Aston Villa - Villa Stand HAS To Be Renamed
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Villa Stand HAS To Be Renamed

Tyler Villa asked whether we should re-name the Doug Ellis stand following his article: Doug Ellis Stand Should Remain?

Looks like his idea of keeping the stand name the Doug Ellis Stand (sic) hasn't met with much approval with just 3% saying keep it for history and 5% saying they liked Doug Ellis and should keep the stand name the same.

57% said the stand should revert back to the Witton Lane Stand and a further 26% just said a straight yes, it should be renamed.

5% said the stand should be renamed for sponsorship only and 4% wanted it renamed after a Villa player or manager.

No Fear stand then? :-(

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday September 7 2006

Time: 11:39AM

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Randy End, No Fear?
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07/09/2006 11:50:00

If Mr Lerner gets his 100mil sponsorship then the whole stadium will be renamed and down will come Doug. As far as I am concerned DE stand will alwys be the Witton Lane Stand and VP will always be VP. I say brilliant if we get 100mil
irish villa
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07/09/2006 11:51:00

Bull dose it and build one that mirrors the Trinity I say.
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07/09/2006 12:03:00

anything but the de stand would do something appropriate for our great club and if name is sponsered and brings in money bring it on, i know a lot of fans who will not sit in this stand purely because of the name and by far the quietest stand so we need to sort this sooner rather then later
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07/09/2006 12:09:00

stands should be there to honour great people in the clubs history not senile old gits with massive egos who have halted the clubs progress for sure randy already has plans to change it
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07/09/2006 12:14:00

The name Ellis should be removed from Villa Park where ever poosible. If there can be sponsorship all well and good, otherwise back to Witton Lane. I would not sit in it with the name Ellis hanging on it, that's for sure.
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07/09/2006 12:31:00

Hw long is this stupid saga going on for.? Surely there are more important things to discuss like - "Do fans want to move to a new stadium or increase the capacity at VP to 60,000 in readiness for when we are a Top4 Club again, competing in Europe every season"?
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07/09/2006 13:34:00

I think we are over reacting to doug and using him as a scapegoat. Surely people can see that he did some good for us over the years and for pure passion and willingness to try for so long he deserves some recognition despite his ultimate failures
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07/09/2006 14:50:00

He named the stand after himself, regardless of what the club said at the time. He is the only man alive that ever believed he deserved such an honour. He didn't, and the sooner the stand is renamed the better. End of.
The Usual Suspect
Report Abuse
07/09/2006 15:26:00

Witton Lane
Report Abuse
07/09/2006 15:34:00

You should only name stand's after legends of the club if you are going to name them after someone. What about Luc Nilis???
Report Abuse
07/09/2006 16:44:00

Paul McGrath, Ron Saunders must be the two favourites.
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07/09/2006 17:32:00

I'm with villacross on this one. First build a team worthy of the name Aston Villa and then think about how to accomodate a larger audience.
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07/09/2006 19:15:00

Has to revert to officially being called The Witton Lane Stand. Ellis' name should be removed, purely because it causes so much anger and resentment amongst supporters. Naming it the DE Stand was a huge mistake, and I would imagine that in retrospect the board of directors now realise that.
Report Abuse
07/09/2006 19:31:00

To be honest i am amazed by some of the comments on here about his name being completly removed from anything and everything Aston Villa! Dont get me wrong the takeover is the best possible thing to happen to the club, but without Doug Ellis this club would be nothing, his investment helped the team retain top flight football and even have a modern ground. I can't understand how people can be so disrespectful to someone who has built a club that even looks desirable to an American Billionnaire, his only fault is appointing bad managers who have cost the club around 70 million in pure transfer losses alone since the beginning to the premier league. Although the club had a bad season last season, it has been one of the steadiest and best run clubs over the time he has been chairman, and for people to make ridiculous comments or even vote in favour of somthing like this is madness. Although i do have some criticisms about the managerial appointments Doug has made, i cant see how you lot hate him so much as what he has transformed Villa into is a very desirable investment! To be honest i think it is quite sad, perhaps most supporters are fickle......
Report Abuse
07/09/2006 20:28:00 p*ss take, right?
Report Abuse
07/09/2006 20:48:00

lol, i seriously dont know why everyone hates him, as he has done a lot for the club, has he been funding the blues on the secret, or paying refs to give penalties to the opposition? If so i may happily change my opinion, but as it stands i cant see why he is hated after all he has done, i think people forget the state of the club when he took over....
Report Abuse
07/09/2006 21:18:00

