2) Makalele Last man fould on Angel. If jumping on someones back isn't a foul then I don't know what is. Terry is also well sly, he knows all the tricks in the book that guy!
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03/10/2006 14:02:00

I agree with you jono_forest. Not forgetting these guys are earning a fraction of the money that the supposed superstars are earning. If you think back to the big decisions of the weekend (Villa aside) you can see how hard the job is. The Gallas handball should have been a penalty (refs mistake). Reina out of his area (asst refs mistake, but the referee had to go with his assts judgement, he had no choice). Spurs penalty was a blatant case of cheating by the player (do we blame the player or the ref?). Refs are human and will make mistakes. It is interesting when compared to the players stats. For example Villas pass percentage this season is 73%. That is in the top few of all teams. However it means that 27% of passes are mistakes. I can pretty much guarantee that a referee doesn't get 27% of his decisions wrong. Why is it a player on 40,000 a week can make a load of mistakes but a referee on 40,000 a year is not allowed to make one?? How we help refs is a massive debate, but it does not matter how much training the refs get, or how much they get paid, they are still going to make mistakes. All of which are scrutinised in a way that would never of happened years ago. What fans should take out of this is the role that we can play in pressurising refs into mistakes. It is no coincidence that refs give more decisions in favour of the big clubs. If you have 45,000 redscousers, 75000 Manure, 52000 Newcrapstle or 60000 Arse fans screaming at you for a decision some people will buckle under the pressure. It is pointless saying have more and better refs because as soon as somebody has an interest in reffing they are abused by parents as soon as they start off in the career. Not exactly great encouragement to continue in the career. We all reap what we sow. So as fans I would urge all Villa fans to scream abuse at every linesman and referee at every decision that goes against us. Those around the touchlines have a very important role to play. Lets make sure that we start getting the decisions that the supposed top teams keep getting. We can play our part and until video replays are bought in every fan at Villa Park can help ensure that we start getting the benefit of dubious decisions.
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03/10/2006 14:02:00

I wonder why the Chelsea fans think he's a comedian? He was their 12th man on Saturday!
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03/10/2006 14:22:00

The decisions Poll made were awful and I agree with Voiceoftheholte it is not a great job. But their has to be a happy medium. Who pays them now? Is there evaluations by the FA? I think they should be held accountable somehow, such as 10 obvious (ie penelty) mistakes a season you are relegated to Championship. Also just to play devils advocate Baros got a couple of Penalties last year that were slightly dubious. What happens in that senario?
NY Villa
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03/10/2006 14:38:00

What ever you may think of English referees you only have to look at foreign football to realise we are actually quite lucky. Some of the jokers that referee games in Spain and south america are absolutely laughable. Although of course they'll be the same individuals giving cr*p decisions next time England play a key game.
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03/10/2006 14:42:00

Agree with that andrew144. The foreign refs fall for the diving antics much more than our refs do. That is still no excuse for Poll's performance on Saturday. If I remember rightly, he favoured Chelsea in the cup final in 2000 and he's got worse
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03/10/2006 15:01:00

We shouldnt forget that it was Poll that refereed our 1-0 win over blues last season. There were 3 penelty decisions that he had to make and he got them all spot on
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03/10/2006 16:07:00

WEBFLASH- Chris Sutton has signed a one year deal with villa. On the OS.
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03/10/2006 16:55:00

I bet Chelsea paid him
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03/10/2006 18:17:00

I'm a ref guys and sometimes people can be a bit OTT on them I think. Have a go at it yourself and try and get everything spot on! In my eyes, the Chelsea goal was fine on Saturday, Sorenson wasn't convincing enough. However, Angel was fouled and Makalele should have walked.
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03/10/2006 18:40:00

poll is the joke, a shocking ref, makalele should have been gone and terry is a world class defender but a dirty one at that!! always fouling the keepers.
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03/10/2006 21:08:00

