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Lets All Chill Out

All this bidding and withdrawing is getting exciting isn't it?

Waking up in the morning and stumbling straight to the telly to see what the latest news is. Spending most of the day checking the internet for the latest whisper in this never ending chain of Chinese whispers. At least summers at Villa are never dull.

I heard the news this morning that Randy Lerner had withdrawn his bid and returned to the US. I was disappointed but figured that he mustn't have been that interested and decided to sod off after a sniff around English football.

By lunchtime I'd managed to connect to the boards and found out the real reason for Mr. Lerner's departure. I was livid that the menace of B6 was about to ruin the future of Aston Villa with his petty selfish nonsense the way he has ruined the past 20 years. I posted an angry message on the boards and sent an email to Jon Fear urging all fans to take action against Ellis.

This afternoon rumours started to circulate that the deal with Lerner wasn't dead and that negotiations were likely to continue. The mists cleared for a moment and it became obvious that the Lerner walk out was just his way of telling Ellis that his conditions were unacceptable. I've done it before in Thailand haggling for fake football shirts. I didn't think it went on in multi-million pound businesses but it just reflects Doug's market stall attitude.

One of the reasons why I had gotten so upset in the first place was that the Lerner bid with his 1.4 billion dollars meant that he would have loads of money to put into bringing shinny new players to our beloved club. Lerner's 1.4 billion dollars made him a clear favourite over the Neville bid which has struggled to come up with the funds to match the asking price and so was presumed not to have a sufficient transfer budget to get us to the top of the table. However, Neville has already stated that he has an agreement with Martin O'Neill (or at least hinted at it). O'Neill is no fool and knows that to get Villa to where we should be will take
investment. He'd never agree to come under a 'sell to buy' policy so Neville must have promised him a healthy transfer budget.

So at the close of business today we are still in the same position as yesterday. Lerner and Neville are both still in for the Villa and which ever bid wins they are likely to have a healthy transfer budget for Martin O'Neill (hopefully) to work off. Which ever bid wins will depose Doug, although he may have a ceremonial role (who cares).

Before the end of last season we all wanted Doug and DOL gone, but didn't really expect it. Now DOL is gone and Doug is on his way out. This is what we have all been dreaming about so lets all just chill out and when Doug is finally removed from power we can all celebrate, instead of fretting over every little thing and getting upset over every bump in the road.

The future is bright, the future is Villa!

Article by ooahPaulMcGrath

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The Journalist

Writer: J P Fear Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday July 27 2006

Time: 6:54PM

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And looking at the league table on the right, we're still second behind the Arse, been there a few weeks too, Come on Villa!!!
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27/07/2006 18:58:00

I dont think we should get ahead of ourselves, doug has yet to really come out and admit he wants to sell. It wouldnt suprise me in the slightest, in fact i would put money on it, doug being here at xmas
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27/07/2006 19:01:00

That is very definitely the key danvilla2. You've hit the nail very squarely on the head. Ellis has never once stated that he's ready and willing to sell. He can play his selling games all he likes, but until a deal is signed, sealed, and delivered, I'll have to believe that he's not going to go anywhere, anytime soon.
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27/07/2006 19:30:00

As previously stated, Doug is legally obliged to act in the interests of all shareholders, he may therefore have to advise shreholders (including Petchy and his 20%) to sell to one of the bidders (Rothchild's should keep him straight on this). This does not mean that Doug himself has to sell and may decide not to but if he is no longer the majority shareholder I quite honestly could not give a flying fudgecake. In the world of the PLC, majority shareholding rules and if Ellis does not then like the decisions being made he is at perfect liberty to sell his shares. Bye Bye Douglas, it's been real!!!!!
Villain Of The North
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27/07/2006 20:01:00

I guess what I'm trying to say in my previous post is; yep, let's just chill out and enjoy the ride!!!!!
Villain Of The North
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27/07/2006 20:02:00

I think that this has the ability to be the best of times or the worst of times. Villa fan base is huge and lets not forget what has happened over the last 5 years Herbert has run the fans from the ground. He has managed to turn a historic name into a laughing stock and now washes his laundry in public. It was a farce that 2 years ago DOL came and said I have 20 mill to spend why would that come out? As a Chairman why would you endorse a manager to disenfranchise the fans. As a business you do not show your hand look at Lerner. My ramblings mean that we have a guy who has no clue how to run a succesfull shop! We are the only game in town and for miles around, its like having one bar in the whole brum yet we are struggling to get punters because everyone drinking at home. I am frustrated because right now it would be easy to make a fortune and bring a quality product to the market for our customers!
NY Villa
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27/07/2006 20:06:00

