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Spurs And Pompey Want Barry?

The Sunday Mirror claim that both Tottenham Hotspur and Portsmouth want Villa midfielder - and captain in the absence of Olof Mellberg - to bolster their squads.

The club to date have refused offers and caretaker boss Roy Aitken admits that he doesn't know the situation on the 26-year-old's plans after reports suggested he had asked for a transfer.

Aitken said: 'I don't know much about what Gareth has said to the chairman, but all I can say is that he's shown a commitment to the team that is first class. Gareth is a joy to work with and a great professional, and I would not be surprised if other teams are looking at him. But what he gives me on a daily basis is excellent and I couldn't ask any more.'

'Part of my job at the moment is to keep the whole squad focused and upbeat and, particularly when there is all this talk about takeovers and possible new managers, that's a challenge we have to stay on top of.'

One thing is for sure, Roy's press talk is sooooo much better than David O'Leary's. Aitken seems to realise that it is far nicer to hear positive things about the club and players than the dour 'me babies' stuff we got before.

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday July 30 2006

Time: 7:53PM

Your Comments

Well Spuds and Ploppy can sod off!!!
Villain Of The North
If we want him we could get him, simple.
spurs fan barry. hmm villa or spurs. no disrespect villa but no contest.
jol ie good
We cant afford to lose him, especially if all of this takeover speculation is just speculation.
Good job it was in the Sunday mirror then, their journo hacks would'nt know the truth if it jumped up and knocked them off their bar stool!
spurs can ***** off and as for pompey they are a joke its an insult to villa if barry decides to join any of them, spurs had a lucky season and pompey for the drop VILLA WILL BE ON THE UP
Barry isnt good enough for Spurs - end of. Its poor speculation.
Barry is good enough we just need him at villa arkie!!
Dear Jol ie good, As you couldn't be fu*ced to think of an original name which reflected yourself, I would like to point you in the direction of the telly (spurned) tubbies website that the rest of you children usually post on. The address is - catchyourselfon@gofuc*
Frankly, Villa have been hovering around in the Premiership like an unmoored ghost ship for far too long, occaisionally bumping into other teams that ought there but never doing anything more positive. I have money on you being relegated this season, and you may take Barry with you.
William Hiil is a rich **** because of prats like you weststandvoicewhichcriesimadeersh*gger
And ulstervilla, you seem overly wrought, is it because you've nothing but a currently mediocre team to harp about, or is your latent sectarianism needing to find an outlet somewhere - anywhere? Cybergansters, tut tut.
i agree totalally with weststandvoice
Everyone inteligent/informed does - I'm NOT unique.
shut the **** up Samtozer u nob sayin pompey an insult u ***** Pompey r a bigger club than Villa. Next season ya going down n pompey top 8 finnish ya got a nob of a chairman, ya aint got NO money we got loads, ya dont no ya football n i think that spurs will finnish top 4 without Carrick COME ON BARRY JOIN POMPEY!!!!!!!!
Shame Villa players don't show the same passion as their fans COYS
North Devon Spurs
I seem to remember Spurs were in a similar position not too long ago. I would have thought the Spurs fans could appreciate whats happening at VP. Remember Spurs were a regular at the bottom of the table - back in the Mark 'John Cleese ministry of funny walks' Bosnich days.
As for Pompey who are they?
If we get O'Neil then barry will want to stay!
I'm chuffed to be linked with Barry - I've always thought that he's Villa's best player every time I've seen them. He could be just what we're looking for on our problem left - he's got a great left peg, leads by example and gets his share of goals too. Reckon he could link well with Assou-Kotto, who looked pretty tidy this afternoon, I must say..
downing or barry! think i'll take downing over barry. i wish you all the best with the ellis out thing. maybe you need to find a rich yiddo!!! think the guy from the usa is. by the way dont think last year was luck or was 1981 just a lucky one for you???? alan brazil still cant get over it. he thinks the tractor boy were much better, maybe e mail him at talk sport tomorrow morning 6 till 10. see ya down the lane. please dont get another ex gooner as a manger its bad for your health!!!
i suggest playuppompey 14 needs to learn to wright first then take his head out of the clouds.its all well and good bidding for these high profile players but how many of them have you signed?try spending some of that money on your ground first then maybe you can join the big that your dummy on the floor??
Downing & Barry. Sounds like a chain of economy shoe shops. Let's hope that's as real as that partnership gets. Villa are imploding and M'boro are bound in the same direction given their ridiculous choice of manager. I see that virtual thug ulstergorilla has cleared off to inflict himself on some other poor misfortunates. Apologies for North Devon Spurs, she doesn't get out much.
PLAYUPPOMPEY YOU R A WAN*** have fun when you go down, top 8, your a fu***ng joke like your team
sorry villa fans but if spurs want him then spurs will get him. end of story.
Now now children, play nicely
Villain Of The North
We need to keep Barry, simple. To sell him would be folly, it won't happen, unless we get silly money. End of.
My my now all that wasn't very nice was it.. Anyway back to football. I'm a yid through and through but I do acknowledge that Villa are a big club but completely mis-managed for a few years now. Not the fans fault on this one... but because of this mis-management you are in a right mess and so I'm sure most of the players are feeling a little un-settled. I'm sure given the chance Barry would jump at the chance to join another club. The thing is he is not right for Spurs. He is solid enough but that is not enough. We are looking for a solid, fast, skillful world class player to fill our left midfield role and Barry does not fit the bill. I hope he stays with you guys as he could do a job for you. I for one would be gutted if he came to Spurs. Anyway good luck.