Graham Poll is a perfect example of why the fourth official should have TV replay access. Tierney, he should be spotting everything as he is a Premiership referee.
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04/10/2006 07:53:00

I notice the wire that goes into his ear. It gives him an electric shock every time he is about to make a good decission!!!
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04/10/2006 10:41:00

IMO Poll cost us the match, simple as that. no excuses, how bad foreign refs are, how hard the job is, what colour pants he had on, does not come into it, on sat he failed to do his job, one day the powers that be might actualy pull their collective fingers out of their arses and sort out video replays and line cameras, the technology is available, proven, light (for the officials) and inexpensive, so what the hell is going on? Does anyone else know of a multi billion pound business that fails to make such an obvious change for the better to increase customer satisfaction? we are the customers THE CUSTOMER IS RIGHT, we created enough noise about deadly, how about creating a noise that will benefit the whole of football. or am I on my own in thinking that a game that can make you have a happy week or send you into spirraling depression should not be left in the hands of one bung taking, biased, blind, ********* dressed in black. enjoyed that rant, cheers chaps. UTV
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04/10/2006 11:16:00

I refer back to my earlier point. Why is it that Angel on 40,000 a week can miss a sitter that cost us two points, but Poll on 40,000 makes a mistake and it is all the refs fault. Players make more mistakes than refs, that is a fact. Football is a game of emotion. Mistakes will happen, mostly by the players but occasionally by the referees. It happens and will continue to happen. So lets start making Villa Park a place where referees are put under intolerable pressure. Maybe then we will start benefitting from the mistakes that will continue to happen. We can make the difference, not on these notice boards, but at VP. As before I urge every Villa supporter to get to the games and make the ground the most intimidating venue in the country. We can make the diffeence.
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04/10/2006 11:31:00

VOTH agree about the support and the point, but IMHO there needs to be no doubt, lets just make the ref an on pitch representative of a team of experts watching video screens, or is that just too ******* simple? Villa till I die
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04/10/2006 12:47:00

steff it appears ******** simple, unfortunately that is not the case. Football laws have to be universal. For example if you have video refs in the Premier League, that must also apply to the football league. If you take this logic slightly further it means you will have to have video refs for the FA Cup (or are cup games not important). This would mean that all non league teams need to have this facility. It can not just be applied to the big clubs. It is all or none. At this point in time this is unrealistic. Can you imagine a team like Little Didcot (population of 47 + three dogs and four cats)having these facilities when they play their first round in August? The rules cannot change half way through a competition? So whilst to the uninitiated everything can seem easy, this is not often the case. For example NY Villa earlier said that after a certain amount of mistakes, referees should be relegated to the Championship. This seems logical. But can you imagine the uproar in the Championship if they were to get referees who were shown to be incompetent. There would be carnage. I am not adverse to technology for line decisions and maybe penalties, but unfortunately until the technology is given to all teams this simply isn't going to happen. The technology is available, why do you think it hasn't been implemented? It is because it is a bigger picture than most fans care to see.
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04/10/2006 14:51:00

I believe the big rugby matches use this type of technology without it moving down into the smaller clubs, anyone can come up with excuses , I understand there would be some whinging from various corners but why not implement the technology for the prem and cup matches, as I pointed out this technology is not expensive, so if little didcot had a whip round in the pub one night and had a stall at their matches selling scones, they could raise the money, and I am not taking this lightly, the equipment is cheap, especially if purchased in bulk and shopped around for. but as pointed out rugby have managed it, so why cant we??? and not uninitiated a sports scientist who has spent many years working in the field of physical and pschological sports training and methodology, who was also in university at the time we looked into this very problem.(and not a spotty student, 43 year old mature student, over 20 years experience in the field) UTV
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04/10/2006 17:47:00

Dont think too much of Poll, but he's probably up there amongst the best of a bad bunch. That says it all I guess.
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30/03/2007 00:40:00


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