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If and when Martin O'Neil does take charge of Villa then please, please get behind the team and extinguish any thoughts of boycotting games or other such protests that are likely to transmit bad vibes onto the pitch and ultimately affect the players performances.

I want Unky Herb ousted from the chairmanship as much as anybody on here and the only true FACT we know is that he IS actively seeking to sell his stake and anybody who says he won't sell is expressing opinion and not fact. The price he is asking is reasonable (as is borne out by all the interested parties), and he has spent time and great expense in the hands of the finest people around (Rothschild's) to push the thing through.

I should imagine it is purely health and age reasons coupled with pressure from his family that has led to this decision, but a decisive decision it is. These things are always long drawn out affairs and the bigger the company the lengthier it is and when more than one party is interested, so it further drags on as the seller tries to get what's best for both him and the companies future. A lot of people on here would simply sell to any old Tom, Dick or Harry regardless of what they can bring to the table. Would MON have took the job knowing Herbert is staying? Exactly.

So lets herald in this new dawn because those of us around when Taylor first talk over in the late 80's know how close we were to staring down the abyss then and it feels like 18 years on we have once again managed to pull away from the parapet. That next decade or so provided us with the best times I have ever had at VP and that will surely happen again so take your seat, warm up your vocal chords and enjoy the ride.

I imagine money will be made immediately available now we have a manager competent enough to spend it, but even if it isn't I refer you to an earlier posting I did regarding the current squad. When you look at it like this you realize that even just some decent coaching, tactical awareness and inspiration should be sufficient to see us comfortably into the top half:-

The Danish number one playing behind the captain of Wales, captain of Sweden, captain of Denmark and a Dutch international who's manager says only never made the World Cup squad because of injury. Then in midfield is the driving force of the captain of N. Ireland and three capped England players, two of which bleed claret and blue. Up front are the Golden Boot winner from Euro 2004, the fifth most prolific striker in premier league history and a talent so great even a skinflint chairman managed to find nearly 10 mill to sign him. On the bench are some of the brightest young prospects around including a whole host of U-21 internationals, another N' Ireland captain, a Czech International, a player who was selected as the best in the Championship for that position, the captain of a team in the last 16 of the World Cup, A Cameroon International who only a few years ago was talked of as a wonderkid replacement for Keane, A Frenchman who
keeps getting rave reviews in the French league, and err, Jlloyd Samuel who doesn't fit into any category!!!

Don't worry folks, I'm sure we'll have something to moan about again in the not too distant future. Maybe the new owner will want to move grounds, or maybe there will be too many foreign mercenaries coming into the club or maybe the admission prices will rocket etc etc. Save the moaning until then though.

If he is still here at the turn of the year then maybe we may need to reassess, but this is NOT a case of letting him off the hook. Herbert is doing his bit, hopefully MON is about to play his part, the players will no doubt vastly improve so that just leaves us supporters to play our part in this new era. Lets get the Holte rocking once more - I want to feel those hairs on the back of my neck again.

NB: Please don't use personal insults towards me if responding!!!

Article by BEEFY

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The Journalist

Writer: Site Staff Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday August 4 2006

Time: 11:43AM

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No. No. No. If MON (a potentially great manager) joins us it changes nothing for me and I suspect thousands of stay aways.

HDE @ VP, my wallet in my pocket. END.
Very painful but its the only true way forward.
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04/08/2006 11:45:00

Im with you BEEFY
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04/08/2006 11:47:00

Support O'Neill and the team but don't let up on Doug!!! It is possible to do both.
Villain Of The North
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04/08/2006 11:53:00

Have to agree AC. Great article and I can understand what Beefy is saying but for me - until confirmation that the deals are going through, my boycott will stand. I am gutted at the thought of not going in under O'Neil because I think he will be a Villa legend. I guess as I've got my tickets I could go in and join in the lovely welcome he will get, but then I'll be walking straight back out again.

I wish Unky Doug as Beefy called him was doing his bit and wish that things were as clear cut and he suspects. Having spoken with potential groups, I know it isn't clear cut and although I do think that Doug will have to go, it does appear he is doing it kicking and screaming.

There will certainly be no 'oh wasn't he greats' from me because he should have done this many years back when we finished 2nd in the 1st year of the Prem. I hope that the situation takeover wise is resolved quickly, seems things are now coming to a head, just hope the result is positive and no more mass protests and anger has to follow.

We surely have to remember that we have now had 13 managerial appointments with MON being the 14th. One common denominator = Ellis. I do agree that compared with O'Leary, we now have a manager that will talk our language and it is VERY VERY exciting, but until Ellis goes, the pressure has to remain, I can't believe anyone is suggesting that we all sit back down again.