Thats why I dont want to Chill out, I can see this playing out to nothing but the same as last year, hope and dashed expectations.
NY Villa
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27/07/2006 20:21:00

As far as I understand, there has only been one bid. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but Neville seems to be struggling for enough cash to do much more than meet the asking price and he must also be very desperate to conceed to Ellis's demands to be on the board in what ever role. So my point is that as it stands we are in a position of things could remain the same with Ellis at the helm or Ellis still on the board but 64 million pounds richer. Would he invest some of that cash back into the Villa? - I'll let you guys be the judge of that.
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27/07/2006 22:04:00

How does anyone on these boards have any idea what Neville's financial situation is? He's apparently managed to raise 64 million, not exactly pocket change but since this Lerner charater has come on the scene everyone is assuming that Neville's bid is financially inferior. We don't even know who Neville's backers are so how can we even guess how much money they have and how much they are willing to invest. As far as Lerner is concerned, we know that he has a personal fortune of approx $1.4 billion US but we have no idea if he will invest a single penny of that money. Let's just all chill out and get off Neville's back until we know what he is proposing and how he is planning to fund his plans. The Times are reporting GT to be the new chairman and O'Neill to be new manager if Neville sucedes. Neither have distanced themselves from this so i beleive that there is at least some truth in it. I do not beleive that GT and O'Neil would even concider getting involved with Neville without some guarantees and without knowing a heck of a lot more than we do.
Villain Of The North
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27/07/2006 23:08:00

These chill pills aren't steriods are they. You I enjoy the sport of cycling and would appreciate anything that would give me that edge. Cheers
Report Abuse
27/07/2006 23:14:00

I think you have to be a cheating scumbag to get those pills, helps if you're a Tour De France rider. ;o)
Villain Of The North
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27/07/2006 23:23:00

A season with no cash and no Doug would have to be better some overstated play dollars and the gympie old git still around.
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28/07/2006 00:05:00

VOTN, I agree with you, but I think even Neville has admitted he wouldn't be able to offer the funds that Lerner could. I do agree that until we know the full details of the bid, it's unfair to judge Neville. To be fair to the guy, he has stuck at for 12 months and, as far as we know, Lerner has only been at it for 2 weeks. That said, SSN are reporting that O'Neill has agreed to become manager if Lerner takes over, so it's all quite confusing as to which story to believe. I guess time will tell
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28/07/2006 08:28:00

The misunderstanding that Herbert is looking to get 64m still seems to be prevalent. He won't. At 5.60 per share he will get about 25m (40%). However, "life-long Villa fan" Neville still needs to raise 64m as he will have to offer the same price to all shareholders.
chocolate teapot
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28/07/2006 08:35:00

Is the plan to take Villa of the stock market completely? Any buyer could achieve overall control with just 51%, ei. the shares that Doug and Petchey own would be more than enough. We all look at recent take-overs (MUTD and Chelski) and assume the same will happen but it is not necessary, if the club is valued at 64 million any buyers (who want to ensure control) only actually need to raise just over half that amount. Again, only time will tell (unless you all know something that I don't, which is quite possible, maybe even probable :o))
Villain Of The North
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28/07/2006 09:23:00

The simple fact of the matter is that Ellis wants to sell (or so he says) BUT he still wants to be involved with the running of AVFC..! Neville has already hinted that Ellis will remain in some capacity and from what we hear mr Lerner is having non of it. Why cant you just let go mr Ellis, you dont sell something receive the money and then keep what you have just sold...! This really does prove you have lost your marbles.
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28/07/2006 09:55:00

Here's the thing, it's not that unusuall in big business for a takeover to go through but for members of the board to stay on in some capacity. This has obvious advantages and disadvantages that I will not discuss as I do not wish to patronize anyone here. Ellis clearly wants to stay on as an employee of AVFC aqnd may even want to continue as chairman. Whilst this is not acceptable to me it would be better than no takeover at all as Ellis would then become accountable and could be fired for lack of results.
Villain Of The North
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28/07/2006 10:32:00