Good to see the fans vote for tradition.
Report Abuse
07/09/2006 21:35:00

AVFC - How much of his own money did DE invest? It seems to me that DE wasn't living in symbiotic relationship with the club - rather he was a parrasite - sucking the club dry of ambition, direction and hope whilst earning vast sums of money for himself - that is the reason why the club needs to rid itself of any reference to the man -I stand to be corrected on this or do I ?
Report Abuse
07/09/2006 21:57:00

If you wanted to make money you wouldn't invest it into a football club, the amount of money he has made from aston villa is reasonably small considering alternative methods of investment. Although i do agree the club did seem to have little ambition, i dont think Ellis can be blamed, he ran the club to the best of his ability, you can not invest vast sums of money if you dont have it, it is easy to compare the club to others with wealthier owners but why should Ellis spend his own money on player transfers, unless you are a multi billionaire like abramovich then you cant afford to do this. The facilities the club have are up there with the top clubs, they have a 40,000+ seater stadium an excellent youth system and a new training ground in development! If you compare the money aston villa have spent over the past 15 years on players to what they have got back you would see that somthing doesn't add up, the investment into the club has been in the correct areas, rather than wasting it all on player transfers (although a substantial sum has been invested into transfers). I think people seem to forget that Aston Villa is a business and the club employs Ellis as chairman therefore the wage he earns should rightly belong to him, would you buy shares in a business and expect no return? Would you do a job without being paid? There is a reason why so many consortia want to buy the club and that is because of its excellent position, many clubs dont even own their own facilities look at leeds, even Chelsea dont own their pitch!
Report Abuse
07/09/2006 22:23:00

See its true Chelsea really dont own their own pitch!!! Look at the solid assets the club has, you have to give him credit for that, do you really think lerner would have invested if we were in the same position as a club like leeds? Or in the position we were in when he first took over? I dont, i am glad a change is happening because i couid see relegation looming, but Doug has sold out to the correct invester and now the club have a solid future, you cant ask for more than that!
Report Abuse
07/09/2006 22:29:00

Name all the Villa Park dumpers after ole Douggie Ellis that way Villa fans can have a bit of fun at half time.
Report Abuse
08/09/2006 00:03:00

Ok then...The Ian Taylor Stand
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08/09/2006 03:00:00

He invested precisely none of his own money and walked away with about 24 million. If you think that is a reasonably small amount then you won't ming giving me 24 million will you?
Steve W
Report Abuse
08/09/2006 08:39:00

AVFC.. If the only thing that we have to be grateful for re: Doug Ellis is the fact he has kept us solvent, then that tells me we have acheived little since he came back to the club in '82. He invested in the club, not only for money (for which you are right, there are countless better investments to make), but because it suits his attention-seeking pathetic ego. He wanted to be "Mr Aston Villa", and enjoy the local celebrity status that Aston Villa Chairman grants. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that he has held our great club back. Why hasn't Villa attempted to develop an overseas brand name under his stewardship? Why has he meddled in so many poor choice transfers, against the wishes of the managers at the time? (Ginola is the first to come to mind) Every manager leaving recently has been held by a gag order, to protect Ellis from truth-telling tales in the press about what its like to work with him. I find it very interesting that MON only agreed to come to Villa after being given assurances that Ellis was leaving. Ie, He knes he wouldn't have to deal with meddling from a petty minded insecure fool. I agree, in his first stint in office he did a great service to the club. He would have been honoured, and rightly so, if he'd left it at that. Since his return in 1982 though, I believe his ego has become worse, and our club has consistently under acheieved under his second term in office. The blame for this underacheivement cannot be entirely put at the feet of the managers, because not only was Doug employing them, but meddling and constraining said managers. He should never have come back, should never have had the stand named him, and has no grounds to complain once the Stand rightly reads The Witton Lane Stand once more. Being solvent is not much of a legacy to leave. It's the very least we would expect.
The Usual Suspect
Report Abuse
08/09/2006 10:43:00