Hopefully we can, hopefully despite a great many problems (that have made my toes curl with embarrassment) the takeover will happen, if not , great manager or not, the situation isn't resolved. Lets not fall for the manager-merry-go round again, lets have a boardroom merry-go-round instead

The Fear
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04/08/2006 11:53:00

I said it before and I will say it again if everyone still wants to boycott then just boycott the Doug Ellis stand
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04/08/2006 11:59:00

If he's told O'Neill he's leaving and then doesn't it will hardly be the first time Ellis has lied will it?
Steve W
Report Abuse
04/08/2006 12:01:00

Well said Fear. Until Ellis goes we could have Arsene Wenger as manager and naked dancers at half time and I still wont be parting with my money!
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04/08/2006 12:03:00

Yeah, the chelsea takover rumbled on for months didn't it ? - I am old enough to remember 1982 - when doug completed the takover in around 3 days.
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04/08/2006 12:05:00

I think Fear hit it on the head. In three years time I don't want Ellis to still be around and the fans calling for Martin O'Neill's head!
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04/08/2006 12:06:00

Agreed JP. Bigger picture of manager merry go round cannot be ignored despite the great news of MON. What if we get O'Neil and then Ellis messes him about with no transfer budget and we lose this great manager (as reportedly it will be a 12 month rolling contract). Could we compromise. First half we sing to back MON and the team and second half we chant Ellis out. Boycott compromise on no merchandise or halftime drinks/food but buy tickets to the game.
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04/08/2006 12:19:00

MON wouldn't be taking the job unless he had assurances that the takeover was going ahead. His rolling 12 month contract is evidence of that. I'll be taking my place in the Witton stand as usual v Reading to welcome O'Neill, support our beloved team, and give the thumbs down to Deadly. Chairmen come and go. The club remains. Up the Villa!
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04/08/2006 12:32:00

I just hope you get it all sorted soon. I'm a brummie, so even if it is you lot, I would rather see a team from my home city doing well rather than English football be dominated by cockneys, scousers and mancs... You should get behind O'Neill, staying away isnt going to do the players any good, and none of this is their fault. Why not protest over Ellis towards the end of every game, staying behind to do so if need be.
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04/08/2006 12:34:00

the quicker the better for ure club, oneil would do very well for you. if he does come what would be ure expectations?
green giant 12
Report Abuse
04/08/2006 12:49:00

I agree with villain of the north we need to show support but hopefully ellis will be gone
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04/08/2006 12:56:00

We need to get behind the team and fill the stadium week in and week out! When we played the blues at home it was a full stadium and we got behind the team and what a difference it made! We cannot be split and for this to be accomplished Randy Lerner needs to buy the club, Martin O'Neil appointed manager today and then we can fulfil the great potential we have!
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04/08/2006 12:58:00

I wasn't re-newing my season ticket until 15 minutes ago when i saw on sky sports news MON outside Villa Park signing autographs, I agree 100% deadly has to go, But i think MON and the team need our support, i posted a message earlier in the week saying MON would be our next manager and the yanks would make a formal bid for AVFC, well one down one to go. come on you lions
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04/08/2006 13:24:00

I cannot believe some of the comments posted here. How many times are you willing to be made fools of by Herbert? Cheering the team on? If Ellis stays then we shall, sooner or later, be cheering the team on to relegation. Protests, booing, banners, abuse - Ellis has seen them all and taken exactly no notice. The only way to see him off is to hurt him in the pocket. It grieves me to think of a new season with a new manager and me not there but it's the ONLY way.
chocolate teapot
Report Abuse
04/08/2006 13:26:00

ellis does'nt pick the team and with o'neill in charge i believe we will be well clear of relegation he can bring the best out of our team whether ellis is there or not
Report Abuse
04/08/2006 13:31:00

ELLIS and O neil won't work together long term. O Neil won't stand any of Dougs games. If you want O Neil in, and you want him to stay..then Ellis must go...or at least have his powers diluted.
Report Abuse
04/08/2006 13:32:00

Martin O'Neill knows more about what is going on behind the scenes than any of us posting here. And he simply would not take the job without the proper assurances about the future. He knows Doug's reputation and is certainly no fool, so I trust his judgement that we will have a new owner and a decent transfer budget in the very near future. Meanwhile, we should all be getting behind the team and enjoying the start of something big. Staying away will not alter what MON already knows. Villa are are the up.
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04/08/2006 13:48:00

The images of Martin O'Neil are not of him at Villa Park, unless you've seen a different feed to me, the badge behind was Villa's in the clip I saw!
The Fear
Report Abuse
04/08/2006 13:57:00

O'Neill defo not at Villa Park yet, press outside waiting.
The Fear
Report Abuse
04/08/2006 14:12:00

I'm with Beefy for the sake of my sanity! Hopefully I'll witness MON's first game in charge tomorrow in Hannover!
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04/08/2006 14:35:00

There's valid points to be made for both arguments, but Beefy puts across a reasonable case. I haven't bought my season tickets, and am fairly certain I wont do so until I know for certain that Ellis is going, but I have seen the three friendlies so far at Walsall, Hull, and Wolves. On the basis of that, the only loser come seasons end will be me, cause I'll be heavily out of pocket. I'll probably attend the first home game now, and thats down to O'Neills arrival, but I have to do my bit to ensure that Ellis' departure comes very much sooner rather than later. Definitely no season tickets, but I'll attend the games. There, I've made my decision.
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04/08/2006 15:08:00

I will get down on my knees tonight and pray, pray, pray that this is the last HDE act. "I brought in MON - it was my appointment y'know. Nurse my medication!"