It is all very simple. Doug never has and never will have any intention of selling our football club. his intention is to use the takeover smokescreen to allow the club to slip past August without any further investment in the playing staff. Therefore Doug has the perfect excuse for not investing in the team becasue the club cannot spend money on players whilst a potential takeover is ongoing. I believe Mr Lerner became aware of this and concluded that he should take his money elsewhere. so we all may aswell boycott The Park because we will not have a shimmer of light until Doug dies and the club can be managed and directed without a cornershop attitude
Report Abuse
28/07/2006 10:33:00

notthedougellisstand, if your entire life is this pesomistic I pitty you. There comes a time when even Doug is legaly obliged to recommend the sale of shares to a bidder. He is never obliged to sell his own but that is not actually necessary. As I stated before, how do we know that the takeover will remove the company from the stock exchange. It's a wild and unfounded assumption. As long as a bidder is gets a larger piece of the company than Doug they will in effect have a controlling intrest. Buy out Petchey and your a good part of the way there.
Villain Of The North
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28/07/2006 10:45:00

im not going to chill out. The old tw*t at the top is being a selfish old git. He is 1 person - villa fans are tens of thousands. How can one man ignore our needs for so long unless he is amazingly arrogant and self important. I am not going to chill out and let Ellis does as he please with no pressure or influence. This is a pivotal time for our club and we need to make sure the Ellis can feel the heat of our anger, he needs to know if he meeses this up for all of us there is no point for him to return to work as VP will be like nothing ever seen before. He needs to attend these meetings thinking I must sell, I cant mess this up. Sitting back and letting him play his egotistical games and trying to play one bidder of the other is great fun for an 80+ stroking his ego but its crap for all the fans who are sick of their club being a laughing stock when it has the potential to be great. Im sick of lying about transfer budgets, im sick of crap managers, im sick of missed opportunities with player signings and under investment, im sick of hiding behind takeover talks. IM SICK OF ELLIS AND THIS TIME HE HAS TO GO.
Report Abuse
28/07/2006 10:52:00

Villain of the North I'm not a pessamist but a realist. If you honestly believe that Doug will make that recommendation you aren't living in the real world. Doug has set hurdles and hoops for every potential bidder to jump over or through until they will finally say enough is enough. Firstly he wants to remain at the club in some capacity. would you want the guy who preciously owned the club to remain there because I think most people would prefer him not to be there. Secondly every potential bidder must state what are there intentions for the club and the investment they intend to put into the club. If he sells the club he should sell it in good faith that the person who buys the club will want the club to be a success otherwise how do they intend to make money from the club. These stipulations are in place to scupper any potential takeover as I have previously stated.
Report Abuse
28/07/2006 11:04:00

lest all just chill remember
Report Abuse
28/07/2006 11:24:00

As optimistic as I was when Neville's bid came in and the rumours about Lerner were flying about, I'm starting to agree with notthedougellisstand. It's looking more and more like an Ellis ploy to try and get the supporters off his back. However, I think he will sell eventually...we just have to hope he doesn't scupper every deal and that someone cares about the club enough to be persistent
Report Abuse
28/07/2006 13:13:00

Ellis will make things as difficult ass he can but the fact still remains that he has some legal obligations to which both the stock market and Rothchild's will make him adhere. They can not force him to sell but they can force him to recomend that other share-owners sell. If Doug becomes the minority shareholder it is only reasonable that he has representaion on the board. I know that to most people this is about football, as it is to me, but in order to understand and to achieve progress we need to learn to understand business, only then can we see reality and learn to accept it and only then can we move forwards.
Villain Of The North
Report Abuse
28/07/2006 13:36:00

Villain of the North. I don't mean to rain on your parade but Rothchild's and the Stock Exchange can only recommend that Doug inform the other shareholders to sell. Unfortunately for us Doug doesn't listen to advice because he is a superior being and knows all.
Report Abuse
28/07/2006 13:49:00

As I understand it (and I am often sadly wrong) Doug is legally obliged to recomand the best offers for the clubs share issue according to funds being available to buy the share issue. No one has to take this advice, himself included, but it is legally required. As far as guarantees for the furture of the company is concerned, that is Doug's own personal issue regarding who he sells his shares to but has no effect on the business decision for other shareholders. After all, in business, once a person has sold all of their shares they have no legal rights to demand anything.
Villain Of The North
Report Abuse
28/07/2006 14:16:00

If I'm wrong I humbly bow to your greater knowledge :o)
Villain Of The North
Report Abuse
28/07/2006 14:17:00


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