Steve W, you must remember that he owned the majority of the shares within the club, therefore he brought them, that is clearly an investment. If you had some money to invest and you went to a financial advisor to see what type of business you should invest in the advisor would not reccomend a football club! I am not saying that 24 Million is a small sum of money, what i am saying is that the return upon his initial investment over the length of the investment is not huge, as he could have made greater amounts of money by investing in alternative businesses. Ellis ran Aston Villa as a business and not as a football club, as before the club announced losses last year it was one of the only premier league clubs which were not in debt and when i say one of the only ones there were about three! Now none of this is likley to interest football fans (me included), but people need to remember that there are only three trophies this year that Villa could possibly win, and these trophies last year were all won by the top three clubs! Common sense would tell you that if there are many clubs competing for few trophies the chances are that you are not going to win one! I can understand peoples fustration with the club last season, with them losing to teams like doncaster, and winning virtually nothing over the past 20 years, but not many clubs have, and i am grateful that Ellis invested money into the club rather than a more profitable investment which he could have done, and left the club in the lower leagues. It is only because of the investments he has made that we have a potentially succesful future under Lerner. I know why people are fustrated, as if the takeover had not happened i could only see relegation this season, but Ellis could not sell untill the best offer came alone, it is common sense. How many people on here would sell somthing to me for half of what it is worth? People were moaning when he did not sell out last year, but look at the position we are in now! Another point which annoys me is that when people accuse him of not investing in the club, i think people think that investment means going out and spending 30 million on a new player, well the idea of this is ridiculous, as he cant afford to do this out of his own pocket, he is now worth around 35 million after selling his shares in the club, and about two thirds of that were invested into the club! He may have done it because he has got an Ego, but i am thankful for the investment he has put into the club, and now that it is under new ownership perhaps we can finally win somthing, but i do think it is terrible how people believe that any association that he has had with the club should be removed, yes he did employ terrible managers, but imagine if he allowed Oleary the freedom he had at leeds lol, even the biggest of Doug haters must surley realise that him keeping a close eye on Oleary's transfer budget probably saved the club (although i cant understand why he employed him in the first place). Anyway i am happy that the club has been taken over but amazed by fans comments about the club, it just seems people have small memories, to be honest what would you rather have the Doug Ellis stand, or be playing league 2 football, i know which i would ........
Report Abuse
08/09/2006 11:45:00

He named the stand after himself. No-one else honoured him with it. It's an insult considering he has held the club back from bigger and better things simply to be "Mr Aston Villa". Rename the stand. He may not have been all bad but he didn;t do enough good and should have gone at least 10 years ago.
The Usual Suspect
Report Abuse
08/09/2006 12:01:00

Can anyone else spot a difference of opinion here?
The Usual Suspect
Report Abuse
08/09/2006 12:02:00

I can understand that people dont fully agree with me, but he has done a valuble service to the club, and i just believe it is a bit sad for him to leave the club and to have traces of him being removed! Also i agree that it would have been better for the club had he left sooner, but you must be able to see someone needs to buy his shares before he can do this, and out of all of the potential investors over the past 10 years you must agree that Lerner by far the best for the club. I heard the board named the stand after him when he was on holiday, surley he wouldnt suggest it him self, im sure if he was the egomaniac as he is portrayed the holte end would be called the Doug Ellis stand! I just believe that the trivial matter of renaming a stand to spite someone who has supported the club is a bit sad and disrespectful.
Report Abuse
08/09/2006 13:17:00

Respect is earned AVFC, and Ellis has done nothing worthy of the fans respect for a long time now. Another Chairman would have done a lot better. What is this valuable service you speak of? What good has he done since 82? Are Villa the big club the history books indicate we should be? We should be further along than we are. The blame has to land at his feet for not selling up earlier... He only put the club up for sale just over a year ago, the news stories about mystery potential investors before that were spin to placate unhappy fans (like me) between Doug making yet another managerial appointment.. and i do not believe he was willing to sell up until the fans pressure mounted quite recently.. plus his deteriorating health... didn't he claim he would only leave "Feet first"? That was in response to fan comments. As was mentioned by someone else on a different thread, if the rest of the board named the stand after him it was the only decision they ever made on their own. He named it himself. His son's construction company won the contract to build the stand, not by chance either methinks. As for renaming the Holte End, Ellis is old, approaching senility and an egomaniac, but even he knew he wouldn't survive the backlash if he tried such a thing. The club will flourish when he's gone once and for all, and we do not need a memento to one man's oversized ego in the stadium. If he really had the best interests of the club at heart he would have gone a long time ago. I know it takes some balls to take an unpopular stance, so i respect your views for that and that alone, but you are misguided if you think that Ellis deserves any tribute at VP, especially not a self-granted one. "Mr Aston Villa" my arse.
The Usual Suspect
Report Abuse
08/09/2006 13:48:00

AVFC.. over time I think a few facts will emerge that may change your mind. Anyway, to the future now - onwards and upwards!
Report Abuse
08/09/2006 15:30:00

AVFC = Doug?
Report Abuse
12/09/2006 09:23:00


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