Hope that MON is coming here because he knows tomorrow, or next week or in a months time Mr Big Dollar / Rouble / Kroner or whatever will be in charge.
I say again. HDE @VP, my wallet, pounds, credit card etc IN MY POCKET. END.
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04/08/2006 16:09:00

Should I stay or should I go? Not only a great song but a great question. With the proposed appointment of MON (fingers crossed) this evening, should lapsed fans return to VP? I would be there week in week out even if we were in the conference (I would rather be at the Villa than at IKEA with the missus on matchday). However that does not mean it is wrong for those to boycott the club whilst Ellis is still there. The arguments for both cases are strong. I think the argument to boycott the Doug (out) Ellis stand is a good one. Those who attend games should all continue to take banners showing their anti Ellis feeling. Protests at the end of games should also be used. The one thing that must happen though is that EVERY Villa supporter must get behind the club when Ellis goes. This means no more excuses. It does not mean picking and choosing your games. It means getting your season tickets for yourself, the wife and the kids. It means making sure that you take your mates to the games and dragging along (if need be) the moaning stwaways. It means ensuring that those fans who still say they will wait until they see how the team is doing before buying tickets, are ridiculed. The sooner VP is full week in week out the sooner the redevelopment of the North Stand takes place (the club already has planning permission to take the ground to 52,000). This has the feeling of the early seventies when the Villa were reborn (thanks to Mr Ellis and the consortium at the time). Ten years later we were not only Champions of England, we were Champions of Europe. Fans old enougth to remember crowds of nearly 50,000 in the third division will understand just how big the Villa can be. My thoughts are that every Villa fan should get his season ticket and get ready for the ride. To boycott the club would be like complaining of never winning the lottery even though you never buy a ticket. It would be like complaining about the Government but never bothering to vote. Ask yourself this question regarding the potential buyers of the club. Would you put YOUR money into a business that people are not supporting. Continue the Ellis out protests but come along and male VP the VP of old. Me? I can't wait.
Report Abuse
04/08/2006 17:10:00

I've been going to Villa Park, many years you know, Watching Aston Villa from the Holte End stand, just to see them makes me feel grand seeing Juan Pablo scoring a goal, who could ask for more, I'm telling you people I'll be watching the Villa' when i'm sixty four. Come on down MON, can' wait
Report Abuse
04/08/2006 17:57:00

you see Fear they do exist, blind as bats without the advantage of radar. when Ellis' lackeys pass on such comments and ignore yours he'll start believing its time to stay. Well Batty is it, no sorry Beefy, I've got news for you, he's aleady gone, his plot has been measured and its time for the genius, that wonderful man who has pulled off such a brilliant coup to ***** off and be replaced by a real Chairman, a man who nows what managing a football club really is. O'Neil wouldn't have joined if he wasn't sure Ellis' time is well and truly up, he isn't that big a fool, unlike some I could mention
Report Abuse
04/08/2006 20:05:00

Well Fear, and quite a few others, i'm a shareholder, and a season ticket holder for the last 25 years or more, I'd like to know since when have you ever actuually asked me what my views are on Aston Villa before you can actually say you are speaking on my behalf . I really can't belive how negative most of the post's on this site are, no, i'm not as blind as a bat as one of your followers says, i have witnessed first hand the problems at Villa Park, Yes i agree Deadly has got to go, but if you look back objectively, he has given money to almost every manager he has employed. How can John Gregory have a pop at Ellis when it was his chioce to spend 6 million on Bosko Balaban, Brian Little 7 million on Stan Collymore, I'm not going to go into O'dreary's F##k up's. Can you really blame Ellis for not giving O'dreary extra money, when Ellis quite rightly stated Bakke couldn't even get on Leed's bench. How many of your followers actually owned an original 5 share in Aston Villa FC, this wasn't a PLC thing this was Deadly asking all Villa people to litterally to save Aston Villa from going out of existance, All of my family , my, dad, his brothers all went along to Villa Park to literally re build the place, so before you flippantly disregard Ellis, I would suggest you at least afford him a little dignity in what hopefully will be his last act as chairman of Aston Villa FC
Report Abuse
04/08/2006 22:27:00

If Ellis sells the club to the right consortium then I have to treat that moment as the biggest achievement in Villa's history - 1982 Rotterdam... but until then I'm staying away because I've read this book before. O'Neill best man for the job - a motivator and passionate man will need the right leadership at boardroom level.. JG could have achieved glory had this happened in his era but he was cut off at the knees by Ellis Be afraid, be very afraid That Ellis decides to stay...THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE
Report Abuse
04/08/2006 22:35:00

steve64k you say your staying away' have you actually ever been to Villa Park, JG was the most boring un- inventive/coach/manager what ever you want to call him, as i'm sure if ,you we're at Wembley for the 2000 cup final will testify
Report Abuse
04/08/2006 22:48:00

What's up steve64k, the aliens not letting you speak
Report Abuse
04/08/2006 23:03:00

Oh my god, have i actually said anything that the great and unanswerable fearist don't agree with? Come On You Lions
Report Abuse
04/08/2006 23:14:00


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