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Villa Group? Judge For Yourself.

A new consortium? Judge for yourself!

The Birmingham Mail have named 'deputy High Court judge and top international solicitor, London-based Nicholas Padfield QC' as fronting a consortium apparently called 'AV06'

Apparently, their proposals went to Ellis this week and are waiting for talks.

Two things:

1) Proposals would not be submitted to Ellis, they would go to Rothschild.

2) Why would any group want their name in the press before entering into formal talks?

I know the press, including all the web sites, HAVE to look for articles and report these things but there are very loose lips somewhere? I thought once the club was in the hands of Rothschild that everything would become much more professional and run much smoother. Darn it for forgetting the Ellis Factor!

Reports that Sven's agent Athole Still was leading a consortium have been as good as dismissed as not true.

In Bill Howell's report, it says:

'A source close to the consortium said: 'Our money is as good as anyone's and is already in place. We will make sure there is money for players for now and the future and our investment will be such that well after the initial deal we will be looking after the well-being of the club. We can't turn Villa into Chelsea overnight but we can aim to be a solid top-10 club initially and then take it from there.'

Bill also says 'Padfield is a big hitter on the legal front in London and is a Deputy High Court Judge.'

(Mental note to self. Padfied is a big hitter on the legal front, keep your mouth shut or say nothing but nice things).

I've always said how much I like judges and hard hitting lawyers particularly.

(Mental note to self. Phew, nice one, well done).

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday July 28 2006

Time: 2:11PM

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solid top ten club and take it from there......on your bike sunny, we want a little bit more ambition than that.
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28/07/2006 14:15:00

I think after last season a solid 10 club would be a good start at least, as long as they looked to push on from there.
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28/07/2006 14:20:00

Top 10 is not good enough for this great club
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28/07/2006 14:24:00

Not enough ambition in my opinion. At least Neville shares the fans ambitions. It could be argued that he is trying to be realistic but he is already talking like O Leary in my opinion, next he will be talking about bringing in a bunch of honest players. Is there nothing we can do as fans to persuade Lerner to come back?
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28/07/2006 14:31:00

Whats the problem with top 10? Assuming they refer to this season, then I don't see how it's realistic to aim higher than that for now given the season starts in a few weeks and MON or whoever won't have had time to build his own team, the rate it's going we'll be lucky if this is resolved in time for the January window...
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28/07/2006 14:32:00

Like the Fear says, it's hard to understand where all these rumours are coming from. Is this Ellis spin to get a better price for the club? But as it stands, there is only one bid that we know of, and until it is official, the rest is just pie in the sky. I've got a niggling feeling that we won't see Doug go until they are nailing the lid down
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28/07/2006 14:32:00

Dear Mr Fear, Would it be a possibility for the AV Shareholders Association to get in touch with Mr Lerner to state that a majority of fans are with him! And together we can all oust Ellis
Report Abuse
28/07/2006 14:36:00

Progress and details at last. Neville said: "It is the intention of our consortium to raise a pot of money of up to 20million for the next manager of Aston Villa Football Club to buy players immediately. I can confirm Martin O'Neill remains our number one priority. I shall be speaking to Doug Ellis in the next 24 hours."
Report Abuse
28/07/2006 14:42:00

Nice one Pul G but when have you ever seen us suceed where Ellis is concerned. So far I like the way neville sounds, he got the money (eventually, whch means he is a fighter) made an offer and came back today with info re budget for new players. He is also confedant of Landing Martin O'Neill which in itself would turn our fortunes around. The longer Ellis hangs around the more he will alliante the fans.
irish villa
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28/07/2006 14:44:00

Tell Lerner how much we want him here
Report Abuse
28/07/2006 14:53:00

PaulG. Done, even offered to fly out.
The Fear
Report Abuse
28/07/2006 14:55:00

I can't believe the number of people dismissing these people out of hand for a lack of amition! There aren't that many Roman Abramovich's in this world, it is highly unlikely that anyone that comes in will be anything other than someone with the intention of investing some cash but improving the club by maximising it's potential. At the end of the Day Whoever comes in has to be better than Ellis!
Report Abuse
28/07/2006 14:55:00

Well no matter what we all think about this current saga and whatever our opinions of Ellis and all hios 13 managers, LIFE AS A VILLA FAN IS NEVER BORING! Just think how dull life would be as a Chelsea fan, knowing that your whole season is a waste if you've not won the title with 5 games remaining. Where is the challenge. Mind you, a bit of sucess would be refreshing and uplifting.
Villain Of The North
Report Abuse
28/07/2006 14:55:00