Well hes good enough for us, we NEED him.
too right he isn't the right player for you Spurs fans. Perfectly happy to keep him here at VP.
Andy Rerner
I think play up pompey speaks sense!
Don't want Barry at Spurs, he is not good enough to be in the first team and challenging for CL position. We need to get a top quality LW with pace, skill and goals! As for pompey, you've got ******* good scouts or Redknapp is becoming astute in the foreign transfer markets (after all this is the man who sent Shevchenko packing from a trial at Upton Park when a kid, saying to go back to Ukraine and "become a tree cutter"!!!) Fernandes is an absolutely brilliant player and with all due respect well above Portsmouth's standards at present, if we at Spurs did not have Zokora I'd love to get him and even with Zokora I wouldn't mind. He is very,very good, a tremendous talent and it shows great ambition on Pompey's behalf to go for him! Him and Mendes will form a great CM thats for sure! Your supposedly getting him for half of what Utd paid for Carrick and he certainly ain't half the player - I'll guarantee you that! Also again with all due respect, it just shows how easily great players can be picked up from Portugal. I've been banging on about Quaresma and some1 said if he's that good then Barca and Mardrid etc will be after them and we wont have much of a chance - wrong, fernandes possibly going to pompey proves that! Getting back to LW I'd take Downing over Barry as they'll both cost a packet, but I think we need to go abroad! If England say LW is a big problem why are we looking to buy English LW's? We need players who are quality on the international stage, which England do not have on LW!
El Jefe
No bodies answered my question yet - who the f are pompy apart from that place in Italy
Porto v Man Scum on friday 5.30pm Sky Sports 2! Watch Carrick make his debut and look out for Quaresma, Anderson and Lucho!
El Jefe
i think ya need 2 spend some off ellis's cash and maybe offload Angel i dont rate the player at all. ild try and keep Baros i think he will av a gd season next year n hold onto Cahill (player for the future)
I think you need to get a life if you can't actually discuss anything properly. We are here for football discussion and a little banta but you are just being purile (look it up as I'm sure someone with your low interlect does not understand too many words that don't begin with F), and insulting. If you don't like our club and you don't have anything of interest to say then don't say anything.
Villain Of The North
Could Gareth be just helping pile the pressure on to Doug?
Cheshire Villan
Will someone please tell me who are pompy
Isn't a pompy something on the top of a woolly hat?
Villain Of The North
Thankyou, at last someone has told me what a pompy is. What has it got do with football is my next question.
Pompey r better then villa, ya just a small town in Birmingham i wouldnt even call it a town. We r getting barry, he wants 2 move 2 a bigger club and thats us. u keep slagging us off just watch were we finnish above u nxt season.
Come on... I was told a pompy was something on top of a wooly hat - now you are saying it is as big as Birmingham - how would that fit on top of a woolly hat? You must think i was born yesterday.
That's one big wooly hat!!! But seriously Steve64k, everyone needs a pompy on their wooly hat (claret and blue hat of course) when they are sititing freezing their knackers off in February. Hey now that's a thought, maybe a pompy can be used as a testicle warmer, to stop your knackers freezing off. After all, this guy playuppompey14 keeps talking absolute bollox!!!
Villain Of The North
You know I even remeember how to make them, we learned at school. You take two pieces of card, do-nut shaped, and wrap wool around them (through the holes) lots of times so you end up with a big "wool do-nut". Then take a pair of scissors and cut the wool threads on the outside of the do-nut. All that remains is to do is to tie another piece of wool toghtly between the two pieces of card and then remove the card. Hey presto, one pompy.
Villain Of The North
I guess if you use very big pieces of card and had alot of wool, you cold make one the size of Birmingham but why would you want to?
Villain Of The North
Spurs got 19m to use to buy a replacement! We lose Barry we lose our Premiership Status!
You are starting to frighten me. I'm the Villan of the South and we don't have woolly donuts down here. So let me get this straight - playuppompey14 probably wears a woolly donut on his testicle? We are not talking plural are we? He only has one testicle or one woolly donut and I assume it may or may not be the size of Birmingham. Is that about right? and this called a pompy?
By the way - did anyone manage to get tickets to the Sydney Test the christmas?
Apparently, that is what a pompy is!!!
Villain Of The North
Was it the pompy of the testicle that is the size of Birmingham? I'm getting confused!
Villain Of The North
Well apparently, it must be both because if this pompy is bigger that birmingham and it fits on a testicle. Must be uncomfortable wearing the kleins.
Mr playuppompey14 tell us more about your condition
Could Gareth be just helping pile the pressure on to Doug? Cheshire Villan What?? That would imply that Gareth is interesting well in an interesting way if you know what i mean
I wonder if playupompey's condition is infectious, if so then I doubt mr Barry will go anywhare near Portsmouth, I know I wouldn't!!!
Villain Of The North
Believe me Villa babies if Ellis gives himself a pay rise and then promptly tells Barry to funk off on a free, things will be looking up very soon with a sterling season ahead, me finks.
I think he'l stay. He won't want to miss the chance of a new buyer coming in and turning Villa into a great team again.
We're certainly getting a good selection of contributors from right across the evolutionary scale responding to this topic. I guess all that I can add to this enlightening debate is that Gareth has been one of our most consistent performers over recent seasons, and as such, I would hate to see him leave.
dear ulstervilla. so so sorry your a villa fan, lucky season, lol
jol ie good
Every player has his price, but if Carrick is worth 18million then I'd be gutted if we sold Barry for any less than 12million!
Hes guna sign a 4 yr contract

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