Top ten might not be headline grabbing but at least 'the source' is being honest and up front. To buy it, put in a business plan and build is a positive thing in comparison to Ellis staying. Still say that I can't see why any group coming in would want this leaked or things quoted though. If you were wanting to buy a business, would you tell everyone first? NO, you buy it first so you don't get pushed out by others.
The Fear
Report Abuse
28/07/2006 14:56:00

Like everything Villa do, it has to be saga. It's the same with transfers, the new training ground etc etc
Report Abuse
28/07/2006 14:58:00

I doubt Martin O'Neill or anyone else could suddenly make Gavin McCann or Lee Hendrie top class players or suddenly turn Juan Pablo Angel into a consistently top class striker. The changes need to be widespread and that will i'm afraid take a bit of time. It's going to be too late I think for any transfer stuff to be done unless something happens mega quickly and we all know January is not that easy to start buying top players. A top 10 or top 8 finish this season would be fantastic considering we are one of the favourites (and rightfully so) to go down.
Report Abuse
28/07/2006 15:00:00

I don't think Neville is a fighter at all - self publicist more like. Know nothing about his background or backers and if you were a serious business man with the brain and style to lead a major Club then why would you be in the press so much no and giving interviews in your garden?! Just doesn't add up. Have a strong feeling his 'bid' will come to nothing and we"ll be stuck with HDE until he kicks the bucket
Report Abuse
28/07/2006 15:02:00

The Fear - Do you think there is any possibility of Mr Lerner coming back with a bid? I have written to a local Cleveland newspaper asking them to stress how much we want this guy and I have been told this was forwarded to to their football editor.
Report Abuse
28/07/2006 15:09:00

Call me dim if you like but is there not another way for a potential buy out. For example if Doug holds 39% that still leaves 61% of shares being held by other people probably fans. Could an interested party just buy say 41% of shares from other sources instead of Douglas, is that feasible or would the difficulty be trying to get people to sell what they have. Bit of a novice at shares also what if 40% of the shares were held by people opposing Doug (I'd imagine it would probably be a larger figure than this) could they not just vote him out or all agree to sell to someone like Mr Lerner?
Report Abuse
28/07/2006 15:16:00

Problem is, once shares start changing hands professional investors get involved (tomake o profit) and then will only sell at a profit, the price goes up and unless an officiall bid goes in the proce will continue to rise to ridiculous levels. If an officiall takeoevr bid goes in the stock market are allowed to suspend trading, so the price does not rise.
Villain Of The North
Report Abuse
28/07/2006 15:30:00

Property and motor ty***** Jack Petchey, who used to own Watford and a big mate of Doug's owns 20%, so the two of them have the club stiched up.
Report Abuse
28/07/2006 15:53:00

At least we are having a debate about this and its nice to see all the new names mine included. This is a joke how much speculation and buyers coming for this great club. Never I have I seen this and I have seen crazy takeover rumours! Something is happening behind the scenes to generate all this bull!
NY Villa
Report Abuse
28/07/2006 16:17:00

PaulG, i feel exactly the same as you, i've even considered chaining myself to villa park, not that would make doug listen of course, but anything to try and get mr lerner's attention. I'm still praying there's something we can do as fans. Is that not living in the real world? Or by not doing something are we just giving in? I'd like to try and get my thoughts to lerner, that if nothing else, not sure how though. I dont know the type of person lerner is, but im surprised he has let ellis defeat him, if reports are true. The only excuse i can think of is he was never really truly serious, but how can that be if he was so close to a deal?
Its All Over FC
Report Abuse
28/07/2006 16:22:00

simonwoburn, an aggressive approach isn't out of the question but would be a great deal more expensive, the money spent getting power would be better suited to team re-building etc.
The Fear
Report Abuse
28/07/2006 16:36:00

As things stand today, with few if any concrete signs of Ellis even close to accepting a bid, and rumours and counter rumours flying around left,right, and centre, I'd be more than happy with an end of season finish that guarantees our premiership safety. The turmoil within the club, and the unease and uncertainty surrounding the playing side of things, has got to have a huge effect on morale. As is discussed in another article, it does worry me that Ellis will raise his ugly head within the next day or so, to announce the appointment of a new manager, a Hoddle, a Souness or similar. I'm pretty much convinced now that Ellis has absolutely no intention on selling up, and is only going through this current charade to buy himself more time and breathing space.
Report Abuse
28/07/2006 17:40:00

Glensider, I agree totally, but really do think that the old man has either misjudged or plainly doesn't care about the depth of feeling of animosity towards him and his board. The time is quickly coming for some "hard hitting" demos, absences from games, a united stand from fans when the old ***** appoints his next "yes man " manager as I am sure he will in the next few days
Report Abuse
28/07/2006 17:59:00

You know i think there really is a load of old tosh being thrown around on this forum. No one has mentioned that i have seen, Bill Howells other article in the mail quoting a source involved in the negotiations who dooes not work for Villa ( rothchilds maybe ? ). In it it states that Ellis is fully aware that when he sells, the buyer will fully call the shots. All this rubbish about Ellis wanting to sell but still run the club is claptrap, generated from ill informed anti Ellis people. There is no evidence of it, only to the contrary at the present. Ellis is also not allowed to suddenly say at the end of a bout of negotiation, oh by the way i want 2 million pound more for the club, as has been stated by other ill informed people who obviously dont understand the process. In a post on Wednesday, there was a quote from a "source" stating that Ellis turned round to Lurner and said " when you have bought the club you will still have to report to me " .. WHAT GARBAGE!!! Many of you are clouded by the hate you have for Ellis, every little thing that may go wrong, is the fault of Ellis. Michaerl Neville hit it on the head when he said Ellis has built a fabulous foundation for the club, and now all it needs is for someone to come and build on those foundations. I believe that this will happen, There are too many bidders this time and momentum seems to be moving in the right direction. If Ellis had no intentions of selling and it was all a charade ( do you all honestly believe that ? ), do you think all these experienced businessmen would be taken in. Sit back, be patient and chill out, and stop scaremongering .. !
Report Abuse
28/07/2006 20:24:00

If you have ever read or listened to what I've said,you'll know I have repeatedly stated that the foundations are there but they have never been built on. Also, do you seriously think that Ellis is the only chairman who would have developed Villa Park? He is probably the only one who would vandalise the trinity mind you. Also, my information wasn't from 'a source' it was from the horses mouth. You are entitled to your opinion, and welcome to voice it here, but don't dismiss other peoples opinions as a load of old tosh and expect to be taken seriously. Maybe once you have spoken to ex directors, managers, players etc, then you will be able to see that not all the anti Ellis things have been plucked out of the air. If you seriously think an 82 year old should be in charge, for that matter a 72 year old, then ho and indeed diddly hum. Patience ran out about 6 years ago.
The Fear
Report Abuse
28/07/2006 20:38:00

Another joke-Everyday I look forward to seeing another funny story in the press. Today a pal emailed to say he'd intercepted a note at the PFA saying they were putting together a bid using the PFA pension fund as collateral. If you read that in the press next week beware - it may possibly be true.
Report Abuse
28/07/2006 20:42:00

Terrible to call people opinions Tosh all it is that..Opinions. This is mine Ellis has stolen from Villa and taken a huge club to a struggling enterprise when people dont come here and go to Blackburn or Everton because the are a better club! If you get richer while others suffer what is it, if not cruel and inhumane behaviour....All right that was a little much but you get my drift.
NY Villa
Report Abuse
28/07/2006 21:06:00

fatloser, yes as strange and as absolutely absurd as it sounds to us, I genuinely believe that Ellis has misjudged the depth of animosity that supporters now harbour towards him, that and to a certain extent, the fact that he couldnt care less what the paying supporter thinks or feels about/towards him. I also firmly believe that to some extent Stride and the other yes-men that surround him have to shield him from certain things, while at the same time smoothing his ego at every twist and turn. To a man, they should have by now stepped in and attempted to bring the old boy under control. That they havent, is to me unforgivable. I agree with you fully too, that the possibility of Ellis appointing another manager over the course of the next few days, is very, very much on the cards. It would be typical Ellis, yet another slap in the face of the supporters, and once again proof positive that this sad old man is going nowhere.
Report Abuse
28/07/2006 21:47:00

Can I just say that I'm a little confused as to what lerner ment when he said he wanted a little 'fun' with Villa? Thats the kind of thing you do when you phantom bid on ebay.
Report Abuse
28/07/2006 21:55:00

He'l be handy for Hendrie if he has any more trouble with the police.
Report Abuse
29/07/2006 00:07:00


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